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Dead Famous

Chapter 18

The Morning After

"What the hell happened back there?!" Inuyasha demanded as they flew back along the empty coastal road, heading back toward the villa. "What possessed you to even pick up the drink in the first place? - I didn't think you were that type of girl!"

"Of course I'm not that type of girl!" she protested hotly, shifting restlessly in the passenger seat. "How can I be? I'm a man…" she looked down at her cleavage. "Oh wait, that was just in my dream last night… Never mind!"

"Did someone spike your drink?" he persisted.

"I don't drink spiky things." She pulled a face. "Pricks your tongue-"

"For crying out loud…" Inuyasha mumbled under his breath, praying for some sort of miracle. "Ok… but when we get back; don't tell anyone that you're drunk."

"'Kay!" she smiled cheerfully and began humming. He glanced at her, realising that the tune was familiar… then he realised, it was her piano song. With a slight shake of his head he went back to concentrating on driving. "Sango's going to kill me… Kikyo will torture me first… hell - you're going to kill me!"

Kagome looked shocked… in a sleepy sort of way. "Kill you? But I like you!"

Must have been the drink talking…

"I really, really like you." She shifted in her seat so she was kneeling facing him. Inuyasha tried to ignore the way she was staring at him like food. "I like you a lot."

"Right…" he said slowly. "And how much did you drink?"

She didn't appear to be listening. "Can I show you how much I like you?" she asked in a stage-whisper.

He darted an uncertain glance at her. "I'm not sure you should show me anything… while I'm driving." He said uneasily, focusing on the winding curves of the coastal road. He could see the villa coming into view in the distance, lit up like a lighthouse.

But then all he could see was Kagome was she sneakily slid across the seats and onto his lap. He stared at her in complete dumb-founded shock. What the hell was she doing? "Kagome - I can't see the road!" he cried.

"Well then keep driving!" She answered as if it were obvious. She leaned closer, bracing her hands on his chest and eyeing him in a very forward manner.

"What are you doing?" It was hard keeping his eyes on the road when there was a gorgeous half-naked girl sitting astride his lap.

"Something I've been wanting to do since I first laid eyes on you…" she practically purred with promise.

The car was slowing down as he began applying pressure to the brakes. Whatever she was promising sounded good… and even though he'd always been given the impression that taking advantage of a drunken girl was morally wrong… he was only male.

His morals were practically non-existent anyway.

The convertible rolled to a complete stop and he smiled as he moved his hands from the wheel to her waist. "And what would that be, babe?"

She giggled and quickly reached up to tweak his ears. "These things are incredible! And Yuka was right - they are soft!" she chortled happily.

And that was all he was getting…?

He gave her an annoyed look as she continued fondling his ears. "Did you know that your underwear doesn't match?"

She stopped to look down at herself, seeming to note the blue knickers matched with the pink and white striped bra even through her alcohol induced haze of mind. She gasped loudly. "Oh yeah! Oh no! What if I got hit by a bus?!" she looked up at him. "They'd all see!"

"I think they already saw it all." Inuyasha picked her up and deposited her sharply down on the passenger seat. "Just sit down, shut up, and put your belt on!"

She huffed dramatically and folded her arms. "I'm cold."

"You should try investing in clothes." He told her dryly as he revved up the engine again. "They're wonderful inventions."

"You're no fun…" she grumbled and turned away from him to watch the dark scenery flash by. He ignored her as a growing sense of dread bloomed in his stomach the closer they got to the villa. Someone would undoubtedly see them coming and once they saw how plastered Kagome was, he'd be skinned alive by Kikyo… when she returned.

He glanced over at Kagome who was now leaning over the edge of the car, watching the white dashes on the road flick past like a dog with its head out of the window. Maybe he could just about get away with this.

With one hand still on the wheel he shrugged out of his jacket and tossed it over to her. "Put that on." He ordered.

"Why?" she held it up for inspection.

"Just do it!" he snapped and she stuck her tongue out at him before pulling her arms through the sleeves and sinking back down in her seat, huddled in a little ball beneath the jacket.

He sighed, trying to calm his nerves… what he needed was a cigarette, but thanks to the 'wonderful' idea to quit, he had nothing on him. Maybe he should take up smoking again and then try and quit next week when the girl was finally gone? Yeah… maybe that was the best solution. He just couldn't deal with the kind of stress she was giving him.

Time passed all too quickly and before he knew it he was already pulling up outside the villa. Undoubtedly someone on guard duty in the security room would have spotted his arrival and was sending either Sango or Miroku up to get him. He only had a matter of moments.

"Kagome," he said quietly, turning to her, she turned back, instantly forgetting their earlier disagreement. "You know that bump that we hit back there…?"

She stared blankly at him. "Yes." Even though she probably didn't remember hitting any bump of any sort.

"Well, it wasn't a bump… it was a kitten." He said gravely.

She gasped, her eyes already turning glossy with emerging tears. "No!" she squeaked. "Oh no!"

"I know…" Inuyasha nodded sympathetically, tapping his mental foot with impatience. "Sorry… squashed it flat."

It was remarkable how easily a drunken teenage girl could be reduced to tears in a matter of seconds at the slightest upset. "A kitten?" she whispered. "Poor thing… didn't even get a chance to live its life to fullest… just another little life snuffed out in the grand scale of things."

Damn… now he was actually feeling guilty for killing the imaginary kitten. He awkwardly patted her shoulder. "There, there." He said stiffly. "Let it out."

She took his word for it and immediately flopped against his shoulder and bawled her eyes out. Wow… what a responsive girl.

Inuyasha's timing proved perfect as Miroku chose that very moment to come running around the corner of the villa. "Where the hell have you two been? Everyone's been worried sick!" he berated as he approached the car. "What happened?" he stopped beside the car, and for the first time seemed to realise Kagome's distress. "Why is she crying?" then he noticed something much more interesting.. "Why is she in her underwear?"

Inuyasha heard the slightly appreciative tone in his voice and he covered Kagome's ears with the pretence of one who was trying to spare her feelings. "We got separated… this gang found her and… well, you can see for yourself. But of course I found her in time to save her chastity and stuff…"

"…and stuff?" Miroku hadn't believed a word of it. He stared hard at Inuyasha with a raised eyebrow.

"Which… is why she is half naked…" And not because I inadvertently got her drunk and had her striptease for a house of horny students…

"Uh huh." Miroku folded his arms and opened his mouth to say something more when Kagome suddenly peeled herself off Inuyasha's shoulder to turn her tear stained face to the dark haired employee.

"We're killers." She whimpered. "We're no better than… *sniff*… Hitler!"

Inuyasha tried to discreetly shake his head at her. "No, Kagome, no - don't-"

"Did you kill someone?" Miroku asked him sharply.

"No!" Inuyasha said quickly.

"Yes!" Kagome wailed. "Yes we did! A beautiful little someone…" she clambered out of the convertible without bothering to open the door. She collapsed into Miroku's already open and eager arms. "That kitten will never see the sun rise again… it's awful… I'm such a horrible person!"

Inuyasha let his head drop into his hands, feeling that stress beginning to surface again. Well… the cat was out of the bag now…

"A kitten, huh?" Miroku sounded confused, but not completely unhappy to have Kagome weeping into his shoulder. Inuyasha slowly turned a glare on the other male, warning him with a frosty glower to not get too comfortable. "Well… not to worry, Kagome, I'm sure it was very quick and painless…" he rubbed her back in a comforting manner then sniffed absently. Inuyasha saw him stiffen, then repeat that sniff. "Do I smell vodka?"

Kagome sniffled through her tears with a frown. "Yeah, I keep smelling vodka too…" she said curiously.

Miroku looked at her seriously. "My god… are you drunk?"

"Yes - I mean - no!" she glanced back guiltily at Inuyasha. "Sorry."

He smiled weakly. "It's alright."

Miroku gave him a reproving look. "You got her drunk? You're not supposed to do-"

"I know!" Inuyasha hissed back. "I didn't realise until it was too late - and don't you dare give me one of your lectures."

"Well I won't, but Kikyo will." Miroku said bluntly, still holding Kagome but more so to keep her from wandering off than anything else.

"Well don't tell her then." Inuyasha said, getting out of the car the same way as Kagome.

"That might be difficult." Miroku hissed.

"Why? Why would that be difficult?"

"Because she's here." Miroku jerked his thumb back at the villa. "She arrived back today while you were out… when she sees Kagome like this then she'll make your life a misery for the next month or so."

"Shit…" Inuyasha said with feeling. He grabbed Kagome by the shoulders and forcibly pried her off Miroku. "Trust me you don't want to do anything you'll regret later," he hissed to her.

"Well if you can find some way to hide her till she's sober…" Miroku folded his arms.

Inuyasha thought hard for a moment. "Ok… ok… hide her. Good." He started ushering a slightly wobbly Kagome towards the corner of the building. "Miroku - put the car away - and not a word to anyone!"

Miroku made the gesture of zipping his lips shut as he moved around the car to get behind the wheel to take it back into the garage. Inuyasha paid him no more mind as he continued shepherding Kagome along around the edge of the building. "Can't you walk faster?" he said impatiently.

"Well if the ground would stop tipping then I would!" she huffed indignantly, a mild slur marred her tone still.

"Oh forget it," he picked her up and tossed her back over his shoulder in typical carrying carpet fashion. She giggled and drummed happily on his behind as he carried her off in the direction of the pool. "Would you stop that?!" he ground out.

"'t'so cute!" she chirped.

He had half a mind to dump her in the pool to sober her up, but the splash would probably wake the slumbering members of the household and arouse suspicions. Best just get her some place safe and quiet so she could sleep off the booze.

He decided to take the short, easy route to his bedroom - by jumping up to the balcony. The only problem with that was the fact that Kagome whooped and screamed the moment he left the ground. The second he landed on the balcony he dumped her on the floor and clamped a hand over her mouth. "Will you shut up, please?!" he stressed.

She pushed his hand away. "I feel sick…"

"That's your own fault." He opened the balcony door and helped her to her shaky feet to drag her inside the bedroom. "Now you're going to take a nap and when you wake up you'll feel a lot better."

"Oh good." She tottered towards his bed the moment he released her to shut the balcony door. The moment he realised where she was heading he quickly swooped over to steer her away. "No - you're not sleeping in that - you're not throwing up in my bed!"

Kagome gave him a perplexed look.

"Come on, you can sleep over here." He tugged her towards the bathroom door and pushed her inside. He pointed to floor. "There, you can sleep there."

Her brow furrowed. "You're making me sleep on the floor!" then muttered something liked "Evil bastard…"

"Yes, on the floor." He applied pressure on her shoulder to push her down. She went down without too much hassle and curled up in the sleeping position with her eyes closed, ready to drop off.

Inuyasha looked around the bathroom, before grabbing a couple of towels off the shelf next to the shower and dropping it down next to her. "There's a pillow."

She pulled them under her head listlessly.

He marched back into his room and hauled the top sheet that covered his quilt and dragged it to the bathroom. He draped it over Kagome, despite the fact that she was already wearing his jacket, making sure that he left nothing uncovered to catch a chill in the night. "The toilet's right next to you, if you have to hurl you better not miss."

The only response he got was a soft snore.

Shaking his head he turned off the bathroom light and shut the door quietly after him. At the same time, a knock sounded on his door. He winced and looked towards the sound, already aware that it was Kikyo. No one on earth possessed such a no-nonsense knock.

He did a quick check of his room to make sure that there was no evidence that Kagome had been there. Satisfied, he went to open the door. "Oh Kikyo, what a surprise!" he said in one quick breath, blocking her view into the room with his frame. "What do you want?"

"Where's Kagome?" she got straight to the point. She seemed apprehensive, probably concerned that he was still ready to bite her head off about inviting the girl back.

"Um… sleeping… in her room." Fortunately his own apprehension of her biting his head off for getting said girl drunk was enough to forgive any animosity between them. "We had a lot of fun today, wore the poor thing out."

"I see…" She looked mildly shocked. "You were actually nice to her then?"

"When am I not nice to her?" he contradicted.

"Mm." Kikyo gave a brief roll of her eyes. "Well then, you better get some sleep. You have the finals match tomorrow and I want you training nice and early."

"Right. Goodnight." Inuyasha said quickly and was about to slam the door when he remembered something. "Oh - how was jury duty by the way?"

"Oh." Kikyo shrugged carelessly. "Interesting. Turned out that the accused was innocent and that my hypothesis was correct despite the fact that I was pulling it out of my ass."

"I see…" Inuyasha said slowly. He really needed to keep up with what Kikyo was up to these days.

"Goodnight, Inuyasha." She said loftily and walked away.

Inuyasha shut the door quickly and went back to the bathroom to do a quick check on Kagome. She was still sleeping soundly the same way he had left her.

She was bound to have a hell of a hang-over when she woke up…


Kagome's head was pounding like hell when she woke up. With a groggy groan she pushed herself upright, letting her blanket slide off of her as she put a hand to her head. He brain felt loose… or like someone had taken a jackhammer to her skull.

Instinctively she tried to remember how she'd ended up in such a state, but the moment she put any brain power behind the effort, her stomach revolted and lurched dangerously.

She was going to hurl…

Her head spun as she opened her eyes, trying to find a safe place to relive her last meal… miraculously, she spotted the toilet bowl only a foot away from her. She dived towards it desperately and spent the next few minutes waiting for the nauseous spell to end.

Finding the light switch was her next task and once that was accomplished she stood swaying unsteadily, looking around and wondering. "How the heck did I end up in the bathroom…?" she muttered, taking in the towels and patterned sheet on the floor that had acted as her bed.

She noticed a pile of fresh clothes from her own wardrobe stacked beside the bath tub. It was only when she looked down at herself that she realised she was wearing only a mismatched set of underwear and someone's jacket. It definitely smelled masculine.

Kagome, still only half-awake, shed the jacket and pulled on the fresh clothes, not really caring whether or not she buttoned all the buttons or zipped all the zips. She stumbled out of the bathroom, still feeling queasy, but tottered her way to the bed. She sighed comfortably as she slid under the cool covers and shifted until she was comfortable.

She got that odd, vague sense that this wasn't her bed. But then again, she'd been getting used to that feeling over the past week or so, so naturally it didn't perturb her…


Nothing but a total pain in the ass…

Inuyasha waited stiffly until she fell asleep again. She probably had no idea that she'd just crawled into bed with him, but he wasn't about to let her stay… not in his bed with that upset stomach. Plus, when she woke up she'd probably slap him and call him a pervert.

So he let her steal the blankets as she drifted off, and only when he was certain she was fast asleep he made his move.

Silently slipping out from under the covers, he padded around to her side of the bed and gently pulled the covers back. He tried not jostle her too much when he hooked his arms under her knees and around her back.

Then it was just a matter of transporting her back to her own room. A difficult task when Kagome insisted on lolling in every awkward direction while muttering something about 'Gerbils…' in her sleep. He rolled his eyes faintly, but kept his hold gentle as he carried her out of his room and down the hall her own door. Fortunately it wasn't locked and he manoeuvred to open it without waking the sleeping girl in his arms.

He noticed that he room was significantly tidier than his own, and even though she'd only been living in it for a week or so, he could tell that she'd already personalised it with her own scent. A pleasant feminine scent that radiated with softness.

He carefully set her down on the bed and drew the covers over her. She shifted in her sleep and snuggled into her pillow, murmuring a vague 'Thank you…" in her dreams.

"You won't be saying that in the morning." He said quietly, and resisted the urge to brush aside the lock of hair that had fallen across her face. He didn't want to become a total mother just yet. Instead he smiled slightly at the deceptively innocent image she portrayed when she slept. When she was awake she was nosy, annoying, and tended to like telling him what was wrong with him. Not that she didn't come across as innocent when she was awake… in fact he wondered if that was the first time she'd ever been drunk.

"Sweet dreams." He murmured softly before exiting the room and heading back to bed. He had a fight tomorrow and already he was behind on his sleep.

The thing that girl put him through.


"So… every time the red light goes off… the electricity stops?"

"That's right, so every time the red light goes off you can touch the fence." Sesshomaru told his darling little children.

The triplets stared at the mains box at the top of the electric fence that bordered the outdoor pool area, just behind the bushes. A little red light blinked back at them, a two second delay between each flash. "So…" A third of the triplet trio scratched his chin thoughtfully. "If we jump every time the light comes on - we'll avoid getting shocked!"

Sesshomaru smiled slightly. "Go knock yourselves out." He patted their dear little heads and turned to head back towards where Kikyo stood by the villa doors, leaving behind him the various shouts of the three boys who were now latched onto the fence. "Jump!… jump!… jump!… jump! - OW! What's wrong with you?!! You have no rhythm!"

Kikyo was shaking her head as Sesshomaru approached. "Why are you bringing them along? Or did you decide we just didn't have our hands full enough already?"

"Wife wouldn't take them. So I had to do it instead." He supplied simply, keeping his eyes trained on the villa. "So where's my younger brother?"

"Training," Kikyo glanced at her watch as the electric buzzing continued behind the bushes. "We should be leaving for the arena at eleven. Which reminds me…"

She put a hand to her ear-piece. "Sango, wake Kagome up. We're supposed to be leaving in an hour."

The triplets continued.

"Wait, wait - let's hold hands and then touch it!"


"Kagome - Kagome are you in there?!"

Someone was pounding on her head, she was sure of it. Kagome shifted under her covers with a slight grimace as her limbs and joints stiffened painfully for the movement. She opened her eyes and blinked rapidly as she took in her surroundings.

It was morning…

"Kagome?" The banging continued. "Hello?"

It was only then that she realised the banging was actually coming from the door and not from inside her own head. She sat up slowly and ran a hand over her wayward hair. "Sango?" she called back with a croak in her voice. She rubbed her throat.

"We're leaving in an hour, you better get dressed!" the other girl warned before leaving.

Kagome sniffed and inhaled deeply, chasing away the fatigue still riddling her mind. She looked down at herself… then blinked in surprise.

Why had she gone to bed in her clothes?

She sat there for a long moment, trying to remember what had caused her to forget to change into her pyjamas. And that's when it struck her… she just didn't remember at all. In fact she could remember nothing of what had happened the evening before.

This led to Kagome's panic attack.

"Uhh… uhh… my name is Kagome - Kagome Higurashi - I'm fifteen and I have a cat called Buyo!" she rattled off, relieved to know that she knew the important things. It seemed that only last night remained the mystery to her.

Although, it began dawning on her as her expression clouded over to anger, she remembered entering a party with a certain white-haired block-head… something about interestingly flavoured water… and then the rest happened to be one big racing blur.

"I'm going to kill him…" she whispered vehemently to herself as she put all the missing pieces together. "I'm going to kill him!"

AN: Apparently in one of the more recent character books by Rumiko Takahashi, she states that Inuyasha is actually only 15 years old. 0_0 Well that completely threw me… I had him pegged as 16 or 17 at the youngest.