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She looked exactly like she did that morning. With the surprised look on her face, he assumed she didn't expect to see him there. It didn't matter because neither did he expect her to be here, especial not at the exact school that he was to pick up Rin. At first he thought she was with the tour for the College open house, but one look at the books she carried, he knew she went to school here. The world was really small after all.

"Wow, who's the hotty?"

"In an hour or so," answered Kagome. Shifting the books she held in her left hand to her right, holding it close to her chest. "I'm planning on getting some work done before my class start. God knows I won't be getting any work done at home. Not with my mother's new boyfriend and..."

Kagome stopped her sentence in mid-speech and stared at the person in front of her in bewilderment. There standing not far from her stood the guy she had been longing to see all day. He looked exactly like she last seen him.

"Wow, who's the hotty?"


Kagome broke her eye contact with the person in front and turned to stare down at her friend Eri.

"Hehe..sorry. I've been hanging around Yura too long." Eri explained. "But seriously, who's the guy?"

Kagome return her attention back to the guy in front. He was slowly making his way towards her. The two embraced and shared a smile.


Kagome's hand made contact with the guy's cheek in time record. The guy released her and withdrew his hand; which had somehow managed to reach below her waist, to himself. He took a step back and touched his now swollen cheek.

"Never did get rid of that habit. Can you blame me when you still look as lovely as the day we parted?" he asked innocently.

"Miroku, you are the only guy I know who can take so many hits and still try to sweet talk your way out of it." said Kagome, shaking her head in disapproval. "Wait! I just received your email today, how'd you get here so fast?"

"Well my lady, first I hopped on the first plane there was and when I arrived, I emailed you the letter." He explained. "I thought I'd surprise you."

A giggle to Kagome's right caught his attention. He averted his eyes to the young woman beside Kagome and a smirk crossed his face. "Now, who might this lovely young lady be?" He stepped passed Kagome and took Eri's hand and placed a short kiss on it. "I have yet, the pleasure of knowing your name."

Kagome reached for Miroku's ear and gave it a turn. "Down boy!"

"Kagome, is this the guy you've been telling me about? What did you call him...oh yah, Miroku the pervert," said Eri.

"My, such language. Is this what you say about me when I'm not around? Kagome, I'm so very disappointed in you," he shook his head and gave Kagome his puppy look.

"Well, you're no angel," countered Kagome.

After the little play argument Kagome and Miroku had, Kagome introduced her friend Eri. Several minutes passed before Eri excused herself to attend her class, which left Kagome and her friend, Miroku, to discuss the problem at hand. Seems, he was in such a hurry to surprise her, he didn't even settle himself at a hotel yet. When Kagome asked where his belongs were, he said he left it at the airport, something about storing it there for safe keeping. After a little more debate, she was able to convince Miroku to stay at her family temple for the time being. On the condition that he kept his hands to himself, of course.

The original plan Kagome had, was to go to the library to get some work done but instead she spent it with her friend. Thirty minutes before her class started, Miroku insisted on walking Kagome to her next period.

"But we have to drop by the office for a minute." He stated.

Kagome tilted her head to one side in question but Miroku refused to explain. "You'll see..." he said.

"Wow, who's the hotty?"

"Clearly you and Eri have been hanging around each other too much." She turned back to face her ex-boyfriend. She didn't expect him to be here, more or less at the same school as she was. Their last meeting wasn't as pleasant as she recalled it.

That morning she accompanied her father, Naraku to TTC to discuss about merging the companies into one-again. Figured the man would take the hint, but no. She didn't want to go but being a person of no concern to other's feelings, he insisted she came along. She knew what his intentions were. He wanted to manipulate Sesshoumaru and what better way to do so by bringing along his ex-girlfriend.

Kagura has no feelings towards her so called father. He may have given her life but she owed him nothing. The only thing she felt for him, was hatred. If it wasn't for her younger sister's well being, Kagura would have left long ago. But the bastard held her sister Kanna; as he did to everything else, hostage. A man who cared for nothing and no one but himself; even his own blood, deserved no love from her. The one person that she ever truly cared for, no longer cared about her. Especially not after what she did and yet to this day, she still didn't regret it. There was no point. She was never a girl to look back into the past, but sometime it was very tempting.

No longer being able to stand the silence, Kagura was the first to spoke up. "What are you doing here, Sesshoumaru?"

"Sess!" A very excited and high pitched voice called, interrupting Kagura's question.

A girl around the age of 12 with long dark hair flung herself onto Sesshoumaru's muscular body. She held on tight, in what seemed like she was afraid he might disappear. "Rin apologize! It took longer than Rin expected."

Sesshoumaru stared down at the young girl who barely reached his waist. For someone at the age of 12, Rin still talked in third person and was very short for her age. He didn't blame her for her misfortune. She was abandoned at a very young age and had no education whatsoever. He admired the spirit she possessed, when she was battling the outside world on her own. The day he found her; all beaten up by some men trying to take advantage of her, he was amazed by how she fought against a battle she knew she was losing. Yet, not once did she give up or begged for mercy. A girl like that deserved respect and she already gained his.

Rin smiled up at her adopted father. Yep, when he saved her from the mean men; the name she gave them, she had allowed him into her life. Therefore, she had accepted and adopted him as her father. If Sesshoumaru knew what title he was given, maybe he would have thought twice about it. Rin giggled at her own foolish thoughts and tightened her grip on his shirt. She then looked at the two pretty women that were previously talking to her father. One looked a little surprised and the other bared a confused look on her face.

Rin instantly lost her smile when she recognized the woman with the surprised look. It was the same woman that her father used to go out and have dinner with. Afterwards, Rin only knew that that woman did something bad, very bad. Whatever it was, Rin didn't know but it was not like a child her age would care about the details. She only needed to know one thing and that was, Kagura hurt her father and Rin could not forgive such action and deception.

"Hello, Rin. How are you?" Kagura asked, managing a smile for the child.

"Do not speak as though we are friends." Rin stated coldly. "Have you, yet again, come to pour salt into the wound you have left lingering? After we mended the shredded heart you inflicted?" she sneered.

Kagura was unprepared for the words that came out of Rin's mouth. Never in her right mind would she have thought that Rin, who still bore a mind of an eight year old, could speak with such vocabularies and venom in her words. Her sweet and innocent nature was now laced with that of an older woman, who spoke with great wisdom and had experienced many pains in life. For once in Kagura's life, she felt that jolt of regret surfacing. She never meant to hurt Rin or Sesshoumaru, for that matter. But now wasn't the time for a trip down memory lane.

"Rin, go outside and wait for me there." Sesshoumaru instructed.

Letting go of his shirt, Rin smiled up at her father one last time before heading outside as he commanded. Sesshoumaru watched her walk off merrily, he couldn't help but smile inside. One minute she was a child of eight years old, then a grown woman the next, and finally back to square one again.

"She has grown quite a lot since I last saw her. Her speech have improved have taught her well."

"She surprised me much the same as she did you, today." He explained.

"What? But surely..."

"She has always been a child of surprises." He regarded her with his golden eyes. "The same could be said about you, but unlike you, she did not betray me."

The words hurt Kagura deeply but she refused to show weakness in his present. "What do I owe the pleasure of this unexpected visit? Surely it's not to see me."

"Indeed. Your appearance here was rather unexpected." He casually stated.

"Then if it's okay with you, My Lord." Kagura said sarcastically, resulting in Sesshoumaru raising one eyebrow in amusement. "I have places to go and classes to attend."

Kagura quickly walked past Sesshoumaru with her friend Yura behind her, who never said a word during the entire exchange. She was too stunned at what she heard and how hot Sesshoumaru looked. One thing was for sure, she would not be a fool like Kagura, who willingly allowed a guy like Sesshoumaru to leave her. If these two weren't together, maybe it was about time someone else took a turn with him-someone like herself. Yura smiled at the thought as she trailed behind Kagura, not once taking her mind off his long smooth dark hair. What hair!

Sesshoumaru didn't stick around long after Kagura left. He had lunch plans with his adopted daughter and he intended to follow it through, when he heard another familiar voice. This time he didn't stay to find out whom that voice belonged to. He had seen enough unwanted people today. He walked through the door just as the owner of that voice turned the corner and made herself known.

When Miroku and Kagome reached the office, she noticed that people were gathered around the area. The closing of the outside door caught her attention and for a minute, she could have sworn she saw a familiar long dark hair walk through it, but she quickly pushed it aside.

"Care to explain why we're here and why my surprise isn't?" Kagome questioned.

"My, so impatient. If you would just look to your right, maybe that will answer your question."

Kagome did as she was told and turned to her right. All she saw were people of all ages who just finished the tour and were getting ready to leave. Just when she was about to torture Miroku for more information, a girl's voice caught her attention. The voice belonged to a young woman around the age of 20. She was tall, with long dark hair that flowed to her shoulder. She was wearing a sleeveless shirt with a short flaming red skirt that was just above her knees.


The young woman stopped what she was doing and turned to look at the person who just addressed her. "Kagome? Kagome, is that really you?"

"Sango!" Kagome raced towards her friends and the two women shared a long and tearful hug. Soon after, Miroku also joined the happy couple. He hugged them both at the same time, while grinning from ear to ear.


"Miroku, you sure know how to ruin a tender moment." she scolded. Sango's face was now red with anger. She raised her fist again and brought it down with a thump on Miroku's head. She then gave Kagome a final hug before kicking the injured Miroku; who was holding his head in pain, one last time.

"Aww...I missed you so much. What are you doing my school...with the tour?" A confused Kagome asked.

"You didn't tell her?" Sango asked Miroku.

"No, that's where you come in." He answered, while rubbing his injuries and smiling flirtatiously at Sango, who he considered the love of his life.

"I'm going to attend Renferd College!" An overexcited Sango explained.

"Oh my gosh! But how?"

Sango grabbed hold of Kagome's arm. "Come to lunch with me and I'll tell you." She began, as she pulled her friend to the front door.

"Wait, I can't. I have classes in 15 minutes," complained Kagome.

"Ditch it!" Miroku and Sango both said at the same time. Miroku took the books in Kagome's hand and Sango continued to drag the protesting girl out the door.

Three laughing young adults could be seen sitting at a café enjoying a hot steamy coffee and each other's company. One in particular just couldn't seem to keep his hands to himself. When the opportunity showed itself again, his busy hands would somehow find its way either below or on the young woman's thigh. She would then slap him or knock him unconscious, but that only held him off for a few minutes. At least it gave the young woman the time she needed to update her friend on her life.

"I still don't know how you could have possibly convinced your parents into letting you take your last year of college here." Kagome said.

"Well, when you have only one daughter, spoiling her is the best policy." Sango explained, shrugging her shoulder at the same time.

Kagome took a sip of her coffee and studied her bestfriend since high school. Sango was taller and darker in skin tone, but still held her facial beauty. She was still down to earth and outgoing. Pretty much what Kagome remembered the old Sango should be. Only now, she was older and wiser. Kagome wondered if Sango still snuck out during the middle of the night to go clubbing or disobeying laws. Sango was quite the wild cat when she was in high school and always dragging Kagome into all kind of trouble.

Though in truth, Kagome needed it desperately back then. She was such a quiet girl and was always the type of person to stay home to do homework, while other girls would go out. Of course, that all changed when Sango and Miroku arrived and befriended Kagome. They got her into more trouble than she could remember, but at least it wasn't something big that couldn't be solved or resulted in jail. Kagome could only thank the gods for that.

"So, where exactly are you staying?" Kagome asked.

"I rented a place not far from school. I just moved in and have yet to unpack. Care to help me, my bestfriend?"

"You are trying to use our friendship to manipulate me into doing manual labor for free!"

"Is it working?"

"Like a charm."

"Great! Miroku, you coming too or not?" Sango asked sternly.

"What kind of a man would I be, if I did not help my lady love?" answered Miroku.

Kagome stared down at Miroku as he finally got up. "How long have you been awake and laying there?"

"Long enough to know my Sango needs me." He said, grabbing hold of Sango's hand.

Kagome saw Sango blush a shade of red, before she took her hand away. Those two have had the hots for each other since they met and for over five years, they still refused to admit it. Although, they never officially dated, Kagome still considered what they had as a five years commitment.

"Kagome, could you accompany me to the washroom. I think I had too much too drink," asked Sango.

Kagome got off her seat and followed Sango to the girls' washroom. "You, stay and meet us outside of the café." Kagome ordered, pointing a finger at Miroku to indicate whom she was referring too. Both girls disappeared inside the door, leaving a disappointed Miroku to deal with the bills.

Soon after, he waited outside as Kagome had instructed. He did try to sneak into the girls' washroom but the waitress caught him and kicked him outside. The girls took longer than he thought, but he assumed his Sango was probably inside trying to look her best for him. He smiled at the thought and watched people walk by him. His attention was more on the girls across the street. Deciding that he'd use the time he had been given to go talk to the girls, he got up from the steps he was sitting on and took a step to do just that. He almost bumped into the person that was trying to walk pass him.

"Sorry man..." Miroku apologized, but stopped when he saw who he was apologizing too. "...Inuyasha?!"

At the mention of the name, the man's face turned icy cold. "Do not mistake me for that pathetic person you called Inuyasha."

Miroku stood stunned for a minute. At a closer inspection, he noticed that it was indeed not his bestfriend Inuyasha. The person he was staring at, also has silver hair and they did resemble each other but this guy was much older. The aura he released, sent shivers up Miroku's spine.

"It's okay mister. It's just that Sess. doesn't like to be referred to by anything but his name." a little girl said. "Hello, Rin's name is Rin. This is Sess-hou-maru." She explained. Sounding the name slowly and separately.

"Come, Rin." Sesshoumaru called.

Miroku watched as the little girl, who went by the name Rin trailed behind the guy called Sesshoumaru. Someone who looked a lot like his friend and that was really freaky. As much as Miroku liked Inuyasha, he prefered there being only one. If he didn't know any better, he could have sworn that guy could pass for Inuyasha's brother but that wasn't possible. He had known Inuyasha since grade school and never once did he mention anything about a brother. So deep in thought that he didn't noticed when the girls came outside.

"Okay, let's go." a cheery Sango said. When he didn't response, Sango and Kagome got worried.

"umm...Miroku, are you okay?" asked Kagome, who reached out and gave Miroku's shoulder a shook.

"What?! Oh, yah. Let's go!"

"By the way, guess what us girls have planned for tonight?" said Sango. "Something we're sure you'll enjoy."

"You both going to strip naked for me?"


Then the two girls left in the opposite direction of where Sesshoumaru and Rin were heading, with Miroku not far behind.