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~~Chapter 35~~
InuYasha was in a bad mood. There wasn't a real reason for it. He'd woken up with Tajiko tugging none-too-gently on his ears, a string of slobber trailing onto his face, and Kagome nowhere to be found. Tajiko was fussing, obviously hungry, and her diaper stank, as well. He waited for Kagome to come back from wherever she was. After fifteen minutes of whimpering that had finally escalated into the high pitched yowl that InuYasha would have done anything to stop, he had grudgingly given in and had changed his daughter's diaper.
Not being used to having to change the things, InuYasha hadn't realized that he needed the towelette-things that Kagome called baby wipes until after he'd removed the girl's diaper. But the wipes were across the room, and every time he started to turn his back on his daughter, she'd giggled and darted across the bed, precariously close to the edge. In the end, InuYasha had to pick up his pup and take her with him to get the box of towelettes. He'd just turned back toward the bed when the unmistakable wetness had seeped through his haori. It took him a moment to realize what had happened. The devil child had peed on him and then laughed about it.
After finally managing to fasten the diaper around the squirming bundle of hanyou, InuYasha stomped downstairs with the girl in his arms, intent on finding Kagome to let her know what her daughter had done to him. Tajiko babbled, playing with his prayer beads. “Forget it, you,” he grumbled, trying to hold onto his irritation. She grinned at him. He smiled back despite himself.
Rounding the corner and stepping into the kitchen, InuYasha was greeted by the site of his mate sitting casually at the table drinking coffee and laughing with her mother. “Heh-hem,” he cleared his throat loudly.
Kagome glanced at him with a smile that quickly faded as her eyebrows drew together in a confused frown. “InuYasha? Why are you all wet?”
“Ask your daughter, why don't you? She thought my haori would make a good diaper.”
He could see it on their faces. Both Kagome as well as her mother were struggling very hard not to laugh. InuYasha held Tajiko out to her mother. The baby was trying to shove both her fists into her mouth. “She's hungry, and there's not a thing I can do about that,” he grouched. Kagome took Tajiko without a word while InuYasha turned on his heel and stomped out of the kitchen to find something to wear while his haori was cleaned.
In hindsight, that was probably the highlight of his day. No sooner had he given up his haori, grudgingly putting on one of Grandpa's despairingly small shirts then Kagome had informed him that she wished to go shopping. “Go,” he growled, still not over his irritation that she would have the nerve to be gone when he woke up.
She made a face and batted her eyelashes at him in the way that he hated, mostly because it bemused him enough that he normally went along with whatever she said when she did it. “I was hoping you'd come with me.”
Tajiko, in Kagome's arms, giggled happily. “Papa,” she said.
InuYasha did a double-take. “Did . . . did she just say . . . ?”
Kagome grinned. “See? Taji wants her papa to come along, too.”
He stared at both of them. It didn't surprise him at all that both of them batted their eyelashes at him this time. He rolled his eyes. “Feh! Fine.”
The shopping trip started out pleasantly enough. He might look pretty damn stupid in a shirt three sizes too small and his fire rat hakama with the much-loathed baseball cap shoved down over his ears. But Kagome wore a very pretty light green dress that he'd never seen before, and Tajiko looked adorable in a deep golden colored dress with a frilly white bonnet tied under her chin, and InuYasha noticed the admiring looks his daughter drew from passers-by. He also noticed a number of admiring looks coming Kagome's way. For every one she received, he growled just a little louder.
`Why are these bastards staring at her like that?' he fumed. `Can't they tell she's with me? If I catch one more of them eyeballing her like she's no better than a piece of meat, I'll---'
Too late. A scrawny youth took a little too much time looking Kagome up and down, and it was a really good thing that Kagome was holding Tajiko because InuYasha moved in a blur, pinning the insolent baka against a building with his forearm to the fool's throat. “What the fuck are you staring at, bastard?” he snarled in the terrified little man's face.
“InuYasha!” Kagome gasped, shifting Tajiko to one side and trying to pull him off the unfortunate lad. “Let go of him!”
“Eye my mate again, and I'll gut you,” InuYasha warned.
“Let him go or I'll say `it',” she hissed loudly enough that he could hear her but quietly enough that it wouldn't carry.
“Papa,” Tajiko whined. She couldn't understand her parents' upset, and the tension from Kagome coupled with the rage radiating from InuYasha was enough to bring tears to her golden eyes.
“Look what you did!” Kagome growled. “You made your daughter cry!”
InuYasha suddenly dropped the human to stab Kagome with a wide-eyed stare. “What I did? That little bastard was leering at you! I was protecting you, bitch!” Kagome opened her mouth. He knew what was coming. Before she could get the word out, InuYasha swiped Tajiko out of her arms and stalked off down the street.
“I'm so sorry!” Kagome hurriedly told the young man before hurrying off after her hanyous. “That's low, InuYasha.”
“Feh! He had it coming. He's fucking lucky I didn't shred him right then.”
He could feel her glare stabbing him. He didn't look for verification. “That's not what I meant, but now that you mention it, that was pretty low, too. You promised!”
`Damn wench has too fucking good a memory.' He shot her a quick glance. Her expression was schooled to blankness. He knew better. “I've told you, haven't I? You can't say `it' to me. It's not right to do that to your mate.”
“Well, it isn't right to go around threatening to gut helpless humans either,” she bit out from between clenched teeth.
“If they kept their eyes to themselves, I wouldn't have to, would I?”
“InuYasha . . .” she began in the tone that was normally followed by `it'.
“Tajiko,” he reminded her, switching the child to his other arm that was further out of Kagome's reach, just for good measure.
“You're going to pay for this,” she promised.
He stifled a sigh. Knowing his mate, she would absolutely make good on that particular threat . . . .
InuYasha folded his arms over his chest, sticking his hands inside the sleeves of his freshly cleaned haori. Sitting as high up as he possibly could in Goshinboku, he dragged in a deep breath and made a face. His head hurt from the convoluted scents of Tokyo. Coupled with the too-intrusive sounds, it overwhelmed his senses.
He hated this time. But his mate loved it. He sighed, raising a clawed hand to rub furiously at his temple. It only bothered him when he had to be in the throes of it. When he came here and was allowed to remain on the grounds of the shrine, he was better able to control the affects of the various stimuli on his body. Being in the midst of it for so long today, though, was taking a toll on him.
He made a face. Even from out here, he could hear Tajiko's fussing from inside. No matter how badly Kagome's time bothered him, he knew that the effects on his daughter had to be so much greater. Being so little, Tajiko wasn't used to such noise, so much bustle. If it all overwhelmed him, then didn't Kagome realize what it did to their child?
Kagome stepped outside with Tajiko on her hip. She shielded her eyes against the sun setting behind Goshinboku. He kept his expression carefully blanked but he had to admire the way she stood, bathed in the light of the setting sun, touched by the kiss of the deepening shadows, hip thrust out to the right with his pup balancing comfortably against her side. She stared up at him for a few moments. He heard her sigh in defeat. “InuYasha, Mama wanted you to come inside and try on those clothes we got you.”
“Feh,” he snorted. “They fit fine in the store, remember?”
“But she didn't get to see. She wasn't there.”
He narrowed his gaze as he stared down at her. “I'm not a pup, bitch.”
“You're acting like one. What's wrong with you today?”
She made a face. “Come down here and talk to me.”
“InuYasha . . . .”
He ignored her. All he wanted was to be alone with his throbbing head.
She sighed. “Osuwari.”
And . . . nothing happened. Not a thing. InuYasha remained perched in Goshinboku, and Kagome frowned. “It didn't work,” she muttered incredulously. “Why didn't it work?”
“I dunno,” he grumbled, as perplexed as Kagome as to why the subduing curse didn't work. A sudden memory of Tajiko holding his necklace and the miko energy that engulfed both her as well as the beads. “Taji . . . could she have removed the incantation?” he asked slowly.
Kagome started to answer. She was interrupted when Tajiko whimpered. Kagome brought the baby to her shoulder, trying to soothe her as Taji's whimpers turned to soft cries. “I think there's something wrong with Tajiko,” she called up softly, concern creeping into her voice.
`Feh!' InuYasha thought. `The same thing that's wrong with me. Can't you see it, Kagome?' He sighed. “I'll say. It's your fucking time.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, there are too many things here, noises, smells, bright lights . . . it's hard to deal with for me, and I'm an adult.”
She looked as though she hadn't thought of that. “Is it really so hard for you? To be here?”
He hated to admit to having a weakness---any weakness. But if he didn't explain it to her, Tajiko would suffer for it, too. He swallowed hard and finally nodded.
Kagome made a sound almost like a sob. He didn't smell any tears from her. She sighed and bit her lip as she stared up at him. “I'm sorry, InuYasha . . . I never knew.”
“Feh! It wasn't important before. I can deal with it.”
“But Tajiko's just a baby,” she finished his thought. “Why didn't you tell me this before?”
“Would it really have mattered?” he snapped. “You still would have wanted to come here. Your family's here, and I understand that.”
“It might have mattered,” she mumbled.
A sudden vertigo swept over InuYasha. He shook his head, trying to clear it, to no avail. His stomach was tied in knots, and he felt, for the first time in his life, like he might actually throw up. With a soft groan, InuYasha fell out of the tree. Kagome screamed his name. It was the last thing he heard as he hit the ground far, far below.
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