InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Past to Present ( Chapter 40 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

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Kagome ran up the steps of the shrine and she was glad when she saw her mother waiting for her.
“Mama!” She cried and Mrs. Higurashi hugged her daughter to her chest, kissing Kagome's head gently.
“You're home…”
“I am…”
“Come inside, Souta and Ji-chan are waiting….” Mrs. Hgurashi pulled her daughter with her.
“Nee-chan!” Souta hugged her, already wearing his pajamas and Kagome hugged her brother back.
“Why are you still awake?” Kagome asked.
“Mama told me you remembered and I want to be here in case you get sick again.” Souta replied and Kagome's tears fell.
“Kagome…welcome home….” Kagome's grandfather said as he awkwardly patted her on the back.
“Thanks, Ji-chan it's good to be home…”
“Have you eaten dinner?” Mrs. Higurashi asked.
“Yes, Mama I have.”
“Do you want to talk about it now?” Mrs. Higurashi asked again and Kagome nodded her head.
“Souta, Ji-chan, Kagome and I will have to talk alone…see you in the morning.” Mrs. Higurashi said as she and Kagome went up to the latter's bedroom. Kagome sat on her pink-covered bed as her mother locked her door securely. She felt her bed shifted as Mrs. Higurashi sat beside her.
“How are you?” Mrs. Higurashi asked.
How are you really?”
“I'm confused.”
“Confused because?”
“Because I remember everything as if he was went away yesterday and what he is now and what he was before are two very different people.
“Kagome, Inuyasha is Inuyasha no matter how many layers of clothing he wears, no matter how long you've not seen each other…no matter…”
“Yes, but I want to experience again how we were, we can't be very close and suddenly friends with a blink of an eye…”
“He forgot…”
“And I did too, Mama but I remember now and it pains me to know that he does not. How many nights did I spend crying myself to sleep before the bond was broken? I wasn't scared for me because I knew I'd never forget, but I was scared for him, I was scared for us and that fear has made itself known now…I remember and he does not, he got over us.
“Kagome, how do you know he got over you if he does not remember?”
“You're upset and I understand but it's not fair to judge Inuyasha when he has no inkling what you were to him…”
“How can he not? I remembered because his youkai was calling to me! His youkai, Mama, how can his youkai remember and his hanyou form forget?”
“I have no answer to that question Kagome but this I can say, be glad that a part him remembers you, take everything one step at a time.”
“I can't…”
“You have no choice…”
“I hate not having a choice…”
“Well, you do have a choice…”
“What is that?”
“It's either you ran away, change schools start over or stay with him and face this like the strong young woman you are…”
“Is there another choice?” Kagome asked and Mrs. Higurashi laughed.
“Kagome, you've always been a fighter and I hate to see you like this, it's either you give him up or wait for him…the call is yours but go on living, daughter. Life and love does not end with just a memory.”
“Why do you make it sound so easy?”
“Because it is… people may think that loving is complicated but it isn't. When you love a person, you're willing to experience the joys and the pains.”
“I don't want to go through that same pain again…”
“Then let him go…”
“I can't…”
“Then swallow it…”
“Life is not as complex as you see it Kagome, if staying with him hurts then leave if leaving hurts more then stay, it's that simple. You have to realize now what you want and work around it, never mind what he wants because it the end it will you who'll face the music of the tune you chose.
“I wish I could…”
“The thing is you can't, not now, not when he does not remember. Kagome, think what Inuyasha would do if he were in your shoes, do you think he'd leave just because you don't remember? I think he'll stay not because it's the right thing to do but because that's what his heart would say. Now tell me, what does your heart tell you?”
“It's telling me to stay…”
“Then stay. Give it a chance, I don't want you to grow old and look back with a lot of `what ifs' in your heart. If in case he does not remember, if in case he totally forgets at least you've done your part, at least you followed your heart then you wouldn't be haunted of the `what might have been'…”
“Thank you, Mama.”
“You're welcome, daughter. Now rest, you have a long drive tomorrow…”
“Okay…” Kagome said as she kissed her mother's cheek.
Inuyasha paced his bedroom restlessly. He knocked on Kagome's bedroom and finally opened it when no one answered, he had been livid when he discovered she wasn't inside and now he's worried. Where could she be? He thought as he picked his black leather jacket off the hook, intending to comb the city to look for her. Suddenly, his cell phone rang.
“Kagome, where the fuck are you?” He snarled.
“Home is with me you wench, now be a good girl and come home now!”
“I'll be home tomorrow, it's too late to drive….”
“I'll fetch you then!”
“No, I'll be there first thing in the morning.”
“You'd better be.”
“Okay, bye.” He heard Kagome sigh on the other line before he heard the click ending the call.
“Wait, Kagome! Come home to me…” He whispered and sighed when the line went busy.
Inuyasha plopped down on his bed and massaged his temple. He couldn't understand Kagome at all. What is happening to you, Kagome? He thought grimly as he stood up intending to eat out. He picked his keys from his bedside table up and walked out the door.
“Sango….” Kagome said as soon as her friend picked the phone up.
“Kagome!!! Well, can't wait for me tomorrow?”
“I have something to tell you…”
“What is it?”
“Do you remember Inuyasha Hirohito?”
“Hmmm….Hirohito….. yes! He stayed for two years at Modoriko High but he left abruptly to study in London, why?”
“He's my roommate now…”
“Whoa…you were talking about that Inuyasha?”
“Yes, that Inuyasha…”
“Hmm…he was brainy but not drop-dead-gorgeous…”
“What else do you remember about him?”
“He kept to himself, we exchanged a few hellos…that's it…”
“Don't you remember him and me?”
“Kagome, he already left when you came…”
“I would have remembered, you would have remembered…” Sango said.
“What if we were intentionally made to forget?”
“What do you mean?”
“I spent my first detention with him, I agreed to pose at his girl friend to get that Kikyo jealous, I….” Kagome sobbed, her heart breaking as memories flooded in her mind again.
“It hurts, it's too painful…I forgot, all of us forgot and now I'm the only one who remembers…”
“Hey, girl, I'll let strain my brain to remember if it makes you feel better…”
“No, it will come but it's lonely to be the only one to have these memories…it's as if it never happened because no one is there to confirm that it did…”
“Girl, I hate to say this but you're not making sense now…I'll be at your dorm tomorrow and we'll talk about this, okay?”
“Should I bring Miroku too?”
“If he's not busy…”
“I'm his wife, he shouldn't be busy if I tell him so…” Sango snorted and Kagome laughed.
“Wait for me tomorrow, okay? I'll kick anyone's ass if you ask me to, just be fine until I arrive, you could get freaky and murderous if I'm already with you but until then stay sane…I don't want to miss all the fun…” Sango said and Kagome laughed some more.
“I miss you so much, girl. Do you want me to prepare gyoza for you?”
“Aww, you're such a darling, I'm not worthy of you…could you include some ha kao too…” Sango said.
“Fine, I'll give you a feast tomorrow.”
“Thanks girl…till tomorrow then…bye…”
“Bye, Sango…”
Inuyasha's mind was miles away as he waited for his food to arrive. He was baffled by the sudden change in Kagome and sighed again when the waiter placed a glass of iced tea in front of him.
“Inuyasha?” A dark-haired woman called and Inuyasha narrowed his eyes trying to remember to whom the face belongs…brown eyes, shoulder-length hair, too much make-up, short, leather skirt…
“Kikyo?” Inuyasha asked and the girl laughed.
“Hello, hello…it's a small world.” Kikyo said as she sat down on Inuyasha's table. “When did you arrive?” She asked.
“Almost two months ago…I'm a freshman at Tokyo University, how about you? I haven't seen you in ages.” Inuyasha said smiling, he had always liked Kikyo but his feelings must have died a natural death because he does not feel anything now for the older girl.
“I'm a junior at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Two months? I'm hurt, you did not even look for me?” Kikyo said pouting beautifully and Inuyasha laughed.
“Are you sure it's me you want to go looking for you and not my older brother Sesshoumaru?”
“Are you still jealous of Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha? Look what I imagined I had for him before was nothing but infatuation…” Kikyo said and she could not help but feel the thrill to be near Inuyasha again. My, my, how you've grown… She thought staring at Inuyasha's tall, lean frame.
“Kikyo, Kikyo, what I imagined I had for you before was nothing but infatuation…” Inuyasha said smiling and Kikyo frowned before regaining her composure and smiling again.
“The little boy has matured…” Kikyo cooed and Inuyasha raised his brow when Kikyo moved closer.
“And you haven't changed at all…” Inuyasha said.
“Are you still with that pesky Miko-wannabe?” Kikyo asked and Inuyasha's brow furrowed.
“Oh, I'm so glad you ditched her already, she's not pretty and she's not for you.” Kikyo said in one breath and stopped when her cell phone rang.
“Hello? You're late Riko, okay, bye…” Kikyo said hastily as she took Inuyasha's hand and write a number on his palm. She brought his palm to her lips and kissed it. “Call me.” She said before she left.
Inuyasha looked at his lipstick-smeared palm and shook his head. Some things never change.
Kagome parked her car and reached for her bag on the passenger's seat. She rummaged inside it and pulled a hairclip out. After coiling her hair into a messy bun she pushed the button to put the hood up. Slinging her bag on her shoulder, she walked quickly towards the ramp leading to the dorm's entrance. Her cell phone rang and she rummaged through her bag again bumping on someone in the process.
“Sorry…” Kagome said without looking up as she looked at whose call she missed.
“Kagome? Kagome Higurashi?” Kagome looked up and smiled hesitantly.
“Kouga!” Kagome said smiling genuinely at the man before her.
“It's good to see you again.” Kouga said looking at Kagome with open admiration.
“Likewise.” Kagome smiled. “What are you doing here?”
“Visiting my cousin, he's a freshman here too, just like me.” Kouga replied.
“Really? What course are you taking up?”
“Mechanical Engineering.” Kouga replied.
“Oh, good.” Kagome said feeling conscious as Kouga continued to stare.
“So…” Kouga said and Kagome stepped aside to let other students pass.
“So…I should go…” Kagome said abruptly.
“Oh, is Inuyasha with you?”
“Yes.” Kagome replied and felt sorry for Kouga when the other man's face fell.
“Okay, I'll see around then.” Kouga said and Kagome waved at him.
“Bye.” Kagome said as she walked towards the dorm's entrance.
“Kagome, wait.” Kouga said and Kagome halted. Her eyes widened when Kouga put his arms around her. “I missed you.” He whispered in her ear and Kagome pushed him away.
“Okay, I have to go…” Kagome said as she turned on her heel to leave. What the hell was that? Kagome thought as she waited for the elevator door to open. Kouga watched her until the elevator door closed. You'll be mine, Kagome. You'll be mine.
Author's Note:
Next Chapter's title is Dire Truths and Consequence….R E V I E W…