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~~Chapter 42~~
Kaze no Kizu!”
The burning waves pulsed away from Tetsusaiga, engulfing the centipede youkai. Seconds later, the acrid stench of burning flesh engulfed him, and InuYasha lifted his sleeve to cover his nose against the mind-numbing odor. The centipede dissolved quickly. InuYasha dropped his arm away as the black dust that remained of the youkai blew away in the wind.
The villagers gathered around to thank him. He mumbled his acknowledgement and turned away to sheathe his sword and hide his flush. He'd done this a thousand times, saved the fields from youkai of one form or another. It never ceased to embarrass him, to accept their thanks and praise.
Luckily for him, it was a lesser-youkai. Since the villagers were used to seeing InuYasha take out the beasts that plagued their village, they spent less time marveling over InuYasha's hasty dispatching before they headed out, muttering over how `lucky' they were to have such a powerful `guardian' in their village.
InuYasha shook his head as the villagers dispersed. Sinking back against a tree stump, a vague smile surfaced, tugging at the corners of his lips, deepening the golden color of his eyes. An easy sense of contentment filtered over him, and he marveled at how strange it felt to be happy.
The same claws that had branded him an outcast for so long, the same ears that had driven him from village to village in his youth, the senses that helped him to track and to destroy were the things that had earned him the grudging respect of those he offered protection. He stared thoughtfully at his razor sharp claws, and his smiled widened. Kagome loved his claws. Whenever he stroked her with them, she shuddered. Pulse pounding, heart racing, breathing stuttered and erratic, the claws that were able to wipe out foes were the same ones that brought his mate pleasure.
And Tajiko? The smile widened even more. His pup, his blessing, his silver and golden baby girl. She brought to bear a desire to shelter, to protect, to nurture her in such a way that InuYasha hadn't really gotten to have. His mother had done the best she could. Without the protection of his father, however, Izayoi had failed, in the end, and had left InuYasha alone to live or die. As a child he'd wandered, lost and alone, though occasionally Myouga would pop up to suck InuYasha's blood and to generally make a nuisance of himself.
So it had been, for years. In the beginning, he'd searched for a place to belong, for someone who'd accept him, for anyone who would take him in. The first days, he remembered, he'd watch a family of humans nearby. The mother was always hugging her children, letting them draw comfort from her. She'd reminded him of his own mother. She'd brush the dirt off his knees when he fell, would wipe the tears from his cheeks when he cried. Then too, he remembered the fear on the woman's face, as he'd stepped cautiously out of the forest. The woman stared at him in horror, and her words were as clear in his mind as they had been that day, “Youkai! Help me! Spare my children!”
He flinched. Why did those words from the nameless woman still bite him? How did they have the power to hurt him now, so many years later? Doubtless the woman had died long ago, victim of illness, of time, of circumstance. It was the last time InuYasha had tried to approach a human for protection.
But the youkai he'd encountered were always so much worse. Cold by nature, unable to grasp the range of human emotions, InuYasha had been warned by his mother so many times to avoid drawing their notice. She had been right. There had been too many times that he'd run away, escaping by dumb luck or by managing to crawl into small places where the youkai couldn't reach him. There had been a couple of times that he'd been knocked out, times that he hadn't had the chance to run or hide. One of them---a bear youkai---had rendered him unconscious with a swipe of her mighty paw. When he awoke, the beast lay dead at his feet. He never had figured out what had happened that day, nor later, when he had been attacked by a snake youkai. Trailing after a familiar scent---one he'd only come to realize later belonged to Sesshoumaru---the snake had ambushed him. He had never been clear on what happened then. He woke up later with a stabbing pain in his neck but otherwise no worse for wear. The snake, like the bear from before, was dead by his feet.
With a shake of his head and a heavy sigh, InuYasha snapped out of his reverie and pushed away from the tree. `What are you standing around reminiscing for?' he berated himself. `Your mate and your pup are waiting for you, and you know you'd rather spend time with them than standing around here remembering things best left forgotten.'
A shift in the breeze stopped InuYasha in his tracks. With a low growl, he paused, hand on Tetsusaiga's hilt, and waited.
Ah-and-Uhn, Sesshoumaru's dragon youkai, lit on the ground, blowing great gusts of wind from their two heads. Jaken sat up straight and proud and condescended to glare down his nose at the hanyou. “InuYasha,” he said, his tone as pompous and arrogant as that of his master. “Sesshoumaru-sama sent me to fetch you. He says it is urgent, and that you should come right away.”
InuYasha let go of Tetsusaiga to cross his arms over his chest while stabbing the toad-imp youkai with a bored glower. “And he thinks I'll just drop everything and hop to it? Fuck him. You can tell him I said that, too.”
Jaken huffed in righteous indignation, puffing his chest up further and basically looking pretty damn stupid, in InuYasha's opinion. That said, InuYasha turned to head back toward the village. “How dare you insult the great and powerful Sesshoumaru-sama!” the beast sputtered. InuYasha ignored him and kept walking. When Jaken finally noticed that he was getting nowhere, he sighed and shook his head. “My lord said that, should you refuse to answer his summons, I am to tell you that in doing so you will be dishonoring both your great youkai father as well as Sesshoumaru-sama, and should you dishonor them, then you shall then forfeit your mate and offspring.”
That stopped InuYasha. He whirled around to face Jaken as fire ignited behind his gaze. “Are you threatening Kagome?”
Jaken flinched. “Not I.”
InuYasha clenched his fists. “What does my `great and powerful' brother want?”
Jaken, relieved that InuYasha didn't seem to be trying to kill him off, shrugged. “I do not know. I only know he has asked for you to come.”
`Damn it! I hate letting Sesshoumaru think he can demand that I do a fucking thing, but he's cold-hearted enough that I know he would make good on whatever threats he's making---or he'd at least try. As if I'd let him hurt Kagome or Taji in any way . . . . Not while I'm breathing . . . .'
“I've got to tell Kagome,” he growled, jaw clenched tightly.
Jaken shook his head. “Sesshoumaru-sama was insistent that you come straight away.”
“He's pushing his fucking luck---”
“Your mate and child hang in the balance, InuYasha . . . .”
`Damned if that toad wasn't enjoying himself, too,' InuYasha thought darkly as he stomped over to the two-headed dragon. InuYasha hopped onto its back and grabbed Jaken by the skull, maneuvering the little beast over the ground before letting go. Jaken squawked as he landed in the dirt. “Fucking fine, then! You go to the village and tell Kagome. I don't want her worrying.”
Ah-and-Uhn took flight, growing smaller and smaller in the sky as Jaken screeched, hopping from one foot to the other in his righteous indignation. “I'm not that dirty hanyou's messenger!” Jaken fumed and he stomped down the road. “What do I care if his bitch worries over him or not?”
The sun was just starting to set as the dragon lit on the ground outside Sesshoumaru's castle. InuYasha grimaced. He hated this place. Their father's castle. It should have been his home, too. InuYasha didn't remember ever stepping foot inside the immense structure until recently. What should have remained a reminder of family honor was lost to him.
`The bastard had best make it quick,' InuYasha fumed as he strode toward the front doors. Arms outstretched, he didn't bother knocking. The double doors gave to him, banging open with an obscene crash as InuYasha stormed inside.
“You made good time . . . little brother,” Sesshoumaru greeted without turning away from the window where he stood, gazing over the gardens behind the castle. “So good of you to come.”
“It was my understanding that I didn't have a choice,” InuYasha stated flatly. “So fucking get on with it, will you? I'm not staying here long enough for your stench to rub off on me.”
Sesshoumaru didn't move though InuYasha didn't miss his brother's soft sigh. “How is the miko? I trust you're seeing to her needs?”
“Kagome's not your concern. What do you want? Surely you didn't go to the trouble of summoning me here just to ask me how Kagome is?”
“On the contrary,” Sesshoumaru remarked casually as he finally turned to face InuYasha once more, “that is exactly why I summoned you.”
InuYasha frowned and shook his head. “What? Why do you care?”
Sesshoumaru took his time flexing his claws and staring at InuYasha out of the corner of his eyes. “There's something your miko has been remiss in telling you . . . something you ought to know.”
Flexing his own claws, InuYasha heard them crack as he tried to control his rapidly skyrocketing irritation. “Spit it out. It ain't like you to beat around the bush. Why now?”
“Very well. I kissed her.”
InuYasha's eyes flared wide as his mind slowed and he grasped at understanding that was quickly failing. “What?”
“I asked her not to tell you. I thought I should be the one to do it. It was, after all, my mistake.”
Mistake? You . . . . Why would you . . . ? You bastard! I'll fucking kill you!” In a flash of light, InuYasha stepped forward and drew Tetsusaiga, brandishing the full-fledged fang inches away from Sesshoumaru's throat. “Give me one good reason not to slit your fucking throat,” InuYasha growled, his voice raw, low.
Sesshoumaru chuckled. It was enough to stay InuYasha's sword for the moment. “Is she worth killing for?”
“Damn right.”
“Is she worth having your own brother's blood on your hands for?”
InuYasha's voice shook as he tried to control it. The blood in his veins flowed hot, angry, singing the ancient words of the youkai that was borne in him. He resisted. “Ask me again, bastard,” InuYasha hissed, jabbing the point of the fang into his brother's neck enough to draw blood but not enough to kill.
“Baka! Worthless half-breed! How is it that you deserve the purest of them all?”
“Because she loves me.”
“And in the name of her purity you would cut me down?”
Hells yes.”
Sesshoumaru didn't even wince as Tetsusaiga dug deeper into his neck.
In a blur of blue silk, the child, Rin, flew down the stairs and smashed herself against Sesshoumaru. Small body quivering yet bravely staring at InuYasha through a haze of unshed tears, the girl didn't blink, didn't move. “Don't hurt Sesshoumaru-sama! InuYasha-sama, please!”
“Move aside, Rin,” Sesshoumaru ordered quietly.
“No, my lord! If you die, then I die with you!”
And in that moment, in her eyes, InuYasha saw Kagome, as she had so many times, begging him to spare a life, to save a soul. As much as he wanted to tear Sesshoumaru apart, the little girl without the sense to stay out of the way . . . . Tetsusaiga dropped to his side just before he shoved it back into the sheath. “Stay away from Kagome,” he growled as he turned on his heel and stalked out of the castle.
He traveled all night to get back to the village. By morning he was half-way there. Rage so black that it scared him, shook him, engulfed his heart. He tore down numerous trees in his attempt to quell his anger. It did little to pacify his emotions. When he bothered to stop to rest, he couldn't get the image out of his head, of Kagome in Sesshoumaru's embrace. He forced himself to move on.
`Kagome wouldn't have . . . she . . . no,' his mind reassured him. `I should have fucking killed the bastard when I had a chance! Damn him! And damn that girl, too!'
Bone weary by the time he stepped into the village as the sun set on the second evening, InuYasha stared at the hut that he called home for a long time. One question made him move. One question led him forward. One answer he had to have. He stopped in the doorway, leaning on the frame, staring at the woman, watching the child in her arms. Everything looked the same, he realized as Tajiko zoomed across the floor to pull herself up on his pants leg. Kagome was slower to rise. He could see the emotion warring in her gaze.
`Papa! Papa home! Taji safe! Mama safe!'
InuYasha lifted his daughter. Holding her close, he stared over her head at Kagome, trying to read her expression, trying to read her mind.
“Why, Kagome?” he finally asked, his voice husky, barely a whisper.
She shook her head slowly, as though trying to deny the emotion in his expression than the question he had asked. “What?”
He drew a deep breath, leaning back against the doorframe as he blinked once, holding his eyes closed a second longer than he had to. “Why would you let him kiss you?”
She gasped softly, hands flying to cover her mouth. Her eyes brightened, and he could smell the rising tears. She blinked them away as though she didn't deserve to let them fall. “I'm sorry,” she whispered. “I wanted to tell you . . . I tried to tell you . . . .” She sighed as her shoulders dropped, her chin fell to her chest. She clutched her hands before her, and slowly she shook her head. “I thought . . . I thought he was you . . . .” Suddenly she choked out a half-sob, half-laugh, blinking her eyes quickly as she lifted her chin but gazed to the side. “That sounds stupid, doesn't it? I don't know what happened . . . I fell asleep under a tree, and I was dreaming that you were there---” she trailed off and shook her head. “There's no excuse. I betrayed you. I'm sorry. I'll leave if . . . if you want me to.”
He sighed. It hurt to look at her. It hurt to see her in pain. He shifted his gaze to the girl in his arms. `Taji . . . .'
`Papa sad.'
`Yeah. Papa sad.'
Tajiko's golden eyes shifted to stare at her mother. `Mama sad, too.'
InuYasha blinked quickly. `Yeah. Mama sad, too.'
Round baby eyes gazed up at her father, unblinking, so old in such a young face. `Papa sad, Mama sad makes Taji sad.'
`Baby girl . . . .'
`Papa love Mama?'
He leaned his forehead against Tajiko's downy hair. `Papa adores Mama.'
Tajiko whimpered, sticking her fingers in her mouth. `Then Papa and Mama happy.'
He closed his eyes. `I wish it was that easy, baby girl.'
`Love easy, Papa. Mama smells Papa.'
“I'll get my things,” Kagome said quietly, turning on her heel she made to flee. InuYasha caught her hand, pulled her back around to face him. Tears welled up in her eyes but she refused to let them fall.
“Wait,” he heard himself saying despite the lump in his throat that threatened to choke him. “You promised.”
She looked confused and shook her head. “InuYasha?”
He shook his head stubbornly. “You promised, Kagome . . . you promised you'd never leave me.” The tears she held back finally spilled over. He pulled her against him, closing his eyes, refusing to let his own tears fall, too. “I don't know what to think but I . . . I can't let you go, either.”
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Kaze no Kizu: Wind Scar
For reasons of basic backstory for this fanfic, I referenced another of my fanfics, The Guardian, in order to fill in some of the details of InuYasha's past. The Guardian is my theory on InuYasha's childhood as well as the strained relationship he has with Sesshoumaru, which comes into play in Torrent.
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Now we know exactly what InuYasha knows. Now what he believes? That may be completely different . . . we shall see ::wink::
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