InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Mobile Dating ❯ First Encounter ( Chapter 1 )

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Arthur’s Note: Used to be called ‘Online Dating’ but changed and edited the story, to keep up to date with society’s ever so advancing technology.

Mobile Dating

Story Summary:

Kagome's a college student & Sesshoumaru's a successful business man. They text each other all the time & have met many times before, but they do not know this. They both have problems in life to deal with and so they turn to each other for comfort.

CHAPTER ONE: First Encounter

Whoever said College was a breeze-lied! Then again, if she hadn't taken so many classes in one semester maybe she wouldn't have to deal with the problem at hand. She ran her hand through her long dark hair in frustration and sighed. She forced her eyes to remain on the pages and her brain to obtain the information she was reading, but it refused to obey.


She slammed the book shut and took a deep breath to relax her mind. Placing the Math book aside, she decided to start working on her English essay instead. Getting off the bed, she made her way toward her desk to sit down and turned on her laptop. The assignment was to write an analysis on'Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant'. She was to find an article that represents the complexity of the story.

"Yah...whatever that's supposed to mean." The young girl, who went by the name Kagome Higurashi, exclaimed.

She shook her head and started searching on the net. In about an hour and a half, Kagome had found four articles. She was re-reading them and deciding which one to use when the sound of her cell going twit twit; indicating an incoming text, interrupted her. It was from her friend Eri. She couldn’t help but smile at the message.

Eri: I got it!! Four tickets to go see ‘Band of Seven’!! Front row seats.

Kagome: My share better be there :p

Of course! We’ll talk more tomorrow.  The shower’s finally free. Have to hurry or the brat’s gonna hog it.

Kagome: Okay, G’nite!

Before Kagome could place the phone down on the table, she received another text, but this time, it was from an unknown person.  The text was from someone by the name of TTC and only ‘J’ was sent. Curious, Kagome decided to text back.

Kagome: Hello?

Kagome sat and waited for a reply, but it never came. Determined to know the person that had mysteriously gained her number, she began to type another message.

Kagome: Okay, who are you and why did you just message me?!

Not a moment later and she received a replied.

TTC:I did no such thing.

It was a short and simple message but it angered her. Maybe it was the fact that she was stressed from the load of homework or the fact that she just recently broke up with her boyfriend. It could also be because her mom was currently seeing someone else after four years of being a widow...who knows. The fact was, Kagome was not pleased and her anger and stress was now directed towards the mysterious person.

Kagome: I wouldn't be messaging you if you didn't in the first place, y'know. I do have a life..thank you very much.

TTC:  I highly doubt that.

Kagome:What?! Who are you to tell me who I am?

TTC:You are unworthy to know my true name. I advise you refrain yourself from insulting me. For it is you, who do not know me.

"Why, you arrogant bastard!" After a minute of trying to calm herself down, Kagome noticed how late it really was and decided to call it a night. As she tried to sleep, she couldn't help but think about a certain arrogantTTC until she finally fell asleep.

"Kagome, get up! You're going to be late for school!"

"Urgh...just one more minute..."

"Kagome Higurashi, you get your ass up this instant!" the voice hollered.

Kagome opened one eye to see her mother staring down at her. She quickly, or as quickly as she could manage while still half asleep, got off the bed and washed up for school. After spending 15 minutes deciding what to wear for school, she went downstairs for breakfast.

"So, what are we having today?"

"Eggs and bacon...the usual." The boy with long black hair answered.

She walked past him and messed his hair up before taking a seat beside him.

"Hey!" he exclaimed.

"Y'know Souta, you should really cut that hair of yours. It's getting too long. Soon you'll look like a girl." Kagome teased.

"Well, at least one of us does."

Kagome narrowed her eyes and grabbed an apple on the table, attempting to endure a certain little brother of hers. But as usual, her mother prevented such action.

"Food is for eating, not for playing..." Mrs. Higurashi scolded, while placing two plates of food on the table. "..Now eat up or you BOTH will be late for school."

"Why are you so dressed up?" Kagome asked. "Don't tell me you're seeing him so early in the morning."

Mrs. Higurashi smiled and her face lit up at the mention of her'boyfriend'. "I told Takasu that I have shopping to do today and he offered to help. Don't worry; I will be back before you both return from school."

At the mere mention of the name, Kagome lost her appetite. "I don't know why you bother seeing him..."

"Kagome, we've talked about this already."

"...And nothing has changed!"

Kagome got up and headed out the door, ignoring the calls of her mother. She walked the four blocks to school, while trying to think about anything but her mother's boyfriend. Her father had only died four years ago and she was already seeing other people. There should be a rule regarding time period of mourning and dating.So deep in thought that Kagome failed to see where she was going and bumped straight into someone.

The books she was carrying scattered onto the ground. She could feel herself falling backward and braced herself for the impact, but it never came. Before Kagome hit the hard cement, a strong arm wrapped itself around her small body and pulled her upright. She was then greeted with two golden eyes, which burned deeply into her own crystal blue eyes. Never in her life had she ever seen such beautiful eyes.

When she was released, Kagome took several steps back for a better view of her savior. She noticed the long silver hair and instantly assumed it belongs to a girl, but further inspection told her otherwise. This 'girl' was actually a tall and very attractive looking guy. Kagome, who was 5'5 only reached his shoulder length. He looked around the age of 25-28. It was hard to determine. He may look his age but when Kagome look into those golden eyes of his, she saw wisdom beyond anyone his age and loneliness from the depth of his soul. To say Kagome was confused would be an understatement. She was downright lost. It also didn't help with the way he kept staring at her. If she didn't know any better, she would think he looked somewhat irritated but she didn't know for sure because his expression never changed for a second.

"I'm sorry..."

Before she could finish her apology, he stepped passed her and continue walking the way she came from. Kagome could only stare at his back in disbelief as he turned a corner and disappeared out of her view. Feeling a little hurt but not letting it get to her, she gathered her fallen books and ran the rest of the way to school. Never once did the golden eyes guy left her mind. A habit she was slowly picking up since last night.

The sun was shining brightly; people were busy getting to work or to school. Some were expecting a wonderful day to come, but not for Sesshoumaru Tashio. He already knew what kind of day was in store for him. Last night was the most stressful day of the month. Words just arrive that half his employees was bought out by his current competitor, Naraku Onigumo. The thought of his name angered and disgust Sesshoumaru all at once. Naraku was a man of greed and a vile creature who would do anything in his power to get what he wanted. All of the Industrial Technology Corp; except for Sesshoumaru's, had been bought out by Naraku. Those who refused to sell it to him, their companies had mysteriously burned down or went bankrupt and their owners were nowhere to be found. Now only Sesshoumaru's TTC, known as'Tensaiga Technology Corporation'Naraku's OTC known as'Onigumo Technology Corporation'was the remaining suppliers. Sesshoumaru had over hundreds of different branches throughout the world and more are on their way. Naraku was not far behind. Competition was heating up by the minute.

Sesshoumaru still could recall last night's meeting with Naraku. Once again, Naraku seek him out and tried to offer partnership if TTC and OTC become one branch, after failing to buy his way into his company.

"Just think what that would mean...people will have no choice but to pay for their use of our technologies and we can market it at any price we find profitable." Naraku explained as a smile developed on his wicked face. "Together, we can accomplish more. Why waste the effort of competing against each other, when such energy and mind power could be put to better use? Imagine the possibilities..Sesshoumaru."

"I have...and it does not concern you or your company. I will do as I please with my own company. I do not wish to further waste my time speaking of such nonsense."

"My my, Sesshoumaru, and here I thought you were a man of vision."

"I am but it does not involve you." Sesshoumaru stated, in his calm and collected voice, thus, ending the meeting.

He then went back to his office to start working on his new and top-secret invention when his work was interrupted by the most annoying thing that he regretted to ever agree to fund. The message was brief but he ignored it like any other things he detested. Another message was sent after the first one by the same sender. This time, he answered. Soon after, what looked like a debate or argument, ended before it started. He silently cursed himself for letting Rin use his phone, again. She ended up texting some random person for fun. He was using the company’s phone, as his was accidently dropped in the toilet yesterday by Rin, his adopted daughter. He already ordered a new phone to be delivered today but in the meantime, looks like he’d have to use what he can.

Sesshoumaru sighed as he reached his destination. He looked up at the stairs leading to the temple. He promised Rin that he would go to the temple and get her some charmed she requested for her project. Sure, he could have asked one of his employees to finish the task for him but Sesshoumaru likes to handle his personal things-personally. Plus, he promised Rin he would pick it up himself. Also, he promised to meet with her at her school for lunch every twice a month and today was it. He cursed himself for caring so much for a girl who he hardly knew until two years ago.

An old man around the age of 60 stepped out of the temple and greeted him. After telling him what he wanted, the old man went inside and returned with the charm Sesshoumaru requested. As Sesshoumaru was heading toward his car, he couldn't help but thought back to the girl he previously came across. He was getting out of his car when she collided into his body. Only with his reflex was he able to catch her before she hit the ground. Aside from her attractive figure and face, she had the most amazing blue eyes he'd ever seen. They were so pure and innocent; it reminded him a lot of Rin. Too bad he wasn't in the best of mood at the time. Also, the fact that he was running rather late did nothing to help the situation or Sesshoumaru would have stayed. For what purpose? He had no idea. He only knew at that moment that he felt complied to, but resisted.

He shook his head to clear his mind of the thoughts. Now was not the time to be thinking of women. They were the primary reason men were so weak and did such foolish things. Just as he reached his car, his cellular phone rang. "This better be important." He stated coldly.

"You're so funny." The voice giggled. "Sorry Sess. but Rin forgot to mention that today there will be an open house at Renferd College. If it's no trouble, could you meet me there instead?"

"Rin, you are 12. You started high school just last week."

"Rin knows, but Rin wants to get an early start." Rin answered quietly.

"When will you be done?!"

"Oh, thank you! Rin will need about an hour. Sess. can come pick Rin up at noon." Rin answered cheerfully and hung up.

Sesshoumaru got into his car and tossed his phone onto the seat beside him. Before starting the engine, he sat and took a deep breath.When had the great Sesshoumaru become a nanny?thought to himself as the engine purred, and he headed off to work