InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ sesshomaru no kokoro, sakura no tamashi ❯ omai. ( Chapter 1 )

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I stood tall. My slender arms crossed in front of me. “Mama! I am sick and tired of all these men. I have told you, I can take over the family when my time comes. I don't need a man to help me do that. I am just as powerful as these demon men. I can beat them in a fight, is that not enough for you mother? I am a very good strategist. I can hold my own” my mother looked at me. Her ice blue eyes looking at me like I was some moron. “Darling, this isn't about your ability. You are strong and smart, but it is for clan ties. If you do not marry the right man, our clan will have no one to call upon in times of war. Politics my darling daughter.”
I sighed. She was right. I needed to do this. For my clan. The sakura clan was a very influential clan; even inu-taisho had called on my father in times of war. And it was the eldest of that clan I would meet today. I knew he was good looking; my ladies in waiting often talked of him. Mama's voice broke though my thoughts. “Sakura, darling, go and change please. Your kimono is in your room. It's the nice one, with the cherry blossoms.” Of course, my name-sake, the cherry blossom kimono.
My ladies in waiting were waiting at the door. “My lady, it true? Is lord Sesshomaru coming here? Is he mistress? Is he, is he is he?” my ladies in waiting always knew these things before I did. They kept me well informed. They would be getting bumped right up when I was head of this clan.
As they dressed me, they chattered excitedly “ooh, I can't believe it! He's coming here! Oh kami! What will he be like? I heard he's really cold. Oh, I hope he's not. I heard he's coming with his mother. Ooh, I heard she's amazingly beautiful.” They let my hair flow down my back until it reached my hips. “Ladies, maybe I'll get lucky and he will love one of you instead of me.”
“Oh no my lady! He has to love you, you look so beautiful, no one can help but adore you my lady!”
I sighed; my ladies were very loyal, kind young woman.
“Darling, the inu-taisho's are here. Come in please.”
“My lady, you're done. Go get him! You can do it!”
I straitened up, pulling my self to my tallest, and walked into the room my mother had set aside. Time to meet this Sesshomaru person.
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