InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The Joys of Parenthood ❯ No Splashing ( Chapter 19 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Stella's Word Prompt Game - Prompt: Lave - 300 Words

"No splashing!" Kagome yelled for at least the tenth time in five minutes. "No, don't drink the tub water! Damn it, Sesshoumaru, some help would be nice."

The miko glanced into the adjoining bedroom and sighed. He had his damn headset again and couldn't hear a word she was saying. Ever since he'd gotten that game, it was as if she was living alone. He would come home from work, turn on his gaming system, put on his headset, and disappear on her. Sure, she knew he had a stressful job and needed to blow off some steam, but she spent all day dealing with two toddlers, wiping butts and noses, making meals no one ate, and playing referee to the fiercest fights over toys that she'd ever seen. A little assistance when he came home was all she was looking for.

"Would you come here, Toraburu? It's time to wash your hair." right on cue, the wailing began. "If you don't stay still, you're going to get soap in your eyes! Where do you think you're going, Yamazaru? You're not done yet."

Five minutes later, there were two completely naked little boys running wild through the house and Kagome was simply too exhausted to catch them. Instead, she stalked over to Sesshoumaru, where he sat with controller in hand and eyes glued to the television screen. She snatched the headset off his head and growled at him as best she could.

"Your sons need their pajamas on and their teeth brushed and your wife needs a break."

Sesshoumaru took one look at her and instantly the game was turned off. He was on the job and less than ten minutes later, both boys were in bed.

"Thank you," she whispered, already half asleep. "Maybe a little less gaming, please?"