InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Crossing Paths ❯ The Welcoming Committee ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
''MOMA! POPPA!'' a young girl screamed as two men pulled her towards a car.

A woman ran through the pouring rain in an attempt to retrieve her daughter but her husband drew her into am embrace.

''She'll be ok Yuri!''they man said as he tried to comfort her.

The young girl gasped when her head was pushed down and she was shoved into the car by the men. She stared out of the window as rain drained down the side and let tears fall from her face, which blended with the shadows the rain casted. She bit her lip as the car moved forward and gave one last look at her small, poor family.

“don't worry. They'll put you to good use.” one of the men said with a smirk.

She looked at the man and gasped when she saw his ears.

“what? You've never seen a youkai before?” the demon, Kouga, snapped.

The scared girl quickly looked away until she heard his rough voice again.

“look at me!'' he growled.

The girl slowly looked at him. Unlike the usual dark brown eyes most of the humans around this area had, hers were the lightest of brown with a bit of gray mixed in.

“hm...'' Kouga said as he turned back around.''too bad you're a maid. I could think of another good job for you,''he said.

She quickly gasped and bit her lip and turned to a man with long black braided hair as he spoke.

“go easy on her, wolf,” the other man, Bankotsu said.

Kouga scoffed and listened to the conversation that Bankotsu was starting.

“so kid, you got a name?” Bankotsu asked as he glanced back at her.

“M-Mizuki,'' she said shakily.

“nice name. Doesn't it mean 'new moon'?”he asked.

Mizuki slowly nodded. His voice wasn't the softest in the world but he could at least speak to her kindly.

“so how old are you? Eighteen? Nineteen?''Bankotsu asked with a half smile.

“sixteen.''she said.

“sixteen?!''Bankotsu said. ''judging by your appearance, I'd say you were much older. Not that you look old or anything but...''he tried to pick his words carefully.

Kouga laughed,''I think I got ya,'' he said as he looked at her in the backseat.

Mizuki noticed the placement of his eyes and quickly crossed her arms over her chest.

'Pig!' she thought.

He smirked and turned his head around to face the long expansion of road ahead of them.

Indeed, Mizuki was a beauty. Along with her eyes and her **ahem** 'gifted' appearance, her ebony hair framed her face went went to her waist. Her skin was soft and smooth like that of a new born baby's also. In such a poor family, it was amazing that she doesn't look weak and malnourished like most. She wore a simple blue kimono with an off-white tied around her waist. Her family had sent her to work in a large mansion for the Lord of the Western lands so she would be provided for, for they had fallen even deeper into debt.

Mizuki slowly looked up to see Kouga staring at her in the rear-view mirror. She pretended to look out the window and not notice but she still watched him from the corner of her eye.

When they finally reached the mansion, Mizuki stared at it with wide eyes. Never in her life had she seen such a building. Bankotsu opened the door for her without a fuss but Kouga jerked her out of the car. He pretended to push her towards the door but instead of pushing on her shoulder or back, his hand was placed right on her bottom. Mizuki lowered her head in humiliation and anger as they walked through the doors. When she entered, it reminded her of a hospital with its white walls and tiled floors. She gasped as Kouga pushed her once more. This time where a small green imp was waiting.

Mizuki was shocked when he grabbed her hand and studied it.

“we will have to give her extra work to make her hands callused.''he said.

''what's your name girl?''the imp screeched.

''Mizuki. Who are you?''she asked.

She was rewarded with a slap across the face.

''You will answer the question given only!''he yelled.

Something in Kouga twinged when he heard her whimper from the strike. The imp grumbled as he retrieved a maids uniform and sandals. He threw them at her and pointed to a door.

''stay there!''he ordered. ''I will send Sango in to get you settled.''he said before walking off.

Mizuki nodded and walked through the door too see sort of lounge area with a card table, chairs, and small radio. She gasped and quickly turned to see Kouga closing the door behind him. She backed away when she saw the lust that gleamed in his eyes. Before she could say anything, he slammed her into the wall and pressed his lips roughly against hers. She was almost out of breath from the speed he rammed into her. She tried to push him away but he only pushed his body closer to hers.

'Kouga, no.''she whimpered as he started to kiss down her neck.

''say my name again.....say it,''he growled as he started to pant at her.

He reached down to her tie and with one swipe of his claws, her dress fell to the floor in a pile. Tears started to roll down her cheek as he started to reach behind her and snapped her bra with his claws. Anger filled her mind as she watched him stare at her with a perverted grin. He went to reach for her panties until he heard a female voice.

''I'm not done with you,''he growled as he bolted out of the room.

Mizuki covered her chest and slid down to the floor, crying. A woman with long brown hair suddenly came in and gasped. She kneeled by Mizuki and wrapped the torn dress around her.

''are you ok?”the woman asked.

Mizuki slowly nodded but she was shaking viciously.

''it's ok,''the woman said softly.''I'll make sure no one hurts you anymore,''she said with a smile.

Mizuki choked back her tears and tried to act strong. She slowly stood up and reached for her uniform.

''I'm Sango by the way,''she said kindly.''you must be Mizuki,''

Mizuki half smiled and nodded. Sango turned around as Mizuki dressed herself.

''are you done?''she asked.

''yes,''Mizuki responded.

Sango turned around and laughed to herself when she saw her facial expression. Mizuki stared wide eyed at her uniform. It was smooth black with red lining and a gold flower pattern just above her left breast. What got her attention the most was that it came up to her knees. She was always taught that a woman should never show her legs in public.

''I think mine is too small,'',Mizuki said as she twirled around.

Sango laughed,''no, it fits you perfectly! It seems awkward at first but it's much easier when you do chores,''she said.

Sango studied her a little more.''your hair is so pretty. Oh, and your eyes,''she said as she tucked a bit af stray hair behind Mizuki's ear.

Mizuki smiled bashfully and nodded,''thank you Sango,''she said softly.

''it's going to be a while before we start work......may I brush your hair?''she asked.

Mizuki looked at her for a minute and nodded. She sat in one of the chairs and looked at the ground as Sango ran a brush through her tangled hair.

''Sango....''she said.

''ei?''Sango asked as she brushed the side of her hair back.

''are there more youkai here?''she asked shakily.

''of course!''Sango said. ''in fact, I've heard that the lord id youkai,''she said, not knowing that this was just putting more fear in the girls mind.

Mizuki gave a slight shutter before she decided to change the subject.

''what is my job?''she asked.

Sango smiled and sat down the brush as she started to braid her hair.

''you have one of the most important jobs!''she said.''you are in charge of cleaning the lord's room and his younger sister,''she said.

''the Lord ,Sango....what does he look like?''she asked curiously.

''oh, I've never seen him”Sango said as she took the braid down and looked at her.

''I work in the opposite side of the mansion,''she said.

Mizuki nodded and stood up. She watched Sango place a pair of wooden sandals at her feet and head for the door. Not wanting to be left alone again, she quickly slid her feet into the shoes and followed her. Sango stopped at a door in the hallway and opened it to show Mizuki brooms, mops, and cleaners.

''this is your supply closet,''she said as she smiled and slowly closed the door.

She walked further down the hall and pointed to a huge white door with gold molding.

''that is the lord's room,''Sango said as she got a serious face.

''Whatever you do, don't look him in the face and don't speak to him, even if he speaks to you,''Sango said.

''but that would be rude,''Mizuki replied.

''it's not our place as amids to speak to one such as the lord,''she said.

Sango took her hand and led her to another door. This one was slightly smaller and had pink flowers all over the door.

''this is his younger sister's room,''Sango said. ''you don't have to be as nervous when cleaning this room. Lady Rin is a very sweet child. Although, most likely, she will want to play with you but you must keep to your chores.''

Mizuki gave an understanding nod and tried to take in every notch on the wall to every loose thread in the carpet to make sure she didn't get lost. Sango lead her to the utility closet once more and smiled.

''just remember what I told you,''she said before hurrying off to her work.

Mizuki opened the closet and got some rags and cleaners before setting them in a bucket and making her way to the lord's room. She gave a knock on the door and walked in after no one responded. Her jaw dropped as she saw the room. Clothes were all over the floor, food was spilled on the carpet, and drawers were pulled out of the dresser. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she walked in and started to clean.

When she was done picking up all the clothes and trash, she walked to the lord's bathroom and filled the bucket with water. She came back into the room, got on her knees, and started to scrub the floor.

Mizuki froze solid when she saw a tall shadow cast over her from someone in the door way. She made a silent prayer as she slowly turned her head to gave at the figure's face.