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Originally Posted to At First Tweak on March 22, 2011.

Prompt # 40- Splash

Title: Bath Time
Author: ananova
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Universe: Canon
Word Count: 260
Summary: Inuyasha takes matters into his own hands after another visit by Kouga.
Warnings: none

Inuyasha growled as he pried himself up from an osuwari-induced meeting with the ground in time to see Kouga hug a startled Kagome before taking off in his trademark whirlwind. 'Damn it, now she's gonna smell like fucking ookami for the rest of the day!' he thought angrily as he glared at the fading dust cloud.

A flustered Kagome turned to face him trying to pretend nothing had happened. “W-well, I guess we should keep going.” She looked at Inuyasha expectantly.

“Feh! If you think I'm carrying you and getting the stink of ookami all over me, think again.” He glared. Turning his head to avoid seeing the expression on her face an idea came to him. 'Should I?' he wondered before an evil grin appeared on his face. Why not? It would get rid of the smell and provide revenge for the 'unjustified' osuwari.

He moved closer to her and she turned, smiling at his apparent change of heart. Her look soon changed to confusion when he picked her up instead of allowing her to climb onto his back. “You need a bath wench” he said before tossing her into the nearby stream.


He grinned smugly as he watched her sputter to the surface. “Well, what are you waiting for wench? Hurry up, we got jewel shards to find.” He smirked as he watched from the bank as the fuming girl stomped her way out of the water.

“IN-U-YA-SH-A!” she ground out through gritted teeth as she stomped towards him. “OSUWARI!”

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