InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Chapter 55: Clear Minds Equal Clear Answers ( Chapter 56 )

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Chapter 55


Inuyasha and Kagome walked side by side in silence. Though Kagome was not crying, Inuyasha could tell that she was beyond sad. He hadn't wanted to hurt her. He didn't know what had come over him. He suddenly had the irresistible urge to kiss her. `But you are betrothed,' his mind told him. `Kagome is not the type of girl to do anything like that with you as long as she knows that.' Inuyasha looked down at Kagome. She was staring at the floor as she walked with her hands clasped in front of her. `She is really upset,' he thought. `Could she…is it possible…' His mind snapped back to reality when he realized Kagome had stopped before they reached the Royal Chambers.


"You okay?" he asked. She nodded.


"I was just wondering where I was going to sleep," she said.


"The Royal Chambers, of course," he replied.


"And what about you?" she asked.


He hadn't thought about that. He had slept with Kagome the previous night because of her ankle.


"I guess I'll just go sleep in my old bedroom," he said. Kagome shook her head.


"How about I sleep in your old bed and you can sleep in the Royal Chambers?" she said. "You are after all the heir to the throne."


Inuyasha couldn't believe what he was hearing. Kagome was really serious about this whole betrothal thing, and she was even acting so strange as to treat him as if he was already the Lord of the Western Lands. She was acting as if they had become friends after he had become Lord and she was showing him the respect a servant would.


"Are you kidding me?" he asked. "Come on, Kagome. Don't be stupid. You can't honestly be serious." Kagome didn't say anything. "Regardless, we have to go to the Royal Chambers. You need your clothes even if you do decide to stay in my room."


Kagome nodded and continued walking. They soon arrived at the Royal Chambers. Inuyasha and Kagome walked in. Kagome walked over to her things and Inuyasha shut and locked the door. Kagome looked up at him.


"What are you doing?" she asked.


"Neither of us are leaving this room until we get a few things straightened out," he said.


"Okay," she said taking a seat on the bed.


"First, what's with this whole new attitude? It's like we've never been friends before and you are one of my servants," he said somewhat aggravated.


"I'm sorry," she said solemnly. "But you are betrothed to another woman. You will probably take over as Lord of the Western Lands with her by your side. And where does that leave me? Sakura will not put up with me being a friend of yours, so that causes me to become a servant, a priestess here in the castle."


"WHAT???" Inuyasha exclaimed. "Have you lost your mind? You can't honestly mean that."


"I do and I will," Kagome said, standing to her feet. "I promised you that I would always be there for you! That I would always stand by you no matter what! I intend on keeping that promise…even if that means becoming your servant!!!"


"Kagome," Inuyasha mused in shock.


"I don't want to know a life without you in it," Kagome admitted as tears welled up in her eyes. "You may say that I have helped you out a lot, but you have helped me too. Life was boring before you came along. I did the exact same routine day after day. But with you in my life, there's excitement. There's adventure. I choose you, Inuyasha, and from this day forward, I pledge my allegiance to you."


Kagome bowed as Inuyasha stood there in shock. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. No one had ever spoken to him like that before. He walked over to Kagome and gently grasped her chin so as to lift her eyes towards his.


"Should I choose Sakura, she will deal with the fact that I am your friend and you are mine," Inuyasha said. "And if she doesn't, she is welcome to leave. You are the most important person in my life Kagome. Remember that. I will never allow her to tarnish our friendship."


Inuyasha then wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight. Kagome allowed a single tear to roll down her cheek as she buried her face in Inuyasha's chest. Inuyasha felt the dampness of her tear, but said nothing. He held onto her tighter. `Kagome, I promise I will not allow you to suffer any longer,' he thought. `I will have a final decision tomorrow.' He released Kagome from his grasp.


"Listen, uh," he began. "I'm not too tired. Why don't you get some rest in here? I will go out on the balcony. I have a lot of thinking to do and I seemed to be able to think clearly while I was out there the other day. Do you mind?"


"No," she said.


"Very well, then," he said. "Get changed and get some rest. I'll be near you if you need anything at all."


Kagome nodded and retrieved her pajamas. She changed in the bathroom then came out to reveal a pink silk nightgown that stopped at about her mid thigh. It has spaghetti straps and scooped into a V in the front. Inuyasha gulped when he saw the way the silk caressed her every feature. Kagome blushed when she noticed the way Inuyasha was staring at her. Inuyasha then shook the thoughts from his head and helped her into bed.


"Goodnight, Kagome," he said softly. "I'll be right out here if you need anything."


Kagome nodded and rolled over to fall asleep. Inuyasha clicked the light off and walked out onto the balcony. He stared out towards the city lights and sighed. This confused matters. Kagome was so willing to stay by his side. But what about Miroku and Sango? They really do have their duties back East. What about Kagome? He could never allow her to become a servant. There was also his father's document to think about. How could his father possibly betroth him to someone without letting him know about it? Inuyasha sighed. He rested his hands on the railing of the balcony.


`Mom…Dad…if you can hear me, I could really use your help right now,' Inuyasha thought before hanging his head in despair.


"Follow your heart," a voice suddenly said.


"Who said that?" Inuyasha said whirling around in a circle but seeing no one. "That's what everyone else is saying…but what if I don't know what my heart wants?"


"Clear your mind," the voice said. "And the answers will come."


Inuyasha suddenly knew what to do. He sat down on the floor and began to meditate. He closed his eyes and hummed for a minute to clear his head. It took him a while, but after a while, his mind was clear, and images suddenly started to appear. The first thing he remembered was his childhood, things he hadn't thought about in a while. Then, he remembered his experiences with Sakura and how wretched he felt. Next was Kagome and all of the wonderful memories they had shared with Miroku and Sango including their fight with the lords and ladies of the lands. He hummed louder and cleared his mind once more. Suddenly, Kagome entered his mind and all of the times she had cried out for him in desperation…when he almost lost her…the look on her face when she thought he was dead…the desperate look on her face when she called out to him for help. He heard her call out to him over and over again. Then suddenly, Sakura appeared, her hair and clothes blowing in the wind, yet there was something sinister about the look on her face.


"You know I didn't betray you, right Inuyasha?" he heard her say somewhat ominously.


"Inuyasha, you know I will always be here for you," Kagome said as her figure suddenly appeared in his mind. Then his mind went blank again as he began to hear different voices in his head. As he heard someone's voice, he would also see their figure in his mind for a split second.


"Miroku and Sango have their duties in the East," he heard Sakura say.


"Wise up and be the leader I know you are!" he heard Satoru say.


"This castle is yours by right, my Lord," Myouga said.


"No one knows this land and the way to rule it better than you," Miroku had said.


"Try to realize you're not the only one suffering, Inuyasha," he remembered Sango say.


"Kagome would have to drop everything to be here with you," he heard Sakura say.


"Why don't you ask Kagome what Kagome wants…not Sakura," Satoru had said.


"Sakura will not put up with me being a friend of yours so I will become a servant, a priestess here in the castle…I can't imagine a life without you in it," he heard Kagome say.


"You…you mean…you would still be with me…even if I chose Sakura?" Inuyasha had asked.


"MmmHmm," Kagome had said with a nod as the wind blew through her hair. "I'll always be here for you, Inuyasha, or should I now say…" Kagome took a bow. "Lord Inuyasha."


"I've never seen someone more like your father than the one I see before me now," Kagome had said.


"I do hereby decree an official betrothal…"


Inuyasha then remembered how Sakura had forced herself on him, then how Kagome wouldn't kiss him when she knew he was betrothed to someone else.


"…and while you're at it, why don't you ask Kagome where she got those scratches from," Satoru had said.


"We'll follow your lead Inuyasha," Sango had said with a smile.


"I will dispose of the boy," Sakura had said.


"I like you as a hanyou, Inuyasha," Kagome had said.


The document suddenly appeared in his head. It kept getting larger and larger within his mind. Was the answer to his question within the document? It suddenly vanished and Kagome now stood holding the white rose, scratches noticeably on her hands.


"Inuyasha," she called out holding out her hand where even more severe scratches could be seen. "I'll always stand by you."


"Send her back to the East," Sakura's voice suddenly said. "Send them all back."


Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara's figures suddenly appeared next to Kagome, then they vanished and were replaced with Sakura's sinister smile. Then his mind went black for a couple of seconds. Suddenly, he saw…for the first time in years…his parents, clear visions of his mother and father.


"Inuyasha, we've always wanted your happiness more than anything else. You're strong, son. Do what you know is right in your heart," they said, then vanished.


"MOM! DAD!" Inuyasha shouted coming to his feet and snapping out of his trance. He put his hand to his head in hopes that it would relieve some of the pain found there. `I think I know what to do,' he thought and turned around to walk back inside when he saw Kagome's concerned face staring at him.


"Kagome," he said rushing over to her. "What are you doing out here like that? You'll catch a cold!"


"Are you okay?" she said, a sincere look of concern on her face.


"Yeah, why?" he asked.


"You shouted," she said. "And every now and then you would call out my name. Are you okay? Did you need something?"


"Yeah, I'm fine," he said with a slight blush. "Go back to bed. There's nothing to worry about."


Kagome turned around and Inuyasha followed her back inside. Kagome got under the covers once more, but this time she stayed sitting up, with the comforter only covering her legs.


"Come here," she said, patting the bed space between her legs. "Lay your head in my lap for a minute."


Inuyasha blushed, but complied. He laid down in between Kagome's legs with his head resting on her stomach. She then gently began to rub his temples and face. Inuyasha would have thought this was weird had he not been on the receiving end, but it felt so good that he didn't dare question her motives.


"Wow, this feels really good," he said. "Where'd you learn how to do this?"


"It's a soothing technique," she said. "It helps relieve you of any tension you may be experiencing. It helps you relax. It seemed like you could use the treatment." Inuyasha smiled beneath her fingers.


"You know me too well Lady Kagome," Inuyasha said with a smile. Kagome smiled.


"As your best friend, I think that's my job," she said with a laugh.


Inuyasha nuzzled his head against her stomach and moaned in delight. Kagome's fingers were working magic on his mind. He was already beginning to relax and become less stressed. Before he knew it, he was drifting off to sleep. Kagome suddenly noticed how Inuyasha was falling asleep. `He really does need his rest,' Kagome said. `But he shouldn't be here. He is betrothed to someone else.' A tear welled in Kagome's eye, but she quickly wiped it away. The scent, however, was enough to wake Inuyasha. He stared up at her.


"You okay?" he asked. She nodded with a weak smile. "Get some sleep, Kagome."


He sat up and allowed her to lie down comfortably. He sighed as he sat on the edge of the bed and stared at her. `Tomorrow, Kagome,' he thought again. `Tomorrow, I will make a final decision.'




Kagome awoke the next morning to find Inuyasha lying next to her. He was lying on top of the covers, clutching tetsusaiga, fast asleep. Kagome smiled to herself. She didn't like the fact that a betrothed man had slept next to her last night, but nothing had happened, and Inuyasha needed the sleep. She yawned and stretched. She slid out of bed and picked up a red skirt and white tank top. She ran into the bathroom, changed, brushed her hair and teeth, then snuck out to peek on Inuyasha. She smiled as she stared at him. He had had a rough day yesterday so she dare not wake him. She started to walk out the door when she heard him moan. She turned around to see him starting to stir. She walked back over to the bed and sat down next to him.


"Good morning, sleepy head," Kagome said. Inuyasha's eyes fluttered open and began to focus on the figure before him. He saw Kagome's beautiful face and smiled.


"Hey," he said. "What time is it?" Kagome glanced at the clock.


"It's 10:00," she said. "You can go back to sleep if you like. I was going to run into town with Satoru and get some shopping done for the kitchen anyway."


Inuyasha examined the way she was dressed. She looked a little too cute for her to be going off without him, but he refrained from saying anything. Instead, he rolled back over and started growling to himself.


"Inuyasha?" she queried.


"I don't like you going off by yourself," Inuyasha said. "Especially with that jewel around your neck."


"Satoru will be with me," Kagome said with a giggle, flattered that he was being so protective.


"That makes me feel better," he said sarcastically, knowing that Kagome could probably defend herself better than Satoru could.


"Would it make you feel better if I took Sango and Miroku with me?" she asked.


Inuyasha thought about it for a minute, but then reluctantly nodded his head. Kagome smiled and patted his side. She stood up and walked over to grab her purse, checking her wallet.


"What are you doing?" Inuyasha asked.


"Making sure I have money of course," she said.


"You don't need money," he retorted.


"And why on earth not?" she asked.


"Because," Inuyasha said, standing up and walking over to the wall. He pressed on the wall and it slowly opened to reveal a huge safe. Kagome jumped back in shock. She never knew that was there. He unlocked the safe and opened it to reveal mounds and mounds of gold coins. He gathered a couple of handfuls and placed them in her purse.


"Oh, no, really, Inuyasha, I couldn't," she said.


"Take it!" he said slamming the safe and wall shut. "You're not going to pay for the needs of the castle with your own money."


"What if I want to buy clothes or something for myself? I can't use this!" she said.


"Yes, you can," he said. "And you will. If you see something you like, buy it. Now, go. I don't feel like discussing it anymore."


He plopped back on the bed and immediately fell back asleep. Kagome stared at the mounds of gold coins in her purse in disbelief. She then smiled and crept over to Inuyasha and kissed him lightly on the cheek.


"Thank you," she said and tip-toed out of the room. As Kagome, gently closed the door and locked it, a small smile crept onto the hanyou's face.




Everyone except Inuyasha now sat at the breakfast table…including Sakura. Kagome walked into the dining room and greeted everyone with a big smile.


"Good morning everyone," Kagome said.


"Good morning, Lady Kagome," everyone replied except for Sakura who pretended Kagome had never entered the room.


"Did you sleep well?" Sango asked.


"I slept great," Kagome said. "And you?"


"Great," she replied. "Where's Inuyasha?"


"Oh," she said blushing and feeling the heated stare of Sakura. "He couldn't sleep last night so he stayed out on the balcony most of the night. He was finally able to fall asleep and is still in the Royal Chambers napping away. Oh, Satoru, can you let everyone know not to disturb Inuyasha. He had a rough night and needs his rest."


"Yes, my Lady," Satoru said. "I will inform everyone at once."


Kagome seated herself next to Sango and began eating a muffin. A servant poured her some water and orange juice then scurried away. Sakura glared at Kagome. Everyone, except Sakura, chatted away about this and that until everyone had finally finished eating.


"Oh, Sango, Miroku, would you guys like to join Satoru and I in the market today?" she asked. "I'm going to do some shopping."


"I don't have much money, but yeah I'll go," Sango replied "I'll need to grab my weapons first…you know…just in case we run into any trouble along the way." Kagome smiled and nodded.


"And what about you Miroku?" she asked.


"I'm sorry, Lady Kagome, but I'm afraid I must decline," he said. "I have some research to do with Myouga today."


"Oh…okay," Kagome said thinking to herself. She wondered if Inuyasha would be okay if just Sango went with her. Oh well.


"I want to go, Kagome," Shippo squealed. "Please, can I?"


"I don't see why not," Kagome said. "We'll bring Kirara too."


Kirara meowed and jumped on Sango's shoulder.


"Satoru, Sango and I will be out on the veranda when you are ready to go, okay?" she said.


"Okay, Lady Kagome," he said. "I will be right there."


Kagome and Sango exited the room and waved good-bye to everyone. Miroku didn't miss Sakura's sinister smile as the two girls left the room, nor did he miss how she seemed to exit a mere minute after the girls did. `She's up to something,' he thought. He looked over towards her servant Rei and nodded for her to follow Sakura. Rei understood and took off after her mistress. `Sakura won't find it suspicious if Rei follows her,' he thought. `It is to be expected that a servant would follow her mistress.'




Kagome, Shippo, Sango, and Kirara sat on the veranda and enjoyed the morning light as they waited for Satoru to come. Shippo and Kirara played in the grass as Shippo would blow a blossomed dandelion and Kirara would chase after the seeds caught in the wind. Kagome smiled.


"So, how were things last night?" Sango asked.


"Not bad, actually," Kagome said as she explained everything that had occurred. "I've just decided to be Inuyasha's best friend until he makes his decision. It's what he needs right now. He doesn't need all of us hounding him. He was so exhausted this morning. That's why I told Satoru to tell everyone not to disturb him. He really needs his rest."


"Ready, ladies?" Satoru suddenly said from behind them.


"Yep!" they said standing up and following him out the front gate.


From a nearby window, someone watch them travel away from the castle. `Good, Kagome,' she thought. `You just keep walking, and while you're away, I'll just take care of a few things.' When she was absolutely certain she was in the marketplace, Sakura picked up the phone.


"Yes, hello?" Sakura said as she held the phone to her ear. "The girl is finally alone. She is traveling with a mere servant, girl, fox cub, and kitten to guard her. Don't worry. I'll make sure Inuyasha stays preoccupied."




"So are you going to get anything at the market, Sango?" Kagome asked her friend.


"Probably not," Sango said. "Our journey took a lot longer than I thought. I am running low on cash and I need to save up for the trip back home."


"Are you sure you don't want something?" Kagome said opening her purse for Sango to see the endless amounts of gold coins in her purse.


"Kagome!" Sango gasped. "Where did you get all of those?"


"Inuyasha gave them to me this morning," Kagome giggled. "He told me to buy whatever I wanted."


"You're kidding!" Sango said.


"Nope!" she said. "I even told him I wanted to get some clothes and stuff while I was here and he gave me the go ahead to use this."


"Wow!" Sango exclaimed.


"You sure you don't want just a little something?" Kagome coaxed.


"Weeeeell…maybe just a little something," Sango said with a laugh. The two girls laughed as they entered the marketplace behind Satoru. Their eyes grew wide as they soon realized that everything known to man was in this marketplace…which was really odd. The marketplace looked so vintage and resembled that of a bartering market, but you could buy whatever you wanted, even down to the latest technology. Satoru picked up a cart and began rolling it down the road. He soon had everything he needed for the kitchen. He knew all of the vendors really well because he always bought from the same people.


"This is Lady Kagome and Lady Sango and their friend Shippo and pet Kirara," he would say to vendors. At first, Kagome was startled by their reactions, but soon grew used to it as word spread that the famous Lady Kagome had come to market.


"Here, Lady Kagome," an elderly woman said holding out a diamond necklace. "Please take this as a gift from me."


"This is beautiful," Kagome said. "But I really can't accept this."


"Please, my lady," the old woman said. "I am but a humble jeweler. It would be an honor if you could wear my necklace. The only payment I ask is that you let people know where you acquired such a piece if they ask it of you."


Thinking that it may help bring the old lady more business, Kagome reluctantly accepted the extravagant gift, but insisted on giving the lady three gold coins. The lady eventually accepted the money and Sango and Kagome continued shopping.


"That's an amazing necklace, Kagome," Sango said.


"Yeah," she replied. "It's so beautiful, but I have no idea where I am going to wear it. I wish there was something with formal coming up."


Kagome then spotted something that caught her eye. A store with beautiful silk kimonos adorning various racks was inside one of the buildings. Satoru saw where Kagome was looking and smiled.


"You have good taste, my Lady," Satoru said. "That is supposed to be the finest kimono designer in all of Japan."


"May I?" Kagome asked Satoru.


"Suit yourself," he said. "I am in no hurry."


Kagome and Sango squealed in delight and ran inside. Kagome gasped. She had never seen such beautiful kimonos. A lady soon approached Sango and Kagome.


"May I help you?" she asked.


"Oh, I'm just looking right now," Kagome said. "But thank you. These are the most beautiful kimonos I have ever seen."


"Why thank you," she replied. "Each kimono is designed by me, made of pure silk, and made by hand."


"Wow!" Kagome said.


"May I offer a suggestion?" the lady asked.


"Certainly," Kagome said.


"First, for you Lady Sango," the lady said reaching into the rack. Sango and Kagome exchanged glances, surprised she knew who Sango was. The woman held up a pale pink kimono with cherry blossoms adorning it, and a white sash around the waist.


"The pink will bring out the color of your eyes," the lady said, handing the kimono to Sango.


"Why thank you," Sango said, holding it up to her in front of a mirror. The lady was right. It was perfect for Sango in every way. "It's absolutely breath-taking."


The lady then moved on to Kagome. She held up a pale blue kimono with white roses and little yellow flowers. It had a yellow sash and in the center of the yellow sash was what looked to be some kind of crest. There was a larger breed of a white dog, and behind the dog was a green landmass in the shape of Japan with pale blue water on either side of it. In the dog's mouth was a white rose and four black diamonds were cast at four corners causing the crest to be in the shape of a diamond, the blue water filling the area. Beneath the dog was a single red rose and a single yellow rose whose stems intertwined to form the symbol of mankind, and a purple crescent moon adorned the dog's forehead. Kagome and Sango were spellbound. It was absolutely beautiful. Kagome didn't care how much it cost. She had to have it.


"This is absolutely beautiful," Kagome said in amazement.


"I made this especially for you, Lady Kagome, with my own hands," she said and placed the kimono into Kagome's hands. Kagome accepted the kimono and held it up to her.


"Oh, Kagome," Sango mused. "That will be absolutely gorgeous on you."


"How much is this?" Kagome asked.


"For you," the lady said with a smile. "Ten gold coins."


"Ten gold coins? That's it?" Kagome exclaimed. "This kimono has to be one of the finest in your store and most of the others are selling for a hundred."


"I'll even give you yours Lady Sango for thirty," the lady said. Sango and Kagome exchanged glances. This lady was willing to sell them two top of the line kimonos for forty gold coins?


"But you are the finest kimono maker in all of Japan, and you are practically giving these to us," Kagome said. "I mean, don't get me wrong, forty gold coins is still a lot of money, but for what we are buying here, it's practically nothing."


"You see," the lady explained. "You saved my husband from being killed. He fought against the demons during the battle. One more minute and he would have lost his life. I attribute that to you and Lord Inuyasha. Oh, and send this to him." The lady lifted up a box. "It's another red, fire rat robe. This one is even more durable than the first ones I made him."


"Thank…thank you…thank you so very much," Kagome said as she laid the coins on the counter. The girls soon left the store with their purchases. Satoru smiled as the girls exited the door.


"Find something you like?" he asked.


"Did we ever!" Kagome and Sango said in unison.


The girls continued shopping for a while longer until their purchases consisted of four tops, three skirts, two pairs of pants, two pairs of earrings, some hair accessories, two pairs of sunglasses, some candies and chocolates for Shippo, fresh fish for Kirara, two new swimsuits, and four dresses. Kagome gulped as she looked at her purchases mounding into a pile that Satoru could hardly push in the cart.


"I guess we got a little carried away," Kagome said with a nervous laugh. Sango laughed. "Well, Inuyasha didn't know exactly how much money he gave me and I still have quite a bit left so maybe he won't notice?"


"Hmm," Sango said sarcastically. "I think the mounds of clothes will give it away."


"Well, I guess I should get something for him then," Kagome said with a smile. "Maybe it will soften his blow on me!"


Satoru, Sango, and Kagome laughed and continued walking. Kagome looked around for a while before finally deciding on the latest sharpening stone and cleaning fluid for his sword, some extra ramen, some potato chips, and a couple of new shirts to wear under his fire rat robe. Kagome let out a deep breath and wiped her brow.


"Well, that should do it! What do you think Satoru?" Kagome asked, but with no reply. "Uh…Satoru?"


She turned around to see Satoru with his head on the cart, snoozing away. Kagome gasped and put her hand to her mouth. Shippo jumped on her shoulder.


"Guess you girls were too much for him," Shippo said with a laugh.


They both laughed and walked over to wake Satoru up. They nudged him a few times before he actually opened his eyes and stood up. He smiled at them and apologized for dozing off. They all were soon walking out of town. Just as they left the village, an all too familiar voice spoke out.


"Hello, Kagome," the person said.


Kagome gasped in horror as she dropped the bags she was carrying. Sango was already in her fighting stance and Kirara growled vigorously at her feet. Kagome slowly turned around to find…


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