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Dead Famous

Chapter 17

Driving Lessons (the stars have gotta learn somewhere, right?)

"Now before we start, I'd like you to read to me the license plate of that car over there." The driving instructor pointed trough the wind shield along the fairly empty road ahead of them. It was the road that ran alongside the beach at the top of the cliffs with only a few cars parked on the curb seeing as how it was Tuesday of a working week when everyone was at work and school instead of on the beach.

The instructor reckoned that it was a good empty stretch of road to practise on. Kagome thought that maybe the cliffs only a few metres to their right contributed a lot to her disagreement of his reckoning.

"Shouldn't we be a little further inland?" she worried from the back seat.

"Pipe down back there." Inuyasha told her cheerfully, flexing his hands on the steering wheel. "If you're so nervous, why did you even bother coming along?"

"Because Sango told me this was the ride to breakfast - that's why!" Kagome glanced between him and the instructor. "I thought you were the chauffeur - you're all trying to trick me!"

Inuyasha turned to her impatiently. "No one forced you to get in the car! I told you not to."

"But I was hungry!" She shot back, rubbing her growling stomach. "Can we go get a sandwich after this?"

For some reason that made Inuyasha break into a big grin. "Sure! I'll drive us to blossoms."

"You do realise that you haven't got a license yet…?" Kagome told him pointedly.

The driving instructor coughed loudly, effectively ending the discussion. He drummed his fingers against his metal clipboard in a very loud manner. "The license plate of the car?"

"The blue one?" Inuyasha peered through the window.

The instructor chuckled. "No, not the blue one, that's nearly half a mile away. I'm not that much of a tyrant. Just the red one over there."

Don't make it too easy for him… Kagome thought with a roll of her eyes.

"Twenty-eight, seventy-one." Inuyasha read off. "Made in Oota, Tokyo, Yashitori incorporated-"

"That's enough thank you." The instructor interrupted. "Nothing wrong with your eyes. Now, if you will, ease off the hand-brake and then gently ease off the clutch as you press the accelerator and feel the car move-"

Inuyasha promptly smacked the hand-brake down and simultaneously flattened both pedals to the floor. Kagome jerked in her seat as the car lurched and the tyres spun, but went no where. The gear box was making some very interesting noises while Inuyasha tugged on the gear stick, trying to find the reason why the car wasn't moving. "Why isn't it-?"

"Not the accelerator and the brake - the clutch the clutch!" The instructor all but screamed as the stench of burning rubber started overwhelming the convertible.

"Well which is which?" Inuyasha peered down at his feet.

"The right one, take your foot off it!"

"Oh right, like this?" Inuyasha lifted his foot experimentally…

The car shot forward like a bat out of hell, careening down the road at a top speed of sixty and climbing. Kagome clung to her seat, the wind ripping through her hair, very certain now that she didn't like this experience at all.

"Stop!" the instructor yelled.

"What?!" Inuyasha shouted back.

"I said stop!"

Kagome noticed how Inuyasha looked around the space around him, as if looking for that big red button labelled 'Stop'. His hand inched towards the hand-brake and she was just about to scream at him not to touch it when he finally found the foot brake by sheer luck.

The car screeched to a halt, jolting everyone forward so suddenly that Kagome would have flown out of the vehicle had she not been belted up.

"That was fun!" Inuyasha said enthusiastically, looking over his shoulder at the distance they'd travelled. "Let's try that again."

"Yes," the instructor was mopping his brow with a handkerchief. "But let's take it easy this time. Ease off the brake gently as you press down on the accelerator and start to feel it moving forward."

Inuyasha did as he was told… and so they began kangarooing it down the road, lurching forward one metre at a time. He didn't look happy. "This isn't good," he slammed down the accelerator all over again, and shot off again as if the paparazzi were behind him.

"Slow down!" Kagome yelled, seeing as how the instructor seemed to have lost the ability to talk.

"What?!" he yelled back.

Kagome couldn't stand it anymore. She reached forward and pulled the hand-brake, forcing the car into a sudden stop. Once more they all jolted in their seats as the car scraped to a halt on the road. Inuyasha spun on her. "What was that for?"

"For nearly sending us over the cliff!" She gasped, running a hand over her wind-frazzled hair. "I don't think I want breakfast anymore…"

The mere mention of food was enough to send the poor instructor scrambling. The distraught man stumbled out of the open topped car and over to the edge of the road and promptly began throwing up.

"Well done." Kagome congratulated Inuyasha dryly. "You made the instructor honk-up."

"It wasn't that bad!" Inuyasha called to him. "Man - you have no stomach for thrills!"

Kagome put her head in her hands. "I wish I was back home… I want to see my family alive at least one more time…"

"Oh relax." Inuyasha said as he fiddled with the gear stick. "I'm getting the hang of this!"

"You're not getting the hang of anything. A two year old has more street sense than you!" she gestured to the pedals at his feet. "Even I know that you clutch before you brake."

"Clutch what?" Inuyasha frowned, looking around for what she was talking about. "Oh right! The clutch. That doesn't seem very safe to me. I mean, if you want to stop in a hurry surely it's better to press the brake straight away instead of the clutch and then the brake. For safety reasons it's probably better pressing the clutch before you accelerate."

Kagome glared at the back of his head. As if he had any idea what he was talking about… "For safety reasons, you should never be allowed to drive. You're a menace to society."

Inuyasha simply ignored her. He glanced over to the verge of the road where the instructor was still reliving his breakfast before turning back to Kagome and silently gesturing her to sit in the passenger seat beside him.

"What?" she frowned, knowing that if she complied she would only have to get into the back seat again when the instructor returned.

Inuyasha held a finger to his lips and gestured more emphatically for her to get up front with him. After a moment of hesitation she did as he wanted and slid between the two front seats and sat down beside him. She frowned further as she saw Inuyasha slip the gear stick out of the park position and push the hand brake down. "What are you doing?"



The car didn't shoot off with a lurch this time, but instead started off with a steady glide, as if steered by an experienced driver. Inuyasha even indicated as he pulled away from the curb. "Wave to the nice man, kid."

Kagome glanced back at the shrinking figure of the driving instructor who was futilely running after them, waving his fist and probably yelling 'Come back here!', not that Kagome heard much over the rushing wind around her ears. She slowly turned back to Inuyasha. "I really don't think you should have done that…"

"Where's your sense of adventure?" he teased, reaching out with one hand to tune the radio. "Damn… Kikyo's re-tuned the stupid thing…"

With not much else to do other than pull her seat belt on, Kagome sat tensely in the passenger seat, realising something very important. This guy was an experienced driver. "Why were you messing with the instructor like that? Don't you want to pass your test?"

"I'm not taking my test for another six months." He told her, finally finding the radio station he liked. "I can afford to have a little fun till then, right? And maybe change instructors?" he cranked up the volume.

Kagome stuck her fingers pointedly in her ears to block out the sound of the deep bass music. She'd figured him as the type to listen to heavy rock… not her kind of thing, personally. She quickly grew fed-up with the racket and turned the volume down low with a flick of the dial on the radio.

Inuyasha looked at her oddly then put his own hand out and twisted it back the opposite way, turning the music on full blast. Kagome glared at him irritably and turned it down again. Inuyasha gave her a sharp look and turned it straight back up and when Kagome moved to do the opposite he slapped her hand away.

"Your taste in music sucks!" she told him loudly to be heard over the 'music'.

"Would you prefer something more classy then?" he shot back with a sneer. "Piano perhaps?"

Meaning? Kagome narrowed her eyes slightly, wondering if he knew… if he meant something behind that comment, but he wasn't following it up with any knowing smug expressions so maybe she was safe. She watched him finally punch the power button and turn the radio off altogether. "I hate that song anyway…" he said by way of excuse.

Kagome glanced back over her shoulder and realised they'd gone further out from the villa than she'd realised. Because they were on the coast, she could easily see the villa as a small little dot in the distance on a section of the land that protruded out towards the sea.

"How long have you lived there anyway?" Kagome asked as she turned back to face Inuyasha. "In the villa."

He took a moment to answer with a shrug. "For as long as I can remember." He answered with the bored look that he always seemed to accumulate when he was forced to talk about himself. "Lived in one of the American estates until I was three."

"You did?" Kagome blinked in surprise. "Your parents took you to live there?"

"I was born there." He veered around another corner fast enough to turn Kagome pale. "Lived there for three years with my mother and then came here to reunite with my dad."

"Oh…" Kagome said as she took it in, then repeated the soft sound as her stomach did another flip flop when they screeched around a sharp bend in the road. "I think I'm gonna throw-up…"

"Not in this car you're not!" Inuyasha suddenly barked at her, as if raising his voice would stop her queasiness. "This is my favourite car!"

"You should know, you've been driving it for how many years?!" she shot back, getting irritated again. "And there you were telling the police that you've never driven a car in your life!"

"I didn't drive that one!" he snapped. "So what I told a little white lie to the detectives? It's not like it makes me any less innocent of attempted murder!"

Kagome tried closing her eyes, willing her stomach to calm down. "Kouga came out of hospital today." She remembered Miroku telling her that morning.

"I know." Inuyasha clenched his hands tighter around the wheel, making the leather covering squeak slightly.

Kagome spared him a brief glance. "You're upset that he's alive aren't you." It was more of a statement than a pondering question.

"I'm upset that I could have fought him again… but instead I leap-frog over his back straight into the finals. It's bad enough that everyone thinks I get everything easy because I'm rich - it's worse when I actually do get it easy because of someone else's misfortune!" he groused.

Kagome remained silent, half wondering how strongly he felt about that, and half glad that they were having to slow down now that they were joining other traffic as they drew closer to the centre of the district. Shops and houses began appearing around them and she soon lost sight of the sea. As her stomach settled she glanced over at him. "It bothers you that you're that much closer to getting the international championship?" she said with a mild shrug. "Would you prefer you fight Kouga again and risk losing to him?"

"In all fairness, sure." He spotted something down the street and suddenly changed the subject. "You want breakfast, right?"

"Mm." Kagome hummed noncommittally. She had been hungry. Then she'd been taken for a joy ride… but maybe it was better to eat something. "Yeah, just a flapjack or something."

Once again he demonstrated his ability to indicate properly before turning left off the road into a car park. They had to browse a while before they eventually found a space, and even then it was a tight one. Kagome was amazed that Inuyasha managed to park at all.

"What happens if someone pulls you over?" she asked as they got out of the car. "You don't have a license do you?" He was barely old enough to get the lessons…

"In which case me name is Miroku." He locked the car.

"But won't they recognise you as Inuyasha?" she pointed out.

"In which case… I'm Miroku… distant relative of Inuyasha, not nearly as famous or rich, but just as handsome."

"Just as big in the head." Kagome said sweetly and started to follow him out of the car park. "Where are we going?"

"There's a café around the corner. We can get something to eat there."

Why did Kagome have the feeling that she was going to be battling her way through a ton of fangirls in order to get her flapjack? She sighed dejectedly but followed him anyway, around the corner and off towards the corner café - a rendition (or a rip-off) of Starbucks.

The moment they walked in, someone dropped their glass on the floor. The shatter marked the beginning of a very long, eerie silence. Kagome looked around hesitantly, realising everyone in the café had now stopped what they were doing in order to stare at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha for his part, looked very confused at the attention. "What are you all gaping at?"

The woman at the till was the first one to make any move to indicate she'd heard. She silently pointed back at a calendar behind the counter, pinned high on the wall. It was one of those teenage calendars for the girls with all the hottest band boys and celebrities… and guess who's bod was up for June?

Inuyasha took one look at his picture before breaking out into a laugh and a grin. "Oh this again, this is the second time this week isn't it Sango?" he nudged Kagome. "I look nothing like him, I mean, talk about plastic surgery… how much do you want to bet that isn't his real nose?"

It took a moment, but after several seconds people began taking his word for it and went back to their conversations, only glancing in his direction occasionally with scrutiny. The waitress began clearing up the smashed glass and Inuyasha went over to the counter to order. Kagome stood in a daze for a moment, still noticing the odd glance she was receiving, so she quickly hurried after Inuyasha.

"Two mochas and a flapjack." He told the woman behind the till who was still staring at him strangely, probably trying to work out if he really was Inuyasha or not.

Kagome went to pick out a table in a little booth by the window, to avoid the obvious not-so-subtle stares of the people in the café while Inuyasha picked up the drinks and the snack. As soon as he sat down opposite her and pushed her drink in front of her, he fixed Kagome with a rather penetrating kind of stare.

Great, now he was at it as well as the café people…

"What?" she said, staring back at him.

"Why did you come back?" he asked in a 'why did you kill the kitten' kind of way. "I mean, you were so happy to be leaving, weren't you? Why did you come back, or are you that intent to make my life miserable?"

"Am I making you miserable?" She asked plainly.

"Sweet agony."

Kagome sipped her coffee, keeping her eyes steered to the stains on the table between them. "I came back because they made me an offer to come back. That's all." But he didn't seem to buy it. She could just feel the holes he burned into the top of her head with his glare…

"Are you just poking your nose in where it doesn't belong… Kagome?"

She spluttered into mocha, getting a good deal amount of cream on her nose. She inched up her gaze to meet his, pretty much in shock that he'd used her name but also edgy that he was about to discover her slightly ulterior motives.

"You've got cream on your nose, sweetie." Inuyasha reached forward and smudged it off with his thumb. He sucked on the creamy digit thoughtfully. "Now let me see… why else would a girl like you - a nosy, slightly pushy, won't-get-a-clue kind of girl - come back and endure another week of hell with me, unless you thought you were getting something worth while out of it?"

Kagome turned her gaze back down to the table and traced her finger along the circular pattern of a coffee stain.

She jumped when Inuyasha's hand slammed down right in front of her nose, making her mocha rattle precariously.

"You are not butting into my affairs, little girl." He hissed in such a dangerous way she began re-evaluating her decision to spend another week with him. "What's done is done, what happened can't be changed and I'd really appreciate it if you stopped trying to bring it up."

"Bring what up?" she asked deliberately.

He glared at her so hard that she found it difficult to maintain eye contact. "None of my business is any of your business. There is a line between us, and you're not going to cross it. I won't butt into your past, and you won't butt into mine."

Kagome scoffed. "You're only saying that because you don't think I have a dark past too."

"Well you don't. You're just a school girl." He said in a derogatory manner.

Kagome graced him with a slightly offended look. "Oh, so my emotional capacity isn't as complex as yours just because I'm not as rich or famous? Oh please. My Dad died two years after my little brother was born."

He stared at her. "So? That's nothing compared to-"

"Shut up." Kagome snapped so suddenly he actually fell silent. "This is my little year of hell from my own life. Eight years ago my father died in an earthquake when a bridge collapsed. My mother was with him, and she was pregnant with my little sister… who never got born because she had a miscarriage. And do you know why she had a miscarriage? Because she was stuck in a car with her dead husband for over six hours."

She saw him swallow hard at her rather blatant concession.

"The only thing that stopped her from completely losing it was when Grandpa went to her in hospital and told her to let it all out, to tell him everything and leave nothing hidden. Apparently it was difficult to talk about at first, but then she finally told Grandpa everything that happened… and she's been better off for it ever since. She has no trouble recalling what happened now… it makes her sad… but it doesn't make her go insane like some people." She gave him a pointed look.

Inuyasha stared at her with an unreadable expression. "Don't you miss him?"

Kagome blinked before shaking her head slowly. "I don't really remember him… just a hand full of memories."

Inuyasha turned his head away. "People grieve in different ways."

"And you're doing it the wrong way." She said bluntly earning another glare. "If you just talked to someone about it then you wouldn't have a problem. That's your problem - you don't talk to anyone. You hold it in and let it eat you while telling yourself that you're just putting it behind you and learning to forget. Well forgetting about it is ok, but you've got to deal with it first-"

"You don't know me." He said suddenly, in a rather defensive way. "Don't act like you know what's best. Don't give me all your little anecdotes in an attempt to get close to me, you little-."

"I'm not trying to make you tell me what happened." Kagome told him sincerely. "I only want you to tell someone… and if I happened to find out what happened in 1992 in the process then that would be… nice… but not necessary…"

He rapped his claws against the table, obviously having something more in mind to say to her. But he seemed to be biting down on it… until eventually he smiled and leaned in towards her, folding his arms on the table. "Or maybe… you just returned because you just can't stay away?" he gave her a saucy little wink.

Kagome's face hardened. Of all times to slam the detached routine on her. "You're such a pig." She said vehemently and stood roughly, knocking the table hard enough to spill his coffee and send it cascading over his lap. He gasped at the heat but Kagome didn't stay to watch the whole show, since she was far too busy storming out the door.

It wasn't like she had anywhere to go. She didn't recognised the district and so she couldn't find her way back to anywhere familiar from the café… so she just headed back to the car and decided to wait there while her temper cooled.

She sat smouldering in the passenger seat, arms crossed and a deep frown furrowing her forehead. He was such an ass… she was only trying to help! Why did he have to be so thick-headed to not see the obvious - that it was tearing him apart by trying to keep his secrets to himself! And then just to prove to everyone that he was a stupendous moron he pushed away his irritation at her in favour of making a superficial, meaningless pass. It proved her point… and he probably didn't even realise…

The drivers door opened and Inuyasha slung himself back behind the wheel. He shut the door again and they sat in silence, both waiting for the other to say something. Kagome faintly noticed that he smelled strongly of coffee now… and that he wasn't giving her the wink. Maybe he was being serious now?

He looked at her. "Wanna go see a movie?"

Or maybe he would just avoid the topic altogether.

Kagome shrank against the door wearily. "Sure. What's on?"


It was growing dark by the time they got out of the cinema. It had been a long, long film, with lots of long, long subtitles. Her eyes felt tired and heavy now, even though it was only seven o'clock. Inuyasha on the other hand had acquired a pair of shades and a hat that successfully managed to hide his ears.

He glanced at his watch as he watched as they made their way back to the car. "Well that was a spectacular waste of four hours of my life. Remind me never to do that again." He looked at her. "On the other hand, we could head off to a party that started an hour ago."

"Why do I have the feeling that you're running away from the villa?" Kagome commented. Her feet were sore from being on them the whole day. She wasn't used to staying out so long with only snack food to sustain her.

Inuyasha seemed to live like this every day.

"I'm not running away. Just having fun while the cat's at jury duty."

"Ah…" Kagome acknowledged as she slipped into the passenger seat.

"So do you wanna go?" he offered again.

Kagome made a vague groan. "I'm not much of a party animal…"

"Oh come on, you'll enjoy yourself when you get into it." He promised.

Kagome still wasn't convinced. Frankly she just wanted to go back to her room, put her feet up and maybe a few cucumber slices on her eyes to cool down and then catch forty winks. But it was obvious that Inuyasha would only pout and sulk if she demanded to be taken home now. Maybe she could accompany him on this last one… and then maybe sit in the car while he partied and catch that beauty sleep.

But it was clear that Inuyasha had no intention of leaving her in the car when they arrived at the party. He opened up her door and waited expectantly for her to get out. But Kagome took one look at the vibrating house, the loud music, the loud chatter of voices that could be heard even from outside… and decided to stay put. "Do I have to?" she whined. "I'm tired… I just want to put my feet up somewhere."

"Don't be so boring, come on." He beckoned her out of the car.

Now Kagome took exception to that. She was not, if anything, boring. And just to prove it… she would go party. "Fine. But only for a little while." She warned as she grudgingly stood out of the car and followed him up the driveway of the house.

I don't believe he actually dragged me into this, she thought wearily as the headed up the steps to the front door. To her mild surprise he didn't even bother knocking (not that anyone would have heard over the loud music pumping in there), instead Inuyasha simply opened the door and dragged her inside.

A girl stopped dancing to look at the new arrivals. "Hey! It's Inuyasha!"

It could have been a scene straight out of a Charlie's Angels movie as everyone in sight suddenly stopped what they were doing and turned towards the door. "Hello Inuyasha!"

"Oh my god…" Kagome muttered with a roll of her eyes. Obviously Inuyasha was some sort of local around here…

The girl who had originally spotted him trotted over and wrapped her arms around Inuyasha's neck. Kagome stared in surprise at her forwardness, but was less surprised at how Inuyasha welcomed her embrace. When she kissed him he didn't seen too opposed to that idea either.

Kagome slowly folded her arms as the kiss continued and the party played on. This was ridiculous… no sooner than five seconds after walking through the door, and he was literally sucking face with the first girl he saw. Talk about rude…

With a loud cough she cleared her throat. "A-hem!"

He finally seemed to remember she was there. He pulled apart from the other girl and twisted to glance back at her briefly before addressing the girl in his arms. "Seki, you look after Kagome. I'm going to go see Tanaka."

"Kay." The girl called Seki let him go and Kagome watched him disappear through the crowd of people milling around the hallway, heading for the back door. She would have watched him all the way had not a very drunk Seki slung her arms around Kagome's shoulders and kissed her on the lips.

All she could do was stand there in dumb, rigid shock. But for some reason it reassured her. This girl was just loose, not Inuyasha's girlfriend…

With an exaggerated kissing sound Seki pulled back, only to envelope Kagome in a tight hug. "Welcome to the party!" She piped.

Kagome couldn't even muster an uncertain smile. She was just too confused. "Thanks…"

A guy nearby was nodding in appreciation. "Dude… that was hot!"


"Do you think we should call the police?" Sango said as she speedily flicked through the channels on the Tv. She wasn't about to say it, but she was looking for some sort of news bulletin on a disaster involving two missing people.

"The police won't do anything unless they've been missing for twenty-four hours." Miroku said, calmly spinning his chair in circles… well, it was actually Kikyo's chair since they'd decided to squat in her office while she was away.

"Twelve hours down, twelve more to go." Sango said dryly. "I reckon he's done away with her."

"Was she that annoying?" Miroku stopped turning in order to make his head stop spinning.

"I think she's lovely." Sango shrugged. "But Inuyasha is Inuyasha… he doesn't like cute and lovely things."

They lapsed into another long period of silence.

"Where do you think they are right now?" Sango suddenly asked anxiously, finally giving up on the Tv and turned to wringing her hands instead.

"Well if they're not lying in a ditch in a car wreck then…" Miroku trailed off as he pondered. "… then I haven't got a clue."

Sango sighed loudly. "I shouldn't be surprised that he's gone and disappeared on us again. But with Kagome? I'm not sure I can trust him with her safety…"


"How come you've been keeping your distance this past week? The last time we saw you was Monday night." Tanaka smirked as he took a swig of his beer straight from the bottle. "You looked more human then."

"It's been an enterprising week." Inuyasha replied with a shrug. "Not had the time."

"It's alright I forgive you, I expect you're busy up there in your cushy little mansion." Tanaka cocked his head. "After all, what's all this I've been hearing about you keeping a girl all to yourself?"

"Kagome Higurashi."

"Yeah. That's her."

Kikyo rolled his eyes as he drank from his own beer. "Kikyo's idea. Nothing but a total pain in the ass all week - a complete ball and chain. I tried to break away today but she followed me."

"Is she here?"

Inuyasha jerked a thumb towards the house.

"Is she cute."

Inuyasha stared at him before shaking his head slowly. "No way, Tanaka. Even she is out of your league."

"Oh hey!" Tanaka suddenly perked up before turning and gesturing to one of the other men in the back yard. "Kyo - get over here." He turned back to Inuyasha. "Want a little top up for the next week? Kyo's got a five gram bag of smack if you want."

Kyo arrived beside them. "What?"

Tanaka nodded to Inuyasha. "Show him what you got."

A small transparent bag was produced out of Kyo's coat pocket. Inuyasha took it slowly and raised an eyebrow. "Not very pure." He noted the brown colour.

"I think my dealer put nutmeg in it…" Kyo said absently as if he wasn't sure.

Inuyasha looked at him. "How much?"

Kyo looked him up and down. "Twenty thousand yen."

Inuyasha scoffed. "That's a bit steep."

"You can afford it!"

Inuyasha shook his head and passed the bag back. "I can't… I've got a match tomorrow and a whole bunch of tests to take."

"You weren't saying that last time." Tanaka tipped his head back to down another mouthful of his beer.

"Last time I was plastered, I didn't know what I was saying."

"Speaking of plastered…" Tanaka looked pointedly towards the house. Inuyasha followed his gaze curiously… and then froze.

The distant chant of 'Strip! Strip! Strip!' had just been background noise that he'd been overlooking and ignoring. Now he realised what exactly they were chanting and who they were chanting it to.


He saw it all through the living room window.

"Shit!" Inuyasha hissed and shoved his beer into Tanaka's hands as he pushed his way through the thick crowd to get to the back door again to get inside the house. Most people obligingly moved out of his way, he was Inuyasha of course, but most people were too drunk or high to notice - to those people it was either move or get tossed aside.

"Kagome!" he yelled when he reached the living room doorway.

She spun daintily on the table that she was stood on and sent a very lopsided but very wide grin his way. "Inuyasha!" She waved, her shirt hanging off on the one arm - her sweater long gone. "Hello!"

Then she spun back around and continued dancing to the rather raunchy tune while people clapped in time to the music around her table. The crowd was mostly comprised of men, but there were also quite a few girls cheering her on.

She was completely drunk…

"Off! Off! Off!" was the main chorus of cheers around the living room.

One young man reached out to enclose a hand around her bare ankle, but with a giggle and a quick flick of her foot she unlatched him and reached down to begin unbuckling the belt of her skirt.

Inuyasha had seen way too much at that point. She was already down to her bra, any further and she'd probably try and sue him when she was sober again. "Damn it!" she grumbled as he shoved his way through the dense crowd towards the table in the middle of the room.

"Kagome!" he yelled when he reached her. "We're going home!"

"But I'm having fun!" she whined, but still struggling to get the double latch off her designer skirt. "We can't leave yet!"

"Yes we can, come on!" he held up his hand to her but she ignored him.

"Ahah!" she crowed as she finally managed to defeat her belt. The cheers were deafening as the skirt slid down to her ankles, she stepped out of them and kicked them away into the eager hands of the boys.

Inuyasha clenched his jaw, and with no further ado snatched her off the table and back down to ground level.

"No way - Inuyasha leave the girl to us for once!" one of the men shouted as he lifted Kagome over his shoulder and forcefully pushed his way through the house to the front door.

Kagome giggled and hiccuped every step of the way. She lifted her head as Inuyasha opened the door. "Bye bye everyone! I'll miss you all! Ooh - it's cold out here!"

Inuyasha slammed the door hard in his wake and stomped back towards the convertible they'd arrived in. "You are unbelievable…" he grouched as he reached into his pocket, trying to find his keys yet still refused to set Kagome down on the ground.

"OH MY GOD!!" Kagome suddenly screeched, making him jerk.

"What?" he demanded quickly, concerned.

"Eri was right! Your ass is fantastic!"

AN: Now you have to wonder how everyone's going to react when Inuyasha turns up with Kagome in nothing but her undies. Tune in next time to find out ^_^