InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The Joys of Parenthood ❯ Diapering Dangers ( Chapter 4 )

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Diapering Dangers by SunsetMiko [Drabble #94] - Dokuga_Contest on LiveJournal
Theme: towel
Genre: Humor
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Word Count: 200
Summary: The problem with little boys…
“Shhhh… Mommy's sleeping,” Sesshoumaru whispered to the squirming baby just as he began to fuss. She'd been up all night for several nights in a row now and he couldn't stand to see her so exhausted. Now that he had a day off he could help her more, take some off the pressure off and allow her to rest. At least that was the plan.
“Do you need a new diaper?” he asked softly, choosing to ignore the fact that there was no way his son could answer the question. He refused to feel silly. Besides, Kagome's baby magazines said it was good for his language development.
Sesshoumaru opened the diaper and turned his attention to opening the wipes when all of a sudden it hit him… in the face… and it was wet. “Kagome! Kagome, I need a little help,” he called, trying not to sound desperate.
Kagome yawned and rolled out of bed. “Again? Are you serious?”
She handed the somewhat distressed looking Sesshoumaru a towel and shooed him out of the way so she could finish the diaper change. Leaning down to nuzzle a tiny perfect nose, she grinned. “You have got to stop peeing on daddy.”