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Shit. Inuyasha hissed at the contact and bit his lip, Kagome stared at his mouth and ignited…
Kagome pushed Inuyasha away and pasted a smile on her face. She turned to Sango and Miroku and was glad when no teasing came - they were busy staring at each other.
“Okay, let's see who's paying for dinner.” Kagome said, her voice high-pitched. Dammit, of all the people to fall in love with I have to fall in love with someone who's drooling over an oversexed cheerleader who's not exactly my best friend. Wait, did I just say love?! Ahhhhhhhhhh! This can't be happening!!
“Are you okay, Kagome?” Sango asked as Kagome screwed her face at her thoughts.
“Of course I am.” She answered hastily. “Thinking that's all.”
“Damn!” Sango said as Inuyasha's score flashed.
“Lucky guy,” Miroku muttered. Inuyasha got 96.
“Okay, can we choose the restaurant?” Kagome said clapping her hands.
“As long as it's within my budget.” Miroku mumbled.
“Poor baby,” Sango cooed as she pinched Miroku's cheeks.
“Okay, let's go then. I need to be home early.” Kagome announced as she exited the room leaving Inuyasha behind.
“Did we miss something?” Sango asked Inuyasha who shrugged and followed Kagome.
“Did we miss something?' Sango asked Miroku as they too exited the room.
“It seems we did.” Miroku replied.
Kagome walked ahead, ignoring Inuyasha who kept on calling her name.
“Kagome, wait up!” She heard Inuyasha call again but she did not even turn to look at him.
“Kagome, what the hell are you running away from?!” Inuyasha yelled and Kagome stopped. She arranged her face into a smile and looked at him when he reached her side.
“Sorry, I was lost in my thoughts.”
“So it seems.” Inuyasha replied.
“I didn't hear you call, sorry.” Kagome lied as she waved at Sango and Miroku.
“You didn't hear me…?” Inuyasha asked unbelievingly.
“No, but I hear you now.” Kagome replied as she glanced at him.
“Hurry guys, I'm hungry.” Kagome called at the other couple.
“Are you sure you're okay?” Inuyasha asked looking at Kagome's slightly dazed eyes.
“Positive.” Kagome replied too cheerfully. Oh of all the things to realize, I had to realize that I have feeling for this baka! Crap.
“Let me carry your bag for you.” Inuyasha offered and snatched Kagome's bag.
“I'm okay, I really am not as frail as I look.” Kagome replied snatching her bag back.
“I'm not saying you're frail, I just want to carry it for you.”
“And I said I'm okay, you don't have to act all chivalrous with me.” Kagome replied as she tried to tug her pink bag from Inuyasha's grasp.
“Don't be stubborn.” Inuyasha said, getting annoyed at the tug of war.
“I'm not the one who's stubborn it's my bag so I say I should be the one carrying it!” Kagome replied.
“Fine!” They both let the bag go and it fell in a mindless heap by their feet. Before Kagome could bend down to retrieve it, somebody beat her to it first.
“I'll carry the bag then…” Sesshoumaru drawled.
“Sesshoumaru!” Kagome said, surprised by the older Hirohito's appearance.
“We see each other again. Miko.”
“What are you doing here?” Inuyasha asked as he pulled Kagome to his side.
“I was not aware I'm banned from this mall's premises, Inuyasha.” Sesshoumaru replied eyeing his brother curiously. His eyes lingered on the arm that Inuyasha draped around Kagome's shoulder and Kagome felt the urge to suddenly shrug Inuyasha's arm off.
“Who's he?” Sango whispered and Kagome nearly jumped. She had forgotten that Sango and Miroku were with them.
“Umm, Sango, Miroku, this is Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha's brother. Sesshoumaru, these are my friends, Sango and Miroku.” Kagome introduced.
“Half-brother.” Inuyasha corrected as he tightened his grip on Kagome's shoulder.
“It's a pleasure meeting Kagome's friends.” Sesshoumaru nodded at the pair and Sango blushed.
“Well…” Kagome started and winced when Inuyasha tightened his grip more. “We're going.” Kagome finished.
“I see.” Sesshoumaru said as he handed Kagome her bag.
“Thanks. Bye.” Kagome said as she took her bag from his grasp. His hand intentionally grasped hers and Kagome raised her brow.
“We'll see each other again soon, Kagome.” Sesshoumaru said and let go of Kagome's hand when Inuyasha growled.
“Okay.” Kagome replied.
“Wow, what a hunk.” Sango sighed as they watched Sesshoumaru's retreating back.
“What was that all about?!” Inuyasha asked loudly.
“What was what all about?” Kagome asked, confused by Inuyasha's reactions.
“What about him?” Kagome raised her brow.
“Why is he touching you?!” Inuyasha hissed.
“What do you mean?”
“He grasped your hand!”
“What do you mean, so?” Inuyasha asked, his eyes narrowing.
“Duh, newsflash, you're touching me too and I don't remember sending the yakuza after you.” Kagome replied, a little irritated.
“It's different, I know you and…”
“And he does not?! He's your brother, of course I know him!” Kagome retorted.
“And you spent the whole afternoon with him!”
“And your point is…? Kagome asked, her temper rising.
“He has no right to touch you!”
“Says who?!”
“Says me!”
“And why is that, Inuyasha? Am I exclusively yours to touch and fondle?!” Kagome bit out and Inuyasha blushed.
“You should have told me you enjoy his touch so much and I would have shoved you in his face!” Inuyasha snapped back and realized his mistake.
“You asshole!” Kagome clenched her fist as she felt her tears welling.
“Kagome….” Inuyasha called and stood back when Kagome glared at him, his heart broke as he smelled her unshed tears.
“You asshole.” Kagome whispered and turned on her heel to leave.
“What's wrong with you?” Sango snapped as she pushed Inuyasha aside.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha tried to go after her bur Miroku held him back.
“Let her go this time…she needs it.” Miroku said holding Inuyasha's shoulder.
“Dammit!” Inuyasha cursed.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Miroku offered.
“I…I totally screwed didn't it?” Inuyasha asked Miroku.
“Yep, big time.”
“What the hell is wrong with me?” Inuyasha sighed as he let Miroku guide him to a nearby seat.
“You're jealous. Plain and simple.”
“I'm not.”
“Okay you're not and I'm not into women either.”
“You're not?” Inuyasha asked scooting away from Miroku.
“I was sarcastic, baka!
“You know what Inuyasha, make up your mind. If you want that Kikyo then let Kagome go, you have absolutely no right to forbid her to see your brother or whoever is lucky enough to take her fancy. If you want Kagome then tell her and end this misery you are both subjecting yourself to. One only has to cast a glance at you to realize you're in love with her. Why do you have to be so difficult?
“But what about Kikyo?”
“What about her? I don't see Kikyo getting sad at the prospect of losing you. You're her toy. Snap the hell out of it. The girl has absolutely no class not to mention she slept with half of Japan's population.”
“I'm only going to tell you this once, I'm even amazed that I'm spending this much time with you talking about that trash when I could have spent it groping Sango but, you're going to lose such a wonderful girl like Kagome because of this stupid rivalry between you and your brother,”
“What do you mean?”
“Figure it out, come on. Real life is not as hard as chemistry.” Miroku said as he stood up and left Inuyasha alone.
Inuyasha sighed as he waited for Kagome to arrive. He sat on his chair impatiently and toyed with his pen. Sunday was hell, he had gotten used to sleeping beside Kagome and he felt miserable that he was alone in his king size bed.
Kagome arrived with Sango and she sat on her seat without even sparing him a glance. He was getting frustrated at her silence and growled menacingly when Kouga approached her and borrowed her notes.
He slipped her a note but she totally ignored it, letting it sit in her armchair unopened. Finally when the bell rang, signaling lunch, he heaved a heavy breath and barred her path.
“Kagome, let's talk.” He said and flinched when she glared at him. He never knew until then that one look could say so much.
“Move.” Kagome replied.
“We'll wait for you at the cafeteria, Kagome.” Sango's voice floated around them and Kagome nodded.
“I said move.” Kagome uttered again.
“No, I won't unless you talk to me.” Inuyasha stubbornly said and he watched as she opened her palm and the white, swirling, energy ball appeared.
“Move or I'll kill you.” Kagome spat but Inuyasha stayed put.
“Kill me then.” He replied as he held her gaze.
“What do you want, Inuyasha?” Kagome finally said as she clenched her fist to disperse the energy ball.
“I just want to talk to you.”
“Save it, I'm still hurting from our last conversation.”
“Move or you'll find yourself blasted to God knows where.” Kagome threatened again.
“Kagome, please, I'm sorry.” Inuyasha pleaded as he knelt in front of her, willing her to see that he meant it.
Kagome stared at his bowed head and left.
“What happened?” Sango asked as soon as she Kagome sat down.
“Nothing.” Kagome replied as she took her handkerchief out wiping Souta's forehead.
“Nee-chan, don't do that, it's embarrassing!” Souta complained and Kohaku sniggered.
“Embarrassing? You're sweaty, girls don't like sweaty boys no matter how handsome they are.” Kagome teased her brother.
“I'm not sweaty!” Souta countered, pouting.
“Finish your lunch, I'll walk you to the bus stop.” Kagome informed as she chewed on her macaroni salad.
“I'm no longer a baby!” Souta complained.
“You are my baby brother, so quit being hard-headed or I'll tell mom you've blown your allowance buying flowers for a girl.”
“You would not!”
“Trust me, I just might.” Kagome grinned.
“Where's inu-neechan?” Souta suddenly asked.
“Dead, I killed him.” Kagome replied and Sango and Miroku laughed.
“You can't kill him, you love him!” Souta declared and Kagome glared at her younger brother.
“Oi, Kagome-chan, straight from the mouth of babes.” Miroku teased when he heard Souta.
“Shut up, Miroku.” Sango scolded.
“What did I say?” Miroku asked as Sango glowered at him.
“Men are such pigs.” Sango muttered under her breath.
“Don't say that Sango, pigs are gentler creatures, comparing them to men would be a really great injustice.” Kagome announced and the girls looked at each other and laughed.
“Girls…” Miroku, Kohaku and Souta chorused rolling their eyes.
Kagome sighed again as she opened her Math workbook. Final exams are nearing and she was panicking. It did not help that she ditched her study-buddy-hunk-by-the-name-of-Inuyasha-who-recently-turned-ex-friend-turn ed-crush-turned-subject-of-her-romantic-and-heated-dreams. More of nightmares…really. Argh, she did not know high school would be so complicated.
Kagome had chosen to ignore Inuyasha for more than two weeks. It wasn't because of what he said during their last outing, damn, she had forgiven him easily, but she was more scared of the feelings she has for him. Why did he have to sing and dance that ignition thing? Now, I'm constantly dreaming of him gyrating in front of me barely clothed! Crap!
“Kagome, phone.”
“Coming, Mama.” Kagome replied as she stood up and dashed downstairs.
“Hello!” Kagome spoke.
“Hello, pretty Miko.”
“Umm, who's this?”
“Oh, Sesshoumaru, it's good to hear from you.” Kagome replied as she kicked her slippers off and sat indian-style on the sofa.
“Glad to hear that. Look, I need a favor.”
“How badly do you need it?” Kagome teased as she twisted the telephone's cord around her finger.
“Bad enough to actually visit Principal Obacha and get your number from her.” Sesshoumaru replied.
“What? You could just have tried the directory, oh, we're not listed I forgot.” Kagome mumbled.
“Also, I was counting on the guilt you'd feel because I had to sit two full hours drinking tea with Ms. Kaede and answer questions like how many women I've bedded just to get your number. Hopefully you'd find it in your kind heart to grant my request.” Kagome laughed at Sesshoumaru's speech.
“Oh, you're sneaky.” Kagome replied.
“I'm desperate…”
“That too…” Kagome said and they both laughed. “Okay, Sesshoumaru, what can I do for you, your majesty?”
“I am trying to get away from this girl who was disillusioned enough to think that we're meant for each other…”
“Oh come on, what's wrong with the men in your family?” Kagome said thinking about Inuyasha's almost similar request. Although he was the disillusioned one who thought that he and Kikyo are meant to be together. Stupid, stupid, stupid hanyou!
“Nothing.” Kagome replied. Damn, he does not know about mine and Inuyasha's arrangement.
“So as I was saying, this girl thought that we were meant to be…”
“And….” Kagome prompted.
“And there's this party that I have to go to and she will be there too so…”
“So…?” Kagome asked not liking where the conversation was going.
“So, can you be my date?”
“What?! I'm fifteen!” Kagome retorted.
“Meaning you're too old for me.” Kagome said before she could stop herself.
“Oppss…sorry.” Kagome mumbled.
“So age spells everything?”
“No, what I mean is if you want to drive this overeager admirer away, as I understand it, you should find someone more believable, more experienced, more glamorous, more suited to be your date.”
“Thanks, Kagome, I did not know you think so highly of me.” Sesshoumaru's amused voice sounded from the other line.
“So, please?”
“I can't, I'm not even allowed to date.”
“But is it okay if I convince your mother?”
“No! Gods, don't embarrass me like that!” Kagome sharply replied.
“Please, Kagome. It's just for a night. Just one night of you posing as my date.”
“I really can't…”
“I kept you company when you had your personal holiday…” Sesshoumaru said.
“I did not ask you to…”
“I sang for you…”
“It was a game you agreed to play…”
“I watched Ice Age 2 for you….”
“Argghhh!” Kagome gritted.
“I even bought you popcorn and soda…”
“You ate half of it, it does not count!”
“And I brought you the best place in Japan…”
“Oh Gods had I known…” Kagome said growing frustrated by the minute.
“And I gave you one of the most beautiful afternoons of your life….”
“Fine! Fine! I'm going.”
“Thank you, I know you'd say yes.” Sesshoumaru replied laughing.
“Why, you…”
“Bye, Miko. I'll send your dress in.”
“Dress? What dress? WAIT!” Kagome yelled as she heard the other line died.
“Gods, what did I get myself into?!” Kagome mumbled aloud as she stomped to her bedroom.
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