InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Down Memory Lane ( Chapter 57 )

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Kagome parked her car wearily at the bottom of the shrine steps. Her week was too busy for her to comprehend what happened. She was unlocking her car door when she heard her brother's voice.
“Nee-chan's here!” Souta yelled followed by a very shrill shriek. I guess Sango's here too. Kagome thought smiling. She took her Dolce and Gabbana shades off and waved at her brother and mother who were excitedly racing down the stairs.
“Kagome!” Mrs. Higurashi said hugging her daughter. “We saw your commercial!” She added kissing her daughter's cheeks.
“My sister is so cool!” Souta said hugging Kagome's middle.
“I know, aren't you lucky to have a sister like me?” Kagome teased kissing Souta's forehead. “What have you been eating, you're almost as tall as I?” Kagome asked pinching her brother's nose.
“But why didn't you call us?” Mrs. Higurashi asked smoothing Kagome's bangs off her face.
“My own stupidity, I left my phone at the hotel we stayed at in Hokkaido but we were on our way to Tokyo for the contract signing and I called the hotel and they promised to send my phone in but we had to travel to Kyoto to shot the commercial and I just got my phone back and its battery is dead.” Kagome explained smiling at her mother.
“Well, it doesn't matter now, what matters is you're home safe…” Mrs. Higurashi replied smiling fondly at Kagome.
“Kagome!!!!” Sango shrieked hugging her friend.
“I gather you saw the commercial too?” Kagome replied grinning.
“Wow! I thought you're only going to some road trip but you ended up in a television commercial! I should have gone with you!” Sango said smiling widely at Kagome.
“It was by accident that I got the part…” Kagome started to explain and stopped when Mrs. Higurashi told them to finish the conversation upstairs as they were all huddled at the bottom of the shrine steps.
“Wow, my daughter is so lucky to have a famous godmother!” Sango said patting her still flat stomach.”
“Daughter? You know of child's gender already?” Kagome asked.
“No, but I have a feeling…you know, mother's instinct.” Sango replied as they made the long climb.
“Yeah right…” Kagome said rolling her eyes.
“Yeah right, what?” Sango asked arching her brow.”
“I'm sure Miroku's father instinct tells him he's going to have a son.”
“Yeah, he told me…wait, how did you know?” Sango asked her friend.
“I'm psychic, remember?” Kagome replied.
“Psychic my ass!” Sango rejoined laughing as they finally reached the top of the steps.
“You and your youkai better talk, your instincts have gone mad…” Sesshoumaru said as they rested by the wide, oval pool of their manor. The brothers decided to go home to take a rest after more than two weeks of looking for Kagome. Their search took them all over Japan making Sesshoumaru short-tempered and Inuyasha frustrated.
“No, I know she's near…” Inuyasha said closing his eyes.
“Inuyasha, we've been to five cities! I feel like a participant of the Amazing Race!”
“I'm sure I'm right this time…she's near…” Inuyasha replied stubbornly.
“Near like…near our manor…near this city…near Japan…near this planet! What kind of near are we talking about?” Sesshoumaru asked a little irritated.
“Near as in near I could almost taste her!” Inuyasha replied glaring at his brother.
“You said the same thing when we were in Hokkaido and Kyoto! Make up your mind already, is she near or are you just imagining things?” Sesshoumaru snapped and sighed seeing the defeat in Inuyasha's eyes. “I'm sorry, Inuyasha.” He said hitting his brother's shoulder lightly with his fist.
“I'm sorry too, Sess…you don't have to come with me, I can search for her on my own…” Inuyasha replied.
“You actually apologized…” Sesshoumaru said arching his brow.
“You apologized first!” Inuyasha replied defensively.
“Just a while ago when you hit me on the shoulder!”
“I did not!”
“You did!”
“I did not!”
“You did!”
“I did not!” Sesshoumaru insisted as he stood up towering over Inuyasha.
“You did! I heard you clearly! You're not the only one with demon hearing here in this house!” Inuyasha glared as he stood up too, this time towering his brother.
“You think you can intimidate me with your height? A mere two inches difference does not matter!” Sesshoumaru ground out.
“Yeah right, why are you cowering in fear then?” Inuyasha remarked as both brothers leapt away from each other.
“Myouga, my swo -- !” Sesshoumaru started to yell and he and Inuyasha were both surprised when the flea demon came out bearing both Inuyasha's tetsusaiga and Sesshoumaru's tokijin even before the command was finished. They were more surprised when they looked around and saw their parents and the manor's staff sitting comfortably on the wooden reclining chairs watching them with interest.
“What the hell….” Sesshoumaru breathed out feeling like a caged animal in a zoo with people ogling at him.
“What is wrong with these people?” Inuyasha asked his brother as he took the tetsusaiga Myouga handed him.
“300 dollars for Sesshoumaru…” Anita, their cook told the frail-looking laundrywoman beside her.
“I say it's Inuyasha, he's grown up and he had two years of intensive training…” Gotsku, their gardener replied nodding at the two brothers who were gawking at their audience.
“But Sesshoumaru is a full demon…” Someone piped in and another retorted…
“We saw what Inuyasha can do, he was sent to London because his youkai was too strong for him to control…”
“Boys, what are you waiting for, get on with it! Mr. Hirohito yelled impatiently as he took the glass of cognac Myouga handed him.
“Come on sons, give us a good show!” Mrs. Hirohito yelled grinning at the stupefied boys.
“What the hell is wrong with them?” Inuyasha asked.
“I can't believe we turned out okay considering we had a rather abnormal upbringing.” Sesshoumaru sighed as he sheathed his sword.
“Want to go out for a drink?” Inuyasha asked his brother as he too sheathed his sword.
“Okay. I'll go change, meet you outside.” Sesshoumaru nodded and they both raced towards their bedrooms leaving a disgruntled audience behind.
“Okay, update!!!” Sango enthused as they girls sat on Kagome's bed.
“What's to update?” Kagome asked.
“How did you get that commercial? What has happened to you? You were gone for more than a week! Come on! Did you meet a lot of hot guys? We're you laid? What?” Sango's question came in one breath and Kagome laughed at her friend's wide, excited eyes.
“First, I did not meet any hot guys, I didn't get laid, nothing much happened to me except that shampoo commercial and I am now a model under Elite Models Inc.” Kagome said smiling and Sango shrieked loudly making Kagome wince.
“Enough of the shrieking, you're going to make my godchild deaf!” Kagome said shaking her head. She noticed that her senses were sharpening; she hears better, sees better and is more sensitive to her surroundings. She had meditated for a whole day to figure out what was happening to her and was glad that her miko powers were unchanged.
“My daughter's not going deaf…anyway, what about that commercial? Don't tell me it just fell off heaven and into your lap?” Sango teased. She had a grand time telling everyone the beautiful girl with a vibrant smile and raven black hair is her best friend.
“When we went to Hokkaido for the open tournament, we met a man who claimed to be connected with Elite Models Inc. and he invited me to the commercial auditions as it turned out, he is the company's vice president and he liked how my face registers in the cameras whatever that means so I got the job. It was pure accident really…had I not lost in a bet to Akio, I wouldn't have auditioned, but damn, the mavericks won and I lost!”
“Girl, you're so lucky, everything just comes your way effortlessly…” Sango said.
“Everything Sango, everything except the man I love…” Kagome replied smiling sadly.
“He forgot.” Kagome said as she smiled and tried to blink the tears away.
“Hey….” Sango stood up and wrapped her arms around her best friend's shoulders.
“I'm happy that I have the commercial to take my mind off him but I miss him so.”
“Then go to him…”
“I can't, what am I suppose to tell him, that I let him down, that I let him forget?”
“Kagome, you've done everything…” Sango replied and Kagome missed the guilty look on her friend's face.
“But I left when I shouldn't have, I should have stayed and slugged it out…”
“Come on, he was there, he came after you…” Sango said and Kagome leaned away from her embrace.
“What do you mean?”
“Miroku told him where you were…”
“He did?”
“Yes, I'm sorry, I promised you I won't tell Inuyasha but I gave Miroku permission to do so…”
“It's okay…”
“He's sorry, Kags…he was devastated that you left and he couldn't find you. I was a bitch to him but after my anger subsided and I relived in my head Inuyasha and mine's conversation, I couldn't help but feel sorry for him…”
“I'll look for him…” Kagome said standing up as she fumbled for her cell phone and cursed under her breath remembering her battery was drained. She put the phone down and looked for her desktop charger plugging it in.
“I tried calling him to ask how yours and his meeting went but I failed to contact him.” Sango said hesitantly.
“His phone is off…” Kagome sighed as she sat back down on her bed.
“Try again…”
“Do you think he's in Tokyo?” Kagome asked her friend and Sango shrugged.
“May be…”
“I'll drive to Tokyo then.” Kagome decided as she stood up again to rummage her closet for clothes.
“I'll come with you.”
“No! The baby….” Kagome said and Sango sighed. “Don't worry, I'm a big girl now, I can take care of myself…” She added as she turned to smile at Sango's worried face.
“Very well…but I feel bad not being able to help you when you need someone…”
“I can manage, Sango…”
“I'll ask Miroku to go with you…”
“Hey, a husband's place is beside his wife…” Kagome retorted smiling reassuringly at her friend.
“I feel bad…” Sango said sniffing.
“Hey…stop that…Miroku's going to strangle me for making you cry…”
“I feel bad…” Sango cried on Kagome's shoulder.
“It's no big deal, I can take care of myself…I'll call you as soon as I reach Tokyo…please, Sango…stop crying…it's bad for the baby…” Kagome pleaded as Sango's shoulders shook.
“I remember…”
“I remember about you and Inuyasha…it's funny really how it happened because we were watching a DVD copy of `The Little Bride' and suddenly it all came back, we were once again inside Inuyasha's bedroom `fighting over' Kim Rae Won and he got pissed because he was a little jealous that you're drooling over another guy and he turned the television of…and…and…” Sango sobbed and Kagome's tears fell.
“It's okay…” She said sobbing too.
“I'm sorry that I remembered on the night of the new moon and Inuyasha didn't…I'm so sorry, I would have done everything to revert our places…my memories don't matter, it's his memories that are important and somehow I felt like I cheated you out of a happy ending because I remembered and your mate didn't…” Sango cried miserably and Kagome smiled through her tears.
“At least all three of us remember what Inuyasha and I had now and we can talk and laugh about him and he wouldn't have a clue what we're talking about…” Kagome tried to joke but ended up crying gulping amounts of air as she tried to breathe.
“I'm so sorry…” Sango wailed hugging her friend who hugged her back.
“It's okay…”
“No it's not! I should have let Miroku tell Inuyasha earlier where you went, I should have not followed what you asked of me, I should have tried harder…”
“Sango, it's nobody's fault…I made you promise in the first place…”
“But when I remembered how good and sweet he was to you…how you love each other…how much both of you fought to keep the bond…I couldn't help but feel miserable…”
“I know…” Kagome said sighing. “But, let's stop this crying already, it's not going to make his memories return…”
“I'm so sorry…”
“Don't be…I loved him then and I still do…it doesn't matter that he does remember, what matters is that I know I love him and I can't live without him….” Kagome tried to smile but her heart rebelled at her words. Of course it matters that he does not remember but Sango's too miserable already… She thought as she gave her friend's hand a reassuring squeeze.
“Find him and bring him back with you….”
“I will, Sango…”
“I still say fuck him senseless, his memories might return…” Sango said tearfully and Kagome laughed.
“Hentai until the very end…” Kagome said rolling her eyes.
“What are you going to do, Inuyasha?” Sesshoumaru asked his brother after the waiter took their orders.
“Find her….”
“Where should we start?” Sesshoumaru asked.
“No, I'll find her on my own…” Inuyasha said with conviction.
“Are you sure you don't want my help?” Sesshoumaru asked. “I don't mind going with you, besides Dad is handling the company better than I…”
“Sess, we both know you're good at handling the company so don't lie and undermine your management capabilities for my sake. You've done so much for me and Kagome already…”
“If you need help, you know where to find me…”
“You're the first person I'll call if anything important happens.”
Baka, call me even if nothing important is happening, I want to know where you are and what you're up to…”
“Aw, Sess….that's just too sweet…you really love me big brother...” Inuyasha teased and Sesshoumaru snorted.
Baka, Mother is going to bite my head off if something happens to you, it's not as if I care about you, mutt…”
“Oh, for a second there I thought you've soften a bit…”
“In your dreams…” Sesshoumaru retorted.
“But I don't dream about you, Sess…” Inuyasha replied and laughed at Sesshoumaru's grossed out expression.
“I still haven't figured out what Kagome saw in you…”
“Charm brother…charm…” Inuyasha said sobering at the mention of his mate's name. Where are you, Kagome?
Kagome zipped her sweater as she ran down the shrine steps. She told her mother she decided to take a walk to clear her head after Sango left.
I will leave for Tokyo immediately when I get back. She thought as she walked down the familiar path to the old park, her heart aching once more when memories flooded in her head.
This is where I first hugged him, this is where I first saw him cry. She thought as she sat heavily on the old swing. She steadied the swing's motion with her feet as she sighed once again and leaned her head against the chain holding it up. Closing her eyes, she could almost see Inuyasha sitting on the swing next to hers asking her to sing for him.
And the rest is history. She thought. She realized there was certainly attraction the first time she saw Inuyasha but she didn't know it then. But that night here at the park is when I fell in love with him. Funny that when I think about it now, I readily accepted that I fell for him then but I was too scared to admit it. Sighing, Kagome pushed the ground with her feet and the swing moved, the wind cool and balmy as it caressed her hair and face. She pushed harder and the swing moved faster until the trees around her blur…and she was fifteen again kneeling in front of a crying boy, willingly giving him comfort but unwittingly giving him her heart.
“Leaving so soon?” Mr. Hirohito asked eyeing Inuyasha's attire.
“Yes.” Inuyasha replied as he kissed his mother's cheek.
“But it's rather late…” His mother protested but Inuyasha gave her a knowing smile.
“Mom, I'm a demon, a demon that'll be turning twenty in a few month's time…” Inuyasha replied smiling at his mother.
“And I'm your mother, I don't care if you're three hundred years old, I still worry about you so don't give me that arrogant smirk!” Mrs. Hirohito said sternly and the three men raised their brows at her.
“Let him go, Mom…Inuyasha needs to find someone…” Sesshoumaru interjected and their parents sighed.
“She'll be easier to find, the trace of your bond has awakened…” Mr. Hirohito supplied.
“What do you mean, Dad?”
“You'll feel her…”
“Like he felt her weeks ago…we've been driving around Tokyo because Inubaka here felt Kagome…” Sesshoumaru said.
“And he's right…may be he felt Kagome but she's constantly on the move and you're just following her trail…”
“Can I make her to stay put?” Inuyasha asked sighing and Mr. Hirohito laughed.
“Come on, son…isn't chasing after your mate more exciting than simply finding her there waiting for you?”
“It's exciting if she knows I remember and that I'm chasing her, dad but she has no clue…” Inuyasha reasoned.
“You'll find her…you found her before, you'll find her again…” Mr. Hirohito assured him as he squeezed his shoulder.
“I'm leaving then…” Inuyasha said as he adjusted his black, leather jacket.
“Track her down and put those two-years of very expensive London training into use!” Sesshoumaru yelled watching Inuyasha's retreating back.
“A fight could shut you up, Sess but I'm a man on a mission…till then practice and get those swords sharpened because I will kick your ass when I get back.” Inuyasha turned to reply his brother's taunting.
“Hurry up before Kagome kicks yours…” Sesshoumaru said and laughed when Inuyasha gave him the dirty finger.
Inuyasha inserted his key in the ignition and the roadster roared to life. He maneuvered the car expertly out of the driveway and popped his favorite Linkin Park cd inside the player. I don't mind if you kill me, Kagome as long as I get to hold you again. He thought remembering Sesshoumaru's goad. I don't care if you scream at me and yell at me for being stupid just let me hold you again… He smiled remembering Kagome's temper tantrums and the make-up that followed. His Kagome was always feisty and never dull.
“What is it, lost your tongue? I'm so mad at you! It's bad enough that you distract me in my dreams dancing almost naked every night, you just had to distract me in the land of the breathing and living too!”
Inuyasha laughed at the memory. My mate, where are you? Inuyasha thought longingly as he passed by a familiar park. That's where I first heard her sing. He thought smiling fondly at the abandoned, old park. Something in his heart twinge. This is where it all started. That was the night I fell for her. That was the night my youkai decided that it wants her… Against his better judgment, Inuyasha stepped on the break and made a u-turn towards the park.
I long to hear your voice…sing for me again, Kagome
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