InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The Real Her ❯ Welcome! (Chapter 1) ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Candice was on a plane headed strait for Tokyo.She had signed up for the foreigh exchange program a month ago.She thought this was cool but she hated leaving her friends.People often think she is weird when they meet her because she collects weapons.It kicks ass that she knows how to use them all though.

As she thought of that she opens her backpack and pulls out a case.When she opens it you can see a dagger with clouds, the sun and a dragon carved in the handle.She ran her fingers across the carvings.It always made her feel relaxed when she looked at it.It had been passed down from gernerations but nobody remembered who the origional owner was.

She quickly put it back when the flight atendant walked by. They might not take to well to having a weapon out in the open.

She hoped her temporary family is nice.She hoped they had a daughter her age too.She would need someone to talk to when she started to feel homesick.She was told her family is called Higorashi.She didn't know how long it would take her to get used to that.

She was disturbed from her thought when she heard the captain,'' please keep in your seats as we land''

Well, this was her stop.New life,here she comes.

The plane landed and everyone started to leave.She got her thing from the storage bin right above her and slowly got off of the plane.When she went inside the airport she saw a woman walk torward her.

''Hello.You must be Candice''the woman stated.

''Um...yes.But how do you know?''Candice asked.

The woman smiled and answered her,''you look just like they told me.'' She took a good look at her long blonde hair with red streaks in it.''I'm sure you will like it here.Kagome will help you get used to everything''

''Kagome?''Candice asked clearly clueless.

''Oh,she's my daughter,'' she started,''your both seventeen so you should get along fine'' (I know that isn't her real age but in my story it is)

''We should probably get going.I have to make supper'' the woman helped her with her bags and they got in the car.

''Thank you for taking me in Mrs. Higorashi''She said as she smiled.

''Think nothing of it Candice!I sure everyone will love your company''Mrs. Higorshi said.

When they got to the house Candice got out of the car.She stood in aw at the huge shrine.''You live here?''she questioned.

''I hope it's not too overwhelming for you''she appologized.

''Oh no!It's just's beautiful!I've only seen places like these in pictures!''she blurted out.

''Well come on in.I want you to meet the rest of the family''Mrs. Higorashi motioned her to the door.

When they got in she saw an old man and a boy sitting at the table.''My,who is this?''the old man said as he turned around.

''Oh father,this is Candice.''

''Ah, yes.Your the child in the program''he comninued reading his paper.

''Hi! I'm Sota.''

Candice smiled,''Hello Sota.It's nice to meet you''

''Tell me child,'' the old man started,''are you interested in antiqus?''

''Oh yes sir,'' she stated,''I also have a pretty impresive weapon collection.If I may I would like to show you one of them''

''oh course!''she said with woderment in his voice.

She droped her backpack and pulled out the case.She took it over to him and opened it.He looked shocked when her saw it.

''Amazing!''he yelped,''Do you know what this is?!''

''A dagger?''

''No child.This dagger has much more of a story to it''he said with a little bit of disbeleif.

Candice looked at him,''really?What is it?''

''well come hsit down and I will explain''

She went over to the table and took a seat by Sota wich was right in front of the old man.

''You see, this is the a dagger that fits the desciption of the great youkai dagger.It is said to retain the soul off all of it's past owners and will release them when the time is right.Whomever weilds the dagger will be the target for all of the souls.''

Sota had a look of amazement on his face''So when the dagger releises the souls the person who owns it will become them?''

The old man answered,''Something like that Sota.If I am corect the person who the souls retire into will become full youkai.If they are already they will become even more powerful''

''WOW!'' Candice exclaimed.

''yes,'' he said,''but of course it is just a legend.This is a remarkableweapon though.''

''thank you sir''she said a little disapointed.

''please child!Call me Grandfather''

Mrs. Higorashi interupted''why don't you go up to Kagome's room and tell her dinner is ready?It is the first room upstairs''

Candice walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.She heard a voice,''Come in.''

She walked in and saw Kagome at her desk busy studying.

''Are you Kagome?''

Kagome turned around and relized who it was,''Oh hello! Yes I am. You are Candice right?''

''yep.Will you be in any of my classes at school?''

Kagome got up and walked over to her,''yes,my Mom called the school and told them to put you in all of my classes.You can borrow one of my uniforms.''

''Thank you.Oh, yeah.Your mother said supper was ready.''

''ok come on!''Kagome grabed her hand and pulled her after her.They were halfway down the stairs when the heard a thump in Kagome's room.

Kagome gasped''I'll be right back.''


Kagome went up to her room and found that her suspicions were correct.

''Inuyasha!''she yelled.

Inuyasha just looked at her''WHAT?!I came back to get you.You always take forever!''

''Not now Inuyasha!''she snapped''I have company.....come on,i want you to meet her!''

Inuyasha just moaned,''is she that Candice girl you said was coming to live with you all?''

Kagome said,''If you don't stop winig and come on I will say ''that'' word''

''Fine!''he huffed.

Back at the kitchen Candice was helping Mrs. Higorashi set the table.Candice looked up and saw Kagome walk down the stairs and a boy with a red outfit and a cap on was following.

''Hello Inuyasha would you like to eat with us?'' Mrs. Higorashi offered.

''Sure'' he said after looking at the food.

Grandfather spoke up,'' Candice, why don't you show Inuyasha that dagger?''

''ok''she said as she got the case out of her back pack again.She walked over to Inuyasha and showed it to him.

''Where did you get that?!''he blurted.

''It is a family heirloom''she said as she watched Inuyasha pick it up and study it.

After about a few minuets studying it he finally spoke,''take care of it.It has power''

''how?''Candice looked confused

''just beleive me.I can tell''He said as he sat down.

They all started to eat ans Candice caught Inuyasha staring at her,''What?''she asked.

He looked at her funny,''you look familiar.I saw someone who looks like you in the feud....''He was interupted by Kagome covering up his mouth.

''oh,it's nothing!Don't let him bother you with those things''she said trying to cover something up.

''whatever yousay'' Candice said as she finished eating.

After everyone finished eating Inuyasha said something about leaving but he would get Kagome tomorrow.That night she slept in a pallet by Kagome's bed.Little did she know that tomorrow would be a great adventure.