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~~Chapter 27~~

“Are you happy?”

Kagome blinked in surprise and straightened her back, pinning InuYasha with a troubled stare over the campfire.  “Why do you ask?”

He shrugged, deliberately avoiding her gaze as he held onto Tajiko, keeping her upright, standing.  Kagome slowly came around and sank down on the ground with them.  She smiled at the silver heads that looked so much alike.  “Suppose you tell me why I wouldn’t be happy?”

InuYasha’s gaze shifted sideways to capture Kagome’s.  “Just thought I’d check.”

She ducked her head, a slow smile spreading over her features.  Slowly she leaned forward.  InuYasha kissed her without letting go of Tajiko.  He sighed against her lips.  She leaned further forward.  Spiraling heat wrapped around her insides, a pleasant unfurling of sensation.

He moaned softly, letting himself get lost in the kiss—so lost, in fact, that he didn’t even realize they had company until a female voice said, “Oh, sorry!”

Kagome pulled away, heat filtering into her face as she turned to look over her shoulder at the intruders.  “Kouga!  Ayame!  Hi!” she greeted, hopping to her feet.

“Feh!  Fucking wolf!  What the hell do you want?”  InuYasha snorted.  “Hello, Ayame.”

“I thought I smelled the reek of dog-shit around here.  What are you doing out of your forest, mutt-face?” Kouga shot back.

“I brought along an old friend who’d love to get up close and personal with you.  Care to reacquaint yourself with Tetsusaiga?”

“InuYasha!” Kagome cut in before the men really did start fighting.

“If they kill each other, would it really be a terrible thing?” Ayame asked with a shake of her head.

At the moment, Kagome had to wonder.  She retrieved her daughter as InuYasha slowly got to his feet, as both Kouga and InuYasha exchanged stares filled with such animosity that both Ayame and Kagome rolled their eyes.

“Is this Tajiko?  She’s so precious!” Ayame exclaimed.

“Thank you,” InuYasha remarked.  Kagome sighed.

Kagome knelt down to greet Kouga’s twin sons, Botan and Haru.  The three year-old wolf cubs peeped out at her from behind their father’s legs.  The boys stared curiously at Tajiko and slowly came out of hiding.  They leaned forward, cautiously sniffing Tajiko, who blinked in surprise at the two youngsters.

Kagome eeped as InuYasha reached over her back, snatching Tajiko out of her arms in one rapid movement.  “Oi! Kouga!  Keep your runts away from my daughter!” he growled.

Kouga snorted indelicately.  “Oh, please, as if my sons would ever be interested in your daughter.”

“Kouga!” Ayame gasped, thinking that her mate was referring to the fact that Tajiko wasn’t full youkai.  “Just because she’s hanyou—”

“Who cares about that?” Kouga scoffed.  “She’s his daughter!  That’s more than enough reason to keep my sons away from her!”

“As if I’d let my daughter anywhere near wimpy wolves, anyway,” InuYasha shot back.

“Why don’t you stay for supper?” Kagome asked, raising her voice to be heard over the contentious males.  “We’ve got plenty . . . .”

“No, we don’t,” InuYasha growled as Kagome reached for Tajiko.  He held on.  “Catch your own fucking food, unless you’re too damn pathetic to do it.”

A vague idea started to form in Kagome’s mind.  She narrowed her eyes as she stared at InuYasha.  He was behaving worse than normal, knowing full-well that there was no way Kagome could do a thing about it since he was still holding their daughter.

“You’re such a rude mutt.  I don’t see what Kagome ever saw in you!” Kouga shot back.

Ayame sighed.  “Kouga, why don’t you take the boys and go hunting?  You’ve been saying you’d start teaching them soon, anyway.”

“Feh!” InuYasha snorted, finally handing Tajiko to Kagome.  “Leave it to me, pathetic wolf.  If we wait for you, we’ll starve.”  He headed out of the encampment.

Kouga growled as he ran off after InuYasha.  “Come on, boys!” he called over his shoulder.  

Both women breathed a collective sigh of relief as the males left the campsite.  “I swear . . .” Ayame remarked.

Kagome nodded.  “I don’t think they’ll ever get along.”

It was nice, catching up with Ayame.  She told Kagome how she and Kouga had been trying to restore the wolves’ territories.  It was a welcome visit.  Ayame adored Tajiko, and by the time the voices of the males drifted back into the camp, Tajiko had made another friend.

Botan and Haru skipped in first.  They ran over to their mother and knelt beside her, resuming their inspection of the little girl.

InuYasha and Kouga stomped into camp exchanging insults, as usual.  Kagome took the cleaned rabbits from InuYasha.  Ayame caught her eye, and they both shook their heads.  At least supper wasn’t going to be a dull affair . . . .


The quiet lull that fell over the campsite after Kouga, Ayame, and the boys left was comfortable.  InuYasha sat against a tree, legs stretched out with Tajiko on his lap.  The little girl twirled her finger in her hair as her eyelids grew heavy.  Kagome finished washing up the pan and put it into her backpack, humming a low song under her breath.  With a sigh, she turned to face her family, smiling at the image they created in her mind.

“InuYasha . . . .”


Kagome picked up Tajiko and put her in the sleeping bag.  She didn’t stir.  Kagome turned back to face InuYasha with a knowing look.  “Tell me . . . you were using your daughter as a shield so I wouldn’t say ‘it’ to you when you were arguing with Kouga, weren’t you?”

An overly innocent look surfaced on InuYasha’s face, and he cleared his throat as he shook his head.  “Feh!”

She regarded him for long moments, as though she were trying to make up her mind, whether or not to believe him.  He grew more and more nervous.  Slowly, deliberately, Kagome lifted her hands above her head, arching her back as she stretched.  The blouse she wore rode up, exposing the pale skin of her stomach.  She dared a peek at InuYasha.  He was staring right at her, his eyes bright, mesmerized.  She dropped her arms to her sides and dug through the bag for a nightshirt.  

Fully aware of his gaze on her, Kagome took her time unbuttoning her blouse, letting it fall from her shoulders to land at her feet in a whisper.  Normally when they traveled, she left her bra on to sleep in.  Maybe it was the half moon in the sky; maybe it was the look in InuYasha’s eyes; maybe it was the desire to make him regret using their daughter as a shield.  In any case, Kagome slipped off the bra.  She didn’t miss his sharp inhalation.  Shooting him another quick glance, she smiled to herself to see how he hand his hands dug into the ground, his entire body tense, waiting.  Her skirt hit the ground next.  InuYasha moaned softly.

“Something you wanted, my mate?” she asked, careful to keep her tone light, teasing.

“You,” he answered without hesitation.

She pulled the large shirt over her head and tied a knot in the bottom of it, at her waist.  After folding and putting her clothing back in the bag, she carefully walked toward InuYasha, stopping just out of his reach.  He stared at her, his gaze slowly rising, taking her in.  She sank down before him, reaching out, lifting his chin.  “InuYasha . . . .”

He swallowed hard and started to pull her closer.

She drew a deep breath of her own, half-amazed at her own sudden brazenness, half-wanting to run and hide in embarrassment.  “If you touch me, I’ll say ‘it’.”

“How long?”

She leaned in to kiss him.  “Until you admit that you used your daughter to keep me from saying ‘it’ when Kouga was here.”

“Okay,” he agreed easily enough, her lips hovering so close yet not touching his.  “I did it.”

“And until you promise you’ll never use Taji as a shield ever again.”

He growled.  She smiled as she kissed him.

“You don’t play fair wench,” he complained, his voice husky, arms straining as he dug his claws deeper into the dirt.

She trailed nibbling kisses along his jaw, down his neck, teasing him in much the same manner that he normally used on her.  “Promise me, InuYasha, and you can move.”

He whined softly.  She grinned.

Tongue flicking out, tasting his skin, she deliberately provoked him, reveled in the knowledge that she could bring him to this.  He submitted to her as she pushed his haori off his shoulders, her hands soothing yet enthralling him.  He nudged against her, willed her to release him from the torture.  “Kagome . . . .”


“Damn it—”


He sighed to show his frustration.  It turned into a groan as her tongue flicked out against his nipple.  Her nimble fingers made quick work of untying his pants, removing them.  She brushed against him as she leaned forward to kiss him again.  He strained against her, trying to get to her despite almost perverse desire to hold himself in check, to not make the promise she waited for.  A calculated move on her part, a risky venture at best, Kagome straddled his lap and rose up, her hands on his ears, lightly stroking, idly rubbing.

He captured her nipple through the tee shirt, drew it in, the scorching heat of his mouth searing her skin.  A slight tug and the fabric ripped, shredded by the fangs of her lover.  A ragged sigh, a husky chuckle, and the heat of his mouth closed over her again, his tongue bathing her, lapping at her, loving her.

She pressed against him, teased him unmercifully, unconsciously finding a rhythm, a dance that drove him mad.  Dragging his mouth off of her, a growl of utter frustration spilling from him, he caught her arms in his hands.  “I fucking promise,” he rasped out.  His arm snaked around her, holding her still.  He razed her clothes away with his other.  The delicate cotton and lace panties tore away as though they were made of paper, and he brought her down on him hard.

Her gasp echoed through the forest.  His hands on her hips guided her, moved her.  Helpless to do more than hold on to him, Kagome let her head fall back.  He accepted her submission, ravaging her senses until she clung to him.  No more than nerves and sensation, he moved her higher, letting her fly again and again.  She moaned, she whimpered, she called out his name.  Her strangled cries were soothed by his body, by his desire to complete her, to tame her, to love her.

The tremors in her body, the delicious signs of her repletion rocked through her.  She took over, her legs lending her strength as her back arched against him, melded to him, and she fell against him as she cried out seconds before his voice rose with hers above the calm of the forest.

She didn’t move as she struggled to breath.  Heart beating almost painfully inside her, InuYasha kissed her forehead, her cheek, brought her hand to his lips and kissed her palm.  He stretched out on his side under the canopy of leaves with Kagome nestled against his chest, against his heart.  Lifting her chin, staring into her eyes, he smiled softly as time intruded once more.  “I love you,” he whispered.

She blinked, half scared to believe what her ears had heard.  He’d said it before.  Both times she’d discarded it.  Once in passion, once in slumber, but this time was different . . . . “I love you, InuYasha.  I’ve loved you forever.”

His smile widened, and he hugged her tight.  “While we’re making promises, then,” he said, his voice softened by the edges of fatigue, “will you make one to me?”

“It depends,” she said with a giggle.  His hand trailed over her back, along the curves, resting at last on her bottom as he pulled her firmly against him.

“Promise me, Kagome, that you’ll never doubt me again?  When I tell you I love you?”

She leaned up and kissed him softly, smoothing his cheeks with her hands.  “I love it when you tell me you love me.  I’ll believe you when you do . . . but . . . .” She trailed off, fluttering kisses over his face.  “I like it much better when you show me.”

“Do you?”

She nodded as he pulled her close and turned so that he was pinning her down.  “Then . . . I should show you . . . .”

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peony (this actually is a male name, though.  I’m guessing Ayame picked it out LOL)
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