InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Out In The Open ( Chapter 46 )

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Kagome woke up to the delicious aroma of coffee and for a second she thought she was back at the shrine. She stretched luxuriously loving the smooth, silky feel of her satin sheets on her skin.
She opened her eyes slowly and looked beside her.
Nope, definitely a dream. She thought noting that she's alone. That bar scene must have been a dream too. She mused as she sat up and saw the room empty, no signs of Yuka, Eri or Ayumi…none at all.
Standing up she sleepily headed for the bathroom and took a quick shower. Changing into a pair of white shorts and an apple green, cotton t-shirt she stayed in her bedroom intending to do some advance reading. Shit. That was weird. She thought blushing to the roots of her hair. Standing up she went to sit in front of her electric organ, pushing the button for a piano mode, she fiddled with the keys lightly playing a random, fast, song.
“Kagome!” Her head snapped when she heard Sango's voice.
“Sango?” She asked and her door burst open to reveal her friend.
“What are you doing? Inuyasha cooked breakfast for everyone, we've been waiting for you to wake up!”
“You've been waiting for me…?” Kagome asked as she let Sango drag her towards the kitchen.
“She's here!!!” She yelled and Yuka, Eri and Ayumi jumped from behind the kitchen counter to yell.
“Huh?” Kagome asked.
“Girl, what took you so long, we waited for you and we couldn't eat breakfast because Inuyasha wouldn't let us until you're awake.” Eri said pouting and Kagome noticed that she was wearing one of Kagome's shorts.
“Sweet man, isn't he?” Yuka said grinning evilly at Kagome.
“Aww, hot and sweet…” Ayumi remarked pouring coffee for herself.
“Girls, there's another man in this room who needs attention…” Miroku kidded.
“You're sweet too Miroku-sama…”
“And I definitely love your eyes…”
“And his wife will definitely kill you if you don't stop…” Sango interjected smoothly and the three girls shut up.
“Where's Inuyasha?” Kagome asked and the girls looked at each other and squealed.
“He's a God…” Eri sighed wistfully.
“I worship him…” Yuka seconded.
“What were you doing last night?” Ayumi asked and Kagome blushed. Miroku, Sango, Yuka and Eri turned their gazes at her as they waited for her reply.
“What do you mean?” Kagome asked. “And you didn't answer my question.” She pointed out.
“Inuyasha went out to buy something…” Miroku replied.
“Oh…” Kagome said as she sat on one of the chairs.
“Come on spill… what were you doing last night?”
“We were sleeping…” Kagome replied as evenly as possible and Ayumi raised her brow.
“Yeah, right and Eri doesn't snore.”
“I do not!” Eri retorted in indignation.
“You snore, girl…” Yuka said as she helped herself to an egg sandwich.
“Okay, are we interested to hear Kagome's answer or not?” Eri asked steering the topic back to Kagome.
“Oh, yeah…so what were you two doing last night?” Ayumi asked raising her brow slyly.
“I said we were sleeping!”
“Were you having a nightmare…I positively heard you moaning…” Yuka said thoughtfully.
“Yeah, come to think of it…I heard Inuyasha's moan to…” Eri said meditatively and Miroku raised his brow at Kagome.
“You and Inuyasha were simultaneously having a nightmare, Kagome?” He asked offhandedly.
“No!” Kagome replied feeling her face burn with embarrassment. Where the hell is Inuyasha when I need him? She thought as she pretended to chew a piece of bacon meticulously.
“Come on, spill!!” Sango said, she was almost jumping up and down in excitement.
“I have nothing to spill…” Kagome replied rolling her eyes at her avid audience.
“What's with the gasping and groaning then, was my imagination for naught?” Ayumi asked as she picked another sandwich.
“Fine! We had wild, hot sex that left me breathless! Happy now?!” Kagome said standing up to open the fridge for fresh milk. She waited for her friends' reaction with bated breath. At last, Eri spoke.
“Nah, you didn't or else you wouldn't be telling us…”
“May be some heavy petting?” Yuka asked the other girls.
“Yeah, may be second base judging the noise but no sex…” Ayumi agreed.
“It's not like Kagome to do it and in a room with other people too.” Sango told the nodding girls and Kagome stared at them in amazement.
“Yes, you're right. We've known Kagome for a long time and that's just so not her…” Miroku added to their verdict and the five people sitting in her kitchen and eating the food her mate prepared looked at her with something akin to worship in their eyes.
“You have nothing to be embarrassed about the make-out thing….” Eri said misreading the frown in Kagome's face.
“Yeah, it's totally normal…” Yuka added.
“I mean me and my ex-boyfriend did too…on the couch at that…with Mom and Dad upstairs watching television…” Ayumi finished.
“Kags, our parents caught Miroku and me doing it…” Sango continued in a reassuring voice.
“Your parents did?!” Yuka asked, her eyes wide with rapt attention as Sango told them the circumstances that led to her early marriage. Kagome sat on a stool near the kitchen counter as she watched her friends exchange insights on being caught `doing it.' Are these people for real? She thought. Here I am telling them we did it… Kagome sighed as massaged her neck.
“Morning…” Inuyasha said as he put his arms around her kissing the top of her head. “For you…” He said as he gave him a long-stemmed, red rose.
“Morning.” Kagome replied, her face turning as red as the long-stemmed rose she was holding when Inuyasha pulled her up after he sat down and have her sit on his lap. “Where have you been?” Kagome asked.
“Bought you this.” Inuyasha said referring to the long-stemmed rose.
“Oh my God, I'm so going to get a boyfriend today…” Yuka said staring at the couple.
“Wow…” Eri said, her eyes as round as the saucers holding her cup.
“Awww, that's so sweet.” Ayumi cooed as she watched Inuyasha kiss the side of Kagome's neck.
“How come you don't give me long-stemmed, red roses in the morning, Miroku?!” Sango demanded.
“Ah, but I make up for it in the evening…” Miroku said and Sango blushed while Eri, Yuka and Ayumi sniggered.
“Umm…let's eat?” Kagome squeaked to cover her embarrassment as she made an effort to stand.
“No, stay here…” Inuyasha whispered.
“How am I supposed to eat like this?” Kagome whispered back.
“I'll feed you…”
“Fine, but you're sitting close.” Inuyasha relented after he pulled a chair close to where he's sitting.
“Okay,” Kagome relented as she let Inuyasha fill her plate with eggs and sausages.
“I bought you milk…” Inuyasha said standing up and removed a carton of fresh milk from the refrigerator.
“Thank you.” Kagome replied as Inuyasha opened the container for her.
“Thank me with a kiss…” He replied grinning.
“Later…” Kagome promised.
“No, I want it now…”
“Later and you'll get more than a kiss…” Kagome said and the girls shrieked.
“Are you together?” Yuka asked.
“You're so slow, girl. Of course they are.” Eri said.
“Since when and what about Hojo?” Ayumi asked and Inuyasha raised his brow.
“Since forever and Homo is out of the picture.” He replied a little irritated.
“My, my…always so jealous…” Sango commented and Miroku chuckled.
“Keh!” Inuyasha said and Sango and Miroku laughed.
“Some things never change…” Miroku said as reached for an egg sandwich.
Kagome took down the opponent's main arguments and wrote for her rebuttal for each statement.
“Point Ma'am…” Kagome said raising her hand.
“Yes, Ms. Higurashi.” Martina, the first speaker of the Junior's team acknowledged her and she stood up.
“You mentioned that genetically-modified crops will help feed the third world, do you have data regarding this claim? Because the last time I checked, genetic modification of crops and livestock would cost so much and not even first world countries have perfected and studied in full the effects genetic modification has on one's health if taken or eaten continuously over a long period of time…” Kagome stated and the crowd applauded.
“Ummm….my second speaker will delve into that…” Martina replied and went on with her argument, a little flustered.
Inuyasha watched with the rest of the students as Kagome's team made notes and whispered among each other. He noted how Kagome looks good in a matching skirt and blazer. And she's mine. He mused as he heard the men whisper about that Higurashi girl.
The auditorium quieted down as Kagome stood up for her turn.
“This house believes that the `The road to hell is paved with good intentions…” Kagome started stating the issue and Inuyasha couldn't help the silly grin that crossed his face when she saw him and winked at him.
Yes. All mine. He thought as he leaned back and watched his girl rebutted, argued and made every man in the room's heart flip including his.
“You'll make a good lawyer…” Inuyasha said as they sat on one of the table of Coffee Experience.
“You're saying that because you're my boyfriend…” Kagome said rolling her eyes.
“Hmmm…and you got the Best Debater and Best Speaker awards because I'm your boyfriend.” Inuyasha retorted smiling fondly at her.
“Aw, shut up…you're making me blush…” Kagome kidded and pretended to hide behind the menu, making it her make-shift fan. Inuyasha couldn't help but laugh as he pulled the girl close and kissed her soundly on the lips.
“I love you…” Inuyasha whispered.
“You do?” Kagome asked feigning surprise.
“You know damn well I do…”
“Thank you…” She said smiling flippantly at him.
“What?” Kagome asked smiling mischievously at him.
“Thank you…that's all?” Inuyasha asked in disbelief.
“Umm…Thank you very much?” Kagome with wide, innocent eyes and Inuyasha averted his face to hide his hurt. Kagome smiled knowingly and walked around the table to drape her arm around his neck.
“I love you too.” She whispered.
“Took you so long to respond, huh?” He replied frowning at her and Kagome moved in front of him to sit on his lap ignoring the other students who were openly gaping at them.
“Ah, my baby is mad….” Kagome said as she toyed with his hair.
“I love you…” Kagome said teasingly.
“I love you…”
“I love you…”
“Whatever…” Inuyasha said rolling his eyes and Kagome sighed standing up.
“I'm leaving then.” She said as she gathered her things. Inuyasha sprung into action and lifted her bodily off the ground.
“You tease…” He said kissing her everywhere as she laughed.
“Put me down!” She commanded trying to look serious then burst into laughter when Inuyasha raised his brow at her.
“Beg…” Inuyasha said as he walked towards the coffee shop's exit still carrying her.
“No.” Kagome said as Inuyasha pushed the heavy, glass door with his shoulders.
“Do you want me to make you…?” He threatened menacingly and Kagome laughed.
“Sure…” She said as she reached for his ears.
“Hey…” He said almost breathlessly.
“Hmm….” Kagome murmured watching his face.
“Stop that…” Inuyasha whispered as he squelched the urge to run as fast as he could towards his car and undress her quickly.
“Beg…” Kagome said winking at him.
“You will be so sore when I'm through with you…” Inuyasha said as they reached their cars.
“Are you going to spank me?” Kagome said opening her car.
“That and a lot more…” Inuyasha said as he too opened his car to get in.
“Race you to the dorm, last one…”
“Shall be a sex slave for life…” Inuyasha finished and Kagome rolled her eyes at him.
“Tell your girlfriend to perform better…you seemed hungry…” She teased as she zoomed past him.
“Hey, wait…!” Inuyasha said as stepped on the gas to chase Kagome.
They raced towards the elevator squealing like children not hearing the receptionist Naomi as she tried to stop and talk to Inuyasha.
“Mr. Hirohito!”
“Later!” Inuyasha said as he let Kagome gain a lead towards the elevators.
“Hah, I won!” Kagome said as she punched the `up' button.
“Because I let you….” Inuyasha said smirking arrogantly.
“No, you didn't! I won fair and square!!” Kagome protested at the elevator door opened. She stomped inside the elevator and they continued to bicker until it reached the tenth floor.
“I let you!” Inuyasha said rolling his eyes at her.
“You didn't!” Kagome retorted.
“I let you!”
“You didn't!”
“Fine.” Inuyasha said as he pulled her into his warm embrace and kissed her senseless…
“Okay…you did…” Kagome smiled and winked at him.
“So easy to convince…” Inuyasha said nuzzling her neck and Kagome sighed contentedly.
“Hmm…” She murmured putting her arms around his neck as he fumbled with his key.
“Honey, stop…” Inuyasha moaned, his hand trembling so badly he had difficulty fitting the key into the keyhole.
“No…” Kagome murmured as she moved her hips restlessly against his while she nipped at his neck all the while fondling his ears.
“Fuck!” Inuyasha said quelling the urge to just break the door down. After what felt like an eternity, the door opened and he almost cried in relief as he wrapped Kagome's legs around his waist, supporting her weight with one arm under her.
“Oh, someone's eager…” Kagome teased as she kissed him fully on the mouth cupping his face in both her hands.
“You're going to be the end of me…” Inuyasha moaned as he kissed Kagome back with so much hunger.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome moaned.
“Bedroom now…” Inuyasha groaned when Kagome's cell phone rung.
“Wait…” Kagome said as she fumbled for her bag.
“Ignore it…”
“What if it's an emergency?” Kagome said nipping Inuyasha's lower lip.
“I'm dying here, what's more important than that?” Inuyasha asked her in a groan.
“Fine…I can't let you die, can I?” Kagome teased as she turned her cell phone off. Inuyasha gently put her on her feet gently as he hastily tugged at her clothes. A knock sounded and they broke apart hesitantly.
“Shit, who could this be?” Inuyasha asked as Kagome buttoned her blouse back.
“Open it…” Kagome said.
“No, let them wait…” Inuyasha retorted as he tugged at Kagome's clothes again.
“Baby, open it….” Kagome said as she pushed his hands away.
“Fine, but don't go anywhere…” Inuyasha said kissing her on the lips before walking towards the door.
“I'll stay right here for you…” Kagome replied as she took her shoes off.
Inuyasha was smiling as he opened the door.
“Yes, what can --?” He asked and stopped.
“Aw, you have not forgotten about me, have you?” Kikyo said pouting prettily up at him, a bottle of wine in her hands.
Author's Note:
The true test continues….next chapter's title isJealous Rage…whose? I'm not going to tell you…Hehehe! But you'll see another side of Kagome and Inuyasha…so wait for it.