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"You were!" she accused. "You've been spying on me!"

Desperate for a way out of this conversation, and for a way to take her mind off of it, Kouga stepped forward quickly and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her.

Chapter Six

Kagome jerked back after a one-second stun. "What do you think you're doing?!" she snapped, stepping back from him.

Kouga's face took on different emotions, and Kagome caught each one. Shock, embarrassment, defeat, hurt. And finally, shame.

Each lasted little more than a few seconds each, and then his face went blank. "Sorry, Kagome. I should have known better than to prove my love to you," he said, bitterly, and ran off.

For a moment Kagome thought of running after him, trying to make him feel better. But common sense hit her too strongly. She loved Inuyasha, she's always known that, and Kouga's place in her heart wasn't too close to that.

Granted, she loved him as well as everyone else, but not in the same way as Inuyasha. She didn't love any of them the same way she loved Inuyasha. Because the way she loved Inuyasha. . . wasn't like a friend, or a sister, or a son. She knew what she wanted of him, and knew she couldn't just take him. It would have to be his decision tocome to her.

But she had no idea if he ever would, and no idea what to do to prove to him that she wanted him to come to her. It was a double-lose situation for her with no third route. In a word, she was screwed.

She sighed. Why did the truth have to be so painful? Why can't the truth be lovely and blissful? It was like. . . like being racist. There was no such thing as a nice racist comment, like there was no such thing as a nice truth in her life. (DL: Metaphor courtesy of a comedian whose name I forgot. Quote: "Why are there no cool racist comments? Like 'Hey, have you heard about those Chinese people? They can fly!' or 'Did you hear about those Pourtugese? They're made of candy!' " It was funny.)

And her life was just getting more complicated. A year ago she would have been counting down the days to her birthday, starting at fifty, with a calender in each room of the house with the days x-ed out as they went by, the day of her birthday circled, decorated, pointed at and numbered how old she would be that year.

There would have been no way she could have forgotten, and yet now, she was so swamped with responsibility and stress that she didn't even realize her birthday was coming up!

Well goddamn.


He watched Rin playing in the forest, impassively. He probably shouldn't have run away so soon in the fight - maybe he should have repelled Inuyasha andthat wolf before he left - but then he'd left Rin alone when he scented Kagome, and in the past leaving Rin alone wasn't always the best of ideas, and he always came back to her sooner than need be, just to be sure she wouldn't end up going off somewhere and getting into trouble. It rarely happened, but when it did, she tended to get into a lotof trouble.

Just now she ran up to him with yet another handful of flowers. Ever since winter ended and the earth began turning green again, she's been searching out flowers, picking them, and giving them to him bundle by bundle. He had no idea why she continually gave them to him, but he found himself unable to tell her to stop.

Instead he always held the bouquet for a short time, and then placed them off to the side. Eventually they always ended up in a pile just outside the doors to the garden of his castle, which was now several days' walk away. It was quite a large pile by now and every week the old, dead ones were thrown out.

Rin didn't know about Kagome yet. He wasn't sure he was ever going to tell her, either.

Just now his senses flared up, alert. He looked behind him and strained his ears, nose and eyes. A demon was coming this way, and by the smell and sound of heavy feet, it was incredibly large. He'd have to kill it.

"Jaken," he said, without panic.

"Yes, milord!" the toad demon squeaked, coming towards him.

"Stay here with Rin. Don't let her leave."

"Yes, milord, but - but where are you going?"

"Stay here," he repeated, and Jaken nodded furiously. He knew by now to never, ever ask Sesshomaru a question twice.

Sesshomaru left to fight the demon. Had he stayed, he would have noticed Rin slip away, not seeing that he left. Nor did he notice that Jaken didn't see Rin leave. When he returned and found Rin missing, Jaken panicked.

He apologized several times over, bowing continuously, and Sesshomaru stepped past him, following Rin's trail.

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