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Preview of last chapter: Sango was woken up by the chills, again, later that night. She slowly rolled off her bed and hugged herself. Her tank top and shorts made the cool night air feel even colder to her bare skin.

'I distinctly remember this window being closed,' Sango thought to herself as she walked to the window and shut it once again.

She was about to turn and head back to bed when she felt a hot breath against the back of neck. It was then she felt the presence of someone behind her. Sango froze, unsure of what to do.

"Did you miss me?" the man behind her whispered against her neck.

'It can't be! I thought that that man and everything last night was just a dream,' Sango thought to herself as she began to freak out.

"My sweet virgin human you will satisfy my hunt for tonight," the man whispered.

Demon High

Chapter 2

Meeting New People & Warnings

Sango was frozen with fright as the man's hands found her shoulders. He gently squeezed as Sango felt his breath get closer to the back of her neck. The second that Sango felt his hair lightly brush against her neck she was brought out of her shaken state. Using whatever will power she had left she left out a blood curdling scream and wiped around and punched the guy in the stomach. The man flew back slightly by the force of the blow. Sango tried to get a good look at him, but lack of light in the room forbid it. The only thing that stood out was the dumb smirk on his face that she had seen the last time he showed up in her room. The light in the hallway shot on and the sound of Sango's mom could be heard coming up the stairs like thunder as she made her way to her daughter's room. After noticing the predicament the man dashed toward the window. He quickly pushed Sango aside in an attempt to break for the window. Sango, not expecting the blow, fell flat on her ass.

As he was about to jump out of the window she whispered to Sango, "A minor setback, but I will be back again. Just you wait."

With that he threw himself out the window just before Ms Nyuki threw Sango's door open in fright.

"What is it honey? I heard your scream from downstairs," Sango's mom stated as she rushed to her daughter's side.

Sango was still in a state of shock at the turn of events. Her mother knelt down and placed both hands of Sango's shoulders as she looked straight into her daughter's eyes.

"What happened?" Sango's mom asked calmly trying to hide the tremble beneath her voice.

Sango looked into her mother's eyes and she slowly came out of her state. She trembled at the remembrance of the guy's breath on her neck.

"There was a guy in my room he came in through the window. He scared the crap out of me and I screamed as I turned around and punched him. He heard you coming up the stairs so he quickly jumped out the window," Sango replied.

Ms. Nyuki just stared at her daughter in shock. However, when she saw Sango's distressed look she pulled the girl to her in a comforting hug.

"It's okay. I'm right here sweetheart," Ms Nyuki stated as Sango started to sob in her mother's arms out of fright.

Ms Nyuki just let her daughter cry. She didn't know what to say or do. It was a strange predicament. Sango's bedroom was a second story bedroom so how could a person jump out the window and not get hurt? Ms Nyuki wanted to question her daughter more, but she knew now wasn't a good time. Sango was obviously very frightened and didn't want the memory to be brought up. The two of them just sat on the floor until Sango's sobs had stopped.

"Don't worry we'll do something about it in the morning. I don't think that man will be back tonight," Ms Nyuki stated as she pulled Sango away at an arms length and looked her in the eyes, "For tonight, though, you can sleep in my room. Is that okay?"

Sango couldn't find her voice so she just nodded her head. Ms Nyuki smiled slightly as she stood up, bringing Sango with her, and the two left the room.

As Sango closed the door to her room, she looked back and thought, "Who is he? What is he and what does he want with me? All he does is mutter about me being a virgin human and satisfying his hunt. Nothing makes sense. For starters, how does he know I'm a virgin? Oh well, maybe I'll talk to Kagome about it in the morning."

With that said, Sango shut her bedroom door and followed her mom into the other bedroom.


The next morning Sango roses slowly out of her mother's bed. She yawned and tried to rub the sleep out of her eyes. She hadn't been able to sleep a wink last night after the events in her bedroom. Sango got down stairs and noticed another note on the kitchen table.


Good morning honey. Sorry I had to leave for work early today. I hope you're all right. I called a window specialist and they're coming out today to secure your window. Your lunch is in the refrigerator. I hope you have a good day. I'll be home around 5p.m. today. Don't forget the dinner is tomorrow. Love you sweetheart.



Sango gave a slight smile as she read her mother's note. She then looked over at the clock in the dining room and saw she was running late.

"Oh no I'm going to be late!" Sango yelled as she raced through her getting ready and flew out the door.

Sango opened the door to her classroom right as the bell rang. She quickly took her seat as Bankotsu-sensei entered the room and the entire class stood. He got in front of his desk at the front of the room.

"You may be seated," he stated as he walked behind his desk and the entire class sat down.

Sango sat down and sighed a breath of relief. Kagome looked over at her newfound friend.

"What's up? You seem really tired Sango-chan," Kagome quietly whispered to her friend.

Sango was about to respond when Bankotsu-sensei intervened, "Excuse me Miss Higurashi, is there something you'd like to share with the class?"

Kagome blushed slightly of embarrassment and responded, "No sensei."

"Very well then. I expect it to be quiet back there," Bankotsu-sensei stated as he turned his attention back to the board where he was writing down notes.

Sango turned her attention to the notes that Bankotsu-sensei was writing on the board. She was half way through copying them when a piece of paper landed right in front of her face. She looked at it quizzically and then turned to look at Kagome, who just smiled. Sango, finally understand, smiled back and quietly picked up the note and read it.

Sorry about that. So why are you so tired today?

Sango picked up her pencil and wrote her response.

I was woken up in the middle of the night by a strange guy getting into my room. It wasn't the first time either, but last night was the worst.

Sango folded the paper back up, checked to make sure Bankotsu-sensei wasn't looking, and then tossed the note over onto Kagome's desk. Kagome picked up the note and folded it to read it. Sango went back to taking notes, but would peek over at Kagome very few seconds to see her response. Sango noticed that as Kagome read the note, she got a little paler and her eyes went slightly wide. Kagome turned her gaze from the note, to Sango, and then quickly back to the note again. Sango watched as Kagome quickly wrote down a response and then tossed it back to Sango. They took turns passing the note back and forth the entire class period.

The note by the end of class read:

That's scary! What did he say? Did you get a good look at him?

I didn't get a good look at him because it was so dark out, but ever time he gets into my room, I see him do this weird smirk. He also keeps saying something about me being a virgin human and satisfying his hunt. Have you heard anything about it?

I see. Well…………um I have something I need to tell you about, but I can't do it now.

Okay, that's fine.

Hey, how about you come over to my house tonight.

Okay, I don't think there'll be a problem with that. It's a deal!


School finished uneventfully and soon Sango and Kagome were walking out the front gate of the school. They chatted about school until they reached Kagome's house.

"Be warned that my family can be a little…… weird to say the least," Kagome told Sango as she opened the front door to her house.

"I'm home!" Kagome yelled out into the house.

"Welcome back Kagome," a woman with short wavy black hair said as she stepped out a room on the right side of the hallway.

The woman smiled kindly toward Sango and Sango smiled back.

"Mom, this is Sango Nyuki. She's a transfer student from America is it okay if she stays over for dinner?" Kagome asked as she took off her shoes.

"Sure honey. It's nice to meet you Sango-chan," Kagome's mother said before she smiled once again and walked back into the kitchen.

"Come on let's go up to my room," Kagome said to Sango as Sango took off her shoes.

The two girls quickly ran up the stairs and entered Kagome's bedroom. The bedroom was about the same size as Sango. It was almost set up the same exact way too (think of how Kagome's bedroom looks in the anime). Kagome went over to her bed and sat down. She indicated to Sango to use the chair that was currently tucked under her desk. The two girls chatted together for about an hour before Kagome's mom called them down for dinner. Sango ate the dinner happily. It had been a while since she had had a real homemade meal. Sango also got to meet Kagome's grandfather and her little brother Souta.

"Souta, how old are you?" Sango asked as she set down her fork.

"I'm ten years old. Why?" Souta asked.

"I have a brother named Kohaku who's ten as well. He's over in America right now because he's sick and couldn't come with my mom and me to Japan. You remind me of him," Sango stated a little sadly. She missed her brother.

Souta got really excited at the sound of a possible friend, "Is there a way I can meet him?"

Sango smiled and said, "Well, you probably can't travel to America, but I can give you and address and phone number where you can reach him at. You'll have to left me tell him first otherwise he might find it weird that he's suddenly getting letters from you."

"Okay, that's fine. Maybe we could be like pen pals. That would be cool. I've never had a pen pal before," Souta said excitedly.

Everyone at the table laughed slightly. The clock in the living room chimed, telling the residents of the home that it was 7:00pm. Kagome quickly looked up at the clock and then at her mom. Her mom slowly nodded.

"Hey Sango, it's getting kind of late. How about I walk home with you?" Kagome said trying to hide the nervousness out of her voice.

Sango looked up at the clock and nodded, "You're right. I should head home. Thank you very much for the meal Mrs. Higurashi."

"No problem dear. Come back again," Kagome's mom said kindly as Sango bowed and then was led out of the room by Kagome.

The two girls put their shoes on and walked out the front door. The sun was setting so the sky was filled with shades of red, orange, and yellow. It was slightly cool out, showing that fall was just around the corner. It was a good thing that Sango only lived a block away from Kagome. Once the girls started walking, Kagome began to talk.

"Sango, do you remember that thing I need to tell you about?" Kagome asked quietly.

"Yeah. What was it that you needed to tell me Kagome?" Sango asked as she looked at Kagome curiously.

Kagome paused a second before she began to talk, "I don't mean to try and scare you, but after what you told me early today I figured I should let you know."

"Know what?" Sango asked as they rounded the corner and started walking down Kingsley.

"That house you moved into has quite a history. You see the owner of that house before you moved in was murdered there," Kagome quietly said under her breath.

Sango stopped dead in her tracks.

"What did you say?" Sango asked as she looked at her friend with a fearful look.

"There was a girl living there she was good friends with one of my… friends. She was a couple years older than us. On the night of a full moon she was murdered in her home," Kagome stated as she urged Sango to continue walking.

Sango lost all the words she had. She couldn't bring herself to speak. Kagome noticed her shocked state and grabbed onto her shoulders and shook her.

"Look, I didn't mean to frighten you, but I thought you should know. There are some things in this town that I can't quite explain to you right now, but you have to remember that you must always be cautious. There are things and people that roam this town that don't care much about human lives. I'm telling you this as a warning. This isn't a normal town so please be careful! I don't know who that guy is that keeps coming into your room, but do whatever you can to keep away from him," Kagome told Sango with an important and serious look on her face.

Sango swallowed the little bit of saliva that was in her mouth and nodded. She was still very confused as to what Kagome had just told her and all the new information had yet to sink in. Kagome hugged her friend and said her goodbyes as Sango entered her house. As Sango shut the door behind her the sun made it's final dip into the ground and disappeared from the sky. Kagome started walking down the street, but stopped and turned around as the transformation completed.

"Be careful. Be very careful," Kagome muttered to no one in particular before she turned around and started back home.


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