InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Sesshomaru's Lover ❯ Miko talks to lord ( Chapter 5 )

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Last time : “She?”
“Yes. She.”
As they entered the castle they were greeted by an ecstatic Rin.
“Kagome-sama-okaa-san! Otuo-sama-san!”
Both the two showed in varying degrees how embarrased they were. Sesshomaru with a very light pink on his cheeks. Kagome with a very bright as a rose blush.
"Rin-chan I really don't think I'm not Sesshomau's mate. I'm just your teacher, and Shippo here will be your brother. Um... I think he's older than you. Anyway, do you want to start now or later?"
"Come, Rin-chan when have I ever been boring other than when I was sleeping?"
"So then will I ever make learning as boring as the other teachers?"
"I hope not, or I'll have to have Ahn and Uhn chase you away like all the others."
"Not even thosae two can chase me away. You forget Rin-chan I love you as a daughter. So I'll teach you and make it intresting as well."
"Let's start now then and we'll have tons of fun, yet learn at the same time! Okay?"
"Yeah! Let's go! Bye Sesshomaru-sama-outo-san!"
Sesshomaru had never seen his little Rin so excited about learning! He stood there flabbergasted! He simply showed it too.
"Mi Lord! Is that an emotion I see?" Taunted Jaken, the slimey toad.
"No, insulent fool. This, Sesshomau, doesn't have emotions."
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