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Tsuya loved Inuyasha very much. Kagome knew this becaue Tsuya always reached for her father, always made a whine Kagome knew meant "father" in dog language, always watched what he was doing and seemed to listen to his tales. Ken, on the other hand, was contented lying in his mother's arms and liked to be there most of all.

Sesshomaru came with his brood to see their pups and he and Inuyasha exchanged few words with a few insults lining them before he left again, but he hadn't said a single bad word about the pups and had, in fact, told Kagome that the pups smelled nice and "seem to be growing well on you milk". Rin and Kanna got their way and were allowed to stay another week and again they went straight for Kohaku. While Kohaku was maturing nicely he still played with the orphans and it was a rare sight to see him sitting or walking somewhere without a pup following him or attatched to him somehow. It seemed to do wonders for his mind, because the boy never seemed to frown or get a lost look in his eyes anymore.

Life truly was bliss. They made it this way through their own hard work and love.

***Sixty One*** This takes place in the future so try to keep up.

The years passed swiftly and with little problems. Kagome's home flourished with life and love and she brought more and more pups into the world while her friends brought more and more of their own pups into life. When Ken and Tsuya were three Sango gave birth to a daughter they named Kaeri who had black hair and brown eyes. A year later Kagome birthed triplets, all girls with an amazing array of coloring. Their names were Izayoi, the eldest and named after Inuyasha's mother, Izumi, the second-born, and Iyana, the third and youngest.

Izayoi had white bangs and forelocks, with blue dog ears, tail and hair, and golden eyes. Izumi had white hair, dog ears and tail with blue bangs and forelocks, and green eyes. Iyana was a mix of the two, with entirely blue hair, ears and tail with white streaks throughout. Her right eye was yellow and her left was green. The three girls all adored one another and Ken and Tsuya adored them. Ken was already growing into his beta position and took to protecting his sisters flawlessly and fiercely.

Another three years passed before anything monumental happened, and then it was Kohaku admitting that he had strong feelings for Kanna, which was a rather huge shock, and not long after the two of them were acting like lovesick teenagers, even as Kohaku was now nineteen and Kanna was roughly the physical age of seventeen. Sesshomaru surprised them all when he didn't refuse Kohaku as her suitor and within months the two were bound by both youkai and human terms. Kagome and Miroku both blessed the couple.

It wasn't hardly a year later when Shippo and Rin were stumbled upon - and the two were kissing. Both were scolded by their adoptive parents for not telling them what they felt and then the two of them were married and mated, at sixteen (Shippo) and nineteen (Rin). ((DL: No problem here. They're all going to live forever, remember? Well. . .sorta.)) A few months later Sango had her third pup, a girl she named Rei with violet eyes and black hair. Another month Dashi and Viki had their first litter, Kisho and Gina, a boy and girl. They both had the standard green eyes, blue hair and tail of their Pack.

((DL: Recap. Masume, Taisho, Sano and Sakuya: ten years old. Kouga, Teri, Yaeko, Sosuke, Anika and Fa: nine years old. Ken and Tsuya: eight years old. Kaeri: five. Izayoi, Izumi and Iyana: four. Dashi and Viki, in case you've forgotten, are two of the eight orphans of the Blue Pack. Okay here's hoping you've been keeping up cause I'm moving on. . .))

Another year passed and Kanna had triplets: Toyo, Yei and Nozomi. Kohaku had named Toyo after his father and Yei after his mother - with Kanna's consent. Kanna, having no true parents, had had no qualms about their namesakes. Their choice of names had Sango in tears and she and Kohaku had held each other for a long moment afterwards.

The year after this Rin had triplets as well, all girls. All had green eyes and strikingly red hair with golden fox ears, tipped in black. They also each sported a furry tail that was more round than long and each had strong lungs and loved to excersize them. Kagome spoke wolf and dog to her own pups but had no idea how to speak fox so she didn't even try to analyze what it was she was hearing.

It was twelve more years before any other births took place. Kagome had a set of twin boys, both looking entirely human if not for their black tails. Both had brown eyes and black hair, and human-shape ears. Neither had fangs or claws and Kagome shrugged it off as "the luck of the draw". It confused Inuyasha.

Also that year Tsuya had quadruplets, all girls: Naomi, Shina, Yumi and Takara. Naomi and Takara had their mother's white hair and tail, and Shina and Yumi had blonde hair and tails. All four sported green eyes that were blue-edged. They were beautiful and their namesakes fit. ((DL: All four are some version or another of beauty or treasure. I looked it up. XD)) Seeing her eldest daughter have pups made Kagome cry and Inuyasha had held Tsuya and her pups for a long time.

The final striking moment that year had been Taisho, Sesshomaru's oldest, taking Fa, Kouga's youngest, as his mate. Kagome heard the arguments: "She is well-taught, well-protected, and would have beautiful, strong pups". While those were true, Kagome saw the looks he gave Fa and knew it was love that he chose her for and blessed their mating - since they didn't get 'married' as humans did.

The very next year Fa had her first litter, Yuri, Taro and Kane: a girl, a boy and a second girl. ((DL: Here's a neat fact. Taro means "first-born male". Taisho just named his first son his first son. XD Wrap your heads around that. And Yuri means "lily". So there. XP)) Taro had the standard white hair of the males of their bloodline, but blue eyes went with it. Yuri and Kane both had yellow eyes and blonde hair streaked in white. None of them had tails.

Upon seeing the pups Sesshomaru clapped Taisho on the shoulder and told him, and I quote, "You breed well." Kagome absolutely cracked up when she heard that and swore to be around for the births of any more of his grandchildren. Two years later Anika and Kei become mated, and the following year Anika gave birth to twins, Haru and Ai, a boy and girl. They both had Anika's blue eyes and Kei's darker blue hair and tail.

((DL: Another recap. Masume, Taisho, Sano, Sakuya: twenty eight. Kouga, Teri, Yaeko, Sosuke, Anika, Fa: twenty seven. Ken, Tsuya: twenty six. Kaeri: twenty three. Izayoi, Izumi, Iyana: twenty two. Rei, Kisho, Gina: eighteen. Toyo, Yei, Nozomi: seventeen. Ryoko, Kyoko, Nyoko: sixteen. David, Alex, Naomi, Shina, Yumi, Takara: three. Hope I'm not losing you. Kei is another of the Blue Pack orphans. Kagome is forty five at this point. Yes, that's right. Forty five. Thirty years have passed since she fell into the well, twenty nine since it was sealed. Inuyasha has been without ramen for twenty nine years. The horror. XD))

Four years later Kaede died and they all said their goodbyes and buried her. The following years would find Kagome at Kaede's grave often, asking for advice and recieving it only when she was in a deep trance. Kaede continued to teach her through the years and every year on Kaede's bithday Kagome returned with a fresh batch of Sakura Blossoms for her. Every year on the date she died Kagome would freshen the soil and renew any bricks that needed it. She became the self-chosen caregiver of Kaede's Shrine, which had been placed just outside of the Higurashi Shrine in Kagome's time. She remembered seeing the old bricks and wondering why it was taken care of so well.

Six years later Kagura gave birth to twin girls, Kaika and Yumiko. Both had silver hair and striking red eyes, and a furry tail for each. Kagome commented on how beautiful they were and Sesshomaru nearly doubled in size with how he puffed out his chest. It made Kagome laugh because he acted just how Inuyasha did when told how lovely his pups were.

Four years passed by and then Teri, Kouga's second son, mated Nare, another of Kagome's Pack's orphans. The following year Kaeri took a husband from the village named Jiro. Miroku sized him up, tested his skills in both battle and wits, and practically trained him until he deemed him worthy of his daughter. Sango wasn't much better to the man. Kagome pitied him for being so stupid.

The entire village by this time knew of their inhabitants and they all knew that they were immortal. As it turned out this immortality were further, intwining with their children, which became obvious as Masume, the eldest human born into their odd little pack, seemed physically stuck at twenty two. He hadn't aged a day afterwards and it struck Kagome because that was Miroku's age when the wish was made.

It was four more years before Kaeri gave birth, to a girl she named Chiyo. She had her grandfather's violet eyes and standard black hair, and Kagome noticed that Miroku was doing his best to keep from crying at the sight of the newborn - his granddaughter. Sango cried for hours and vowed to be there for whatever Kaeri or Chiyo needed. Jiro had been struggling with his tears that day, too, and Inuyasha had stood up tall and made each of their pups promise to watch Chiyo whenever needed or asked.

He got many, many "treats" that night and woke up with a very big grin.

Three years later Nare had her first pup, a girl named Mine. She had blonde hair and tail with green eyes and giggled when she saw her father for the first time. Both Kougas were present at the birth and Kouga Sr. formally introduced his granddaughter to his entire pack and had them all vow to never, ever do anything to disgrace Mine or dishonor her, or the retribution would be their deaths.

Kagome was fast becoming a kind of midwife for all of her friends. When they were close to their due date they called her or were taken to her, and she helped them along with their births. She made sure the demon and hanyou pups were given directly to their mothers to imprint on her scent, and allowed the couples time alone before admitting visitors. Even then she allowed only the amount she felt was decent and safe, and soon Inuyasha began calling her "Midwife Mistress", to which he got Sat eleven times.

Even the villagers knew about her and swore by her, and it was fast that news spread and their village grew and grew. Kagome was often sought after for advice, births and medicines. Inuyasha was sought after as a builder and things to that extent, mostly men asking for his help in finding a strong tree or fresh trail. Sango was asked to help train the children of the village in fighting, as well as Kohaku. Miroku was sought out to help those hoping to become monks or quiet their minds, and he was often found helping young men and women relax and control their breathing.

All of their children had their own unique skills and near all were asked for help from time to time. Kagome on more than one occasion was asked to seek out Sesshomaru, since he and his family had become regular visitors to the village. While the villagers still feared and revered him, they also looked up to him and knew he did not lie. When they asked a question and he answered, they knew they had the truth as plain as it could come and never disagreed. It built a strong companionship between he and the village.

Kagome knew from the beginning that no matter how sadistic Sesshomaru may act, he had his father's heart and that was what kept him just. He was a strong Lord who did his best to be fair and continued to do so more feverently once his first litter was born. Kagura, while still a bit on the bad side, was learning fast and people began looking to her for wisdom and aid when Sesshomaru was not available.

It was ten years later that Kagome gave birth to quadruplets, all girls. Kara, Maru, Hitomi and Aya. All four had seperate qualities and none had a tail. Kara had blue hair that shone in white with black eyes. She always smiled and loved pink. Maru had black hair that shone white and green eyes, and was heading directly down the road to being a priestess, even as she dressed in clothes matching those of Inuyasha's. Hitomi was the gentlest of the four with violet eyes and white hair. She wore long white kimonos and often had a bow in her hair. Aya was the tough one of the litter, with black hair that shone blue and shocking yellow eyes, brighter than Inuyasha's were. She was always looking for a good fight and Kagome knew she would never need to be protected, but that she would always get in too far and have to be caught by her ankles. She proved this multiple times by the time she turned twelve. They all had dog ears color coordinated with their hair color.

Twenty two years went by and Yaeko gave birth again, to three girls and a boy: Akina, Ren, Kohana and Kanaye. All four had yellow eyes and black hair and fur, and the tails of their same-sexed parent. Kagome got a distinct impression from Kanaye that he would be the best warrior their pack had seen and was waiting to be proved right.

As Kagome continued playing Midwife, Inuyasha became very good at calling how many babies a woman was to have, and of which sexes. He correctly guessed them over ninety percent of the time and Kagome wondered how he learned to see the signs she kept missing. He seemed to be getting it from which complaints the woman had, how far along she was, and from a few good touches to her womb. It was both amazing and a bit dumfounding. Women began coming to him to be told what babies they were to have and he was often paid for correct guesses.

One woman in particular had gotten to Kagome. She wasn't from their village but told them she was to give birth to a half-demon, a hanyou. When asked she said she didn't know exactly what type of demon the father was, because she'd never asked. She told them she was five months along and Inuyasha went to work, measuring her size with his eyes and hands and asking her about any and all discomforts. In the end he told her that she was going to give birth to twins, a boy and girl, the boy first, and that the father was a fish type demon. He even told her that the 'eggs' might be born with fins or flippers, possibly gills, and likely green eyes.

The woman had twins, a boy and girl in that order, and both had green hair, webbed fingers and toes, and full black eyes. The woman began praising him and calling him a god or god-sent spirit with a visionary eye, and the rumors that followed spread like wildfire. While Kagome and Inuyasha worked hard to put them to rest, it proved only that he truly did exist and soon more women were coming to their village.

In no time their village was a third human, a third demon, and a third hanyou. The hanyous served as a bridge between the humans and demons and in no time they were all working side by side in everyday chores. Kagome, Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku and their families quietly moved to the background. They, their families, the orphans and their families and even Kouga's pack all fell between the cracks and that was how it should be. They continued to build their families and their lives and Kagome still returned twice a year to refresh Kaede's grave, but by then hardly anybody recognized her as the Mistress Miko Kagome.

Kagome had two more sets of triplets, the first of which was three boys, Tajiro, Tai and Tsure. All had their father's silver hair and their mother's green eyes. Taijiro kept his hair long but held back and wore a green version of Inuyasha's Fire Rat outfit. He was the obvious leader and often thought up mischievious schemes. Tai had his hair no longer than halfway down his back and wore the standard Fire Rat but in blue-green and often messed up Taijiro's plans. Tsure had incredibly short hair if not for his forelocks and could talk and sweeten his way out of a bad sunburn. He melted Kagome and got on Inuyasha's good side whenever their plans failed, and all of the other kids came to him for pointers when they messed up.

The next set of triplets was two girls and a boy: Aiko, Yuriko and Yukio. They were conceived on a New Moon and none sported any of the telltale signs of a hanyou. All three had their mother's black hair shone blue and blue eyes to match. Yuriko was born with a slight problem in her left elbow and Kagome kept it wrapped. Despite looking exactly like a human, the three were strong, smart and fast and often sported funny quotes that they wrote on their kimonos. AIko's favorite at ten was, "BOYS?" and beneath it, "They're Nice". Yuriko's favorite was, "Who, ME?" and Yukio's was, "If I throw a stick, will you go away?" which Kagome had suggested at Inuyasha's expense.

Yaeko had a final litter of five. Ronin, a boy; Michi, a girl; Sachiko, a girl; Sorano, a girl; and Tomo, a boy. The three girls had black hair and blue eyes, and the two boys had blonde hair and golden eyes. She swore no more children after that and Kouga readily agreed.

Kagura had another set of three, two girls and a boy, and then warned Sesshomaru that she would have no more for quite some time. Theirs names were Mika, Usagi and Mamoru. Mika had black hair, and Usagi and Mamoru had silver, and all three had golden eyes and fluffy tails. Their names struck Kagome because it reminded her of Sailor Moon, but Kagura assured her that the names were meant to be earthly names. They were, apparently, trying to use themed names for their pups.

The Orphans all found mates and had children, and Kagome's pups had pups, and Sango's children and grandchildren had children while Kouga's pack bred uncontrollably and the village grew humungous. Everything began spreading like wildfire so fast that Kagome discussed and decided that they would move South and begin repairing her Pack's old niche for living. With so many pups and grandpups it took almost no time and for several hours they all stood by and marveled.

As expected Rare's spirit had come along and Kagome was beginning to see parts of him already - when he wasn't hiding, that is. He kept himself hidden away and Kagome kept her power streaming into him to help his recovery go along.

Sesshomaru came by that same day and seemed pleased that her "Pack" was closer now. Shippo, who had gone along with Rin and stayed with Sesshomaru most of the time, looked overjoyed and hugged the life out of her while chanting and sending sparks off with his illusions.

While this was going on Sesshomaru was looking around the area and finally broke up the reunion, saying that this place was not safe for them to live yet and they should stay at his castle until he made certain that demons would not attack. Kagome highly doubted that those were his only reasons, seeing as how they were near a hundred in numbers by now - his family and Kouga's Pack included - and all of them were near impossible to even sneak up on anymore, but she warned Inuyasha not to say anything and agreed to coming along to his castle for a short time.

That "short time" quickly turned into several decades and over twenty births had taken place before Sesshomaru said haughtily that they were growing too numerous and should be moved to a bigger castle. Inuyasha told him to shove it and, like a true Alpha, had everyone start packing up so they could live where they wanted to. Many of the young pups whined about leaving and got their way, being allowed to stay for a few weeks more.

Nobody truly wanted to leave but both Kagome and Inuyasha agreed that the castle was just too small. They left and spread out to check out the area and found that nothing had tried to inhabit the land in all the time they were gone in the West Lands. They moved in comfortably and checked in on the growing village they had left often. Kagome counted the numbers each time she checked and found that they were growing at an increasing rate, for once math becoming understandable for her. She worked it out and found that it was easier than she thought to get the answer.

Time was moving even faster now, although Inuyasha still complained about not having any ramen and listed off how many flavors there were and how many he was going to eat as soon as they came out. From Kagome's place she continued to guide her father and Sesshomaru in the years ahead and her own children as well. She warned them all that soon they would have to begin picking out last names and everyone thought over it carefully. While most of her pups decided to use whatever name she and Inuyasha chose, some of them chose their own and the same was with the rest of the families.

Kagome could swear that only days passed and then they were avoiding major steps in history and wars. She waited patiently and eagerly for the twentieth century to return and began counting the years with growing excitement until she could see her mother and brother again. By then everyone she knew had an empire unto themselves and her family had grown too large to fully remember. Tsuya became the self-appointed family historian and wrote down each new addition. Kara became something of a fashion coordinator, Aiko was a top-notch chef, Aya judged and trained bodyguards, Maru was a full-time priestess, Izayoi planned parties, Iyana was a doctor with four degrees, Izumi was a psychologist and Yuriko worked in physo-therapy. Together all the women could plan anything flawlessly and got to work putting together a welcoming party for Kagome, back at the Higurashi Shrine.

Kagome was getting so impatient that Inuyasha had to literally hold her down at times. Not that he minded much, but it was a hassle when all she did was pace and mutter to herself about what she was going to say first.

"Mom, meet my seventeen pups and forty-eight grandpups" was quickly put on the list of "Way later". She was continually going through her closet even she decided, undecided, redecided, changed and decided on her outfit nearly fifty times by then. Inuyasha was fast getting dizzy by all her pacing and making love to her was only tiring him out, instead of her. To put it plainly, he was out of ideas.

Izayoi was sent with a cloaking spell to the Higurashi Shrine the following day after Kagome's last trip down the well and informed them that they - "they" being her entire esteemed family - would like to book the Higurashi Shrine for a party and Kagome got word instantly that Ray had agreed. Rare, knowing the plan, kept everything running smoothly and when the day arrived near a month later, Kagome could hardly sit still. She had no idea how she was going to hug her mother without crushing her spine and as such Maru came with her, keeping her calm.

Maru had that affect. Just being around her made you calm.

All of Kagome's sons had been called, and her grandsons and their sons, and all were available for her big reunion. Well, it was a reunion for her, but not for her mother. Kagome called Sango personally and talked for hours on end, nervous as a jitterbug, and Sango promised to have everyone she was related to away from the Shrine that day.

Inuyasha and Maru were the only two coming with her on the initial meeting, and all of her children were going to come along an hour later. They all had cell phones with speed-dial and enchanted jewelry of some sort of another that transferred emotions. They were actually pretty neat. Whenever someone felt fear their cell phone would be ringing with Inuyasha at the other end, and if it rang three times, he was on his way over, Tetsusaiga in hand. Kagome always knew he was somewhat overprotective of her, but he was doubly so when it came to his pups, especially his daughters. More than once over the years a pushy man would find himself held up by his throat when he tried to touch Inuyasha's daughter, and the same had been said for Sesshomaru and Kouga, and nearly every other male in their family.

They grew very close over the centuries and by now no one touched any woman without permission from each man, making suitors slim to find and slimmer to agree to the terms. Kagome's great-great-granddaughter Miyoko was being attacked by a man and not a minute later Inuyasha was there, along with her father, three of her brothers, five male cousins and Sesshomaru, plus a few others that Kagome didn't recognize. It was quite a sight to be seen.

Ken was going ahead of them to make a few introductions and then they were going to arrive at the Shrine. Kagome had a lot to say and no idea where to start, even though she'd been working on the speech for nearly a century.

She only hoped her mother wouldn't have a heart attack. So what if there were over three hundred of them now? They'd had five centuries to breed! Kagome was truly surprised that there weren't a thousand by now. With the rate of increase moving as it was. . .Oh darn. Math was still a problem and now it gave her a headache. She groaned and leaned back, staring up at the roof of the car.

I'm almost home, Mama. I hope you like the surprises. There's about 350 of them.

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