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~~Chapter 46~~
“A date?”
“Yes, monk, a date.”
Miroku sank back with a thoughtful expression as Kiyoshi blew raspberries and waved his small hands in the air. “I've never heard of such a phenomenon,” Miroku admitted. “Tell me more. It sounds fascinating.”
InuYasha made a face and snorted. “Feh! If I could tell you more then I would be here asking, now would I?”
Sango emerged from the hut with a bucket of dirty dish water. She headed over to dump it while InuYasha continued to glower at Miroku. “Dinner is easy enough. Is she going to cook for you?”
“She always cooks for me,” InuYasha grumbled. “In her time, though, they have places that'll do that for you.”
“Ah, like an inn?”
“No . . . places where they do nothing but cook.”
“She calls them . . . restore-ants,” Sango supplied. “Is this a men-only conversation?”
InuYasha considered it then shook his head and scooted over to invite the youkai exterminator to sit. “Yeah, that's it. Restore-ant. Anyway, that I can do. It's the movie part I'm not so sure of.”
“What's a movie?” Shippou asked, landing on InuYasha's shoulder.
“A moving picture,” he explained.
Shippou, having seen Kagome's pictures of her mother and brother and grandfather seemed to understand. “Those can move? How come none of the ones Kagome brought with her moved?”
InuYasha didn't want to describe the differences between moving pictures and the ones that Kagome had shown the kit when he didn't really understand it, himself. He lightly thumped the kitsune's head and turned his attention back to his friends.
Miroku shook his head slowly. “What is it about this `movie' you don't like?”
“They're boring,” he said with a snort. “All weepy and weak. I can't sit through that!”
Sango grinned. Kagome had told her about movies, from time to time. Still, InuYasha really seemed distressed over the entire thing . . .
“Is there something else you could do? Surely a date doesn't mean you have to go to this movie?”
InuYasha considered that. “I don't know. Kagome's never really said much about them. Not to me, anyway.”
“Well, no,” Sango agreed. “She wouldn't have . . . . It would have sounded like she wanted you to take her on one.”
“She said yes,” InuYasha growled, offended at the implications of what the slayer had said.
Sango laughed. “I didn't mean it that way, InuYasha! I meant that Kagome wouldn't have told you about these `dates' if she thought you'd feel obligated to take her on one.”
Digging his claws into the dirt, InuYasha growled. “That's crap! If Kagome had said she wanted to go on one of these before, she could have told me.”
“And then she would have sat through the entire thing wondering if you were there because you wanted to be or because you thought she expected it of you,” Miroku pointed out reasonably.
`She wouldn't,' he argued in his head. `Kagome knows I don't do a damn thing I don't wanna do . . . .' A sudden flash of Kagome's excited face raced through his mind, and he flinched inwardly. `All right, so I do things because I think they'll make her happy . . . like this date. Damn.' He glanced back at his friends. Sango was still grinning. He glared. “What the fuck is so funny, Sango?”
“Calm yourself, InuYasha,” Miroku admonished. “We're only trying to help. Perhaps you could ask Kagome what she would like to do. She knows the things that are available in her time, not to mention what would constitute a `date'.”
“That's true,” Sango put in. “She did mention before that she had gone on a couple of dates with that boy from her school.”
“She what?” InuYasha snarled. “Who?”
Miroku made a face. “It doesn't matter, InuYasha. It was a long time ago, when you were still involved with Kikyou.”
“I haven't been involved with Kikyou since before she died the first time,” he growled. “What the hell are you saying?”
“So you never chased after Kikyou and left Kagome worrying?”
InuYasha had to remind himself that he had willingly sought the monk out for advice. “Kagome knows that wasn't what I was trying to do, and that's not the point. Are you going to help me figure this out or what?”
Sango smiled. “Just do what's in your heart, InuYasha. How hard can that be? Maybe you ought to let Kagome decide what you should do. She'd know what you'd enjoy, and I doubt she'd drag you anywhere she didn't think you'd have fun, too.”
InuYasha blinked in surprise as he stared at Sango then glared at Miroku. “Thanks, Sango. You know your husband's pretty damn useless, right?”
Miroku made a face. “That's not true! Sango found me very useful last night.”
“There's a child here!” Shippou remarked loudly.
Miroku sighed. “You might as well learn some of these things early, Shippou, and---”
“Not me, baka! Kiyoshi!”
“Oh? Well, he has to learn, too . . . .”
“Did you forget what it feels like to be slapped, houshi-sama?” Sango asked tightly.
InuYasha chose to slip quietly away while the argument escalated. He had enough to worry about with being sucked into their fight.
He stared at the well with a thoughtful frown. `A date.'
He ought to just tell Kagome that he had no idea what she was expecting. Another flash of her hopeful face made him abandon that scheme though. He wasn't sure why he suddenly cared so much, but he did. He just wanted to know that she still loved him.
He could slay a thousand youkai without batting an eye. He could leap into the night with her and not break a sweat. He could make sure she had food every day and all of the necessities she might ever need. But this date? This scared him stupid.
Kagome blinked in surprise as she stared at InuYasha. Dressed in the clothes her mother had purchased for him, he kept shifting from one foot to the other with a dark scowl as he stared helplessly down at his jeans and sneakers. The white cotton dress shirt he wore reminded her very much of the shirt he wore under his haori and still had the tell-tale lines from being folded in the package. He looked even stranger since he had the black baseball cap tugged down over his ears, and he was so preoccupied that he hadn't even noticed that she was in front of him.
“InuYasha . . . .”
He glanced up at her and snorted. “I feel like a complete ass,” he remarked tightly.
“We don't have to do this,” she offered with a bright smile. “We could just stay here and make dinner, see what's on television . . . .”
He sighed. “Do you want to go out?”
She shrugged. “Not if you don't want to. It's enough for me that you offered.”
For some reason, he looked like her offer had irritated him more. “Feh. Come on.” He grabbed her hand and dragged her toward the front door.
“Where are we going?” she asked as they stepped onto the sidewalk.
To her surprise, he glanced up and down the street. No one seemed to be paying attention. He grabbed her and leaped. “Where are you taking me?” she asked, glancing down to make sure no one could see them. Satisfied that they hadn't been spotted yet, she leaned closer to him. “InuYasha?”
He didn't answer but she didn't miss the slight smile on his face. He landed atop one of the many buildings, and he flinched.
“What's wrong?”
He peeked back at her. “Damn shoes.”
She grinned. “You're not going to tell me where we're going, are you?”
She heaved a plaintive sigh. He ignored it. Leaping from building to building with his knowing smirk, Kagome's curiosity was gnawing at her. No matter how many times she bugged him, he wouldn't talk. She finally gave up and enjoyed a view of Tokyo she wasn't often afforded.
“The theatre?” she asked as he set her on her feet.
“You don't want to be here?” he asked. He shuffled his feet almost nervously.
Kagome tried not to smile. “No, it's not that. Why did you choose this theatre?”
“You didn't want to go to the movies?”
She bit her lip, trying not to laugh. The last thing she needed to do was embarrass him when she could tell that he really was trying. But . . . . “This is a theatre.”
He shook his head slowly. “The newspaper said that movies are shown in theatres, right?”
She couldn't help the smile that surfaced. She had tried to hold it back. She just couldn't. “InuYasha . . . this is an opera theatre.”
The look on his face told her that he didn't understand, and the slight flush on his face told her that he was getting offended at her humor.
She took his hand and pulled him toward the glass ceiling. She pointed far below at the stage. “Real people will come out and perform.”
Realizing his mistake, InuYasha sighed as his face reddened even more. “Come on. You can show me where this other place is, the one we were supposed to go to.”
Kagome stared at him for a minute then sat down. “I'd like to stay here,” she remarked, patting the roof beside her.
He thought she was humoring him. She could tell he did as he slowly sat down, too. He sighed. “This is your night, Kagome. You don't have to stay here because you feel bad.”
She reached over and took his hand. “I don't feel bad.”
He looked like he was going to say something else. Then his eyes widened and he hopped up again. Kagome watched as he strode around the skylight and retrieved her backpack. “What did you bring?” she asked.
He sat back down. “Dinner.”
She blinked in surprise but rolled her eyes as he dragged out the prerequisite cups of instant ramen and a large thermos. He dumped water into the noodles and set them aside. “You brought me ramen?” she asked in surprise since he'd been so adamant that `ramen' wasn't nutritious enough for her.
He half-smiled. “One night of ninja food won't hurt you.”
They ate in silence. Kagome only ate half of hers, which was fine. InuYasha was happy to finish it off after asking her about ten times if she was sure she didn't want it.
When the lights went down in the theatre below, InuYasha watched with avid interest. He seemed surprised that the entire thing was music, and Kagome smiled as he leaned his head to one side, listening intently, eyes wide with an awed expression on his face. He looked up once and pulled her close after realizing that she was a little cold. They watched the rest of the opera without speaking. After it was over, he sat still, watching as the people filed out of the theatre, until the lights were dimmed and then extinguished.
He didn't move his head but Kagome could feel his eyes on her. “That was beautiful,” she said quietly, her eyes still moist from the last song.
“It wasn't so bad,” he remarked as he got to his feet. “Let me take you home.”
“Can we walk?”
“Down there?” he asked, peeking over the side of the theatre.
He shrugged and lifted her. He hopped down in the alley and let her drag him toward the street.
“I had a really great time,” she said as they walked side by side.
“Feh! Better than your other dates?”
She heard the twinge of jealousy in his tone and wisely hid her smile. “Much better.”
He sighed. “Bet none of your other dates ever got confused about theatres,” he grumbled, shuffling his feet as they stepped onto the overpass bridge.
Kagome stopped and stared at the city before looking back at InuYasha. He looked irritated. “I enjoyed myself.”
The look he shot her argued that point. She smiled. “I had good company.”
In the dim light of the spaced streetlamps, she could discern the vaguest hint of a flush. “Feh.”
She sighed. Something wasn't right, she realized as she stared at him. Maybe it was the ever-present layer of smog that lay over the city. Maybe it was the wan moonlight, so pale in the face of the lamps. The shadows seemed so much starker. She couldn't see his eyes. Slowly she reached over and tugged off his hat then flung it over the side of the bridge.
“What'd you do that for? Aren't you worried that everyone will see---?” he didn't finish his sentence but he looked up and jerked his head to indicate the word he hadn't said.
She stepped forward, pressing her body against his and reached up to rub his ears. “I don't care who sees your ears, InuYasha. I love all of you, especially your ears.”
“You do?”
“I never stopped.”
“You didn't?”
Her gaze fell to his lips, and she giggled. “Now who talks too much? Shut up and kiss me, will you?”
He didn't have to be asked twice.
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AWWWWWWW! A DATE?? REALLY? That is about the cutest thing ever....but asking Miroku for advice.....WHAT IS HE THINKING? LOL . Is she just losing weight because of guilt? I know I would be having trouble eating if I was her. Another couple of wonderful chapters....although they are "starting" to discuss things...they still haven't really resolved much. When will Sess arrive and screw everything up again?
Miroku's advice for dating is a scary thing. Poor InuYasha. Let's hope he doesn't get too much advice from the good Monk… As for Sesshoumaru? Well, what are you thinking? You know he will… or at least, he'll try… lol!!
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Oh me, oh my…what more can I possibly say that you're other reviewers have already praised you for?! I have a few memorable moments from the last three chapters (which I had to painstakingly wait to read until after work..) one of them being poor Kagome's painful engorgement; I think I have only read one other fiction, within the InuYasha genre, where InuYasha has fed from her. This portrayal, however, was written under different circumstances. I felt her pain (not that I have experienced something like that before), but still, the mere thought of it only makes you feel all the more sympathetic. The other being, the cute bundle of joy; Taji, she is adorable and her innocent understanding is to die for, I see now why InuYasha is so proud of his baby girl. I still love the whole idea of telepathy, and the fact she can not only speak to her mama and papa, but her grandma and uncle!! I could only imagine the look on poor Souta's face as she spoke to him in baby talk via his mind! Lol. I am looking forward to finding out how their "date" goes and the unfinished drama where Sesshoumaru-sama is concerned (and of course his feelings toward our miko) Speaking of Sesshoumaru, someone reviewed saying he was OOC? - eh, hard one to address, especially if said reviewer was a dub viewer, I have watched a few and must admit I prefer the sub and Sesshy's original Seiyuu; Ken Narita. Your characterization of him is similar to the way he speaks in the manga… that's my opinion. But, I am guessing your Sess is based on the American dub? (Unless you understand Japanese with no aid of subs of course) As the subs don't really give us the same effect. Example would be how he addresses himself in third person "This Sesshoumaru…" I'm ending my mindless ramblings now… see you next chapter!
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Ah, you are still able to get out so many chapters before I even have a chance to review each new chapter. Don't get me wrong, I am most definitely NOT complaining, hehe. Once again, I applaud you on your swift output of chapters. It's amazing not only because of the speed but also because of the quality. This chapter was interesting. All those eggs and Sausage? Seriously, I don't know that my brother could even eat that much for breakfast (keeping constant and figuring in his pre-breakfast and post breakfast meals, haha) Taji is one of a kind. After reading through the A/n's and Q and A I was reminded of Toga. Ah, how I miss and adore him as well. He was quite the character. Is there a possibility that he could be resurrected from 'Purity?' "What's a bastard?" or something along the lines of that, hehehehe. Another comment from the A/n's: I agree with you in saying that Sesshoumaru is NOT ooc. Even if he was... It's your story. The obvious point does not need to be written out. Well, here's where I throw in my endless praise and encouragement with your future writing. Good job.
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Eeeehhhhh I'm workin' on it! Lol! And thanks!
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Oh, wow … errr, no. Tajiko is only 7