InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Come Back To Me ( Chapter 45 )

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Inuyasha stood up when Kagome did after the song ended and took a bow with her. The men and women gave them a standing ovation but Inuyasha was deaf to their screams as he looked at the woman beside him whose hand he's still holding.
“Still breathing?” Kagome asked him teasingly.
“Yes…but not for long…” Inuyasha whispered as he pulled Kagome close and kissed her passionately making the crowd roar and clap wildly.
“Let's go home…” Inuyasha whispered as he squeezed her hand and Kagome knew instantly that resting is not part of his plan.
“Kagome!!!!!!!” Sango shrieked as usual and Kagome felt her breath leave her when her friend launched herself into her arms.
“Oopsss…sorry…” Sango said sheepishly as Inuyasha steadied Kagome by wrapping an arm around her.
“Girl, what were you planning to do, kill me?” Kagome joked as Sango stepped away from her.
“That was…hot!!!” Sango screamed happily ignoring Kagome's last comment. “It totally set everything on fire!!!” She waved her hands around her for effect.
“Really…that good, huh?” Kagome teased as she watched Miroku edge closer to his wife picking the girl suddenly bridal style.
“Oi, enough shrieking…!” Inuyasha commented as he flattened his ear atop his head.
“Higurashi!” Kagome almost groaned when she heard Hojo's voice. Oh Gods, he's here…” She thought uncomfortably.
“Hojo…” Kagome smiled at her block mate and heard Inuyasha growl. Sighing she stepped back to lean against him and both his arms snaked possessively around her shoulders.
“Umm….that was….great!” Hojo stammered and Kagome wondered how a debater like Hojo could sound like some insecure thirteen-year old in front of her.
“Thanks.” She replied smiling brightly at him.
“Umm…I was wondering…” Hojo started when a trio barged in nearly toppling him to the floor.
“Kagome!!!!!!” Eri shrieked shriller than Sango as she pushed Hojo away grabbing Kagome's arm totally ignoring the others as well as Inuyasha who was raising his brow.
“Wow…what got into you, you were quite a sight back there!!” Yuka piped in pushing Eri away as she too made a grab for Kagome's other arm.
“Teach me how to lap dance like that!!!” Ayumi followed and Inuyasha rolled his eyes.
“Will you stop grabbing her, she's not some rag you know!” He snarled at the girls who all stepped back automatically letting go of whatever part of Kagome they're holding.
“Sorry…” They all said and Inuyasha inspected Kagome's slightly bruised arm.
“We're going…” He said nodding at them as he pulled Kagome with him.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome whispered as she glanced back at her friends.
“Let's go home…Come on…” He whispered in her ear and for some reason what he said made Kagome blush.
“Wait!!!!” Yuka called after a minute and the pair paused to watch the three girls, Hojo, Sango and Miroku walk purposely towards them.
“What is it now?” Inuyasha asked annoyed.
“Umm….We were wondering…” Eri started, blushing a furious red.
“If it's possible…” Ayumi stammered.
“To sleep over at Kagome's dorm tonight!” Yuka finished brightly.
“WHAT?!” Inuyasha yelled and the three backed away.
“Well, we were wondering the same thing since it's raining outside and driving at this weather and at this hour wouldn't be safe.” Sango said in one breath squeezing Miroku's hand.
“What the hell is wrong with you people, does the word privacy mean anything to you?” Inuyasha asked in disbelief.
“Umm...we promise to leave very early…” Eri offered.
“No!” Inuyasha replied.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome stepped forward as she looked at her friends before her.
“No!” Inuyasha said again as Kagome glared at him.
“We can't let them drive at this hour, our dorm is the nearest place for them to stay…” Kagome said and Eri, Yuka and Ayumi clapped their hands.
“We'll stay in a hotel…” Miroku volunteered.
“Yes…we don't want to disturb…” Sango said trailing off and Kagome rolled her eyes.
“No, you can stay at our place tonight…” Kagome sighed and Inuyasha pulled her close and hissed in her ear.
“What are you trying to do woman, kill me?” He groaned and Kagome almost chuckled.
“They need a place to stay, Inuyasha…please…” She pleaded noting the loud thunderstorms that can be heard even if they're inside the bar.
“But…” Inuyasha protested and Kagome tiptoed to kiss him sweetly in front of her friends.
“Please…?” She tried again and the hanyou sighed.
“You better think of a way to make up for this…” He muttered.
“I will…” Kagome replied winking at him and Inuyasha groaned.
“Don't tease…” He said as he hugged her close kissing the top of her head.
“Ummm…Higurashi…” The pair broke apart when they heard Hojo's voice.
“What?! Do you want to sleepover too?!” Inuyasha asked irritatingly.
“Umm…no, I'll go…ahead…bye…” Hojo spluttered blushing furiously then made a run towards the exits.
“Weird…” Inuyasha muttered and Kagome rolled her eyes.
Kagome turned slightly in her bed afraid to make a sound that would wake the three other girls in the room. Yuka, Eri and Ayumi opted to sleep on the floor and Kagome stacked comforters atop each other as their bed. She had offered them her bed but they refused outright saying they've abused her kindness as it is. Inuyasha gave his room up for Sango and Miroku and Kagome smiled remembering how the hanyou mumbled and grumbled telling everyone he's leaving to get some fresh air.
He's sweet but tries so hard to hide it, Kagome thought clinging to her side of the bed. Great, one of my friends snores. She thought painfully turning her back as one of the girls snored like a well-fed pig.
Kagome was sure that hadn't their friends asked to sleepover, she'd be naked and writhing under Inuyasha by now and the thought both excited and scared her. I wish he'll remember about us soon…She thought as she took her pillow from under her head and covered her ear with it as the snoring continued.
Standing up, she wondered where Inuyasha could be as she tiptoed around her bedroom intending to watch television and wait up for Inuyasha. She knew it's unfair for him to have her friends sleepover but Kagome does not have the heart to turn them away.
She opened her door quietly and groped for the switch when she was suddenly yanked against someone's hard chest. Kagome's mind went in overdrive as she imagined gory thoughts involving rape and disembowelment.
“Shhh….” Someone whispered in her ear and Kagome sagged with relief.
“Inuyasha?” She whispered.
“Who were you expecting, Freddy Krueger?” Inuyasha whispered back and Kagome giggled.
“I thought you went out….”
“Well, I came back.”
“Not without you…” Inuyasha replied and his words burned Kagome's senses.
“Okay…” She squeaked as she stepped away from him.
“Are you afraid of me?”
“No…I'm afraid of what you're going to do to me…”
“Because I won't be responsible for what I'm going to do back to you…” Kagome whispered and Inuyasha groaned pulling her into his tight embrace.
“This is torture…” He said as he guided her towards the living room. They sat holding each other on the sofa and Inuyasha shifted to have her sit on his lap.
“Are you sleeping here?” Kagome asked referring to the sofa they're sitting on.
“I'm sorry that you had to give your room up for Sango and Miroku…”
“It's okay…” Inuyasha replied.
“Do you want to sleep now?” Kagome asked for lack of anything better to say.
“Kagome, sleep is not on my mind…”
“Stop squirming…” Inuyasha complained.
“I'm not squirming….”
“You're not? Squirm then so I can tell you to stop…” He whispered and Kagome giggled.
“What are you wearing?” Kagome asked suddenly.
“My pajamas…I got back early to take a bath and change…”
“How come I didn't hear you?”
“Who would, considering that someone in your room is happily snoring?” Inuyasha asked.
“Let's lie down, this position is uncomfortable…” Kagome said as she stood up.
“You didn't find sitting on my lap uncomfortable at the bar earlier…”
“Ah, that was different….I'm an artist and I forego comfort for a great performance…” Kagome teased and Inuyasha laughed softly.
“You are a tease…”
“Really?” Kagome asked.
“We both know you are…”
“Hmmm….” Kagome said as she groped for Inuyasha and her hands came in contact with his shoulder.
“What are you doing?” Inuyash asked leaning back against the sofa.
“I can't see you…it's too damn dark.”
“You shouldn't have left my lap in the first place.”
“I have to…”
“Because I like this position better…” Kagome whispered as she sat on his thighs, straddling him.
Her hands went up to cup his face. “I miss you…” She whispered and she couldn't help the tears that welled in her eyes.
“I'm just here…”
“And that's what makes it harder…” She whispered as she let Inuyasha hug her.
“I want you…” Inuyasha whispered as he kissed her forehead.
“I hope so…or else this would really be embarrassing…” Kagome kidded trying to blink her tears away.
“Why are you crying?” Inuyasha asked as the salty scent of tears assaulted his nose.
“Not yet…but I'm about to…” Kagome replied touching his lips, she let her fingers skim his face gently, her heart aching as memories flooded in her brain.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha whispered holding her hands and kissing her palms.
“Only with you and no one else…” Kagome whispered.
“Only with you and no one else…” Inuyasha whispered back and Kagome hugged him fiercely. He held her face in both her hands and kissed her gently on the lips. Kagome kissed him back and he groaned teasing her lips with the tip of his tongue. She opened her mouth to his insistent probing and Inuyasha's hips surged forward as he pulled her closer.
“We can't do this here…” Kagome said suddenly and Inuyasha laughed.
“We can…”
“What if they wake up?”
“Then they'll enjoy the show.”
“You're perverted…”
“You're straddling me, what do you expect?” Inuyasha replied and Kagome giggled.
“I'll get off you then…”
“Stop torturing me, Kagome.”
“I'm not.”
“You are…” Inuyasha replied as he fumbled with the front of her pajama top.
“What are you doing?” Kagome hissed.
“Loosening your buttons?”
“Not here!” Kagome whispered frantically as she felt her top being removed from her body.
“We have visitors…”
“I can hear if one of them wakes up and I promise I'll stop…”
“Shh…you talk too much…” Inuyasha said as he nipped her neck sending bolts of electricity down Kagome's spine.
“Gods…” Kagome moaned, shivering at his touch.
“What's this?” Inuyasha asked and Kagome stiffened as Inuyasha drew the necklace closer.
“It's a necklace…” Kagome whispered.
“It looks familiar…” Inuyasha said and Kagome felt her breathing stop.
“It does…?” She asked him tentatively as he held the heart-shaped locket in his hands.
“Yes, it does…” Inuyasha replied.
Remember now, please…Kagome prayed as she watched him inspected the necklace turning it over in his palm.
“Someone gave it to me…” Kagome whispered.
“When?” Inuyasha asked curiously and Kagome's heartbeat raced.
“Before he left…” Kagome replied as disappointment gripped her like an iron vise when Inuyasha let the necklace fall back to her breast.
“Now where were we?” Inuyasha asked naughtily and Kagome choked back a sob.
“Don't you remember?” She whispered.
“Remember what?” Inuyasha asked.
“Nothing…” Kagome said.
“Kagome…is that you?” Sango's sleepy voice sounded and Kagome's eyes widened, her arms went to cover her breast automatically.
“Shit!” Kagome hissed groping for her discarded pajama top. Inuyasha rolled his eyes and pinned the girl beneath him on he sofa.
“It's Inuyasha, Sango…” He replied calmly and Kagome didn't dare breath.
“Oh, I thought I heard Kagome's voice…”
“You must have imagined it, go back to sleep.” Inuyasha said and Sango murmured her agreement.
“You seemed too experienced…” Kagome commented a little irked at the thought.
“I just have presence of mind…” Inuyasha replied.
“Yeah, right.”
“Wait, are you jealous?” Inuyasha asked smiling.
“Duh!” Kagome said as she groped for her top putting the blouse back on.
“Where are you going?”
“Sleep.” Kagome said standing up.
“Sleep with me…” Inuyasha invited.
“No thanks.” Kagome replied as she groped her way towards her bedroom.
“Mate…” The voice called and Kagome opened her eyes.
“What do you want?” She asked sitting up noting that they're in the middle of a forest.
You…” The youkai said hugging her to him.
“You're a sly one, you know….waking me up, calling for me when you yourself failed to remember…”
“I remembered…” The youkai replied and Kagome buried her face on the crook of his neck.
“You don't. I'll wake up and you'll just be my roommate.” Kagome complained and the youkai smiled.
“Mate is impatient.”
“Because you're taking forever to come to me…”
“I will…”
“When?” Kagome asked as she leaned away from him to touch his face.
“I hope your soon is in human years…” Kagome commented dryly and youkai Inuyasha laughed and tweaked her nose.
“I want you…” The youkai said as he tugged at Kagome's pajama top.
“I want you too…” Kagome replied as she let the youkai lay her down on the cold forest floor again. She felt him move on top of her after he took her blouse off, she felt his rough hand cup her breast and she moaned loudly.
“Shhh…” The youkai said as he covered her mouth with his hand. Kagome bit her lip when the youkai rained kisses down her throat. He took a particularly long time laving and licking on the spot where her mark used to be.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome called gripping his shoulder as he moved lower biting her exposed flesh gently.
“Mine…” He murmured against one breast as he fondled the other with his hand.
Kagome arched her back as her skin tingled at his touch. She yelped when the demon flipped them and she found herself on top, straddling his hips.
“You're overdressed…” She whispered as she loosened his pajama top's button one by one. The demon gave a feral groan as her hands skimmed over his chest.
`I don't want to wait forever, Inuyasha…” Kagome said as she leaned forward to kiss his jaw. She felt his breathing came out in controlled gasps as she moved lower trailing her tongue over his chest. The hand gripping her behind tightened convulsively as she found his nipple and flicked her tongue over it.
The demon growled as he pushed Kagome against his crotch letting her feel his hardness. Kagome rocked her hips back and forth against him and youkai Inuyasha pulled her up to claim her lips. He roughly pushed his tongue inside her mouth and Kagome welcomed the intrusion with a soft moan. She felt him move again and found herself on her back, the demon attacking her mouth, lying beside her with a leg over her hip.
She moaned her approval when she felt his hand move inside her pajama pants teasing her. He cupped her softness possessively and Kagome's hip moved involuntarily, her thighs parted as she let his hand delve deeper. Her hand moved up to play with his ears and Kagome felt him groan, his movements became jerky and desperate as she continued to massage his ear.
“More…” She murmured and felt cool air brush against her skin when the demon moved to take her pajama and panties off. She watched with lidded gaze as he took his pajama too throwing it haphazardly beside her.
“I need you…” The demon whispered before claiming her lips for another kiss and Kagome slid lower when the kiss ended, the demon above her groaned when she let her hand drift lower cupping his hardness.
“Shhh…” Kagome said as she slid in between the demon's thigh. She felt him tremble when she took him inside her mouth and she couldn't help but feel elated when the breathing of the youkai above her hitched.
“Kagome...” The youkai called and she felt him shudder moving his length in and out of her mouth languidly.
“Enough…” The youkai moaned and she released him and felt herself being pulled higher until she was looking directly at his face.
“Inuyasha?” Kagome asked when the youkai continued to stare at her.
“Mine.” The youkai whispered back and as he lowered his mouth to claim hers. She felt his probing finger near her entrance and she couldn't help but whimper in anticipation.. She panted heavily when she felt his finger slid inside her, her hips moving in rhythm with the pace he set.
“Shhh…” The youkai said as Kagome's moan became desperate and loud as his thumb flicked over her sensitive nub while he inserted another finger inside her.
Inuyasha…” Kagome moaned as she gripped his shoulders for support closing her eyes against the assault on her senses. She threw her head back and she felt his tongue on her throat.
“Tell me what you want…” Her hazy mind registered his whisper and she opened her eyes to gaze at liquid, golden pools…
“Inuyasha?” Kagome whispered in surprise and bit her lip to prevent a moan from escaping when she felt his fingers continued to play with her.
“Tell me what you want…” Inuyasha asked and Kagome became aware of her surroundings, they were inside her bedroom and on her bed and one of her friends is still snoring. Her eyes widened considerably.
“What are you doing?” Kagome hissed and moaned deliciously, her hips moving with his hands as he stroked her wetness adding fire into her already blazing body.
“Touching you?” Inuyasha whispered back and Kagome noted that she was naked and that he was too…
“Why?” She asked stupidly as she lunged forward and bit his shoulder when his touch brought her over the edge.
“Because I heard you call for me…” Inuyasha replied quietly as he nudged her knees and settled in between them.
“Wait…” Kagome started and moaned when she felt him slip his engorged length inside her. “What do you mean you heard me call for you?”
“You were moaning my name…”
“What…Oh Gods…” Kagome moaned when she felt him move. “Wait…” She groaned.
“I can't…” Inuyasha whispered as he continued to move in and out of her. Kagome's bed creaked in protest but they didn't mind as they moved hungrily and desperately against each other. Kagome gasped loudly when Inuyasha pushed her breast upward and began licking the nipple eagerly.
“Inuyasha….” She murmured before licking his ear.
“Fuck…” Inuyasha moaned against her breast and his thrust became harder…faster. Kagome wrapped her legs around his waist and he held them in place with one hand.
“I love you, Inuyasha…” Kagome moaned and she pulled his face to her level as she kissed him, opening her mouth to invite his tongue in. She dug her nail painfully on her back until she drew blood as his thrust brought her the precipice of unadulterated pleasure.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha whispered desperately thrusting into her harder as he felt her walls clamp around him, clenching him, goading him to an unknown realm of pure bliss. He shattered and Kagome held him close to her whispering soothing and loving words as she patiently waited for his shivering to abate.
Inuyasha opened his mouth to mark her and stopped when he noticed that the snoring had stopped and the breathing of the other occupants of the room became too quiet and too shallow
Are they awake? Inuyasha thought and felt odd when he didn't mind being found in such a position with Kagome. In fact he felt like waking everyone up just for them to see that he has made her his.
He looked at the girl beneath him and smiled gently when he noticed that she has fallen asleep with him still inside her. He shifted to pull himself out of her warmth as he groped for her discarded pajama top. He dressed her gently and used his shirt to clean her and himself up. He put her panties and pajamas on and quickly put his pajama pants on stashing his shirt underneath one of her pillows as he pulled the girl's head to lie against his bare chest.
“I love you too, Kagome…” He whispered in her ear remembering what she said earlier. “I love you too…mate.” He kissed the top of her head with utter care before he let sleep claim him.
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