InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Meet you again. ❯ Chapter 2

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Kagome was leaving the house and her eyes stopped at the little sanctuary. She opened the door and entered in. Than she took a candle and put it on the ground in front of the statue of priestess Midoriko, who died 500 years ago and create Shikon no Tama. Than Kagome went to school.
At her way to school she met Sango who was arguing with Miroku. Kagome smiled and stayed between them. “Hi, nice day, isn't it?” Miroku looked at her and smiled. “Yes, it is and thank you for saving my life. If you wouldn't come, she'll kill me.” “Miroku, why don't you try to buy her roses and give it to Sango? She'll be more happy than if you are trying to take her attention with your way.” She slapped his hand. He looked at them with face of innocent kid, grabbed his hand with the other hand, “Bad hand, very bad hand!” he said and the girls started to laugh. The couple begun to walk and car stopped newt to them. Inuyasha opened the car door. “Do you want to drive to the school?” He came to Kagome, grabbed her hand and looked at others. “Come on, or we will be late.” his second hand caught Kagome's waist and helped her to the car. Sango and Miroku were unbelievable looking at him. “I can't believe to my eyes.” Sango whispered. “Me too, but we will be really late, when we will looking at them like calf at the new gate.” They get into the car.
Inuyasha was holding steering-wheel with only one hand and in the second hand he still hold tight Kagome's hand. In curve he stopped holding her hand. She founding her palm a slip and read it. “I'm really sorry, about yesterday. I didn't have a good day. So if I scare you, I'm apology.” She looked at Inuyasha with a question in her eyes. He just smiled.
They came at the school and want to the class. Kagome and Sango took their seats, but Miroku stopped Inuyasha in front of the door of class. “I want to talk wit you.” Inuyasha looked ironic at Miroku. “If you want to thanks for driving you here, don't do a force on yourself.” Miroku caught Inuyasha's arm. “I'm just want to tell you : Let Kagome be, she isn't like other girls in school.” Inuyasha looked again at Miroku and his eyes was tender “I know that, she is unique.” His eyes changed back to ironic and cold. “Don't stay in my way.” He entered the class.
Behind Miroku appeared teacher Tendo. ”Is any problem here, Mr. Nagoya?” “No, sensei.” “Than take your seat.”
At the History class.
Tendo was walking between the desks. ”I have two good news for you. The first is waiting behind the door. And the second it, that you will be doing a project about anything you want, but it have to be connected with history. I'll divide you to the couples. But now” he came to the door and opened it, “I have a pleasure to introduce to you a new student” in the class came girl, for a little similar from Kagome ,”Ms Kikyo Narumi.” Kagome and Inuyasha were shocked. Inuyasha was looking alternate at Kagome and Kikyo. “What's happening” he thought “they are two? But who is my angel?”
Very fast flashback.
In forest Inuyasha was holding raven haired girl. ”You are my tenshi.” The girl with no face said “We'll meet again, promise.” Inuyasha smiled at her. “sure we will.”
End flashback
Kagome was looking at Kikyo. “Why are you looking like me?” she thought.
“Kagome!“ another girl screamed and shout the arrow. The arrow hit Kagome in to the back and she felt on the ground. Kikyo came to her. “He will never be yours! Just mine. Farewell, angel.
End Flashback.
Tendo cough Kikyo's hand. “Please take the seat. And now back to the project. The couples are: Sorata-Yuka, Sango-Hojo, Miroku-Karen,”Kagome thought”Kami please, I don't want to be in couple with Inuyasha.” “……Inuyasha-Kagome.” “Damn it” she thought.
“Tomorrow I want to have the headlines of your project. “Tendo looked at Kikyo and than at Kagome. “Now, I'm really curious, what will happen? Will you fight my dear Kagome, or will you fall again?” he thought. Kagome looked at Tendo and gained her hand. “Mr Tendo, Why I have to be in couple with Taisho?” Tendo narrowed eyes. “Kagome I don't have a reason because I'm a teacher.” The ring belled. “Ok, you have a break.” He left the class.
Kikyo came to Inuyasha. “Hi, why I have a feeling, that I met you somewhere?” she smiled at him and looked directly in his eyes. “I really don't know and if you excuse me, I have a work to do.” He stood and left the class.
“Kagome can you help me with the math? It's really spain village for me.” asked Sango. Kagome smiled at her. “Ok, but can you wait for a little? I have to go to the library, and after than I can teach you Spanish.” She left class and went on the fourth floor to the library.
She was walking between bookcases and trying to find a history section. She went round the corner and found Inuyasha with book of History. He smiled at her.”I knew, that you will come. I found the book. On what project”, he came closer to her, “do you want to work on?” His nose touched hers. She pulled him away. “When you will acting like this, I wouldn't work at any project with you.” She turned away and starting to walk away. He smiled. “Do you know what?” he started to following her, “you are my sin. I want you to love me, tenshi.” His voice was calm but hoarse. Kagome ran away from him. Inuyasha's face was dark. “I have to meet you my angel, you can't running away every time.” He thought. “We still have a promis.”