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"You're so funny." The voice giggled. "Sorry Sess. but Rin forgot to mention that today there will be an open house at Renferd College. If it's no trouble, could you meet me there instead?"

"Rin, you are 12. You started high school just last week."

"Rin knows, but Rin wants to get an early start." Rin answered quietly.

"When will you be done?!"

"Oh thank you! Rin will need about an hour. Sess. can come pick Rin up at noon" Rin answered cheerfully and hung up.

Sesshoumaru got into his car and toss his phone on the seat beside him. Before starting the engine, he sat and took a deep breath.When had the great Sesshoumaru become a nanny?thought to himself, as the engine purred and he headed off to work.

CHAPTER TWO: Getting To Know You

After the first week of school, the second was a killer. Homework was pilling up by the minute. The only class that was even considered a period of relaxation was computer class.

"Once you have finished the assigned work, the remainder of the period will be yours to spend. Talk to your friends if you must, but be quiet about it, and be seated where you are." The teacher instructed.

"Don't forget to hand it in at the end of class; it will be 15% of your overall mark. I advise you to finish it and finish it well."

Soon after, the only sound could be heard was the sound of fingers rapidly typing away on keyboards. One person in particular was working extra hard. Kagome had finished the assignment half an hour earlier but instead of handing it in, she sat and used the remainder of the time to double-check her work and to check her emails. Sure enough the email she had been expecting showed up and she read it eagerly.

‘Twit twit’

At the sound, Kagome reached for her phone. It was from Eri. Kagome looked across the room to find Eri smiling at her.

Eri:Guess what?!


Eri:  The guys here at Renferd College are sooo hot. There's this guy in my gym class and god is he fine. Kagome, you should have seen him when he had to do 50 push-ups. I thought I was gonna die!

Kagome:Can you for once think about something else besides boys.

Eri:You are one to talk. What is this I hear about you breaking up with Kouga? Does this mean Hojo has a chance with you now? I mean that guy has been hung up on you since third grade.

Kagome shook her head in disbelief. It was amazing how the mention of her ex-boyfriend caused no pain whatsoever. Maybe it was the fact that she never really loved Kouga. He was always more of a friend than a boyfriend. As for Hojo, he was the sweetest guy Kagome had ever known but he was too sweet and she felt nothing except friendship towards him too. Maybe the problem lay within her and not the men she saw. Kagome didn't consider herself picky; she was just a girl who knew what she wanted and they were not what she wanted.

Just as Kagome finished typing a reply for Eri,was reminded of yesterday’s night event and guilt was creeping its way into her heart. She knew she was at fault yesterday too. Deciding then to apologize, she took the first step into something beyond her wildest dreams. Only she didn't know it yet.

Kagome:Hey! You don't have to answer this msg but I just want to apologize for my behavior yesterday night. It's no excuse but I was very much stressed and I took it out on you, so I apologize for my previous actions. Sorry.

A minute passed and a reply came. Kagome couldn't help but smile as she read the message.

TTC:I do not see any reason why I should not forgive you. Therefore, I accept your apology.

"Yep, arrogant all right!" Kagome said out loud, the smile turning into a frown.

Kagome:You don't have to be so arrogant about it. I said I was sorry.

TTC:As I previously stated, I accept your apology but do not expect anything more. I have no patience for insolent beings, such as yourself.

Kagome went from guilt to anger in world time record. She could not help herself.What was it about this guy that gets to me so easily?asked herself.

Kagome:You just can't have a decent conversation with me without angering me or constantly insulting me, huh?! Do you even have any friends. If you did, I doubt they stick around long.

TTC:My social life is of no concern to you. I do not see the purpose of being kind to those who show little respect for me.

Kagome:What?! You're the one who insulted me first, you bastard. I'll give you the respect you need when I see fit that you deserve it.

Eri:umm...Kagome, are you alright? You look kinda angry.

Kagome(to Eri):  Sorry, it's nothing.

TTC:I do not need to lower myself to someone like you.

Kagome:You don't even know me. All you have been doing is judging me and I don't even know you.

"Okay class. Time is up! Hand in your work at the front desk and enjoy the rest of your day." The teacher said.

All the students got up and each one handed in their work to the teacher. Kagome printed hers out and quickly handed hers in, then headed back to gather her belongings and to text good-bye to a certainTTC but the message she received stopped her.

TTC:You wish to know me?

Kagome:Well, that is the idea.

TTC:You are treading on dangerous ground.

"What?" Kagome exclaimed.What does he mean I'm treading on dangerous ground?

Kagome:That is for me to judge. Like you said, I'm 'treading on dangerous ground'. Are you afraid of what I might uncover? That the great TTC actually have something to hide?

"Hey Kagome! Are you coming or not?" Eri asked, while standing impatiently by the door.

"Wait, just give me a minute!"

TTC:A foolish mistake. But I will not back down from a challenge. You will see I do not fear you or what it is you assumed I hide.

Kagome:Okay, but what’s your real name anyways. It can’t really be TTC.

TTC:  You may refer to me as TTC.

Kagome sighed but accepted it. If he wasn’t willing to give his name, then there was no point in pushing.

Kagome:  Okay.

She gathered her books and met her friend by the door. Eri constantly talked about the guy she met as they headed out to lunch, while Kagome nodded in understanding but didn't say a word. Her mind was too occupied with her previous conversation.He made it sound like there will be hell to pay for getting to know him.

Sesshoumaru stopped texting after the ‘okay’. He didn't expect her to text him again. Actually, he didn't expect himself to be replying. At first he was annoyed but after talking to her, it felt pleasant. Not that he would admit to it or anything. He was mostly surprised when she said she wanted to get to know him better. It was a foolish idea but yet, the thought of talking to her again excited him, though he didn't know why. This was the second time they had messaged each other and yet he could sense a fire burning within her. The thought of challenging and taming a person like her brought out a feeling long ago forgotten. Since he was using the company’s phone, the caller ID was registered as TTC. He was bored. It will serve as a distraction for the time being. Something he really needed to take his mind off a certain competitor, who couldn't seem to take 'no' for an answer and made his presence known again that morning when he came for work.



A short man around the age of 50 stepped into the office and closed the door behind him. "My Lord...this just came from the youkai council."

"Place it on my desk." Sesshoumaru exclaimed, not once taking his eyes away from his work "And Jaken, prepare my car. I will be leaving in half an hour."

"But My Lord, where are you off to?"

Sesshoumaru stopped what he was doing and stared coldly at his assistance, or in youkai term, servant. Jaken backed off rapidly, lowered his head and fell to his knees. "F-forgive this lowly s-servant for q-questioning you, M-my Lord." He stuttered.

"Leave!" Sesshoumaru ordered. His attention once more was on his work at hand.

When half an hour passed, Jaken returned and informed him that his car was ready. Sesshoumaru closed his laptop and placed the charm in his pocket. Deciding to bring his work with him, he also took the computer with him, not that he ever left it at work. It's his personal laptop, containing too many secrets stored within it. He locked his office door and took the elevator to his own private parking area, where each row was lined with several different cars. He walked to the furthest row where he knew sat his favourite silver Celica. It was time to meet Rin at school.What was the name again? Oh yes, Renferd College.

It wasn't hard to find the school, considering it was the same direction where most the students were returning from lunch. Seems at this school, their lunch hours were different for everyone. As some students returned, others made their way out. Sesshoumaru stepped into the school and went straight into the office. He asked one of the secretaries; who was still working at the moment, for the information he required. She told him that the tour guide should be about done in five minutes and so he waited by the office door. With his keen hearing, even in his human form, he could make out a familiar female voice; one that he just recently heard that very morning. He didn't have to wait long until she turned the corner and stopped and stared at him with huge surprised eyes.

She looked exactly like she did that morning. With the surprised look on her face, he assumed she didn't expect to see him there. It didn't matter because neither did he expect her to be here, especially not at the exact school that he was to pick up Rin. At first he thought she was with the tour for the College open-house, but one look at the books she carried, he knew she went to school here. The world was really small after all.

"Wow, who's the hotty?"

"I should not have eaten so much." Kagome held her stomach in pain but despite it all, she still managed a smile. "But it sure was worth it."

Eri giggled at her friend's foolishness. "When's your next class?"

"In an hour or so," answered Kagome. Shifting the books she held in her left hand to her right as she held it close to her chest. "I'm planning on getting some work done before my class starts. God knows I won't be getting any work done at home. Not with my mother's new boyfriend and..."

Kagome stopped her sentence in mid-speech and stared at the person in front of her in bewilderment. There standing not far from her stood the guy she had been longing to see all day. He looked exactly like she last saw him.

"Wow, who's the hotty?"