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Their walk home was relatively quiet and Miroku carried most of her bags for her. Once they reached Kingsley, Miroku handed her the bags again.
"Thank you for walking me home," Sango stated.
"No problem, but you should hurry," Miroku said.
"Hurry? Why?" Sango questioned.
"Because it's getting dark out," Miroku calmly stated.
"I think I'll be alright. I'm not afriad of the dark," Sango responded.
"That may be true, but in this town darkness brings upon a unique thing," Miroku stated calmly again.
"What are you talking about?" Sango asked slightly confused.
"Here darkness allows that which is hidden during the day to be brought forth," Miroku said as he looked Sango straight in the eyes as the last of the suns rays began to disappear, "Night is when the monsters come out to play."

Demon High
Chapter 4
Strange Revelations

Sango couldn't sleep that night. Miroku's words were imprinted into her mind and no matter how she tried they just didn't seem to want to go away. Something about them gave Sango the eeriest feeling she had ever had. So she lay awake in her own bed, watching the red digits on her alarm clock slowing change. It was now one in the morning and she still didn't feel the least bit tired.
'Maybe I'm coming done with a cold or something,' Sango thought to herself.
She unwrapped herself from her bed sheets and got out of bed. She quietly made her way down to the kitchen in hope of finding something to drink that might help her fall asleep. She peeked into her mom's room as she passed by and saw her in peaceful slumber. Sango smiled to herself. She was glad her mom was happy with the move. Sango had gotten less hostile about the move after she quickly made friends. She managed to creep down the stairs and made her way to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and pulled out the carton of milk and then got a glass to pour the milk into. She put the milk back and stood at the kitchen counter drinking her milk. Once she had finished she put her glass into the sink and turned to go back to her bedroom. However, as soon as she turned around she stopped cold. The dark figure stood right infront of her and before she had the chance to scream he pulled her right up against his body and covered her mouth with his hand.
"You won't be able to scream this time," he mocked.
Sango was in pure shock and fear.
'How did he get in?' she thought to herself.
He proceeded to hold her body even closer to him as he wrapped his free hand around her waist.
"I must admit, I quite like the position we're in," he commented with a smirk across his face.
Sango blushed as she realized what his comment meant. He was holding her so close that she could feel every inch of his body and she assumed he could feel the same. She attempted to move away, but realized it only made him clutch her closer. She then realized that her arms were free and she threw them up and yanked his hand off her mouth. However, he was quick. He quickly grabbed both her wrists with his free hand and before Sango could register what was happening, his lips had found hers. He kissed her roughly. He managed her open her mouth and stuck his tongue in. He rubbed his tongue against her teeth and search the rest of her mouth. Sango was completely flushed. Her first kiss had been stolen. She became completely confused and as he continued to ravish her mouth she felt herself become overwhelmed with emotions. The kiss, though rough, woke a feeling in her and she surprised herself when she began to kiss back. They stood there playing a tongue wars. However, Sango was brought back to her senses when her tongue found a very long, sharp tooth in his mouth. She quickly drew away from his mouth. It was then that she noticed the two fangs that stuck out as he smirked at her.
"Did you enjoy that my sweet?" he whispered as he walked around her until he was behind her.
"What and who are you?" Sango asked trying to get the trembling out of her voice.
Sango felt his hot breath on her neck, making the little hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.
"Don't you worry about it," he whispered against her ear, as Sango shivered from the sudden heat against her ear, "I'll be back again."
With that, Sango felt his appearance disappear. She quickly whipped around and found the spot empty. She realized she had been holding her breath. She fell to her knees and began to pant.
'What is going on? This must all be my imagination. There's no way a man could suddenly appear and disappear nor could he have fangs,' Sango thought to herself.
She slowly got back onto her feet and went back to her bedroom. She fell down onto her bed and just lay there. She brought her fingers up to her lips. She could still feel his pressence there.
"There's no way I could have imagined that. I've never even been kiss, so how would I know the after effect of one," Sango said to herself.
She rolled over in an attempt to go to sleep, but never succeeded in getting even a wink of sleep.
Sango dragged herself to school the next morning. Once she got into the classroom she sat in her seat and lay her head down. She was ten minutes earlier than she normally was and was not surprised to see that Kagome wasn't there yet. She was brought out of her light sleep when someone tapped on her shoulder. Sango looked up and came face to face with Kagome.
"You look horrible, what happened?" Kagome asked as she took her seat next to Sango.
"I didn't sleep at all last night, not one minute," Sango stated.
"Why?" Kagome asked as the teacher walked into the classroom.
"It's a long story. I'll tell you later," Sango said as she sat up and tried to look awake.
"Okay, by the way I think I found you a job, but I'll tell you about it later," Kagome whispered.
Sango nodded. The first half of the day passed by agonizingly slow for her. It took all her concentratation just to stay awake. Finally the bell rang, signifing the start of lunch. Sango grabbed her lunch and stood up.
"I'll meet you on the roof. I have to buy my lunch," Kagome said before she turned and left the room.
Sango nodded and then watched as Kagome left the room. She followed shortly after, but turned in the opposite direction. She reached the stairs and slowly started up the stairs. She was about half way up when her vision became blurry and she took another step, but slipped. She felt herself falling, but blank out . The last thing she heard was someone call her name.
"..ango. Sango. Sango!" a voice said as it slowly became louder.
Sango reconized the voice, but couldn't quite remember who it belonged to. She felt the warmth of another body right next to her. It felt so comfortable that she could feel herself falling asleep.
"Sango! Are you okay?" the voice said sounding urgent.
Sango slowly forced her eyes to open. It took her vision a few seconds to adjust, but she soon realized she was face to face with a very concerned Miroku.
"Thank goodness you're okay," Miroku said as Sango just stared at him dumbfoundly,
"What happened?" Sango asked as she tried to regain her bearings.
"Well, that's what I would like to know. I was heading up the stairs and turned the corner just in time to see you falling back. You're lucky I was here or you would have gotten seriously hurt," Miroku said concerning slightly laced in his voice.
"Thank you Miroku. I didn't sleep last night so I'm a little fatigued," Sango said.
It was then that Sango realized the situation she was in. She was currently being cradled to Miroku. Her head had been resting against his shoulder. His arm was currently wrapped around her back. Blush quickly rose into Sango's cheeks. She quickly attempted to stand, but found she still wasn't quite stable.
"Watch it!" Miroku shouted as he stood up in time to catch her for the second time.
This time Sango fell back against his chest. His arms instinctly wrapped around her stomach from behind in order to hold her up. Sango remained frozen for a minute, still stunned at the sudden situation she had jsut created, again.
"Are you sure that you're okay?" Miroku asked from behind her.
Sango nodded and slowly pulled herself out of his grip.
"I'm fine. I just need to rest a bit," Sango said as she have him a small smile.
She went to go pick up her lunch, but Miroku beat her to it.
"I'll take it. You just be careful," Miroku stated.
Sango thanked him again and then proceeded to head up the rest of the stairs to the roof while Miroku followed closely behind. It wasn't long after they got up on the roof when Kagome and InuYasha joined them. They ate lunch and neither Sango or Miroku said anything about the incident on the stairs.
"So about that job, meet me after school and we'll head there. It's a little ways away so InuYasha is going to drive us since he has to work tonight anyway," Kagome said.
"Okay, sounds good. I'll call my mom later to tell her," Sango stated a little more awake then she had been eariler.

The rest of the school day passed by faster than the first half for Sango. Luckily she had no more fainting spells. The end of the day came and Sango phoned her mom. Before she knew it, Sango was in a car with Kagome and InuYasha. They were in the car for about fifteen minutes before InuYasha pulled into a parking lot. Sango stepped out the car and looked at the building infront of her. It was an old building, but something about it gave Sango a comforting feeling. She followed Kagome and InuYasha into the building.
"Ah, welcome Kagome, InuYasha," an elder woman said from behind a counter.
"Hi Kaede-sama. This is Sango. The friend I was telling you about," Kagome said as she led Sango behind the counter.
Kaede walked up to Sango and took her hand.
"It's nice to meet you Sango. Kagome's told me much about you," Kaede stated, "My child, you look absolutely exhausted. Let me get you something to help you get rid of that fatigue."
Sango looked curiously at Kagome. Kagome giggled because of the look on Sango's face.
"Don't worry about it. Kaede-sama is a healer. She treats people's illnesses and also sells the herbs to make the treatments," Kagome explained.
With the explanation, Sango relaxed. Kaede came back with a small cup of tea and a small magenta pendent.
"It's an old herbal remedy," Kaede said as she handed the cup to Sango.
Sango placed the cup to her lips and drank the entire thing down. It had a sweet taste to it and instant Sango felt a little more energized.
"Thank you very much. I wish I would have had some of this in the morning," Sango said with a smile on her face and then she noticed the small pendent, "That's a really pretty pendent. What's it for?"
Kaede handed the pendent to her, "They are protection necklaces. I want you to have them."
Sango looked at her slightly confused, "Why are you giving them to me?"
"It's to protect you," Kagome answered.
"Protect me? From what?" Sango asked as Kagome took one of the necklaces and clasped it around Sango's neck.
"Do you remember how I told you about how this town isn't normal?" Kagome asked.
Sango remembered the conversation clear as day, "Yeah, why?"
"That is the reason behind the necklace. I'm assuming Kagome hasn't told you everything," Kaede stated.
"What do you mean everything?" Sango asked as she realized her heart was starting to beat a little faster.
"This town is filled with demons and monsters Sango," InuYasha spoke for the first time.
Sango looked at him in disbelief.
"You're kiding right? This is all just some kind of....," Sango said, but stopped suddenly, "The man last night, he had fangs."
With that Sango's knees gave out and she fell to the floor. Kagome was quickly at her side.
"I know it's hard to believe, but there is two things you must understand," Kagome stated, "One, not everyone in the town is a demon or monster as you can verify because you and your mother are only humans. Second, not all demons and monsters are evil or bad."
"Wait a minute," Sango said, "What do you mean and me and my mom are only humans? Does that mean..."
Kagome nodded before saying, "InuYasha and I are demons. Well, he's half dog demon and I'm a cat demon."
"That explains why you two fight a lot like cats and dogs," Sango sarcastically said.
Kagome smiled.
"You're lucky InuYasha isn't in the room," Kagome muttered.
"I heard that," InuYasha shouted from the back room.
The whole group laughed. Sango stopped and thought for a second before asking, "If you guys are demons, then why do you look human?"
"We are humans by day. At night the demon blood takes over and we become demons. The demon side doesn't take over completely, except for some people. That's why I told you to be careful. By the sounds of it, the man who has been coming in your home is a vampire, so that means he's not necessarily a demon, but more of a monster," Kagome explained.
"So then, the two people outside my window the day I moved in were demons," Sango stated.
Kagome giggled slightly, "Actually that was InuYasha and me."
Sango looked at her and then laughed, "So that's why you looked familiar on the first day of school."
Kagome nodded.
"Sorry to break the happy moment, but Kagome you should be getting Kagome home before it becomes too late," Kaede said.
"You're right. Come on Sango. InuYasha I'm borrowing your car!" Kagome stated.
Kaede walked with Kagome and Sango out to the car. As the two girls climbed in the car Kaede said one final thing.
"Make sure you give that other pendent to your mother," Kaede said, "And Sango you must keep that pendent on you at all times. It will protect you from the bad demons and monsters in this town. If you ever take it off, you might not get away with your life."

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