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“What are you thinking?” Inuyasha asked as he played with Kagome's hair. They were inside his bedroom, his packed bags lying idly at the foot of his bed.
“A lot…”
“Like what's it like to forget…”
“Kagome, we've talked about this.”
“And talking does not stop me from hurting…”
“Don't be like this, I won't be able to leave you if you're like this.” Inuyasha said quietly as he kissed the top of her head. Kagome blinked as fresh tears gathered in her eyes.
“I can't help it. I'm sorry. I promise I'll be strong.” Kagome said as she blinked furiously. The past five days had been a blur as they tried to cram every moment into five short days - talking, laughing, crying, teasing, loving and crying some more.
“We promise to find each other…” Inuyasha stated calmly although his insides were tearing apart. He had argued with his father repeatedly, not wanting to sever the bond but the older Hirohito wouldn't hear any of it because as he explained, Kagome would die if he's not near and he would follow soon after.
“Just pray there'll be no one else or I'd probably kick your ass…” Kagome threatened smiling weakly.
“You don't trust me?”
“Baby, I do…it's the girls I don't trust…they can't seem to resist you…” Kagome teased and Inuyasha laughed.
“I'll miss your laugh…” Kagome said, feeling sad again.
“Kagome, two years is not far….”
“It's a lifetime for me…”
“It is for me too but if we think of it that way, we'll probably never going to make it.”
“I'm going to get home-schooled again.”
“Is that principal Kaede's suggestion?” Inuyasha asked.
“Yes, she promised to give me further training for my miko powers but she said I should be home-schooled so my memory will not be jumbled after the bond is severed.”
“I'm sorry that this sound so selfish but I'm glad you'll be home-schooled…”
“Why?” Kagome asked turning her face to look at him.
“Because the thought of you being near Kouga when I'm not there is making my blood boil…”
“Inuyasha, Kouga is the least of our concerns. Who gives a shit about him?”
“Ah, you're starting to curse…” Inuyasha said tweaking her nose.
“You must have rubbed on me…” Kagome replied as she laid her head below his chin again listening to the even beating of his heart.
“Don't see me off tomorrow…” Inuyasha whispered.
“I won't be able to walk away when I see tears…”
“I won't cry, promise.” Kagome said, already her eyes blurring with unshed tears.
“But I will…” Inuyasha murmured hugging her fiercely.
Kagome woke up early. He'll be leaving today. She thought as she took a bath. She had been warned that the severing of the bond won't be pretty. But what's worst than us forgetting? Kagome sighed as she wrapped her white, downy towel around her body. She slowly walked towards the sink to brush her hair and saw her pale, ghostly reflection on the mirror above it. She wiped the fog off the mirror with her palm and tilted her head to touch her mark. She squeezed her eyes shut to block the tears…
“Don't see me off tomorrow…”
“I won't be able to walk away when I see tears…”
“I won't cry, I promise.”
Shit. I promised him I won't cry. She hastily wiped her tears off and brushed her teeth. Principal Kaede had been sympathetic, even Miroku and Sango showed their understanding but that was what making things more difficult - people showing you pity when you needed their strength. It's not as if I'm not going to see him again… She cursed softly as a lone tear fell. She spit the toothpaste out and rinsed her mouth.
She exited her bathroom and searched her closet for something comfortable to wear. She had planned on staying inside her room and plugging her MP3 player in her ears to drown the pain of him leaving.
Ah, the torture of loving. Had I known it would end up like this... Kagome sighed as she pulled her baby blue shirt out. Damn. She uttered under her breath as tears flowed unbidden from her eyes. Had I known it would end up like this…I would still go through it…
I would rather have one touch of your hand, one kiss of your lips, one breathe of your hair than an eternity without it…Darn Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan and that line from the `City of Angels.' Kagome thought as she put on a pair of white shorts.
“Kagome…?” Mrs. Higurashi called softly, her face showing concern when she looked at her daughter's puffy, red eyes.
“Yes, Mama…?” Kagome asked, hiding her eyes with her bangs.
“Darling…” Mrs. Higurashi said as she pulled her daughter towards her. Her mother's action made the dam in Kagome's chest broke and she cried helplessly.
“He's leaving today…” Kagome sobbed as Mrs. Higurashi cried with her.
“Yes, he is…”
“I'm going to die without him…”
“No, you'll live and wait for him…”
“But how can I last two years, half a day away from him is enough to kill me…”
“Kagome that is why the bond will be severed…”
“That's what makes more painful, us not remembering. Who ever thought of such a sick idea?” Kagome sobbed and Mrs. Higurashi rubbed her back soothingly.
“Kagome, if they won't sever the bond, you won't be here to wait for him, you will die…”
“But do we have to forget? It's not fair to know him and love him and forcefully forget him, it's not fair!”
“I know…but even when the bond is severed and your memories of each other continue it will be for nothing because you will continue to look for each other and pine for each other, making you miss out on things that you're suppose to enjoy. Don't tell me you won't spend the two years thinking about Inuyasha if you still have memories of him…”
“But I'd rather be miserable waiting for him than forget…”
“Kagome, you're young, you have a life ahead of you, if you and Inuyasha are fated to be together, you both have nothing to fear….”
“But what if we're not? I don't want anyone else!”
“Come on Kagome, do you believe you're not destined for him?” Mrs. Higurashi asked her daughter gently.
“Mama, I don't care what fate and destiny dictates… I just don't….not anymore…”
“Exactly, if you promised each other you'll find each other again even fate or destiny or whatever there is in the cosmic universe that's suppose to rule our lives, wouldn't be able to change that. Just believe…”
“You're starting to sound like that woman from the radio, Mama. What was her name, Madame Romance?” Kagome said, wiping her tears off.
“That's my girl, the world does not end here…you and Inuyasha will find each other and you will give me beautiful and handsome grandchildren with puppy ears and silver hair…” Mrs. Higurashi said smoothing Kagome's bangs off her face.
“Thank you so much, Mama…”
“What for?”
“For being great at what you are…”
“It's a good thing I made your favorite breakfast…” Mrs. Higurashi teased and Kagome smiled weakly.
Inuyasha lay on his bed, ignoring his mother who knocked on his door repeatedly.
“Inuyasha, come down for breakfast.” Mrs. Hirohito knocked again and sighed when no answer came. “I know you're already awake, your brother and father are waiting for you downstairs.” Mrs. Hirohito called before walking away.
Inuyasha was a little touched when Sesshoumaru went home to see him off. He and his older brother had gotten closer and he preferred Sesshoumaru's sarcastic, cold tone to his parents worried, pitying ones. He sighed as he turned on his side looking at the locket he bought for Kagome two days ago. His parents had warned him to not give Kagome anything that would jug her memory and he bought the locket in a whim when he saw it. It was gold and heart-shaped with a hollowed inside to place a photo in. It was designed as a minuscule, heart-shaped padlock and it came with a miniature key that opens it.
“Inuyasha…” he heard Sesshoumaru's voice and he stood up, hastily stuffing the locket and its key in his pocket before opening the door.
“What?” Inuyasha asked but stepped aside to let his older brother in.
“Done hibernating?” Sesshoumaru asked and Inuyasha smirked.
“I had planned on making a silk cocoon in hopes that I would turn into a beautiful butterfly after…” Inuyasha replied sarcastically rolling his eyes.
“Ah, dear brother…that's just so gay…”
“So, are you ready?” Sesshoumaru asked eyeing Inuyasha's bags.
“Do you honestly think I'll be ready for anything like this….”
“Watch her for me…” Inuyasha said looking at his brother.
“Watch her for me, she'll remember you and you'll remember her but we will not remember each other. It's ironic that we are the only ones to forget…”
“Be glad that only you and Kagome will forget…”
“I know but…”
“I'll watch her for you, Inuyasha…”
“Watch me for her too…”
“What do you mean?”
“Don't make me fall in love with someone else…”
“You think you would?”
“No, but just in case…”
“Inuyasha, you'd better not or else Kagome will eat you alive, fully trained or not…”
“That she will do…” Inuyasha replied smiling fondly.
“Aren't you afraid?”
“Of what?”
“That I will fall in love with her and she with me?” Sesshoumaru asked observing Inuyasha's reaction.
“Ah, Sesshoumaru, she chose me over you and believe me, she will again…” Inuyasha said returning his brother's gaze.
“Besides, if you dare lay a finger on my mate…I'll break free from that training and tear you from limb to limb…”
“You truly scare me sometimes dear brother.” Sesshoumaru said smirking.
“Only sometimes?”
“Yes, just sometimes.”
“Promise me you'll look after her and me. I'm giving our fate to you…”
“That's too heavy a promise to make.”
“Promise me, you'll lead me to her again.”
“I can't do that Inuyasha, we both know you're suppose to find her on your own…”
“Okay, just promise me you'll look after her and me.”
“That I will do without being told.”
“Thank you, Sesshoumaru.”
“What for?” Sesshoumaru asked, surprise evident in his voice.
“Thank you for being smart enough to grant my request.” Inuyasha replied smirking.
“Ah, proud to the very end…” Sesshoumaru replied as he stood up and headed for the door.
“That I am…” Inuyasha replied as he stood up and followed Sesshoumaru to the door.
Kagome sat in front of the television, not seeing and not hearing anything. She kept on glancing at the wall clock counting the minutes till Inuyasha leaves.
“Why don't you go see him?” Mrs. Higurashi suggested.
“He does not want to…” Kagome replied.
“Because we'll both cry and he wouldn't be able to leave then he won't be able to train then he wouldn't be able to turn back when he transforms…” Kagome said in a dead voice.
“Who says he'll have to know that you're there?” Mrs. Higurashi said sitting beside her daughter and Kagome raised her brow.
“What are you saying, Mama?”
“Come on, I'll drive you…”
“Don't let him see you…”
“Come on Kagome, do you want to see him or not?” Mrs. Higurashi asked and smiled when Kagome abruptly stood up.
They drove in silence towards the Hirohito's manor. Mrs. Higurashi looked at her daughter's clasped hands lying tensely on her lap.
“Kagome, just one look at him before he leaves and we'll go…” Mrs. Higurashi said.
“Yes, Mama.”
“I'm taking you there because I trust you to not do anything rash.”
“Yes, Mama.”
“Smile, darling.” Mrs. Higurashi said and felt relieved when Kagome smiled feebly.
“Thank you Mama for understanding,” Kagome whispered.
“I too loved once Kagome….” Mrs. Higurashi replied. “Come to think of it, even after your father died, I continued loving him…” Mrs. Higurashi said smiling at her daughter.
“Papa is such a lucky man.”
“And so is Inuyasha…”
Inuyasha hugged his mother fiercely and kissed her on both cheeks.
“Take care, my son.” Mrs. Hirohito said as she willed her tears not to fall.
“You too, Mom.” Inuyasha replied and turned to his father.
“Train hard and train well, we'll all be waiting for you…”
“Thank you, Dad.” Inuyasha said as his father hugged him to his chest.
“Don't be a baka and do us proud, little brother.” Sesshoumaru said as he thumped Inuyasha's shoulder.
“I'll kick your ass when I'm done training, Sesshoumaru.” Inuyasha replied as he hugged his older brother. Sesshoumaru was stunned at first but hugged him back.
“We'll be waiting for you. She'll be waiting for you…” Sesshoumaru whispered.
“I know…”
“Go on then…” Sesshoumaru said as Toutousai heaved his baggage inside the trunk of the car. Inuyasha had asked his family not to see him off at the airport, he couldn't stand to see them sad as he walks away. He waved goodbye at his family as he climbed into the front seat of the car. He rolled his window and took one last look at his family and the manor.
“Let's go Toutousai.” Inuyasha said as he put his sunglasses on. Kagome. He thought as the heavy gates opened. He felt something in his pocket when he moved to fasten his seatbelt. He almost cried when he took it out and saw the locket, with his and Kagome's picture inside it, and its key.
Kagome watched, her tears overflowing when she saw his car left. She cried silently, face stoic, fisted hands trembling - only her tears showed how much pain she tried to hide…
“For a minute, Mama.” Kagome said as she unclasped her seatbelt. She climbed down from the car and slowly walked towards the paved street watching the car that carried Inuyasha away from her slowly disappear.
Inuyasha. She thought as she felt her heart being ripped. Come back to me…I want to kiss you one last time, my mate…” She prayed and more tears flowed. Come back to me…
Come back to me…
Inuyasha turned his head and rolled the window down. She's here…
“Toutousai, turn around…” Inuyasha commanded.
“But, sir…”
“I said turn around…this wouldn't take a minute…please…” Inuyasha pleaded and Toutousai sighed as he maneuvered the car. She's here, she came…
Kagome gasped for air as she sobbed uncontrollably. She felt her lungs burn as she tried to breathe evenly. Come back to me, Inuyasha… She pleaded silently and waited.
Mrs. Higurashi watched with growing alarm when she saw her daughter struggle to breath. She hastily unlocked her seatbelt and got off from the car.
“Kagome!” She called as she saw her daughter clasped her chest.
“I'm okay, Mama. Stay there.” Kagome replied as she continued to wait. Come back to me. She closed her eyes as she sobbed, realizing that he won't be coming back, realizing that he'll forget and she will too. The pain was too much for her to bear and she bowed her head, clutching her chest trying to fight for control…
Kagome's head snapped when she heard his voice.
“You came back…” She said as she ran towards him. Inuyasha opened his arms and hugged her tight as they both cried. His tears mingled with hers as he cupped her face with both his hands kissing her passionately.
“I heard you call…” Inuyasha replied when they parted for air.
“I can't let you without saying goodbye…” Kagome said as she continued to cry. “I hope you're not mad.” She added as an afterthought.
“I'm not, I'm glad you're hard-headed and didn't obey me once again…” Inuyasha replied smiling weakly through his tears.
“I'll miss you…” Kagome sobbed as she traced his face with her fingers, memorizing every contour, every plane, every surface…
“I'll miss you too…” Inuyasha replied welcoming her touch.
“Don't train too hard you might get sick…”
“Keh, where's your faith in your mate, woman?” Inuyasha replied as he tried to stop the sobs.
“Don't forget to eat on time…” Kagome continued, her shoulders shaking as she sobbed.
“I won't.” Inuyaha replied as he wiped her tears with his thumbs.
“Don't forget to pray and think of me before you sleep…” Kagome said brokenly and Inuyasha closed his eyes to stop his tears.
“I won't I promise…” He sobbed as he hugged her to him, kissing the top of her head.
“Don't forget me…” Kagome said and her sobs wracked her body as he held her to his chest.
“I promise I won't…not ever…” Inuyasha replied kissing her on the lips once again.
“Look for me, Inuyasha…I'll wait for you…” Kagome said as she felt Inuyasha put something in her hand. She looked down and saw a gold locket.
“I will look for you and find you, Kagome…”
“I'll wait…”
“Promise me you'll be there when I come back…” Inuyasha said as he placed small kisses on her face.
“I`ll be there…” Kagome replied, smiling weakly at him.
“I'll find you…” Inuyasha said before pressing his lips on hers. She opened her mouth and he slid his tongue in. He tilted her face and the kiss deepened, leaving her breathless.
“I promise my heart will know it's you at first sight…” Kagome said as Inuyasha leaned his forehead against hers and kissed her nose.
“My heart will recognize you at first sight…” He whispered back before he kissed her one last time and turned around to walk towards the car.
“I love you…” Kagome whispered in the air as she watched his retreating back.
“I love you too…” Inuyasha replied without turning to look at her before he opened the car's door to get in leaving Kagome clutching the gold heart locket he placed in her hand.
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