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Last time: “Fine. Bring her with us.” I picked her up. Light as a feather. Amazing! Maybe she's smart too. I rose up on my cloud make purely of demonic auras and began the long journey to my castle.
Shesshomaru's Point of view:
She awoke in my arms. So silently, I almost didn't hear her breathing change. Now I'm interested in how this girl passed most of my sensory to which was on high alert! I must find out what her trick is.
“Inuyasha, I said stay away till I asked! Stop following me around you darn Inu!” She dare mistake me for my idiotic brother, and struggle against me. “Shippo!” “Okaa-san this is not Inuyasha. This is Shesshomaru. My new otuo-san. Please don't faint my okaa-san he's not going to kill you if we go with him I be his son and I don't know yet what your position, is my dear okaa-san.” He turned from her to me asking “What is her position?” “If she can hold her tongue she can be my maid and not beheaded.” Shippo turned pale and turned back at a now fearsome woman. She even made me want to quiver under a the bugs under a rock to get away from that killing glare.
“I was not to be in slavery, Lord Shesshomaru. I must go off and take Shippo with me So we can be a family with a man.” “How smart are you?” Oh great, I'm starting that whole say things out of the blue again. How is she supposed to answer that inquiry?
“I am smart enough to be a teacher.” She had a smirk on her face. I had to clam my self. She was feisty even when I could let her billow to the ground like a bird does a feather.
She'd be a good mate. Don't you agree? Her soul is like a Fire and I'm sure with the right training she can be a fire wielder miko. Not even Midoriko was strong enough to handle fire! Remember one who soul has to have demon in them. So you can't put her off. She complements all your attributes. She is not a force to be reckoned with. Put her as a teacher to Rin and keep her as a fighter until you two get to know each other. EHHH?
“Miko would you like to be a teacher and trained to be a fire wielder and fight as the front of my army?” She contemplates it for a few moments letting it all soak in. Finally after what felt like 7 years but really only 7 seconds she responded “Yes, that sounds good.” “Good you shall serve as head teacher to my charge, and I will be head teacher to Shippo, you second.
They landed a few moments later. The castle was so humungous!
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