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"From now on, consider me a rival for the jewel," he said at last, forebodingly. And then was gone.

Kagome yelled something at him and then her window shut. Inuyasha ignored it. Those last sentences were the most painful for him to bear, but his old self - before the prayer beads and shards - was surging up again. His hand settled against his sword. As long as he had Tetsusaiga, he'd be fine. The sword gave him the upper hand in each and every battle he'd faced since he got it.


Chapter Twelve

For some odd reason, he was stuck. He couldn't go any further. What in the world? -

Okay, so it wasn't the necklace. Alright. That narrowed down the search. Checking the ground, he saw it wasn't muddy. So he wasn't sticking to it. Good. He looked around for signs of a spell, like talismans hanging from a tree and such. Nothing. Fair enough. He moved his hands in front of him. No barrier. Fine. No what else? . .

He looked around, trying to see something, anything that could give this away. Again with the nothing. Great. Just excellent. Spectacular. Absolutely perfect. Wonderful.

Scowling at his lousy luck, he turned on his heel and headed back the way he came. But not quite to the exact spot. He stopped at the tree beneath her window.

Even without his sensitive hearing he could hear her above swearing. Which was something that she never did. It was a bit harder to make out the individual words, but then, he didn't have to. He knew very well what she was swearing about, and to who. You didn't have to be a hanyou to know she was seriously pissed.

Just wait until tomorrow morning, he thought. Then you'll get the surprise of your life. See you then.

He climbed the tree to his favorite spot and fell asleep instantly, thinking one last thought: You're still mine.

~*~ Next morning ~*~

Kagome felt both exhausted and energetic as she sat up in her bed. She sighed and stretched, having the funny feeling she wasn't herself anymore, which was ironic taking into account that she had never felt so much like herself.

Without thinking she got up and headed downstairs, in her pajamas, her hair tangled, and feeling hungry.

When she got there everything seemed to freeze. And it started with two words: "Good morning!"

Grandpa and Souta were sitting at the table, playing thumb wars, and the game stopped when they saw her. Mom was flipping eggs, and she stared at Kagome too, two eggs still on the spatula.

"What's the matter? Did I grow a third arm or something?" Kagome looked at everyone in turn and in sync they looked at her legs. Kagome glanced down and nearly fainted. Her tail was back! "Oh. Great." She looked up at everyone and, for lack of a better response, thrust her arms to the side and said, "Surprise! I'm a hanyou!"

The eggs dropped to the floor and Mom fell back. Luckily Grandpa moved fast enough to catch her, and Souta jumped out of seat and started poking at Kagome.

"A tail! You have a tail! And Inuyasha's ears! Look, look! You've got black claws like him!"

"Not entirely, Souta," Kagome said. "I'm taller now, too. But that's not the point. Souta," she knelt down in front of him and tried to speak gently. "Inuyasha's not - "

"Leaving until you do," a familiar voice said from the kitchen doorway.

Kagome looked up at Inuyasha, and saw, though nobody else could, a message of 'I'll explain later' in his eyes. She sighed, figuring now would be a good time to leave before he went nearly full demon and tried to ravish her again.

She heard Souta chatting on and on about Kagome's new looks - undeniably to Inuyasha - and her Mom's disoriented voice asking what happened.

Kagome felt different now that she was alone. She wanted to take a shower. She wanted to soak in a bath. She wanted to apologize to Inuyasha for the way she spoke to him last night. She wanted to yell at him some more in hopes he'd leave. She wanted to ask her mother - for some odd reason - if she had any idea how this happened to her. She wanted to warn her family that Inuyasha was no longer as nice as he used to be. For some abnormal reason, however, she felt she needed to tell Inuyasha she loved him; to let him know that she did. Even after what had happened between them. But most of all, she wanted to leave this family, and even Inuyasha, and go back to Feudal Japan to find the rest of the shards and kill anyone - human or demon - that got in her way.

Kagome shook her head and tried for the first want, testing the water before getting into the shower. Maybe a good wash-down would help her wake up. What day was it? Tuesday? Wednesday? She couldn't remember. Maybe mom knew. Anyway. . .

She washed her hair and body, noticed how she'd probably never have to shave her legs again . . . or underarms, from the looks of it. Wondering what possessed her to do so, she poured some shampoo into her tail as well. Huge tail, she noticed. Why did it have to as fluffy as it was? Or long? Stupid thing. . .

Although it did look rather funny like this, soaked with water and covered in suds. It wasn't so fluffy anymore. She giggled out loud at it. Now it looked like a wet dog - to use the cliché.

Once she got out she felt an enormous urge to just shake all over. Tell me Inuyasha never had to do this, she thought.

She dried herself off, though she was having a hard time with her tail. Giving into the urge she shook her tail repeatedly, and found it dried off in seconds. However, the rest of her room wasn't quite so lucky. . .

She found herself laughing out loud at the funniness of it all. She spoke out loud as well, mainly muttering things about how her messed up life started with a stupid cat. She got into telling herself how it all started, up until where she was now, and forgot about Inuyasha downstairs and the prayer beads when she said "Sit" and heard a bitch and a thud from downstairs.

Shaking her head, Kagome concentrated on hiding her smell for Inuyasha's sake as much as her own. When she was satisfied that it was so well hidden he'd have to stick his nose where it shouldn't go in order to smell it, she went downstairs, fresh and euphoric.

Inuyasha was still rubbing his neck and Souta was still talking at an alarming rate about how much cooler Kagome must be now. Grandpa was helping Mom stay standing while she finished with breakfast - and continually muttering something about "Sixteen" over and over again.

Kagome sat down opposite from Inuyasha, as far from him as she could get. While Mom, Grandpa and Souta made conversation Kagome and Inuyasha had one of their own. It mainly consisted of why he was here after he said he was going to leave and not come back, whose fault it was that he attacked her, and if Kagome was going to remain as a hanyou, with the usual insult between each three or four sentences or less.

Their words were too quiet for the humans around them to hear, their heads dropped so it was hard to see their mouths move only fractions during the meal, and a few times Kagome kicked him.

Other than that the morning went without conflict. Right around lunch time the two left with goodbyes - or Kagome said goodbye. Inuyasha just said "Feh" and headed for the well. Kagome rolled her eyes at him and followed with much hesitation. However, she paused before the well, remembering what she'd thought regarding her clothing apparel.

Inuyasha looked a little too annoyed at her suspension. Then she shook her head. "Go on without me. I can find you again." Then she turned and headed back up the steps.

"Hold it!" he snapped. "Just what the fuck are you going to do?"

"Get new clothes. These tend to show more than I'd like others to see."

"Feh!" She glanced back to see him hop into the well and continued up the steps and back to the house.

It took a while to explain to her Mother why she wanted new clothes, and what her specifications were. After a few minutes, though, her mother came up with a better plan.

"How about you put on a hat, a dress, and I'll take you to the mall. No teenagers today!"

That took a while as well. A hat with a dress? . . It wasn't easy to put together. Eventually Kagome decided on a dark pink dress that fluffed around her waist and reached her ankles, and a matching hat that had just enough room above her head to hide her ears without making them uncomfortable. She added heels - Gods, she hated those - to make the outfit a bit more plausible and left for the mall in her Mom's Acura. [D/L: You think I know what cars are Japanese?]

Kagome looked through several stores, trying to find something that would suit the Feudal Era as well as make her a bit more . . . inconspicuous by looking more like she was from that time. The first thing she saw as a necessity was black boots. Combat boots, knee-high, with silver linings. Good. One down, Gods-know-how-many-more to go.

She didn't know quite why, but when she saw bandanas in thin, long strips she wanted some. She got three violet ones and two green ones, believing that her instincts knew what each would be for as soon as she got everything, even if she herself had no idea what she would want them for.

She found a store with sweats, or things that looked a lot like them. The pants in the store were only slightly bigger than completely tight, and had string ties. That looked like something people in Feudal Japan might wear, or make. So she bought one that was dark green and, ignoring all the strange looks she was getting, moved on to the next store. For a moment she wished she'd have taken her mother with - she'd know what this was adding up to, style wise. Kagome was lost herself.

For whatever reason she found herself taking a good look at some shiny black material, which was in a thin string on a huge roll, thinking that she might have some use for it.

Without thinking on it, she told her instincts that if they were leading her in circles she wasn't going to listen to them anymore and cut off about three feet of it.

While walking passed other stores, she caught a glimpse of something black in the background of one of them, and went to investigate. It was something like a robe, sleeveless, that had a high rounded back and came to points at the front, which reached her ankles. It had a dark green border, about two inches thick around the entire rim.

For some odd reason, she felt that this would be the last part of her ensemble. She paid for it and added it to her bag and left, going home and changing in her room.

While she was changing she realized the weirdest little detail. She just drove to the mall, bought clothes, and drove back, by herself! She was only two days more than sixteen! It was exciting, on one hand, but normal on the other. Weird.

She tied one violet ribbon around her head, beneath her bangs. The other two went beneath her breasts and around her waist, holding her 'robe' shut. The two yellow-green ones went around her thighs, and the thin black one she wrapped randomly around her left hand, tying it at her wrist and leaving several inches left on each strand.

Lastly she put on her boots, admiring herself in her only full-length mirror. The green pants showed off her legs while leaving something to imagination, helping to show her eyes. The ribbons around her thighs seemed to just be there as the finishing touch, and the black robe thingy left her tail a lot of room from the arch in the back. But she needed just one more thing. . .

She searching through her dresser and closet and found a single black glove, whose partner was lost long ago. Using her claws she took off the thumb, index finger and pinky, folded down the wrist so it was thicker, and carefully sowed the edges so it wouldn't tear.

Smiling, she put it on her right hand and again looked in the mirror. Wow. She looked like she an assassin or about to go into battle. The only thing she needed to make it believable would be a bazooka. [D/L: Yeah, I know. I have a thing for bazookas. But seriously, she does look like she needs it!]

She went downstairs and showed off, spinning for her family. Souta cooed about how she was even cooler than Inuyasha, her Mom looked a bit surprised, if not shocked at her choice of clothing, and Grandpa looked. . . disapproving of her attire.

Kagome grabbed her backpack on her way out and into the well. The moment she got out she got a strong whiff of vanilla and cherries and followed it. To the edge of the forest. Inuyasha was waiting for her.

His eyes very nearly popped out of his head when he saw her, and Kagome became a bit too aware of how her robe thing left too much of her front visible.

"Where are we going?" she asked, and saw no response. Okay, now she was getting freaked. She went over to him, waving her hand in front of his face and snapped her fingers. She whistled and went for the kill - she tugged on his ears. Not hard, but enough to get a response.

He blinked and looked at her eyes refocusing and then his pupils got a little bigger. His eyes narrowed slightly and, lightning fast, he wrapped his arms around her and then his lips were on hers, and she could feel hunger beneath it.


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