InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The Joys of Parenthood ❯ Present Warfare ( Chapter 18 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
For Stella's Proverbial Challenge - Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

"Presents! Presents!" Toraburu chanted while Yamazaru repeated his own, much less understandable, version of the word. It was Christmas day afternoon. All the presents from Kagome, Sesshoumaru, and Santa had been opened, but now it was time for the grandparents. Mrs. Higurashi arrived lugging several huge bags of wrapped gifts and the miko rolled her eyes, only to groan aloud when she saw Souta weighed down with even more bags.  

"Mama, where in the world do you think I'm going to put all this?" Kagome asked, seriously wondering the answer to that question herself.

"It's my right as a grandma to spoil my grandbabies rotten," the older woman replied with a grin. Where her daughter stored all of the boys' new toys really wasn't her concern. She had far too much fun shopping for the little ones. The stores had the most amazing things, the selection a great deal better than when her children were young, and she'd been unable to resist.

"Indeed, that's what grandparents are for," Katsuro chuckled as he made his way inside.

"I think your father actually brought more than Mama," Kagome whispered to her mate. "They're killing me! We're going to need to add on a whole wing just to make room for it all!"

"We will worry about that later," Sesshoumaru was with a small smile. For now, let's just enjoy their fun scaling their mountain of presents to unwrap them.

Last arrived Uncle Inuyasha, who was quickly tackled by two eager pups. "Nice to see ya, runts," he grunted, handing each boy a small gift bag to set by the tree.

"Now that's more like it," Kagome said while hugging the hanyou. "Do you see how many presents Mama and your father brought?"

Inuyasha just smirked. She'd find out soon enough that his presents were just too big to bring in the house.