InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Sesshomaru's Lover ❯ Better chapter. ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Last time on Sesshomaru's Platinum Prize: "Mi Lord! Is that an emotion I see?" Taunted Jaken, the slimy toad.
"No, insolent fool. This, Sesshomaru, doesn't have emotions."
Admit it Lord Fluffy, you love the girl. I mean she's nice and smart and cunning and not to mention beautiful!
`No! I shall not say I like an insolent being like her! She can't even defend herself against weakling demons like my brother! Demon, I seriously think you have lost all common sense.'
“Koga!? What are you doing here?”
“Kagome. You are my woman. Now come with me as I whisk you away from torture.”
“Koga, I'm being pampered here. Besides you would never accept my son as your own. So please go away. Shippo is going to be lord of the Western Lands. That's more than you can ever do for my son, Shippo.”
“Kagome, I told you the runt deserves not a title other than “orphan worth nothing”, not “your son”, and defiantly not “Lord of the Western Lands”!!! If he can't defend you like Mutt-face, Inutrashy.”
“I resent that my son and Inuyasha deserve respect. Inuyasha for not coming after me, unlike you, he actually followed my orders. I never liked you that way Koga-kun. Please understand that.”
“Why should that runt get any respect?”
“He's saved my life!!!! And now I think I have a daughter growing up!!!”
“You, Bitch!!! You mated already!!!!”
“NO! You…you oaf. I think I'm thinking about adopting Rin. Right here.” The miko said as she pointed to my ward, Rin.
“Wolf. Leave my miko alone, or I shall have you sullied to where you'd never get a mate. Plus I shall have a man make you a woman and feed you to the desperate men. Now leave. Without my miko or her hand.”
I knew by the miko's relived scent that I had pleased her. It was a nice felling. `This pleasing her. I shall ask her hand in courting tonight. Damn what am I thinking? Ok I'm willing to admit she intrigues this Sesshomaru.