InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Transformations ❯ Again? ( Chapter 7 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Chapter Seven - WOW!!! SEVEN!!!

Inuyahsa was tense now. Kagome had been gone for quite a while now, but since she didn't scream or howl for help, he shouldn't be needed, but still.

"Why isn't she back yet?!" he snapped, aiming the question at the Gods but getting odd looks from the others present. Myouga hopped on his shoulder.

"Now, Inuyasha. You said that Kagome was almost as strong - fighting wise - as you, correct?" Humph. "Then she won't need your help as often as she usually does. She - "

Inuyasha got up suddenly, freaking out a few people, and headed for the smell that just hit his nose. It couldn't be, he learned his lesson by now. . . He wasn't going for his Kagome. . .

~*~ Kagome ~*~

"Stupid wolf," she muttered, kicking the ground idly. She wanted to go back to the camp and show the others she was alright, but at the same time, she didn't think she could face Inuyasha just yet. That kiss Kouga had given her made her unsettled, to say the least. No one, not even Hojo had ever tried to kiss her.

It made her uneasy about herself suddenly. And she didn't like it.

I mean, if she was that well, sexy, maybe, then who else would try and pull the same thing, only try to go further. . ?

She growled at her shoe, not liking that idea at all, but a little girl wondering about broke into her reverie.

The girl stopped and looked at her, and Kagome could do nothing but look back. A pretty girl, with a ponytail on the side of her head, in a pink outfit and looking dirty. Kagome smiled at her, forgetting all about her sharp teeth, and it scared the girl.

She screamed and started to run, but something stopped her. Kagome felt it, a jewel shard, and saw a huge bear demon reaching for the girl.

She leaped forward, kicking the demon back and grabbing the girl. She started to run with her, and stopped when she felt something grab her ankle. She dropped the girl and told her to hide before turning back to the demon.

It had a tentacle wrapped around her leg that begun at the palm of its hand, and it was pulling back in. The creature howled in pain and arched its back, the tentacle snapping by way of some yellow string, and it fell forward, revealing that a white-haired demon was. . .

"Sesshomaru!" she snapped, standing up, ready for a fight, and kicked the rest of the tentacle off her leg.

He raised his brows at her. "You think I'm here to fight you? You wouldn't last two minutes - "

"No, but I would!" A red-clothed angel fell from the - okay, I'm pushing it.

Inuyasha dropped from his leap over Kagome with Tetsusaiga in hand and slashed, only just missing his half-brother.

"Not this time!" Sesshomaru said, and ran, but towards the little girl Kagome had told to hide.

"No!" she yelled, and intercepted him. She swooped the girl up and protectively had her tail hold the girl in place against her back. The girl gasped and started crying, mumbling something or other.

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed and, with his back still to Inuyasha, dodged the next swipe of Tetsusaiga. "Give me the girl and you will live," he said.

Kagome growled as a response and saw Sesshomaru's eyes turn red and green. He hissed and knocked back Inuyasha, who was both stunned at why Seshomaur would want a kid and protective of Kagome.

Sesshomaru lashed out, his nails catching Kagome's cheek as she tried to dodge, and then pulled the girl from her tail before she could react. The next instant Sesshomaru was gone, but Kagome caught something odd before he left.

The girl held on tightly to him, like he was her savior, instead of Kagome. Was she dazed?

"Inuyasha!" she said, seeing him still recover from the tree he was knocked into, and which had a dent the shape of him and his father's fang.

He shook his head and sheathed the sword, and then looked up at her. "Yes?"

"How did you know that Sesshomaru - "

"I didn't. I smelled Kouga." Again he shook his head. "Let's just go back." He lifted his left arm, an invitation.

Kagome nodded and went over to him, wrapping her arms around his waist as his arm did the same to her shoulders. They walked back to the camp in silence; Kagome nursing her nearly healed ankle, which she hadn't even known was hurt. But then -

"Wait, Inuyasha," she said, turning back around. She nearly forgot about the bear! Another few seconds and she was back, placing a new shard into the almost halfway done new jewel. "Okay," she said, smiling at him.

Only this time they didn't hold each other on the walk back. It took just a few more minutes, and it was extremely awkward. Both realized the closeness they'd just shared and were a little embarrassed about it.

Once in camp Kagome dug through her bag, pulling out ramen for Inuyasha, a few treats for Shippo, and some usuals for the rest of them.

You see, Ramen isn't a 'usual' for Inuyasha. It's an 'ALWAYS!!' for him. Funny, yes?

Shippo curled happily in Kagome's lap after eating, and Myouga hopped onto her shoulder. "So Lady Kagome, this is what you look like now? Tell me, is this permanent?"

"I don't know, Myouga. Why don't you tell me if this has ever happened before? A human being bitten and transforming into a hanyou?"

"Uhh. . . ." Myouga seemed to think, rubbing his chin with two of his hands. "No. I have never before heard of it. But perhaps I could find out something - " Myouga caught himself there and hopped away, before he could be 'enlisted' to wander about again. Danger - shudder. He hated danger with a passion.

Kagome laughed a little at him, and looked around the group. Inuyasha was smiling, lying on his back with an empty bowl on his stomach, one hand still attached to it.

Sango was pulling out her mat and a blanket and planning on bathing from the looks of it. She had a towel over her shoulder.

Miroku looked hopeful, like he was going to get a good peak in just a short while.

Kirara was curled up in a patch of tall grass, already asleep like the kitsune.

And Shippo was smiling as well. You didn't have to be a mind reader to know that Shippo liked Kagome a lot better like this.

Kagome turned her attention back to herself, thinking on just what had happened between. . . well, everybody. She noticed that Inuyasha was a lot more possessive now - was it possible he thought of her more than just a shard detector? Or he saw her as more of an equal now?

And what the Hell was with Kouga? He acted as though Kagome had spit on his heart after tearing it out. She just didn't want a kiss - at least, not from him . . .

Her eyes turned slowly to rest on Inuyasha again, who was still smiling. She held back her laughter with some difficulty, and studied him carefully. On more than one occasion she had wondered what it must be like to kiss him. He didn't know, but one time when he was human and asleep in her bed, she had touched his lips, just to feel them.

Of course, then he sort of moaned and started to move, scaring Kagome into next week thinking she had been caught.

Kagome blushed now remembering it, looking at the dying fire before her. Kagome touched her lips now, forgetting all else and bringing up the feel of his lips from her memory. She closed her eyes and imagined that her fingers felt that way - to try and trick her mind into thinking he was kissing her.

She was shaking now, and she knew it. She had to stop before Shippo woke up and started asking questions. Shaking her head out of her train of thought she picked up the kitsune and set him down next to Kirara and got up, deciding on a bath herself.

And with perfect timing as well. Sango was just standing up, and holding another towel, knowing that Kagome was going to bathe with her. Naturally. Ever since they became such good friends they'd been taking baths together, and for more than one reason.

The main one was talk. While alone and together, not to mention relaxed, they talked about things they couldn't in the presence of the 'men' - hear the sarcasm. Another reason was that the men knew not to bother them there, so they could actually relax and be in peace. The both of them together, against Miroku or Inuyasha alone, was dangerous for both of the boys. Stupid men. You'd think by now they'd know not to spy on the girls.

Kagome bit back a groan and winced, one hand going to hold her stomach. Oh, Gods, not now. . .


So. . . what do you think happened to poor Kagome? Is she changing again? Is this a human thing? Did Sesshomaru's poison hurt her more than she admitted? Take your guess!

See ya!