InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Tests ( Chapter 8 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

“Ahhh…I'm losing my mind!” Kagome groaned as she rolled around her bed kicking her pillows. Inuyasha took his tutoring job seriously and they've been studying since they got home from school.
“Let's stop studying for an hour.” Inuyasha suggested as he massaged his temple. He and Kagome had been studying for almost five hours now.
“Ack! It's already past ten, your family will be looking for you!” Kagome said as she looked at Inuyasha with concern. “Hey, you look ill.”
“Headache.” Inuyasha replied with eyes closed pinching the bridge of his nose..
“Oh, I thought you're immune to such human frailties.” Kagome teased and she scooted towards where Inuyasha sat. She slowly pulled him closer to her making him lie on her lap.
“What are you doing?” Inuyasha asked as he opened his eyes.”
“I'm seducing you.” Kagome replied and she laughed aloud when Inuyasha quirked his brows at her.
“Really…? Shouldn't you be taking your clothes off by now?”
“Nah, I can make you sigh with pleasure even when I'm fully clothed.” Kagome teased as she massaged Inuyasha's head. Inuyasha closed his eyes and sighed.
“See, told you…” Kagome joked.
“Kagome, don't ever change.” Inuyasha said.
“I can't, I'm planning to grow taller.” Kagome replied smiling at her friend's face.
“Not that kind of change…”
“I know, baka…”
“Can I sleep in your lap for a while?” Inuyasha asked.
“You're too kind.” Inuyasha smiled, eyes still closed.
“I'm in love with you, remember?” Kagome teased and Inuyasha opened his eyes.
“I love you too.”
“Sleep now, Inuyasha. Studying makes you corny.” Kagome replied as she continued to massage the hanyou's head. Smiling naughtily, she held his ears and rubbed them gently.
Gods, I could get used to this. Inuyasha bit his lip to keep from moaning. Her touches in his ears were sending fire straight to his groin.
“Your ears are so soft…” Kagome whispered.
“And you're killing me.” Inuyasha replied as he turned to look at Kagome.
“But what a way to die, ne?” Kagome replied innocently thinking Inuyasha was talking about the massage.
“Yes, what a way to die.” What a way to die. Kagome Higurashi, you're going to be the death of me but what a way to die…
Inuyasha woke up with a start. He looked around the pink glow that enveloped him trying to remember where he was. Then his eyes fell on the sleeping girl beside him. He smiled as he looked at the barrier that Kagome erected around them.
“Honey, wake up.” Inuyasha whispered as he looked at his watch. They've fallen asleep and it's now almost twelve midnight.
“Hmmm…” Kagome replied incoherently as she moved closer to him. Inuyasha's cell phone vibrated and he sighed when he looked at its screen. Six missed calls? Mother's going to kill me.
“Hello, Mom?
“Inuyasha Hirohito, where the hell are you?!” Mrs. Hirohito's scream permeated Inuyasha's sleepy brain.
“I'm at Kagome's house. We're studying for our Chemistry Achievement Exam tomorrow. Sorry I was not able to call home. I told Toutousai to tell you that I'll be at Kagome's house when he drove us here.” Inuyasha spoke in haste.
“Kagome? Kagome Higurashi? The Miko?”
“Yes, Mom.” Inuyasha replied.
“Oh, when Toutousai told us that you're over your girlfriend's house, we thought you were with Kikyo and so we called her house but their maid informed us that Kikyo and her boyfriend are asleep and were not to be disturbed.” Mrs. Hirohito said and Inuyasha could almost see her mother's relieved face.
“Mother, I'm at Kagome's. Please send Toutousai to fetch me.” Inuyasha yawned and stilled when he saw Kagome moved.
“Inuyasha?” Kagome asked sleepily.
“Go back to sleep, honey.” Inuyasha smiled as he smoothed Kagome's bangs off her face.
“Honey? Sleep? You're in her bed?!” Mrs. Hirohito yelled.
“We're studying and we fell asleep.” Inuyasha reasoned. Just then Mrs. Higurashi entered the bedroom carrying a tray laden with crackers and juice for Inuyasha and Kagome.
“Inuyasha, I see you're awake. Have some snacks. You kids are studying too hard.” Mrs. Higurashi smiled at the hanyou.
“Thank you, Ma'am.” Inuyashi said as Mrs. Higurashi exited Kagome's room.
“You were saying, Mother?”
“Was that Kagome's mom? Were you really studying?” Mrs. Hirohito asked hearing the conversation between her son and Mrs. Higurashi.
“Of course, Mother what were you thinking?” Inuyasha asked, exasperated.
“I thought…” Mrs. Hirohito's voice trailed and Inuyasha's eyes widened in comprehension.
“Mom, we're only fifteen!!” Inuyasha nearly yelled.
“Quit yelling, Inuyasha and come back to bed.” Kagome said as she rolled into her stomach.
“Sorry, honey. Go back to sleep.”
“Mom, hello. Mom!”
“I'm still here. Bring Kagome to the manor tomorrow. We'd like to meet her.” Mrs. Hirohito said.
“Okay, please send Toutousai to fetch me.”
“No, you sleep over there. It would be cruel to wake Toutousai this late.”
“But, I have nothing to wear tomorrow.” Inuyasha protested.
“We'll send Toutousai in the morning to bring your things over.”
“Mom!” Inuyasha protested and softly cursed under his breath when he heard the other line clicked.
“Inuyasha, I brought Kagome's father's pajamas for you to change in. Here are some things too that you might need.”
Inuyasha smiled gratefully at Kagome's mother. “Thank you, Mrs. Higurashi.”
“You're welcome and thank you too for helping Kagome with Chemistry.”
“No problem.”
“Okay, I'll leave you kids alone.”
“Where should I sleep?”
“You mean in Kagome's bed?” Inuyasha asked, his heartbeat racing.
“I don't see any problem with that.” Mrs. Higurashi smiled. “I trust you and my daughter, besides, Kagome would probably blast you to bits if you try anything funny.” Mrs. Higurashi smiled as she closed Kagome's door.
Sango stared at Kagome and Inuyasha who were both yawning.
“You slept at Kagome's Inuyasha?” Sango asked, her eyes rounding like dinner saucers.
“Yes, he did and he took most of the space in my bed.” Kagome replied as she looked at Inuyasha sleepily.
“I did not, you crawled over me and snored in my ears.”
“I do not snore!”
“You do!”
“I do not!”
“Okay, honey you don't.”
“Why are you saying now that I don't if I do?” Kagome asked her temper rising.
“Honey…please decide if you snore or not.” Inuyasha replied as he leaned his head on Kagome's shoulder.
“Why you….!” Kagome started but stopped when Inuyasha apparently fell asleep. They were up at three in the morning to continue with their review although Kagome was sure Inuyasha did it for her because he definitely doesn't. Kagome adjusted Inuyasha's head and Inuyasha's arms went around her.
“Oh, I think I like this pseudo-relationship thing that you're in.” Sango sighed.
“We're just friends.” Kagome replied.
“We're friends too Kagome but I don't remember sleeping in your arms.” Sango retorted wickedly.
“That's because you were busy sleeping in Miroku's.”
“I'm not.”
“Oh, come on, Sango. I know you and Miroku are so into each other. You guys are too obvious it's funny.”
“And you and Inuyasha are not?”
“Are not what?”
“Duh, told you we're only friends.”
“And I told you I don't believe you…honey. Sango mocked.
“Hush Sango, you're going to wake my baby up.” Kagome said and laughed at Sango's reaction. Inuyasha opened his eyes and smiled.
“I'm scared.” Kagome said as she looked at the stacks of test papers on top of their teacher's table.
“Kagome, you studied, you'll do well.” Inuyasha comforted.
“You'll do well, believe me.” Inuyasha leaned over and kissed Kagome's cheek. Realizing his mistake, Inuyasha froze, waiting for Kagome to blast him to pieces.
“Not without my permission.” Kagome breathed out.
“Sorry. Can I kiss you?”
“You just did, baka. Be thankful that I'm too scared to conjure an energy ball or you'll be dead by now.” Kagome said grimly as her stomach lurched at the prospect of failing her chemistry exam.
“I'm sorry, Kagome.” Inuyasha said.
“It's okay, do me a favor will you?”
“Hold my hand and tell me again I'd make it.” Kagome said quietly.
“I promise you you'll pass this test.” Inuyasha said as he squeezed Kagome's hand.
“Okay, I'll take your word for it.” Kagome smiled and oddly enough, she felt better.
“That was easy.” Kagome said as they all sat down for lunch.
“Told you, you'd make it,” Inuyasha said.
“Easy?! From what planet are you?!” Sango snapped.
“I thought you and Miroku studied, it should be easy.” Inuyasha said frowning.
“Who actually studies Inuyasha when they tell people they'll study.” Miroku intoned, massaging his neck.
“We did.” Kagome said looking at her two friends in confusion.
“Ah, the beauty of pseudo-relationships.” Miroku replied.
“I've got the feeling you spent all night grabbing Sango's butt and after a while, Sango got tired of whacking you unconscious and let you be.” Inuyasha said and Kagome looked at her two blushing friends.
“Don't tell me Inuyasha was right.” Kagome asked.
“Well…” Sango blushed.
“I'm only human.” Miroku grinned as both Inuyasha and Kagome rolled their eyes.
“Inuyasha!” Kikyo yelled flirtatiously from across the school ground.
“You want me to go ahead?” Kagome asked as she felt Inuyasha stiffen.
“No, stay.”
“Okay,” Kagome replied as she watched Kikyo walked purposely towards them.
“Inuyasha, I haven't seen you in ages….” Kikyo said as she smiled at Inuyasha invitingly.
“Kikyo,” Inuyasha nodded to acknowledge Kikyo's presence.
“How are Uncle Tai and Auntie Izza?” Kikyo asked smiling at Inuyasha sweetly and totally ignoring Kagome.
“They're okay.” Inuyasha replied and Kagome tried not to wince as Inuyasha's grip on her hand tightened.
“Sorry, I was not able to come over and talk to you sooner, see I was busy.” Kikyo smiled brightly at Inuyasha and Kagome nearly snorted. You were busy being all over your boyfriend, you bitch! She thought as she stared at the older girl with disgust.
“I know.” Inuyasha replied and Kagome's head snapped. He said those two words with so much sadness that she felt her hand twitch as energy slowly surged around it.
“Oh, are you free tomorrow evening?” Kikyo asked, pouting beautifully.
“I'm not. I'm sleeping over at Kagome's? Inuyasha replied stoically.
“You are?” Kagome asked, totally shocked that the energy she felt disappeared completely.
“Yes, honey I am.” Inuyasha replied not looking at her.
“Oh,” Kagome replied as she freed her tortured hand from Inuyasha's grasp.
“Well then we should get going, baby. I hate making Mama wait.” Kagome cooed remembering that they were supposed to make Kikyo jealous.
“Bitch, I'm not talking to you!” Kikyo snapped at the younger girl.
“And I'm not talking to you, nympho!” Kagome replied.
“Make her leave, Inuyasha!” Kikyo stomped her foot and Kagome rolled her eyes when Inuyasha just stared there blankly. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Kagome held Inuyasha's face in both her hands.
“Baby, let's go?” Kagome whispered and her heart broke at the sadness she saw in her friend's eyes. She was transported back to the night at the park where she sang and he cried. “Inuyasha…” Kagome said as she brought his face close to hers.
“Let's go, Kagome.” Inuyasha smiled at her and pulled her with him leaving Kikyo behind.
“Inuyasha…?” Kagome asked as they walked out of the school gate.
“You really love her, don't you?” Kagome asked and Inuyasha's steps slowed down.
“Does it matter?”
“To you it does.” Kagome replied.
“It does not.”
“I'm just here,” Kagome said quietly.
“I know.”
“I'm glad you do.”
“Please don't leave my side, Kagome.” Inuyasha said as he looked at the blue-eyed girl.
“I won't even if they make me.” Kagome promised.
“I hope you mean that because I'll hold you to your word.” Inuyasha smiled as he hugged Kagome close.