InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Sesshomaru's Lover ❯ An exchanging of words. ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Last time: She ran till her legs gave way hours later. “O-Okaa-san, we're going to die aren't we?” “I'm ready Shesshomaru-sama, to go WITH my Okaa-san. Make it fast please.”
This time:
Shesshomaru's Point of view.
I raised my poison claws to my brother's quivering bitch and her frightened kitsune, it gave me pleasure and thought, and `He'd make a great son. Trying to die honorably with his mother. I hate the bitch for fucking a kitsune at a very young age. Although I can't smell her defilement I know she was. The kit has her scent all over him.' Although how do you know she didn't adopt him and hug him. Like Inuyasha's mother did you. And she smells of honey and roses purely. Either she's stronger than Midoriko or she's pure.
“Now Kit is this your biological mother?” “No Lord Shesshomaru she's not my biological birth mother.”
So you see she's pure as can be yours, damn neko. `Watch how you're calling a neko, baka. I'm you and you're me.' “Kit is she defiled by my brother.” “No” “Do you want to be my heir? You are of pure blood.” “Only if Okaa-san come with me.” “Inuyasha's wench won't come, she's too dangerous for me to keep.” “I promise to keep her in line.”
“Fine. Bring her with us.” I picked her up. Light as a feather. Amazing! Maybe she's smart too.
I rose up on my cloud make purely of demonic auras and began the long journey to my castle.
Deb: So how you like?
Inu Yasha: Me no like it. My brother gets to save the babe. I should, its my show.
Deb:duck tapes inu to chair Ahhh shuddup.