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He blinked and looked at her eyes refocusing and then his pupils got a little bigger. His eyes narrowed slightly and, lightning fast, he wrapped his arms around her and then his lips were on hers, and she could feel hunger beneath it.

Chapter Thirteen - I hate these chapters. . . stupid number. . .

For a moment no one moved, feeling tense. Then the silence was broken.

"Where are they?!"

She was quick to respond. "Shush, Shippo. They won't be gone forever. Just have patience. Please."

"Ye must calm down, young kitsune. Kagome and Inuyasha are not the type to be gone for too long." Kaede stood up and plucked a few more oddball herbs from the shelf and added them to the mush she'd already made. "Just ye remain calm for the moment. They should be back soon."

But Miroku had an odd feeling about this, just like Shippo. Something wasn't quite right. Whatever the reason, he felt he should be looking for them, making sure they got here safe. . .

From the way Sango kept looking at the edge of the forest she felt the same way. Anxious.

But then, nobody had to do a damn thing. After a few more minutes two hanyous appeared from the forest, arguing as usual.

"Kagome!" Shippo cried, leaping off the ground and into her arms in two seconds flat. Kagome held him without cutting off the quarrel with Inuyasha.

Typically, Kagome won by simply saying two words: "Sit, boy!"

Inuyasha swore violently before managing to wrench himself out of the crater.

Of course, nobody was paying attention to him. They were all openly staring at Kagome's new clothes. Most especially Miroku, who rather liked the amount of skin her chest was showing. Not as good as her skirt that gave a good view of her panties, but superior on another point.

Feeling a hot, burning hole on the side of his face, he got up and turned his back to Kagome before he got hit again. What was with Sango and that stupid need to give him a lump every time he showed appreciation for physical beauty in women, anyway?

In three seconds everyone - minus Inuyasha - were pointing out her clothes, where she got them, and why in the world was she wearing them?

Kagome answered each question to the best of her knowledge and after about a half hour, shushed them all when she sensed a shard. She tightened her hand on the necklace with half the jewel and saw Inuyasha come into her vision.

"Where is it?" he said, knowing what that look means.

Kagome shut her eyes and let go of the 'Jewel of Two Souls', letting her arms fall to her sides. Shippo was on her shoulder.

She concentrated on finding the individual shards and felt three nearby. It wasn't heading for them, but it knew there were more shards near. It felt to Kagome like it had two in its forehead and one on its chest. And 'it' felt like a human type, female, whose powers revolved around. . . the wind. Since when did my powers pick out such detail, she thought, but pushed thoughts away.

Kagome unconsciously turned her head to the left slightly and then spun around, nearly losing Shippo. She pointed in the direction the female wind demon was and told Inuyasha she had three shards, and where they were.

"Sango, take a ride on Kirara with Miroku. Shippo will come with me." And then she leapt off, just after Inuyasha. Well, now she knew how Inuyasha always seemed to fly. He ran across wind currents, which were leading them directly to the wind demon.

The stupid female, known as Kurai, wasn't a fight at all. Shippo left a trail of his mushrooms for the others to follow - who weren't even needed as it turned out - while Kagome and Inuyasha fought the woman. Her main strength was in her speed - Kurai was extremely fast - but Kagome and Inuyasha together managed to corner her. She tried blasting them back several times, but after knocking each of them back once, they knew how to avoid it. She was dead and Kagome had three more shards in just over five minutes.

Miroku, Sango and Kirara missed all of it.

. . . . They weren't too happy about that.

~*~ Next Day ~*~

The humans woke up to a missing pair of hanyous, who were found sparring both physically and verbally near a hot spring. The same one, it turned out, that was the fated one that changed Kagome. It looked like they had gotten over whatever quarrels that had driven them apart.

The fight took to the water when Kagome leapt on Inuyasha and he countered by pushing her to the side. With a splash Kagome was fully under and she got up shaking the water from her face and throwing Inuyasha over her shoulder and into the water.

The added resistance of the hot spring didn't slow them - they just couldn't kick so much. Instead they ended up with their clawed hands locked and trying to shove the other back. They were evenly matched now.

Kagome won this one when she pulled their arms to the right and Inuyasha, not expecting such a move, was thrown that way. Kagome jumped before he got a hold of her ankle and landed noiselessly on the shore. She now noticed the audience. Inuyasha was up and out a second later, dripping water like Kagome was, and looking furious that she won but proud at himself for being such a good teacher in one. How ironic.

"Hey, guys," Kagome said, brushing back a strand of wet, blue hair from her face. "Why are you here?"

"We were looking for you two," Sango said, gesturing at them. Then she narrowed her eyes and took the pose of a disgruntled mother. "And just what do you think you're doing, Kagome, disappearing before the rest of wake up? This is the third time in four days!"

"Uh, yeah," Kagome replied, fiddling with her bangs and the tie around her waist.

"Has she been leaving to plot against you?" Inuyasha asked, crossing his arms. Before anyone could reply he went on. "Then you don't have to worry about it and she doesn't have to say."

Gods, wow! Kagome thought. He just saved the both of us from talking about the episode two days ago. But what's in it for him?

"Kagome?" Shippo was at her feet and tugging on her roby thingy. Going out on a limb, he added, "Mom?"

That got her back into reality. "Shippo? Did you want something?"

"You just zoned out. Are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah," Kagome nodded. "I was just thinking. Did you say something? Asked a question, maybe?"

Shippo shook his cute wittle head. He hopped into her arms again, burrowing into her arm and side. He sighed.

Smiling Kagome hugged him to her and turned to leave. But what was holding her back? It wasn't anything physical, she was sure. Was it a smell? A miko sense? Some wolf instinct? She wasn't sure, but she knew she had to get everyone out of here. Whatever this was, it was hers to deal with. And some part of her told her she'd get away alive.

"Sango? Take Shippo and go back to the camp." She turned to Inuyasha. "You go too. I have something I have to do here, alone," she said when he looked like he was going to object.

Inuyasha looked into her eyes like he could read her mind before nodding once and leaving, pushing Miroku forward as he did so. The lecherous monk was staring at her wet body.

Once everyone was out of her earshot she spun and looked at every detail closely. "Who are you?" she asked, without thinking.

"Someone special to you," a male voice responded from everywhere.

Kagome looked in every direction in turn and her ears darted back and forth for the sound. "Explain yourself," she said, clearly, but not forcefully.

". . . I am an important part of who you are."

"But who and what are you? What connection do you have with me?"

"I am known as Lockhart. I am a wolf demon. The one your mate killed just four days ago."

"He's not my mate! Wait - if you're dead, then how can you talk?"

"I am now a spirit. You've seen me before."

"When? How?"

"I'll give you a hint - I have - had - four tails, and I'm dark blue, like your hair. I bit you."


"Yes. As for my connection with you. . . Ask your mother. She knows. She's been meaning to tell you."

"What are you talking about?! Spirit!"

". . . . ."

"Answer me!! You tell me what you have to do with me!!"

". . . . ."


Sigh. "I am your. . . biological father. Your mother knows the story. I cannot say more. Goodbye, daughter. I have to go."

"Don't you dare leave!! Lockhart!! BASTARD!!"

No response. Kagome stood there a good ten minutes, fuming with her teeth bared. Her mother knew the story? How would that help?

Shaking off all questions she left to the camp. And walked right on by. "I'm going home. Be back in a day or so," was all she said along the way. She didn't even look at them.

She could feel Inuyasha following her, demanding to know why she had to go. She now had two choices: one, tell Inuyasha and let him go with her to demand her mother explain all this, or two, do or say something to make him want to stay here. She decided upon the latter.

She spun around, catching the end of Inuyasha's speech.

". . . and you are not going to leave after just one day here! We have to collect the shards and each day you're gone is another day the demons find them first!" He stopped, breathing a little hard for a moment then smirking, satisfied.

Kagome said and did nothing, her mind trying to find something that would shock him enough to stay put. After a while Inuyasha started to look confused, wondering at her silence.

"Well? What do you have to say?" he spat, rather forcefully.

Another few seconds of decision passed and then Kagome committed herself. She reached forward and grabbed the strands of hair on the sides of his face, pulling him towards her.

Without hesitation she kissed him full on the lips, pushing his mouth open with her tongue. She felt shock throughout him for a few moments before his tongue began moving as well. She felt his arms around her lightly, and she moved her hands to weave into his hair.

Just when she was sure he was starting to really enjoy it, she broke the kiss and took a few swift steps back. "That," she said, regaining her smooth breathing, "is how you kiss a girl."


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