InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ sesshomaru no kokoro, sakura no tamashi ❯ he's fallen in the water, sesshomaru-sama! ( Chapter 2 )

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A/N. in this chapter, I have used a lot f japansese, , so, here is a glossery.
Hajimaste: how are you.
Ka: like a spoken ?
San: mr, miss, mrs, ms.
Sama: one up from san. As sakura is only one station down from lady inu-taisho, and at the same level as Sesshomaru, she uses this one, even though she uses san in her head.
Sesshomaru P.O.V
She steped into the room, her long, white kimono, with pale pink cherry blossoms embroidered onto it. Her face was quite pretty, with a small red mouth and bright blue eyes. Her hair was long, reaching to her hips. her arms where crossed, and she looked slightly annoyed about something. Her face differed a lot from her mothers sharp, proud, cold face. Just as pretty, (her mother was quite the beauty.) but fiery, warm. She bowed, and came and sat down “hagimaste, my name is sakura of the sakura clan. You must be Sesshomaru-sama of the inu-taisho clan ka?” she smiled. “and you must be lady inu-taisho-sama. It is an honor.” She said, her voice kept at a respectable level. She was a well trained lady, even the way she sat was lady like, her feet tucked under her body and sitting very strait. A servant came into the room then bearing a tray of tea things, putting them down in front of sakura-san, and bowed out of the room. “my my, you are a well trained lady, your mother taught you well.” Then, Rin decided to enter. “Sesshomaru-sama..” then she caught sight of sakura-san. “oh, hajimaste,…?” sakura-san smiled, she had quite the motherly air to her. “sakura, my dear. What is your name child?” rin smiled like someone had just made her day. “Rin, my lady.” Sakura smiled, closing her eyes and cocking her head to the side. “Rin-chan. Its lovely to meet you.” Rin looked at me, “Sesshomaru-sama, jaken-sama fell in the fish pond and thinks he's drowning, can you come and get him out?” I almost smiled. “ no, rin. I am In the middle of an important talk at the moment. Just watch him. It will keep you entertained.” Rin smiled, bowed at sakura-san, and left. Sakura-san stood up as soon as the shoji closed. “lady -taisho-sama, inu-taisho Sesshomaru-sama, I am sorry, but I will no be going ahead with marriage.
In four sesons time, I shall be old enough to take over from my mother, and I shall do it. I am sorry you traveled all this way.” My mother looked at sakura-sans mother, and they SMILED. “we thought as much,” my mother spoke, “so we decided this. You two don't know each other at all, so, you shall travel together.”
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