InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Transformations ❯ Savior ( Chapter 10 )

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His head jerked up, feeling as well as smelling her nearby, heart thudding, with something like fear mixed in with her scent. Bad move.

The scent of her fear made him want her more and he heard her try to retreat, undoubtedly to return home - even in her hanyou form. That form in itself was making this more difficult for him, but as he got up and looked in her direction, all thoughts fled his head and he felt his demon instincts take over.

The hunt was on.

Chapter Ten

"Ahh! No, Inuyasha! Stop it!"

He didn't hear her. Kagome was currently lying on her back, with Inuyasha above her, his hands and mouth going wherever they pleased. It was scaring her. Inuyasha never, but never acted like this!

She felt his tongue now on her neck, licking up to her jaw.

"I don't want you like this!" Déjà vu, wasn't that what she thought in her dream?

"Too late," Inuyasha said back, although it didn't sound like him. It sounded much too deep, too lustful for him.

"How is it too late?!" she snapped, more forcefully than loudly. His eyes weren't red anymore, thank god, but his irises were still green. His demon side still had control over him.

"You didn't tell me," he said, almost gently. His eyes held hers for a second before he again smothered her with kisses and caresses. If you could call it that. There was some sort of desperate, needy ness that was making all of his touches too rough. He laughed a little, but that as well scared her. "Good girl." He sniffed deeply at her neck and nipped.

As frightening as this was, Kagome found herself oddly turned on by it. It was exciting her more than she'd like to admit. Nonetheless, she wasn't going to let him have her like this.

Forcing her body to become coordinated, she shoved him away, through the air. He landed on his feet and Kagome leapt up, like some martial artist. She struck a fighting pose, her eyes narrowed, and saw Inuyasha tilt his head with a mixture of confusion and interest.

"I'm not giving myself up like this. If you want me, you'll have to fight me for it." Okay, that sounded incredibly stupid, but it got her point across.

Inuyasha laughed, his hand grasping Tetsusaiga. With one motion he ripped it away, tossing it out of sight. He was giving her a chance.

He shook his head, hair shifting and becoming more aligned than before. It had gotten pretty damn messed up while he was chasing her. He smiled, showing his fangs, and mimicked her pose. He charged forward.

The fight that ensued was only a fight for Kagome. Inuyasha never really hit her, but caught her in locks to touch what he could reach. Just now he pinned her wrists together above her head and licked up the side of her face. A pink tinge showed in his eyes, telling her he was becoming more like a demon by the second. No wonder she wasn't winning.

"Stupid half-breed," a soft voice said from behind Inuyasha, and Kagome caught a glimpse of more silver hair before Inuyasha was thrown directly into a tree.

Kagome fell back, crawling further back until she hit a tree. She had scratches all over her body, and several rips in her clothing. Hell, if it weren't for her bra, anyone looking would be able to plainly see her breasts. Her skirt was officially dead; having nearly been ripped fully vertically in several places, and smaller rips everywhere.

Kagome looked up to see, again, for the umpteenth time since she became a hanyou, a confusing sight. It was Sesshomaru. He had a hold of the Tetsusaiga, still sheathed, in his left hand.

He glanced over at Kagome before shaking his head. "Stupid girl," he added in her direction. He turned back to Inuyasha, who was now completely shirtless and looking like he couldn't get any more pissed. His eyes were full red, with slitted green irises. So thin you couldn't even see his pupils anymore.

He hissed at Sesshomaru and launched an attack at him, Blades of Blood. Kagome gasped and quickly tried to get out of the way, but in her current state, there was no possible way that was going to happen.

But then, now she was standing off to the side. With an arm around her waist. Unhurt. What?

She looked up as the arm retreated, and very nearly fainted. Wow. Sesshomaru helped her - twice. Huh?

Then he blinked and, deflecting another attack, looked at her with a slightly shocked expression. Then he laughed, shaking his head. "Stupid girl," he repeated, returning to Inuyasha - who was nearly foaming at the mouth with rage.

After a wrestling match Inuyasha was yet again imbedded in a tree, and Sesshomaru spoke to her. "Confused? I'll explain. Inuyasha, being half human, has little to no control over his demon instincts. This one in particular he doesn't know how to control." He shook his head, regarding the hanyou peeling himself out of the tree - now that Kagome looked, he was upside-down. "If he'd have taken a mate like he should have, this wouldn't be a problem. I advise you to leave at once." He lifted his right hand, still holding Tetsusaiga in his left, and two of his fingers pointed at Inuyasha, creating that yellow whip thing.

Kagome took a shaky step back before deciding on what to do. She leapt for the sword, jerking it from Fluffy's hand and drawing it. Distracted, Sesshomaru got hit by Inuyasha, who wasted no time in grabbing her and pulling her against him.

There was conflict in Inuyasha's eyes. One side wanted to beat Sesshomaru away so he could take Kagome, and the other wanted to ignore him and take Kagome. But some other part, that engulfed the other two, was pure possessiveness.

Kagome jerked back from Inuyasha and, copying what Inuyasha usually did, changed the sword. But how did Tetsusaiga recognize her? It didn't matter. When Inuyasha made another grab for her she swung as she leapt back, purposely almost hitting Inuyasha, even as he too jumped back.

Not knowing what else to do, she kept to her perch on a tree branch, holding the sword/fang at ready. She narrowed her eyes at Inuyasha and saw that Sesshomaru had once again disappeared. Either he thought she had everything under control or he figured this would be entertaining. Kagome caught Inuyasha looking around for the same person. When he looked back up at her Kagome felt her heart triple its pace. Unless she found some way to somehow make it to her time, and fast, she and Inuyasha would. . .

She didn't want to think about that. So instead she tried to get him out of this trance. Since fighting only served to make him want her more, she decided on talking.

"Inuyasha! You have to stop this! I know you don't want me!"

He laughed at her as soon as the words left her mouth. "You think I don't want you?" he yelled back. "Look at you! A demon would have to be nuts to not want you!"

"But - you said my smell was horrible - and - and that I was ugly and - "

"I lied," he said, quietly, darkly. As further proof he looked over what could be seen of her skin through what remained of her clothes. "Come down here. I know you want me." He lifted a hand at her, more demanding than asking.

Kagome stood up straight and saw his eyes darken and return to the white/green coloration. His grin widened.

Kagome threw the sword and sheath at him, knowing he'd have to pick it up to keep Sesshomaru from getting it. Then took off for the well - forget her things; she'd get them later. And she'd never before felt so swift of foot. She could hear Inuyasha shouting at her, enraged, from somewhere behind her.

The well was in sight! Thank the Gods she didn't have to cross paths with the others in order to get there. For some reason her eyes caught the sight of the sky, which had lightened to the normal blue with pink and violet streaks. It was morning.

Kagome landed on the edge of the well and shouted behind her, "Don't forget to dress!" as she fell into it. She knew Inuyasha couldn't pass through the well while being a full demon. [D/L: I don't care if this is true or not. In my story, it is.]

Several swears followed her into the well, and Kagome felt the usual rush as she passed through time. When she touched the ground she saw no vines and a wooden brown roof above her head. Smiling, she leapt up and out of the well.

But then. . . She jerked to a stop, her eyes widening. Her family didn't know about this! They wouldn't believe her! She couldn't go back - they wouldn't recognize her!

Swearing mentally Kagome decided on just staying here until a day or so had passed. She sighed, picking a spot behind the well to sit so if anyone came by they wouldn't see her.

Somehow or another she felt her eyes slide shut and she fell asleep, her knees against her chest and arms wrapped around her legs. It kept her plenty warm, at least.


Ooh! Bad Inuyasha! Bad! *A white dog that had happened to pass by - don't ask - whimpered and tilted its head*

O.o . . . . . . . . . . Don't you look at me like that!! *Pulls out a pair semi-automatic pistols and begins shooting*

*Dog shakes its head* Arf! *Walks away as each bullet misses by a mile*

*I look down at my guns* But. . . the bazooka worked. . . .

See ya! *Faints again from earlier wound*