InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Kagome and the Pirate Captain, The Silver Hanyou (old version) ❯ Pillaging Ports and Stealing Ships ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5: Pillaging Ports and Stealing Ships-

After hiking for 6 hours, everyone was getting hot and tired. The girls even loosened their bodices. Kagome was a few steps behind their hot-tempered captain. Kagome almost envied Sango. Miroku made sure she was happy and comfortable. Whenever anyone suggested to make Kagome any more comfortable, the captain would loudly growl at them. Finally they reached the port.

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They hid in the trees right outside the town. Inuyasha was in a tree to observe his targets. They heard him laugh hardily. He jumped down and told the men.

"There is a huge Barain's ship at the dock unguarded. We need supplies as well. Miroku and Charley. I'll leave you two the ship and hiding the wenches. Henry, Samuel and Paul with help me steal some booty."

The men all chuckled and cheered in agreement till they heard Kagome say,

"Are you guys serious? You are going to---"

Miroku laughed and put his arm around Kagome. The Captain growled lightly, but Miroku continued,

"Kagome, we are pirates. This is what we do, we---"

"We don't need to listen to you wenches! Miroku and Charley. Take them and secure our escape."

The Captain ordered. But then Sango spoke up,

"Are you sure only you 4 can do it?"

They all laughed.

"Watch us!" The Captain smirked as the 3 guys got on his back and bounded away. Kagome still couldn't believe how strong and agile he was.

"Don't worry Kagome, they are awesome! Let's get to the ship so we can watch!" Shippou was very excited.

Before anything could happen, Charley and Miroku grabbed the girls and ran to the docks.

They successfully got onto the ship and started to prepare it to sail. Kagome watched in horror as the four single-handedly ransacked the village, killed law enforcements, and burn some houses. Kagome's heart felt like it was burning with those houses. She watched as mothers screamed and ran with their children. The Captain could confront them and scare them and looked like he was hunting them - sometimes behind buildings and she couldn't tell what happened. Kagome's horror grew with a few of the other pirates killing shop keepers. She looked over to Shippou who was cheering them on. Sango watched with almost the same amount of horror. Finally when the pirates were done, they jumped on the captain's hands so he could throw them back on the ship. The Captain had huge bags of booty and jumped onto the deck. The owner of the ship ran towards them. Samuel shot him dead. Kagome couldn't take anymore. She ran to go under the deck, but the Captain grabbed her wrist. She tried to struggle from his grip.

"Let me go you murderous, low down bucket of---"

"Shut up, wench! Go help them draw up anchor."

"Bugger off! I hope you hang you--- you---"

She dropped limp. The captain lifted her back up and yelled,

"You will do as I say, Wench!"

Kagome just stared off into space, in shock,

The captain growled and yelled,

"Fine! If you are going to be a disobedient wench, then I'll have too---"

"Captain! We need your help on the anchor!"

Miroku yelled.

The captain threw her acrossed the deck and she just laid in shock. She couldn't believe what she had witnessed. She couldn't believe she was stuck with him. She couldn't believe anyone was so ruthless and merciless. And yet so gorgeous. It reminded her of what the Bible said about Satan. He's most beautiful of all of God's creation, but the most evil.

After the anchor was up, Sango picked up Kagome and tried to take her under, but the captain barked. "

Give her to me!"

Sango turned to him, holding Kagome. She stiffly said,

"She is in shock, please leave her be."

"Shock of what? She's with me! The Silver Hanyou! The worst pirate of the 7 seas! She should have prepared herself. This pillage was a cakewalk compared to or usual ones. She just---"

Kagome jump out of Sango's arms and ran as fast as she could under the boat. She ran into a cabin that looked like the first mate's she felt the ship begin to move. She jumped on the bed and began to cry into the pillow. The Captain grabbed her wrist and flipped her over on the bed forcefully, knocking the air out of her. He pinned both of her wrists on the bed. She closed her eyes with tears running out of them, trying to hold them in. The Captain got so close to her, she felt him breath on her.

"Get up." He growl through his teeth.

She tensed up and turned her head to the side. He grabbed her chin and forced her to face him.

"Open your bloody eyes!" He barked.

She slowly opened them but looked to the side.

Something snapped inside of him. He felt pain and regret. His face tried to stay angry. Her eyes were scared and sad. Her lips and face were pale and she had deep circles under her eyes.

He had finally done it.

She was broken.

She wasn't vibrant and stubborn. And she was crying.

He smiled out of satisfaction. He opened his mouth to make fun of her, but something kept him from saying it. He wanted so badly to say,

"Wimpy Wench! Are you crying because you saw blood and what I really do? You are such a chicken! You make me sick!"

But something kept him from saying it, but something happened that drew the last straw.

She looked into his eyes. They were filled with pain, malice, hate, anger, loathing and other awful stuff. It shocked her inside that the captain's eyes turned to fear and regret.

He felt her fists clinch so bad, her nails drew blood. For the first time in his life, he was scared, sorry, and other emotions he used to be numb too. He closed his eyes. He loosened his grip and got up from the bed. She watched as he left quietly, then she heard him run.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Sango stood at the bow of the ship, staring onto where they were heading. She too was in shock. Never in her life has she seen such an awful sight and it hurt that somehow, Miroku was apart of it. She shook her head,

`Why do I even think about that perverted---thing!'

She thought.

"Sango!" She heard him call.

She took a huge breath and walked up to her captor, refusing to look into his eyes.

"I want to talk to you," He said, taking her hand. She yanked it away. He said quietly,

"I'm sorry you and Kagome-sama had to see what you did today."

She smiled a bit but he softly said,

"There's something else."

She looked up at him with the saddest look he had ever seen,

"Kagome-chan is my best friend! Ever since I was 9, there has not been a moment without her near. It's killing me that she needs me, but that tyrant won't let me near her!"

Sango began to get tears in her eyes.

Miroku slowly drew her in as she cried on his shoulder. Surprisingly not doing anything hentai.

She felt safe in his arms. She tried not to think about the fact that he has probably killed people.

He held her until she stopped. She drew away from him and smiled at him.

"Thank you" She smiled

"You are welcome." He said.

She smiled until she felt something was on her chest. He was groping her---again.

The whole ship rang out in the quick sound of a slap.

*````*`*~*~*~*`*~*`*`*~*~*~**~*`*`*~*~**`*~**`*`**`*`*~**`*`*~* ~**~*`*~*

Kagome laid on the bed staring out of the small cabin window. The sky was blue, orange and pink, giving a hint that it was sunset. She was unaware of the eyes that were staring at her from around the doorway. The feeling of fear was quickly fading. He barged in and grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her off the bed.

"What are we doing?" She flatly said. No fear in her voice, just distant.

"Shut up! How many times do I have to bloody tell you not to talk unless YOU are told to?!"

He barked. He quickly looked behind him too see she was like a zombie. She had a blank look on her face following him. He stopped and held her chin tightly.

"Stop pretending to be in shock and playing your game. I won't have it! If you continue like this---" He got a devious smile on his face, "---Then I'll break you completely."

He smiled bigger at the pure look of horror on her face.

"You'd have a choice though, lashing or---" Before he could finish, she yanked herself out of his grip and stood stiff, looking away. His smile faded into a growl. He grabbed her and pulled her up the stairs,

"I don't have enough time to watch you be a drama queen!"

He pushed her up onto the deck. She saw Sango yelling at Miroku. Miroku spotted Kagome and the Captain.

Then as he was dragging her, one of the pirates yelled,

"Captain! You have to look at this!"

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