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~~Chapter 13~~
“I thought I'd find you here.”
InuYasha leaned to the side, staring down through the branches and leaves of Goshinboku. Kagome shielded her eyes against the sunshine and smiled. He dropped out of the tree, landing before her. She giggled. “What are you doing out of bed?” he demanded in a tone that lacked any real irritation.
“I feel fine,” she assured him. “Besides, I want to go back. I miss everyone.”
A thoughtful frown filtered across his features. Kagome wondered what he was thinking as he took her hands and sank down on the ground. He pulled her gently into his lap and wrapped his arms around her. “I was thinking,” he began slowly, as though he wasn't sure how she'd react to whatever it was he was trying to say. “Maybe we should stay here . . . in your time. It's easier on you, and . . .” he trailed off.
Kagome finished his thought in her own head. `And Kikyou isn't here.' She sighed, wishing she could take him up on his offer without feeling like she was being completely selfish. “Thank you,” she replied. “But you wouldn't be happy here, would you? The villagers need me, too.”
Without looking at him, she knew that the stubborn expression was back in his eyes, and Kagome stifled a sigh, knowing what was coming. They'd been having this particular argument for the last three days since she'd left the hospital. “You need to rest.”
“I need to help.”
“What about our pup?”
“The baby's fine,” she maintained. Her eyes widened, and she leaned away to look at him. “The baby---”
He started to stand up, to carry her back inside. “I knew you shouldn't have been out of bed!” She opened her mouth to disagree. He cut her off. “Damn it, don't argue with me!”
“InuYasha . . .” she said, her voice soft as she reached up, toying with one of his ears. He stopped mid-step. She knew he would. It was his one weakness. His eyes drifted half closed but he didn't drop her. “I felt the baby move.”
That got his attention. Eyes flaring wide, round in wonder, he stared at her, incredulous, amazed. “You felt . . . ?”
She nodded. The odd flutter came again, and she giggled. “Sit back down, and I'll let you feel it, too.”
Carefully he did. She pulled her blouse up enough for his hand to cover her belly, and he waited. He gasped sharply when the baby moved once more. His hand stiffened over her but he didn't pull back. “Was that it?” he asked in a whisper. Kagome nodded. He laughed out loud when the baby turned over again. “That's my pup!”
The wonder in his tone, the tender softness in his gaze . . . Kagome felt tears stinging the back of her eyes. The pride in his expression . . . “InuYasha . . .”
He leaned forward, kissed her softly. She gasped at the feelings that welled up, spilled over. Every emotion in his eyes---it was all there in his kiss; suspended in sensation, no conscious thought, no remorse, no regrets. Kagome accepted what he gave her.
Cradling his face in her hands, she pulled back. He smoothed her hair, touched her cheek. Eyes half-closed, she saw the burn under his lids, “I have something . . . I want to give it to you.”
Curiosity kept her quiet while he dug into his haori and finally pulled out a string of tiny white beads. Iridescent, shining, glimmering, Kagome stared at them. “What are these?” she asked as he dropped them over her head then gently pulled her hair out of them.
“They'll protect you.”
Something odd about his tone, something almost worried, drew her gaze upward from the necklace. “InuYasha? What is it?”
His smile might have fooled her if he had been able to look her in the eye. As it was, his gaze skittered away, resting on the necklace he'd put on her. “Nothing. I just like how it looks on you.”
“What aren't you telling me?”
“You ask too many questions,” he mumbled, drawing her close to kiss her again.
He never answered her.
InuYasha slapped the bamboo mat aside and stepped outside to sniff the air again. He could smell Kagome's scent. She was fine, he could tell, and she was close. It didn't stop him from worrying though. He really should have argued with her a little longer, to convince her not to take on the added responsibilities of the village, at least, not till after the pup was born. Bone weary, she was up from the break of dawn and didn't get to sleep until well after the sun set. She was too busy taking care of the sick and the injured, seeing to the villagers' needs and all the while neglecting her own, as far as he was concerned.
He sighed. The last few nights, she'd fallen asleep while he'd tried to get her to eat. He set out with a few mumbled curses, intent on finding her and bringing her home.
Miroku and he had spent the majority of the day building onto the hut. Kagome was used to her modern conveniences, and InuYasha was determined to make sure that she had as many of them as she could. Miroku hadn't wanted to help, but after a bit of coercion, InuYasha had convinced him. With any luck, they'd have the addition done by the time Kagome birthed the pup.
InuYasha met Kagome as she slowly ambled toward their home. Shoulders slumped, eyes glazed over and dull, she lifted a limp hand to her eyes and sighed. Though he expected a few muttered protests, InuYasha swept her off of the ground and strode toward the hut with her in his arms. She didn't protest at all, and when he glanced down at her after reaching home, he shook his head. She was asleep.
He didn't have the heart to wake her, even to eat. Laying her gently on the futon he'd already gotten out for her, she moaned softly and rolled onto her side, hands folded together under her cheek.
Sinking down beside the door with Tetsusaiga in his arms, InuYasha leaned his head back against the wall and stared at Kagome. Five months into her pregnancy, and she still didn't really look pregnant, to the naked eye. He knew better. From holding her, and from feeling the pup move, he knew the differences in her body.
During the two months since Kaede's death---since that disastrous night---Kagome had been working so hard to take over for the old miko. Trying twice as hard as she had to, Kagome dropped everything in order to do things for everyone else, and it was taking a toll on her. He'd tried before, to tell her what she was doing was too hard on her. He'd tried many times, in fact, but she didn't want to listen to him, and he didn't want to upset her again.
And, he had to admit, he missed her. Gone were the days when he had her all to himself. Sharing her with the villagers was grating on his nerves because they were winning. He sighed and closed his eyes. He'd grown accustomed to being the center of her attention, and now . . .
She whimpered softly. InuYasha sat up straight, eyes flashing open. “No,” she breathed. He scooted toward her. “Not again . . . Don't take . . . InuYasha.”
Gently shaking her shoulder, he tried to wake her. She was having a nightmare. She hadn't had one of those in months. “Kagome,” he said as he drew her into his arms, cradled her against his chest. “Hey,” he murmured, smoothing her hair, trying to soothe her as she thrashed against him, tried to fight him off in the throes of her sleep.
N . . . no!
With a smothered cry and a sudden jerk, her eyes shot open. Wild, frightened, it took a moment for her to focus on him. Loosening a broken sob from somewhere deep inside, she clung to him fiercely, as though she was afraid to let him go. “InuYasha,” she whimpered, “she came to take you! She wanted---”
“It's okay. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere,” he whispered into her hair.
“If she asks you to, you'd go,” Kagome said, her voice resigned, tears thickening behind it.
“Don't be stupid,” he muttered, tightening his arms around her. “I'm not going anywhere, and she won't ask me to.” All the things that had been said so long ago came back to him. He flinched. Kagome hadn't ever understood . . .
Her body shook against him, racked with silent sobs, and with every one, a bit of him felt as though he were dying. Cascading tears, the torrent of a waterfall, and something that belied it all. . . Didn't she know that her fears were destroying him, too?
She shifted, turned her face, stared up at him in the semi-darkness of the hut. Trembling breaths, tumultuous hiccups, she tried to control her emotions as she blinked back the remaining tears that gathered in her eyes. Rubbing his knuckles against her cheek, he grimaced as her eyes drifted closed for a moment before she stared at him, intensity gathering behind those mysterious eyes. The flicker of the firelight toyed with her features, lending her a honeyed glow, a warmth, a gentleness.
She reached for him, drawing his face down to hers, meeting his lips with her own, kissing him with a hunger, a need that burned him. There wasn't a battle inside him; the struggle to fight against wanting her was lost before it began. Too long a time, too many nights left wanting, too many promising kisses were broken, and now this . . .
She surrendered as she dominated, gave as she took what she needed. Her lips opened to him, beckoned him, and he swept through her, consumed her. She whimpered; he growled. The shock of her tongue slipping into his mouth . . . he captured her, devoured her, accepted her defeat as he gave up his own victory.
Rising up on her knees, her hands fumbled with his haori. Shoving it off his shoulders, fingers playing over his chest, feeling her way as she stubbornly refused to let go of his lips, her need was a living thing that drove him forward. Delicate pearl buttons on her blouse flew as he tore at them, patience lost in his desire to have her flesh at his mercy. She whined softly in protest but didn't fight him at all.
He broke away long enough to trail kisses along her jaw to her neck. She let her head fall to the side as he lowered her down. His hands discovered the satin of her shoulders, her breasts, engorged already, with the promise of their child. Her belly drew his touch, the hot flesh stretched taut. Nibbling at her pulse, he soothed her with his tongue, tasting the salt of her skin, deeply breathing the scent of her. He massaged her belly as she ran her hands along his back to hold him close. It wasn't close enough.
She protested as he moved off her, no coherent words, but her sighs were enough. Slowly she opened her eyes, watched as he removed the rest of his clothing. Her gaze dropped, settled on him, bringing on a need that hurt so desperately that he nearly stumbled.
Her skirt joined the pile of his clothes. He stared with a bemused smile at the white cotton panties trimmed in delicate lace. A unique mix of innocence and seduction, they were perfect on her. Perhaps it was that mix that slowed him. Hooking the material with his thumbs, Kagome arched up as he slid the garment down her hips, her legs, his claws running lightly against the outsides of her thighs as he tugged them off, leaving her bare, leaving her vulnerable, leaving her beautiful.
He lay beside her, turning her face to meet his with a tender finger. Kissing her slowly, gently, he moaned softly against her swollen lips. He could feel her pulse in that kiss, could hear the blood rushing through her. Slowly massaging her breast as she arched into his hand, he slowed his kisses to calm her. It wasn't nearly enough.
She rolled toward him, pushed against him, willed his body to hear her own as she moaned softly into his mouth. Wrapping her leg over his hip, feeling him there yet not where she wanted him to be, she cried out in frustration, tugging at his shoulders, demanding. He chuckled softly.
Dragging kisses down her body, squeezing her breasts, teasing her softly, a million little explosions ignited as his mouth fell over her nipple. Swirling his tongue around the hardened bud, the surge of pride at her quiet sighs was a heady thing. Grazing teeth, a rampant need, she clung to him, murmuring his name as she reeled in abject sensation, in the transient wash of tactile feeling. He was in no hurry. The frustrating beauty of the moment sent shockwaves through her, converging together in the center of her, rippling outward until she lay helpless, unable to move, her will gone as he gave to her.
His hands were everywhere, gliding over her skin. She wanted to melt into him, into his touch, into his soul. Her body convulsed under his perusal, every nerve in her calling to him, reaching for him. If he could hear the song that echoed from her, he didn't show it. Maddeningly slowly, he touched her.
Gathering together the last of her strength, she lifted his head, eyes locking with his. “Make love to me,” she said softly.
As if that was what he'd waited to hear, she gasped as he entered her. Head falling back, fingers gripping his shoulders, she lifted her hips against his, taking him fully, unleashing a cry from him. Gathering her against his chest, against his heart, he surged in her. She wrapped her legs around him, unwilling to let him go. He touched her a thousand times, touched her heart, guided her slowly, whispering things she didn't comprehend against her lips.
The yearning gave way to need, and the need gave way to frustration. Nearly there yet never quite to the edge, she tried to show him what she wanted. Heat built, relentless, overwhelming. His muscles strained and tight, undulating under his skin as he tried to hold back. Her muscles spasmed around him, gripped him tightly, goaded him further. His lips fell to hers again, a kiss meant to devour. Her body seemed to move with a desire of its own, she drew him deeper, held him tighter, and suddenly she tore her mouth away, calling out into the silence of the hut, calling out to him as she fell.
His cry echoed hers as he pushed against her, pulsing inside her, giving her everything as his body completed hers.
He rolled to the side, carrying her with him, cradling her against him, protecting her and sheltering her as she found her way back to him again.
The sound of their heavy breathing was the first thing that Kagome heard as conscious thought slowly returned. Leaning back so that she could look down at him, she smiled at the unmistakable pride, the unmasked gloating in his smile. “You're happy,” she remarked softly.
“You make me happy,” he replied without opening his eyes.
She yawned and cuddled deeper into his embrace. “Do I?”
“Go to sleep, wench. You're exhausted.”
Reaching up, putting her arm around him, she found his ear and idly rubbed. Normally he pulled away when she did it. This time he let her. An odd growl came from him. She lifted her head but didn't stop. Not an unpleasant sound, she allowed. It was just one she'd never heard before. Almost a whine but with a sing-song quality, the timber, the pitch was oddly soothing. His eyes were closed, and his chest rose and fell as though he slept. Was it a sound of . . . contentment?
Her gentle smile widened as she realized that it probably was. Had he ever been relaxed enough, even with her, to do that before? She closed her eyes. No, she supposed. He never had.
She hadn't missed the words he said when he called out, either. `Had he meant it? Could he really?'
Slowly her hand stopped rubbing though the growling still lulled her as sleep came to claim her, too.
He'd said, “Don't leave me.”
`I won't, InuYasha,' she vowed. `I'll never leave you . . .'
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