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~~Chapter 4~~
Kagome whimpered softly against his lips, clutching fistfuls of hair, of haori . . . dragging at him, pulling him closer yet pushing him back. Indecision mingled with burgeoning desire, a torrent of flames that erupted within.
Her scent engulfed him, intoxicated him, called to his youkai blood, the heated blood of the full moon. Imprisoning her in the strength of his arms, crushing her body against his, youkai domination battled against the human emotion, the desire to protect, to cherish, to soothe. Insatiable lust rose up, hot and fierce, a paradox of wills clashed. His youkai, called out to her, calling to his mate. She would understand. It was meant to be this way. Yet still, the human heart inside him protested. `Kagome is special . . . mate of the youkai or mate of your heart . . . choose because you can't have both.'
She surrendered to him, head falling back as his lips, his fangs, his tongue weakened her resistance. Had she shown him any? Had she ever? The realization slowed him, gave him pause, lent strength to the human blood that fought against the authority of the youkai. He kissed her gently, lulled her with his touch. Her hands loosened their grip, trailed to his face, stroked his cheeks. He wanted her, but he wanted her unmarked, unbroken, unblemished.
“Kagome,” he whispered against her ear, imploring her, begging her, “don't leave me.”
He felt her pain swell, smelled the salt in her tears, heard the sigh of her closing eyes. “I don't remember a time,” she finally said, her voice choked, grasping at his heart, digging in, drawing blood, “when I wasn't with you, and I . . .”
“If you go, I'll follow you,” he warned. “I swore I'd protect you.”
`Because I'd die without you.'
“You don't have---”
Lips on hers again, silencing her protests, weakening her resistance. Unfair tactic, sure. InuYasha couldn't stand to hear her say the words. Softness, silken threads of flesh opened to him, invited him. She writhed in his arms, moaned as he drew on her. Her lips swelled, her flesh burned through her clothes, seared his body, branded him as hers alone.
He pushed her back, pinned her down. She accepted his weight without a second thought. Lost in his kiss, unable to think, she reacted on instinct. Pulling at his shoulders, she pressed against him, using her flesh to find what she wanted. The thin fabric that separated her body from his touch was a weak barrier, easily removed. She gasped as he dragged his claws down her body, deliberately taunting her. He pulled away from her to stare at the woman he'd exposed. Her arms lifted to cover herself as a heated flush stole over her flesh. His growl stopped her.
Her eyes burned dark, reflecting the raw yearning that he knew she saw in his own. Lips swollen, eyes half-closed, hands helplessly beside her head, spread eagle, and yet he was compelled to ask. “Do you . . . do you want this? You can't leave if . . . you'll be mine.”
Eyebrows drawing together into a frown, Kagome didn't answer with words. She sat up and reached out, working the bindings of his clothing, her fingers trembling, lingering, as she peeled away the layers to touch the flesh beneath.
His mind screamed out for him to take her. His will resisted for her sake. With a childlike innocence, she stared, daring to touch him as he sat back, hands closing around fistfuls of blanket. Every muscle in his body was tense, tight, constricted. If he trusted himself to move, he would have taken her into his arms. He didn't dare. If he tried, he'd lose himself to his youkai blood, and though the end result would be the same, the way of getting there would not.
She drew herself against him, her lips seeking out his as her body pressed against him. The shock of flesh meeting flesh was enough to make him gasp. He could feel himself surge against her, and he wrapped his arms around her, shifting their positions, lowering her down again. Hands wandering, mouths exploring, gentle nipping leading to soft sighs, moans. She shuddered under his perusal, claws that ripped apart threatening youkai were graceful and teasing as he discovered her body.
The rosy flesh of her nipples thrilled him. Swirling his tongue around them forced whimpers from deep inside her as another scent, a baser one, assailed him. Instinct told him what it was. She was ready for him. Still he held back. Prolonging her pleasure was killing him. Being rewarded by her body was enough.
Fangs raking gently over the sensitive skin of her breast, he drew her deep, tasted her slowly, growled softly as his fingers trailed lower, dancing over her belly, brushing over the soft curls that beckoned him. Rubbing his knuckle along the searing moist seam, he groaned as she parted her legs further, as she lifted her hips to meet his touch.
She tugged at his shoulders, pulled on his hair, fingers twining in the silken strands, she couldn't form coherent words. “I can't . . .” she whimpered.
He relented. Brushing against her body, he dragged himself upward. As his lips fell to hers again, he pressed into her. The shock of the act coupled with the wash of new sensation left his mind scattered. The tightness that cosseted him . . . the unbelievable heat . . . wet and dark and somehow brilliant, she trembled around him, dragging him deeper as a gentle resistance gave way. She winced then gasped, arching her hips off the ground. He leaned down, kissed her, soothed away the impatience in her aura as he gentled her with his lips.
Bracing his knee between her spread thighs, he rocked her gently, soothing her as she quivered. Her body pulsed around him, goading him on as he gave in to the instinct and concentrated on the muffled gasps, the cries that were magnified as he returned the sounds. As if caught in the rushing waves of the ocean, the resonance of his blood surging through him goaded him on, moved him forward. Kagome contracted around him, her head tilting back even further as a sighing moan cut the stillness of the forest.
It wasn't enough. Content in the pleasure that rippled from her, he held himself back time and again. The urge to plunder gave way to the need to shelter, to provide for her heart before he sought his own peace. She was a rare thing, a gift of true beauty. Someone like her only came around once in a lifetime, and he was fortunate enough to have found her.
She rose against him, her body demanding everything he was willing to give. Skin flushed, she tossed her head from side to side, hair pooling around her like a storm cloud in a bittersweet dream. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her hips grinding against his as she met his rhythm, thrust for thrust. The feel of her body squeezing and releasing around him was driving him mad. It was too much, and yet not quite enough, at all.
His defenses couldn't take the constant onslaught, the overwhelming need to bind them together. Sensation converged with emotion, twisted upon itself, drawing one from the other into a tangled web of death and rebirth, of need and desire, of yearning and the satiation of the flesh. He buried himself inside her, throbbing, pulsing, thickening, as his heart cried out her name, the echo of the sound coming back to him, only to be lost as his thoughts scattered faster than he could make sense of them all.
Everything ceased to exist around him. Something burned through him, seared him, coursed from him to her as the full moon smiled, and he collapsed against her, over her heart. In the darkness, he could see her smile.
She was rubbing his ears. He hadn't realized that before. He didn't remember rolling over, or that he'd dragged her with him. Cradled atop his chest, she sighed. It took a moment for the sound to make sense to him. It was one he hadn't heard from her in a long time. She was happy. He grinned. Then again, so was he . . .
`She's mine now. She's my mate.' That thought was enough to make him chuckle, and Kagome lifted her head to stare into his eyes.
“What's so funny?”
“Not funny,” he corrected. “I just felt like laughing.”
She grinned. “Now I'm really worried, then. You never just feel like laughing.”
He chuckled again, pulling her down to kiss her. “You look tired,” he said, pushing her bangs out of her face.
She sighed. “Maybe.” Her bravado was rendered ineffective with the wide yawn that followed.
Drawing his haori over her to protect her against the cool night air, InuYasha stared over her head at the moon. It spoke to him. He frowned, the ancient language unknown.
“What now?”
InuYasha blinked, puzzled by Kagome's softly uttered question. “What do you mean?”
She shrugged, nestling closer to him. Her voice was tinged with lethargy when she spoke. “What did you mean when you said that I'm yours?”
“Keh!” He sighed. Maybe he would have to explain this to her . . . “It means exactly what I said. You're mine: my mate.”
“Your . . . what?
InuYasha could feel himself blushing. Thankful that the light was dim enough to hide the redness, he growled. “Mate, wench, mate! For life.”
“You mean like, married?
“Youkai don't marry.”
Kagome sat up and turned to glare at him. “You're not full youkai! You're half human, and humans do marry!” She waved her hands quickly to stave back InuYasha's retort. “That's not the point! I don't remember you asking me to be your mate!”
He sat up, too. “I did!”
“When I asked you if you were sure!”
Kagome's mouth fell open. “That's what you were asking? I thought you meant---I wasn't thinking straight at the time!”
“What would you have said?”
Her expression softened. He flinched. He'd tried to make his voice neutral. He guessed it hadn't worked. “I don't know . . . I think I would have said yes.”
Relief flooded over him. He pulled her into his embrace again. She rested her head on his shoulder as he lay back. “I still have to go back,” she finally said. He didn't miss the sleepiness of her voice.
What? In case you didn't know, mated means---”
She giggled softly. “Means that I really have to tell my mother, wouldn't you agree?”
The irritation melted away. InuYasha sighed. “Okay, but I'm going with you.”
Her breathing changed slowly as she surrendered to sleep. InuYasha held her close.
The sudden lack of warmth woke her. She wasn't sure what time it was, but the moon was on the other side of the sky above, and she blinked, trying to clear away the last edges of sleep. “InuYasha?”
The clearing was silent. She stared into the surrounding darkness. The fire rat haori still covered her. She frowned. The rest of his clothes were gone, and so was he.
`Where did he go?'
Kagome dug into her bag to find some clothes. She shook her head as she dropped the remnants of her pajamas into the fire but couldn't help the smile that came to her lips at the memory of what had happened to the items. The clothing burned quickly, and she poked at the glowing embers of the fire and dropping on a few logs.
`Mated,' she thought with a smile. As odd as the term seemed to her, it somehow fit InuYasha. He'd never been one to stand on convention anyway. `Maybe my worries were stupid, after all.' With a lurch of her heart, Kagome realized something else. `He chose . . . me . . . and if he chose me, then maybe he didn't ever want to go to hell with Kikyou . . . Maybe I was wrong all this time . . .'
After setting the teapot into the edge of the fire, Kagome sank back down on the blankets. Wherever InuYasha had gone, surely he'd be back soon. The sun was beginning to rise, and he always wanted to leave right away when there was enough light to travel.
A familiar cold drifted over her skin. Kagome shivered and looked up out of habit. One of Kikyou's Shini-dama-chuu circled above, and all at once, her bubble of contentment burst. `Surely he wouldn't . . . not after . . . no . . .'
She stood slowly as InuYasha stepped out of the trees. Seeing Kagome standing there, he stopped abruptly, eyes inscrutable. Kagome swallowed hard, blinking back tears that rose in her eyes. For long minutes, they stared at each other. She tried to read the expression on his face. He tried to hide it from her. A rift seemed to open at her feet, invisible but threatening nonetheless.
“If you tell me you weren't with her,” she said quietly, “I'll believe you.”
His gaze fell away, and Kagome's heart shattered.
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