InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Transformations ❯ Uh Oh ( Chapter 9 )

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"By the way," Inuyasha said, waking her up before she had a chance to fall back asleep. "Tomorrow is another new moon. I'll be going to your house."

"Naturally," Kagome mumbled back, adding sarcasm to her statement.

Chapter Nine

Kagome had no idea what time it was when she woke up, but she had a feeling that some sort of danger was lurking. Not the type that could kill you, but still something you didn't want to face. Her instincts kept acting up because of it.

She sat up, careful of Shippo, who was still in a deep sleep, and got up silently. If the sun weren't peaking right now, she'd be invisible with the amount of noise she was making.

She felt her pupils widen, taking in the small bits of light that happened to show between trees and from the almost blue color of the sky. All of the stars were gone now, but it was still violet skies above.

Kagome's moves became completely controlled, like a hunter's should be, as she slowly moved back into a tree. She eyed the area, hearing the sound of her breathing become nonexistent as she crouched. She didn't know what was going on, but it was making her heart become painfully clear. She continued to control her breathing however, and still didn't move. There was no point in making a ruckus over what may be nothing and scaring everyone.

Kagome shifted her eyes to the tree Inuyasha was in, meaning to somehow wake him up and enlist his help in discovering what the possible threat was. But he wasn't there.

Kagome lifted her nose automatically, smelling a faint hint of cherries amid that of vanilla. She withheld a giggle. She would never let him live that down. Inuyasha was just such a 'manly man' - er, 'demony demon' - that he would never get over how Kouga smelled more like manual labor than him. Who knows, maybe she'll point that out. That'd be funny.

Making sure to not make a sound and keep one ear folded back for sounds from the clearing, she headed for where the smell led, her other ear changing directions every second to catch all sounds. But why should she do it alone? Inuyasha's ears never did that. Sure, every now and then they twitched, but never before had she seen them swivel to catch sounds.

Kagome shook her head and continued with her search, focusing entirely on her pursuit. She stopped and froze, both ears heading for a sound that had Inuyasha's voice beneath it. She was sure it was panting, like that of someone who'd just had the fight of his life.

Still being silent, Kagome followed the noise. She came across Inuyasha about a minute later - or maybe it only seemed that way because of the magnitude of time? . .

He was down, on all fours, without his red haori on. But he didn't have the slightest amount of blood on him, either.

His panting stopped a moment and he groaned, fingers biting into the ground and his whole body tense. Spasms of pain? Carefully, Kagome moved closer, inspecting his form strongly for any clue as to what might be wrong with him.

A second went by and Inuyasha's panting returned, his head falling forward as though in defeat. He growled quietly and pulled his legs beneath him, letting his head relax on the ground. He looked like he was ashamed of something.

Then Inuyasha's head snapped up and he sniffed the air, his eyes flicking over the red and green of his demon form.

It was that instant that Kagome understood everything. What her instincts were telling her, what the danger was, why Inuyasha looked like that. . . Everything.

And it was all her fault. She didn't warn him. She said she'd always warn him first! Kagome spun on her heel and ran as quickly and quietly as she could away from the spot, intending on grabbing her things, giving the others a strong warning, and heading back to her time.

But she never made it.

~*~ Inuyasha ~*~

He woke at about two in the morning, for no apparent reason. His demon side was acting up again, trying to get him to listen to it. Feh. Stupid instincts. It would have been a lot better for him if he didn't have any.

He tried ignoring it, and after ten minutes his patience was running dry. Finally giving up, he concentrated on the origin of this one. What did it want?

A smell hit his nose that he hadn't recognized before. Well, he did, but at the same time he didn't. He sniffed it more carefully, trying to isolate the different aromas. One was Kagome, he was sure of that. Not any other female he'd ever met smelled like flowers as sweet as her, most especially now. But what was the other one? . .

His eyes opened slowly and landed on Kagome. "Oh, no. . ."

Before Inuyasha had any idea what he was doing or wanted to do, he'd run off into the forest. He smelled everything, from the air to the trees to the rocks of possible demons in the area. Finding none he let himself crumble to his knees, feeling himself get weak. "Stupid wench. . ." he muttered over and over, among other curses.

Stupid girl didn't tell him like he'd told her to! But then, it technically wasn't all her fault, was it? They'd been traveling for almost a full year now, and every month she'd warn him - blushing profusely - so he'd know to be extra careful around her. And by now he should have known her cycle perfectly - Gods, she should have told him and he should have known! Damn the Gods, she'd had a lot to deal with lately!

Inuyasha forced himself to sit up, feeling hot and needing to take off something. . . His fire rat shirt. . .

He was breathing heavily now, he knew. It was already starting. His demon side was pricking at the back of his neck, telling him what was to come, no matter how he tried to fight it. Gods, why now?!

Inuyasha knew very well how he felt concerning Kagome. He wasn't so sure it was love, but he knew he felt a rather strong lust for her and all of his instincts told him to protect her. Granted, he took it a bit far with the possessiveness he had for her, but he knew it kept men away from her, which is what he wanted.

Wanted. . . want.

Kagome. . . . Mine. . .

Inuyasha bit his lip to keep from yelling out his frustration and found himself panting with his hands on the ground before him. He had no idea how long he was like that, but it was a long time. His demon side was letting Kagome know, he could feel it. His scent was seeking her out, becoming particularly noticeable to her nose. Fuck!!

Damnit, why didn't she just tell him first?! This whole thing could've been avoided if -

He tensed, feeling himself grow hard, which meant only one thing: Kagome was here.

He groaned in a desperate yet vain attempt to ignore his own instincts, and felt himself lose the battle. His head jerked up, feeling as well as smelling her nearby, heart thudding, with something like fear mixed in with her scent. Bad move.

The scent of her fear made him want her more and he heard her try to retreat, undoubtedly to return home - even in her hanyou form. That form in itself was making this more difficult for him, but as he got up and looked in her direction, all thoughts fled his head and he felt his demon instincts take over.

The hunt was on.


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