InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Running into a crush ❯ Do you believe in love at first sight? ( Chapter 1 )

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I was watching InuYasha thanks to a friend who lend me the dvds, and I had this sudden... inspiration or something like that... So there is the result... Enjoy.
Running into a crush
Written by Animefreak11
Summary: Sumi somehow lands in Inuyasha's time and meets with the little Lin when the wolves attack her village. What will she do to gain Sesshoumaru's trust? Will he give her a chance to show the best of humans? What if she realizes something important, something crucial... but too late? First Inuyasha fic, go easy? OcxSesshoumaru (to some extent...)
Disclaimer: *sigh* No Rurouni Kenshin, no Yu Yu Hakusho, no Magic Knight Rayearth so no InuYasha... But I do own Sumi! Which means the refined one...
Chapter 1: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Sumi ran through the darkness of the streets, out of breath and sweating, the cold wind swooshed around her as she hurried by. “Which way did she go?” yelled a voice as heavy footsteps were heard, “Not here!” replied a voice in the direction Sumi was headed. 'They have me surrounded...' she thought as she spotted a long stair case leading to some sort of... shrine?
Tightening her grip on her light jacket, Sumi made a run for it and heard the group still following her. “There she is! Get her!” yelled the tallest guy of the group. Sumi's lungs burned for air as she ran, stumbling on the last step she noticed a small wooden cabin on the left and quickly ran to it, seeking shelter from her pursuers. Rapidly closing the door, Sumi took a step back, panting when she fell down the stairs she had failed to notice before. She rolled down and hit something hard.
Cracking an eye open, Sumi saw the door opening slowly, what an idiot she was! Of course they found her, she had been too loud. Sumi stood up, her legs almost giving up under her weight, glancing around to find a hide out, her eyes opened wide when she saw a well and couldn't distinguish the end. 'Well it's worth something... Better than outside anyway, I can take on spiders...' she frowned seeing the door opening wider now, without any further hesitation Sumi jumped in the well, expecting to land soon.
How surprised she was when instead of hitting the ground a strange blue light surrounded her, “What's this? What are those white dots?” she asked out loud to no one. Letting her guard down for when she did land on the ground, it was face first... “Oww...” she complained rubbing her sore face, a pale moon light was shining down into the well. “Strange, I thought the well was inside...” frowned Sumi, she stopped talking and listened for any sounds of her pursuers. When silence answered, Sumi decided it was time to climb out of here.
Finally grabbing the edge, Sumi pulled herself up and rolled out of the well into the grass. Finally taking her time to breathe normally again, she took in her surroundings, tall green trees, no sign of buildings anywhere and not a sound was heard. “Ok freaky! What is going on here? Where did that shrine go?” asked Sumi, of course no one was there to answer.
Standing up, Sumi brushed the dust off her pants and again tightened the grip on her jacket taking in a big breath. 'Be on your guard, apparently you're somewhere completely different than Tokyo...' thought Sumi walking towards the moon. “That silence-- is scary.” she whispered to herself as her voice echoed through the emptiness of the night.
~*~*With InuYasha*~*~
He screamed in pain as Sesshoumaru took out the tomb of their father from his right eye. Sesshoumaru jumped in the dark portal that was created as Jaken followed. InuYasha looked around for Kagome, telling her to stay behind where it was safe but noticed she was no where.
“Are you waiting for a special invitation?” she asked waiting for him in front of the portal. InuYasha blinked surprised as she stepped in, “You know it's going to be dangerous right?” “Of course I do silly.” she replied as they fell through the air before being transported to a huge carcass by a bird consisting of bones.
Meanwhile Sesshoumaru tried to take his father's sword, forged from one of his fangs but his hand only burned when he touched it. 'I don't understand father...'
~*~*With Sumi*~*~
She had been wandering in the forest for hours, her legs ached and all she wanted to do was find someone's house and sleep on a comfortable bed. Unfortunately for her, she walked the wrong way, unbeknown from her if she had started walking to her left and not right, she would have come across InuYasha's village.
“Man this is so tiring! Where the hell am I anyway?” Sumi complained out loud as she settled down by a river. She saw a small girl playing in and trying to catch some fishes, Sumi couldn't help but giggle a little, she then sighed as she remembered why she was forced to run from her pursuers.
Sumi shuddered only at the memory and tightened her grip on her jacket even more. 'To think they were so close-- What the hell got into them anyway?' Sumi's attention was diverted on the small girl as she was beaten by the villagers, they called her a thief and left her on the ground as she cried.
Sumi's heart shattered when she saw the little girl get beat up by the people living with her. It somehow reminded her of herself, only then did she notice that the villagers were dressed differently. “Wait a minute... No cars, no buildings... Old houses, ancient clothes...” Sumi gasped, “Does this mean I ended up in--” but her thoughts were cut short as she heard something weird and saw this massive gray dog fall from the sky.
Sumi's mouth opened as she followed with her eyes the giant dog, from what she could tell he had red eyes and huge paws and claws. He fell in forest, not too far from where she was. 'What the heck was that?' she thought while her legs carried her to where she saw the-- “dog” fall. Sumi was actually impressed how far it landed, she had to run and her breathing was raspy, she could have fainted right there and then.
However something inside her wanted to find out what that thing really was, and where she ended up! After fifteen minutes of sprinting through the forest, Sumi stopped in her tracks as she saw a trail of blood. Her heart was pounding in her chest, her stomach was twisted in fear and excitement at the same time and she took a step.
There, against a tree and on some kind of gray fluff, lay a cute bleeding guy. He had long silver hair with two purple streaks on each side of his cheeks, he had a blue crescent moon on his forehead and his ears were pointy. 'Just like an elf...' Sumi thought fascinated as she stared at his eyes, it looked as if red eyeliner had painted his eyelashes.
Sumi then looked at his clothes. He was wearing a white kimono with red patches which were sparkled by small white flowers on his shoulder and the bottom of his sleeve. 'Whoa... His clothes look so smooth...' gaped Sumi as the urge to touch him became irresistible, but she didn't move. She couldn't, she was frozen. The man had a sword. Who knows what he could do to her?
In addition of a sword, he had a black armor on with a yellow and purple ribbon making a knot to hold it there. 'He has spikes on it... Just like a dog would on his collar.' she mentally slapped herself for such a comparison. She noticed he had two purpled streaks on his right wrist whereas he seemed to have no more left arm, that's from where he was bleeding heavily.
Sumi took another step forward as the man suddenly hissed at her, his eyes snapping open, fangs coming out of his mouth and his eyes were-- Sumi's heart skipped a beat, those red eyes scared her out of her wits! She stopped moving and just looked at him, “I just want to help...” she whispered looking down.
Sesshoumaru laid his head back on his fluff as he closed his eyes, he needed rest not being harassed by-- wait a minute. She didn't smell from around here, nor was she dressed like women from here. He opened his eyes and stared at here. Sure enough, she was dressed oddly with those long, torn and ripped pants that reeked of blood.
Sumi took a step forward and paused, the guy didn't hiss at her so she took another step. No reaction. Sumi then decided to kneel next to him as his now golden eyes were fixed on her. Sumi tried to calm her breathing, she had no reason to be scared, all she wanted to do was help him, right?
Sesshoumaru smelled her fear but didn't say anything, why should he? She was just a mortal girl, lost apparently. Sumi bit her lip as she rolled up the sleeve to see where he was bleeding, Sesshoumaru growled a bit as it stung him, why wouldn't she just leave him alone?
Well ok that's it for now... I know I know, crappy crappy... I was just trying to introduce everyone and the time setting. And sorry for not having the exact words for the tomb thingy... *cough* But I don't have the dvd's anymore and it's been a loooooooong time since I saw those episodes... Constructive criticism encouraged and review if you wish.