InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Unspoken ( Chapter 12 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Inuyasha paced his room restlessly. He had to admit, what he said earlier was stupid. Sango had been homicidal when she yelled in his ears that they couldn't find Kagome anywhere.
“You baka, it's all your fucking fault! After what Kagome did for you?!” Sango had yelled causing him to flatten his ears on his head.
“Control your bitch, Miroku.” Inuyasha had responded making Sango more angry.
“Bitch?! Bitch?! The only bitch here is you! You moron!”
“Sango, that's enough…” Miroku had said weakly which earned him a glare and a Physics book thrown on his head.
But what made it worst was when Kagome did not show up for their next classes, Inuyasha had been so worried he had made up an imaginary family emergency so he could excuse himself and ran towards the Higurashi Shrine.
Mrs. Higurashi was shocked to see Inuyasha on her doorstep and he had to make up a lame story about him being excused because of some family emergency and he forgot he left something in Kagome's bedroom which he had to retrieve as soon as possible. If Mrs. Higurashi found his behavior odd, she did not show it and when Inuyasha casually asked Kagome's mother to call him as soon as Kagome comes home…
“Did you two have a fight again?” Mrs. Higurashi had asked knowingly.
“Yes,” Inuyasha had replied, feeling defeated.
“And you don't want Kagome to know that you're worried about her.” Mrs. Higurashi stated and patted him on the shoulder when he simply bowed her head.
“Alright, I will call you then as soon as she gets home.”
But that was five hours ago….
“Mom, I'm sleeping over at a friend's house!” Inuyasha called as he stalked off carrying his red Jansport bag.
“Friend as in Kagome?” Mrs. Hirohito replied and smiled when Inuyasha turned as red as his bag. “Okay son, take care.”
Inuyasha mumble something about a project and Mrs. Hirohito laughed.
“We can send all your things to the Higurashis since you seem to prefer sleeping there.” Mrs. Hirohito joked and laughed some more when Inuyasha almost ran out of the manor.
Kagome thanked Sesshoumaru profusely as she gave him back his helmet.
“Did you enjoy your personal holiday?” He asked and she nodded in agreement.
“That was fun although I'm sure I'll be grounded until I'm sixty when Mama finds out.” She grinned.
“Well, I suggest you stop declaring personal holidays on school days then.” Sesshoumaru said as he waved at the young girl when his motorcycle roared into life.
“Bye, Sesshoumaru.” Kagome waved back.
“Till next time, beautiful Miko.” Sesshoumaru gave her a salute and drove off. Kagome smiled in spite of herself and she happily skipped the Higurashi Shrine steps. She opened their door cautiously.
“Mama?” Kagome called as she tiptoed towards the kitchen.
“Kagome, you just got home?” Mrs. Higurashi asked as Kagome leaned forward to kiss her mother's cheek.
“Yes, Mama and I've already eaten dinner. I'll go up to take a bath then sleep.” Kagome said hastily, happy that Mrs. Higurashi seemed to forego asking questions.
“Okay, let's talk tomorrow, you seem tired.” Mrs. Higurashi smiled at her daughter and watched as Kagome ran to her bedroom. Mrs. Higurashi put down the towel she was wiping her hands with and picked the phone up to call Inuyasha when she heard knocking on the door.
“Inuyasha! What a pleasant surprise!” Mrs. Higurashi beamed when she saw the boy standing on her doorsteps.
“Is Kagome already home?” Inuyasha asked feeling himself blush when Mrs. Higurashi looked at the red backpack he was carrying.
“She just got home, I was about to call you. Come in.” Mrs. Higurashi replied as she opened the door wider for Inuyasha.
“Have you had dinner?”
“Okay, go up and change then. Kagome's upstairs.” Mrs. Higurashi smiled at Inuyasha encouragingly.
“Is it really okay with you if I sleep over?” Inuyasha asked timidly.
“But of course, you're welcome to stay as long as you like.” Mrs. Higurashi replied and ushered Inuyasha to the stairs. In truth, she was really hoping that the teenagers would realize that they're so into each other although it's fun to watch them bicker and quarrel…
Inuyasha quietly opened Kagome's door. Kagome was brushing her long, wet hair and humming to herself.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha called and Kagome spun around.
“Leave Inuyasha.” Kagome quietly said as she turned her back on him.
“Kagome please, I'm so sorry.”
“I'm sorrier…” Kagome replied.
“I feel like an ass for saying what I said.”
“You are and if you're here to convince me that you are otherwise, you're in for a disappointment.” Kagome said her back still turned.
“Kagome, please...” Inuyasha pleaded as he crossed Kagome's room in three strides and hugged the girl from behind.
“You hurt me you know. I never expected that you would and you could but as it turns out you can and you did.” Kagome whispered, remaining stoic in Inuyasha's embrace.
“I'm sorry, I did not know what came over me for saying that. You know I'll always protect you…” Inuyasha said as he nuzzled Kagome's neck.
“I don't need protecting, it was the rejection that hit me hard.” Kagome answered truthfully. She had expected Inuyasha to take her side and boy wasn't she surprised.
“I'm sorry, I'll do anything to make it up to you…” Inuyasha promised as he spun her around to face him.
“It's okay, Inuyasha but for tonight, I want you to leave me alone…please…I need to be alone.” Kagome said cupping Inuyasha's cheeks.
“I would rather stay here.”
“I would rather than you leave…”
“Please, Kagome…”
“Leave…” Kagome said as she slowly untangled herself from Inuyasha's embrace.
“But I want to stay with you…”
“Leave…” Kagome repeated and Inuyasha bowed his head in defeat as he grabbed his bag from the floor and exited her room.
Kagome breathed heavily as soon as Inuyasha left her room. She could not understand why she felt like dying as soon as he opened her door.
What is wrong with me? Kagome thought as she plugged her hair-dryer in. She vigorously shook her hair and ran the blow-dryer through her hair.
Inuyasha. She thought as her heartbeat doubled. What if something happens to him? I won't be able to forgive myself for driving him away. She thought as she unplugged her hair-dryer. What if he `borrowed' one if his father's car and he gets caught driving without a license? Kagome thought as she felt the floor with her foot for her slippers. She stood up abruptly and paced her room.
Dammit, Kagome, you're being irrational. She told herself as she bit her nails. What if…
“Inuyasha!” Kagome screamed as she yanked her door open. She took the steps three at a time as she hurried downstairs.
“Mama, where's Inuyasha?” She asked her mother as she put her jacket on.
“He left saying he would like to take a walk.”
“What? How long ago was that?” Kagome asked as she felt her heart break at the prospect of him walking alone. Damn good friend you are, Kagome!
“About ten minutes, why?” Mrs. Higurashi started to ask but stopped when Kagome sprinted out of the door.
Inuyasha sighed as he heaved his bag on his shoulders. Baka, look at what you did. Inuyasha thought remembering the hurt in Kagome's eyes earlier. She was such a good friend to you and now… Inuyasha sighed again as he crossed the familiar path to the abandoned playground.
He sat on one of the swings as he recalled the day's events on his mind. Damn, what in the fuck was I thinking? Inuyasha hit his head with his fist and hissed in pain. You're losing it, man. Get a grip. He said as he rubbed the sore part in his head.
He slowly pushed the ground with his foot to let the swing move and sighed heavily as he leaned against the rusty chains holding it. I'm so confused. What is wrong with me? I feel complete around Kagome but Kikyo makes my heartbeat race too. He groaned when his thoughts drifted towards Kagome - her expressive blue eyes, the porcelain-white skin, her smile, the way she flipped her hair, her smell…Damn! I shouldn't be thinking along those lines about my friend, she'd probably blast me to Pluto if she could read my mind right now. Inuyasha sighed again and closed his eyes.
Kagome… he thought idly and smiled when he felt warm all-over. He breathed deeply and smelled her scent in the air. I'm losing my mind…
“Kagome…” Inuyasha said aloud, eyes still closed and he felt her aura embrace him.
“I'm here.” Kagome replied kneeling in front of Inuyasha. “Open your eyes, baby, I'm here….” Inuyasha snapped his eyes open and saw her kneeling in front of him.
“I was looking for you…” Kagome quietly said and Inuyasha stared at the young Miko, stupefied.
“I was hoping you'd find me.” He finally said as he cupped the girl's cheek. Kagome sighed and leaned towards his touch.
“So did I…” Kagome replied.
They walked silently towards the shrine, each lost in their own thoughts.
“I'm sorry, honey.” Inuyasha whispered as he squeezed Kagome's hand.
“Inuyasha, let's stop this charade. We both know that even if we act like we're in love in front of Kikyo, the moment she snaps her fingers at you, you'd go to her running. So let's just drop the act, I think you have her attention now. Remember that she approached you thrice already in two weeks and that's progress.” Kagome said brightly.
“See, I think she can't come to you if I'm on the way…” Kagome continued as they slowly climb the shrine steps.
“Don't be confused. I don't like Kikyo and I'd be lying through my teeth if I tell you I'm happy that she's the one you've chosen to fall in love with because honestly, I can't stomach her but if she makes you happy, I'll support you all the way.”
“Kagome…” Inuyasha squeezed his friend's hand tighter.
“What happened earlier made me realize that you love her. You love her. So go to her.” Kagome said as they opened the main door.
“I'm not so sure about how I feel anymore.”
“Let's sleep then, I guess today's excitement just sort of made noodles out of our brains. We need to rest. We can even wake up late since tomorrow is a Saturday, we'll talk about it then.” Kagome smiled gently at Inuyasha. She excused herself to wash her feet.
“Take a bath now, I don't want to sleep beside a sweaty hanyou.” Kagome joked as she handed Inuyasha her towel. She lay on her side of the bed and slowly her lids closed. Inuyasha came out of the bathroom feeling more confused than ever. Kagome's words confused him more. He stared at the girl's sleeping form on the bed and slowly hung the towel.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha called as he lay beside the girl. As always, Kagome turned to face him and snuggled closer to him by instinct.
“Honey….” Inuyasha called softly as he watched Kagome's nose wrinkle. He laughed softly as he traced her nose with his claw, careful not to hurt the girl.
“I'm not so sure what I feel towards her or towards you anymore.” Inuyasha whispered as he listened to Kagome's even breathing. He scooted closer until his nose was nearly touching hers.
“I don't know what I feel anymore…” Inuyasha whispered as he leaned closer and kissed Kagome on the lips. Kagome moaned at the contact and Inuyasha didn't dare breath. He closed his eyes as he felt Kagome stir and a warm leg was draped over him. He felt his pulse quicken as Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck.
“Honey, are you awake…?” Inuyasha called again and nearly fainted with relief when Kagome's breathing resumed its even pattern. He cupped Kagome's cheek and leaned his forehead against hers. Kagome leaned closer and Inuyasha closed his eyes when her lips brushed his. Slowly, very slowly, he traced her lips with his tongue and felt his groin tighten.
Kagome twisted her head away and rubbed her lips with the back of her hand sleepily. Inuyasha watched in amazement. He pulled her head close to him again and kissed her - really kissed her. I'd probably be blasted to pieces when she finds out but it's worth the risk. Inuyasha thought as he felt Kagome lean closer to him. His breathing hitched when she sleepily opened her mouth and drew his tongue in.
Kagome opened her eyes languidly and saw Inuyasha's face in front of her. She leaned back a little to study the boy's features. She slowly traced his nose with her finger and smiled when he scooted closer to her. She traced his lips next… Gods, I had a very un-friendly dream about Inuyasha last night. She shuddered as she remembered her dream. Argh, hormones gone wild! Kagome thought as she watched her finger skim Inuyasha's lower lips. Trembling a little, she drew her finger away and sighed. She held her breath when Inuyasha stirred and closed her eyes when he possessively draped a leg over her hips.
Get up already, Kagome! Kagome commanded her body as she felt herself blush and her heartbeat raced, she almost panted.
“Hon…?” Kagome's eyes instantly opened when she heard Inuyasha's sleepy drawl. She turned her face sideways to look at him.
“Yes?” Kagome asked, her throat feeling dry.
“Promise me you won't drive me away again.” Inuyasha whispered as he slowly cupped her face.
“I'm not perfect, Kagome and I would probably say or do something that would make you want to kill me from time to time but please don't drive away.” Inuyasha solemnly said and Kagome felt her heart burst. Gods, what the hell is wrong with me, I'm getting teary-eyed! Kagome bit her lip.
“Of course…” Kagome finally replied.
“Thanks.” Inuyasha said as he rubbed his nose against hers which made Kagome's breathing hitch.
“Stop that!” Kagome complained.
“Why?” Inuyasha asked smirking arrogantly when he felt Kagome's heartbeat doubled.
“The excuse has to be valid for me to cease what I'm doing…” Inuyasha taunted further smiling at Kagome sweetly.
“Because…” Kagome said and on impulse she hugged him closer to her and snuggled on his chest. “Just because….” Kagome murmured.
“Good enough…” Inuyasha whispered as he closed his eyes and kissed her hair.