InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Dire Truths and Consequence ( Chapter 41 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Kagome opened the door quietly, she didn't want to unnecessarily wake Inuyasha up who would probably chew her head if she does.
“I thought you'd be here first thing in the morning?” Inuyasha said waiting for her on the living room, holding a mug in one hand.
“It's only eight thirty, Inuyasha…”
“You should have come home sooner…”
“I'm sorry…” Kagome said not intending to start another argument as she went directly to her bedroom, throwing her bag on her desk and plopping heavily on her bed, Inuyasha hot on her heels.
“Get up and eat, I prepared breakfast for you…” Inuyasha said as he sat on the edge of Kagome's bed.
“Not hungry…” Kagome commented massaging her throbbing temple. Her mother had reminded her to `act natural' around Inuyasha or else she's break down again and it would just make her look stupid since he does not remember. Damn this baka, he's doing it again, making me fall deeper than I already do…damn!
“I prepared it for you…” Inuyasha whined and Kagome opened her eyes and got up. Okay, Kagome just get it over with…
“Fine.” She said as she walked to the kitchen. Unknown to her, Inuyasha was a little worried that she's not fighting back. She seemed indifferent. He thought as he watched Kagome sat on the opposite end of where he sat.
“How's your family?” Inuyasha asked, attempting to start a conversation.
“What did you do while I was gone?” Kagome inquired, she may be heartbroken but she's not immune to his effort at making a civil conversation.
“Nothing. Just ate out. I met my first crush though.” Inuyasha replied offhandedly, hoping what he said would illicit a reaction out of Kagome.
“Really…?” Kagome said as she drank water from her glass, the sunny side up she was eating seemed to be stuck in her throat.
“Yes…she was as beautiful as ever…” Inuyasha commented watching Kagome's reaction closely.
“You must have drooled like an idiot at her beauty then…” Kagome replied as she gripped the glass tightly before smiling at him and placing the glass back to the table.
“I nearly professed my undying love…” Inuyasha said, his gaze never leaving her face.
“Good. I'm happy for you…” Kagome smiled brightly at him while she was beheading him slowly and painfully in her head. “Well, thanks for the breakfast, I loved it.” She said as she brought the used plates to the sink letting water run over them.
“Hmmm…” Inuyasha said hating how he smelled her sadness…and determination. Determination to what?” He thought as he watched Kagome rinse the plates.
“Make yourself scarce, I'm expecting some friends.” Kagome said as she wiped her hands off a paper towel.
“Don't you want them to see me here?”
“No,” No. Because I just might break down and I don't want you to see it.
“Okay,” Inuyasha said as he moved closer to Kagome, trying to be discreet he inhaled her scent and stopped. “Who touched you?” He demanded when he faintly smelled another male's scent.
“No one.” Kagome replied arching her brow.
“You smelled like….” Inuyasha started racking his brains trying to place the scent which vaguely smelled familiar.
“Oh, an old friend…” Kagome replied dispassionately remembering how Kouga hugged her.
“You let old friends hug you?” Inuyasha asked, his voice getting sterner as he spoke.
“I sleep with my friends actually…” Kagome said with sarcasm as she rolled her eyes at him.
“I have not seen him for a long time, he hugged me, what do you want me to do, have him arrested?” Kagome replied in monotone remembering how Kouga and Inuyasha hated each other back in high school.
“I didn't say that…”
“What are you saying then?”
“I….I'm only curious, I would like to know….who my roommate is dating…so I could give the guy…helpful tips…” Inuyasha said and almost smacked his head when he saw Kagome's face darken.
“Don't worry…he's doing everything to make me feel like a princess…” Kagome replied and she turned her face away from him to hide her pain.
“Don't worry about me Inuyasha, I'll live…” Kagome said as she walked with all the dignity she could muster back to her bedroom.
Kagome quickly changed into a pair of snug-fitting jeans and white shirt after she took a bath. She checked her grocery list again and smiled. It's a good thing I have Sango and Miroku's visit to look forward to or I just might lose my mind. She sighed as she picked her Oakley sunglasses from her bureau. She tied her shoelace and snatched a white back pack from her bag closet. Okay, ready to go. She thought as she checked if she has her keys.
“Going somewhere?” Inuyasha asked casually as he flipped through channels.
“Grocery shopping.” Kagome replied.
“I'll be home late…” Inuyasha said suddenly and Kagome just raised her brow.
“Hmm...okay...” She said as her mind conjured images of Inuyasha making another girl swoon.
“Don't wait up for me.” Inuyasha said, waiting for Kagome to say something else.
“I won't, don't worry…” Kagome replied as she closed the door behind her. As soon as Kagome closed the door Inuyasha threw the remote control and watched with grim satisfaction as it shattered. Damn, cold bitch. He thought as he stood up pacing the carpeted living room floor. I'm bored…I should just go out by myself and…Inuyasha stopped as he ran to his room to look for the piece of paper where he wrote Kikyo's number in.
Kagome opened her car door hastily and banged her head on the steering wheel. Shit, stupid, cruel, bastard! She thought as she inserted and turned the key making the roadster come into life. He does not remember… She heard her mother's voice over and over in her head and she turned the key again as she slumped on her seat. Fuck you Inuyasha for not remembering and fuck me for hurting this bad. She drummed her finger on the steering wheel impatiently and sighed. She took the key out and locked her car deciding to take matters into her own hands. She waited for the elevator to reach the basement and glared at the giggling girls when they took too long to get off.
It's now or never. She thought as she punched the number ten on the elevator panel. The ascend to the tenth floor took longer than she liked as more students piled in. By the time she reached their floor she was a bundle on quivering nerves.
She stood outside their door uneasily as she rehearsed what she's going to tell him in her head. Should I just tell him we were mated and that a ritual made us forget or should I just tell him I love him and about the mating later….or…Gods, Kagome, you can do this. She thought as she looked at her shaking hands. If staying hurts then leave and if leaving hurts more then stay. She recited her mother's words over and over in her head as she inserted her key inside the lock. She took a deep breath as she turned the knob carefully.
“Yes, I'm okay…did you get home safe?” She heard Inuyasha say and she stepped inside quietly.
“I'm not doing anything tonight…sure…” Inuyasha smiled as he spoke and Kagome's confidence started to dissipate. Would he believe me? She thought as she looked at her hanyou's long, silver hair.
“Okay, I'll pick you up at eight then…okay…bye. I miss you too, Kikyo…” Kagome's eyes widened when she heard the name, her breathing seemed to stop and she gripped her bag painfully.
“Did you forget anything?” Inuyasha asked looking at Kagome's pale face.
“Yes,” She said, her voice quivering.
“Are you just going to stand there and stare at me or go find it?” Inuyasha inquired, his eyebrow arching as he stared at the woman who managed to break his heart with her indifference.
“I'm….going….” Kagome said, her voice croaking as she groped for the door knob. She turned around and wrenched the door free and ran.
What now? Inuyasha thought as he watched in puzzlement Kagome's flight. Something caught his eye and he sighed as he picked a bundle of keys up. Clumsy. He thought as he ran after Kagome.
“Kagome, wait!” Kagome's teary eyes widened when she saw him following her, she hit the close button repeatedly and sagged with relief to the floor when the elevator door finally closed.
Stupid wench. Inuyasha kicked the elevator doors with disdain and sighing went to find the stairs. Wait till I get my hands on you. He thought as he relived Kagome's weird reaction earlier. A thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle is easier to solve than this woman. He contemplated as ran down the stairs.
Kagome hastily wiped her cheeks and smiled at the other students who said hello when the elevator door opened.
“Higurashi!” Kagome looked up and nearly groaned when she saw Hojo.
“Hello, Hojo.” She said as she continued to walk towards her car.
“I've made a power point presentation of our report, I'll be giving you the disc tonight once I've ironed everything out.” Hojo said following her, clueless as always.
“Okay, I'll be in my dorm room tonight but I have to go now…I'm going to meet some friends.” Kagome lied as she rummaged her bag for her keys.
“Umm…are you free Saturday night?” Hojo asked her shyly and Kagome almost rolled her eyes at him.
“Yes…I've got a date…” With whom, I have no idea yet. Kagome finished in her mind.
“Oh,” Hojo said and Kagome hated the guilt that gnawed at her when she saw how disappointed and sad he looked.
“Umm…it's with my friends…” She added hastily and Hojo's face brightened. Arghhhh! Me and my good intentions. Kagome screamed in her head and almost cursed when she still couldn't find her keys.
“Really?” Hojo said and he placed a hand carefully on Kagome's shoulder.
“Yes, really…” Kagome replied as she pointedly looked at Hojo's hand which the boy took back shyly.
“Is it okay if I invite you and your friends at Stone Free? It's the hippest club in town and every Saturday, they have this show called gender showdown…it's a contest between men and women…it will be fun.” Hojo finished as Kagome cursed and emptied the contents of her bag, placing the items atop the hood of her car.
“Hmm…I'll think about it…” Kagome said distractedly. “Where the hell is it?!” Kagome yelled in frustration and Hojo jumped.
“What are you looking for?” He asked.
“My keys…”
“May be you left it in you room?” Hojo suggested softly and panicked when Kagome suddenly cried.
“Shit, my life is a mess…” Kagome sobbed loudly as she put back inside the bag the things she fished out.
“Shhh…” Hojo said patting her back awkwardly.
“I have to do my grocery shopping because I have to prepare Gyoza and Ha Kao for my friends who will be coming over…Gyoza and Ha Kao…do you know how long it takes to prepare them, do you?!” Kagome nearly yelled as she took the handkerchief Hojo offered her and blew her nose noisily.
“I know…” Hojo said looking at the beautiful woman on front of him made impossibly more beautiful by her tears.
“And…and…I lost my keys….and…and…the man I love so much does not even remember me…” Kagome bawled and she sneezed again. “The Gods must hate me so…”
“They don't hate you…” Hojo placated pulling Kagome close to him, his heart breaking at her announcement. She's in love? He thought, the idea felt like a knife being twisted slowly in his gut.
“Why is life unfair? I waited for him but now he's having a date with that bitch, what's her name again…that bitch who does not even love him but sees him as a toy...How sick is that?” Kagome said, her sobs turning into small hiccups.
“Shhh…” Hojo said smiling sadly. How sick is it to comfort the woman you love but is crying over someone else?
“And that roommate bastard of mine….that asshole…I hope he rots in hell, he makes my life miserable…he breaks my heart and makes my life miserable…” Kagome said crying again as she let Hojo's hug calm her.
“I can always be your roommate if you like…” Hojo offered and Kagome leaned away from him to look at his face. She broke into a laugh.
“You're a good guy, Hojo…had things been different, I would have liked you.” She joked and she freed herself from his embrace.
“Well…it seems I've ruined something…” Both Kagome and Hojo spun around to see Inuyasha standing there seething with rage.
“We're…I…” Hojo stammered looking at the wrath on Inuyasha's face.
“Save it, I don't give a shit what you and that bitch did.” Inuyasha spat, his blood boiling at the sight of Kagome in the human boy's arm.
“Excuse me…?” Kagome asked, her voice deadly low…
“You heard me, bitch, I don't care what you do!” Inuyasha snapped as he turned on his heel leaving a shivering Hojo and an angry Kagome behind.
“I am nobody's bitch, baka!” Kagome yelled at Inuyasha's retreating back.
“Your actions speak otherwise!” Inuyasha retorted as he clenched his fist to control his youkai.
“Fuck you, Inuyasha.” Kagome hissed and Inuyasha spun around to face her.
“Anytime, Kagome. By the way you left this.” He said as he threw the bunch of keys forcefully at Kagome who was not able to react fast enough and felt the keys hit her forehead painfully.
“Ouch…” Kagome groaned as her hand went voluntarily to her temple, her breathing came in shallow gasps when she felt something sticky. She gradually lowered her hand and saw her blood on her fingers.
“I'm….” Inuyasha said, starting to walk towards Kagome when he saw the key hit her.
“You sorry-assed, pathetic excuse of a half-breed!” Kagome yelled and Hojo and Inuyasha both cowered when her aura swirled around her.
“What did you just call me?” Inuyasha growled.
“How dare you hurt me like this…how dare you….” Kagome said too calmly as she opened her palm and the energy ball appeared.
“What are you going to do now, kill me with that, Kagome?” Inuyasha asked as he advanced towards her.
“Your wish is my command…” Kagome replied, her head hot, her other hand trembling as she threw the energy ball at him which Inuyasha ducked easily.
“Try harder…” He said as he landed gracefully on his feet. Using his demon speed, Inuyasha pinned Kagome to the ground and by reflex, her barrier erected. “What the…?” Inuyasha said as they were both swallowed by the crackling pink energy.
It took for Inuyasha a minute to realize that Kagome was not struggling but staring at him. She closed her eyes and tears run down her cheeks and the barrier quivered and waned.
“Get off me…” Kagome whispered and Inuyasha obeyed. He offered his hand to Kagome but the Miko chose to ignore it and scrambled to her feet on her own.
“Kagome…I'm …”
“Save it…” Kagome said as she tried to wipe the blood oozing from her wound. Inuyasha winced when he smelled her blood.
“I didn't mean to…”
“You did Inuyasha…”
“I would never hurt…”
“Me? You would never hurt me? Is my blood not proof enough?”
“You attacked me first!”
“You hit me with these keys, idiot!” Kagome yelled as she shook the bunch of keys in front of him. Kagome bit her lip to prevent tears from falling and she sighed and turned around to leave.
“Running away again?” Inuyasha taunted, he couldn't let her go…not like this.
“Whatever.” Kagome replied as she hastily wiped the tears racing down her cheeks.
“Fine. That's what you're good at…you run away or cry…don't you get tired acting like some weak, damsel in distress?” Inuyasha asked and stopped, he knew he said too much.
Kagome felt her blood boil and her heart break. She turned and walked towards him.
“You're right. It's tiring to cry because of an idiot like you. You're not even worthy.” She said as she stared at him, her tears cascading like rivulets down her cheeks.
“Yes, I'm not…may be he is?” Inuyasha asked pointing a Hojo who was watching the scene unfolding before him with alarm and curiosity.
“You don't get it do you?” Kagome whispered and shook her head.
“Yes, I don't get it! I don't get how you can be warm and loving in a moment and cold and calculating the next!”
“When was I cold and calculating?!” Kagome yelled.
“You used me…” Inuyasha said not because he felt used but because he knows it would hurt her.
“Get all hysterical, Kagome. It's a good thing I'm going out with a woman who's the complete opposite of you.” Inuyasha said and Kagome laughed.
“Good luck, Inuyasha.” She said as she turned around to leave.
“I don't need it.” Inuyasha declared. “Kikyo is a warm, gentle soul unlike som--” Inuyasha wasn't able to finish as he reeled back because of the force of Kagome's slap. Kagome smiled at him with such malice it scared him.
“Look at these tears bastard and savor it because this is the last time that this cold, calculating bitch will shed them for you.” Kagome said with so much venom he felt his heartbeat stop
“I wish I wasn't so unlucky to have met you again…Inuyasha.” Kagome said before the roadster roared into life and took her away from his sight…
Author's Note: