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Chapter 5 - The Truth Comes Out
Fucking Hells!
Inuyasha's brain sputtered for a moment, gibbering as he stared at Sesshoumaru.
“Well?” Sesshoumaru demanded, his eyes narrowing furiously. “What have you allowed to happen?”
“F-fuck off!” Inuyasha finally managed, proud of himself for even that much verbal brilliance.
Sesshoumaru didn't move a muscle, but Inuyasha could feel him bristle inside and he suddenly felt just the tiniest bit better. The bastard was already pissed off and gonna hurt him; it was nice to know that at least Inuyasha could piss him off a little more.
Sesshoumaru inhaled and wrinkled his nose.
Yeah, yeah, I stink; the humans stink. We get the message, asshole.
“Bare your torso, uke,” Sesshoumaru ordered abruptly, and Inuyasha took a step away, holding onto his top with a death grip. Take off his top? Was Sesshoumaru going to rape him? In front of everyone?! Over his dead body! Although the bastard gave orders as though he was expecting Inuyasha to obey them. Was this where he found out what Sesshoumaru could make him do?
“I don't fucking think so!” Inuyasha finally responded, and blinked as he realized he had no urge, none whatsoever, to do what Sesshoumaru had demanded. He smiled. “Not in a million fucking years!” he spat, happy as hell that Sesshoumaru had no more control over him than before. Although he was also extremely ticked off that the condescending youkai treated him as though the he could now expect total obedience.
His friends suddenly spoke up from behind him.
“Stay away from him, Sesshoumaru!” Kagome yelled, and he could hear her pull her bow taut.
“Inuyasha, step to the side. I don't have a clear shot!” Sango called out.
“Inuyasha will not fight alone this time, Lord Sesshomaru,” Miroku said coldly.
“Kick his butt, Inuyasha!” Shippou piped up.
Sesshoumaru's eyes swept from Inuyasha to brush over his companions. Inuyasha started to panic as he felt the instant rise in ire when Sesshoumaru glared at Kagome.
“Inuyasha, if you do not call off your ningen and make your upper half bare this instant, the miko dies.”
Fuck! He couldn't even use one of his damn arms right now! There was no way he was gonna be able to stop the fucking jerk if he lashed out at Kagome. He was going to have to let him… Dammit. He was going to have to let him do whatever the hell he wanted to with him. He wanted to curl up and die at the thought of being taken like this, while his friends watched, but he didn't want THEM to die instead. He swallowed painfully.
“Shut up, you guys!”
“We will not simply stand back while he attacks you, Inuyasha.” Miroku called out, and the women made sounds of agreement.
“It's fine! It's just….it's fucking fine, okay! He's not gonna do anything…” he closed his eyes at the lie, praying that they believed him, and breathed a sigh of relief as they fell silent. He finally looked at Sesshoumaru, feeling his brother's impatience and anger beating at him.
“Oh fucking calm down, I'm doing it. Ass.” He'd be damned if he let the bastard see him sweat.
Sesshoumaru bristled in his head again and he smiled. At least he could get one damn moment of enjoyment out of this disaster. Using his right arm, he carefully pulled his arms out of the sleeves of his red suikan and let it bunch at his waist. He took a deep breath and peeled his under kimono off, trying to ignore the exclamations coming from behind him.
“Inuyasha, what happened to you?” Kagome whispered. Sango and Miroku just inhaled sharply and he figured they probably knew what a freakin' bandage along his shoulder implied. They were always a little quicker on the uptake about shit like that than Kagome was. He didn't know if they would figure out what that meant for the here and now. He almost hoped they did. Maybe they would give him a little bit of dignity and at least turn away when it happened.
“Take off the bandage, hanyou,” Sesshoumaru ordered.
Looking at him a moment, Inuyasha clawed through it, letting it fall to the ground as he stood and glared defiantly back at Sesshoumaru.
“There, it's fucking off. Happy now, asshole?”
Sesshoumaru's face didn't change one iota, and Inuyasha was shocked, to put it mildly, at what he was getting from his brother. He was still pissed, no surprise there, but Sesshoumaru suddenly felt …worried? More worried than before, even. And something else. It almost felt like shame.
He must be getting his mate signals crossed somewhere, because he was obviously not getting Sesshoumaru in his head. Couldn't be. These had to be either someone else's emotions, or else he couldn't interpret what he was feeling for shit. He clenched his jaw, waiting for Sesshoumaru to jump him, or order him to take off more of his clothes, or whatever other sick, humiliating thing he had planned.
“Why have you let yourself get to this state, half-breed?” Sesshoumaru asked, sneering, “You are feverish. You can barely stand, let alone walk, and your arm stinks of infection. Why have you not healed yourself?”
Great, he's gonna lecture me first? He is SUCH a jackass. And on top of that, he's getting angry because his own damn poison fucked me over? Such. A fucking. Asshole.
“None of your fucking business. Why don't you just kill me, or beat on me, or whatever shit you were planning and then go back to your damn kappa and leave me the hell alone!”
“You will not speak to me in such a manner, Inuyasha!”
“I'll speak to you any way I damn well please! Shit for brains asshole! Fucking pain in the ass moron! Stupid…” Inuyasha flinched as Sesshoumaru's hand shot forward and slapped him hard across the face. At least as a hanyou that shit couldn't knock him down anymore.
“Don't you dare hit him!” Kagome yelled, and Inuyasha cringed, turning to face her and try to get her to shut up when Sesshoumaru reached from behind him to wrap his arm over the hanyou's right shoulder and across his chest. His claws rested teasingly, terrifyingly in front of his heart.
“I will discipline my mate any way I see fit.” Sesshoumaru said coldly.
Inuyasha saw Kagome's mouth opened a close a few times before she managed to talk again.
“Mate?“ she whispered, and Inuyasha flushed, turning his head away so he didn't have to look at her pitying eyes. He was sure Sesshoumaru would still kill her if Inuyasha didn't do as he said, if he tried to move away, but Gods he wanted to hit the bastard so badly.
“But when… how… I don't understand,” she said softly.
“He fucking caught me as a human last week, okay?” Inuyasha said angrily, glaring at her and flushing even more as he felt Sesshoumaru's hand move down to press against his stomach. Stupid fucking jerk.
“But why didn't you tell us?” Kagome's voice was plaintive.
“It's nothin' to do with you! Wasn't like you could fix it or nothing', anyway, now was it?” he hated, absolutely hated how his voice sounded right then. Like he was gonna fucking cry or something. And he wasn't. No one, fucking NO ONE made him cry. “The asshole…Gaaah!” He choked as Sesshoumaru's hand slapped him again, hard, across the stomach this time.
“You will not refer to me so disrespectfully.”
“I don't care if he's your mate or not, you stop hitting Inuyasha!” Kagome yelled, almost drowning out the daiyoukai's words. “How can you hit your own…your own mate!”
“That is how a mate should be disciplined, you hypocritical miko. You of all people should understand the proper motivating use of pain, or are these beads of subjugation around his neck merely for show?”
Inuyasha saw Kagome blanch and he growled. Yeah, so he hated getting smacked into the ground, that didn't mean Sesshoumaru had the right to say a damn thing about it.
“You leave her the fuck alone, Sesshoumaru!” he yelled, trying to turn around to confront him, snarling as the daiyoukai merely clamped down with his hand to keep him still and pressed back against his body.
“I will speak to her, and you, in whatever manner I deem appropriate.” Sesshoumaru growled as Inuyasha started to struggle.
“That's it! That's just fucking it! You do whatever you're gonna do to me and fucking leave, asshole! Just, just get it over with!”
Sesshoumaru growled again and shifted his grip, moving his arm up towards Inuyasha's throat. His hand hovered above Inuyasha's infected mark as Inuyasha shoved against him and Sesshoumaru clamped down to hold him in check. Inuyasha screamed, pain shooting through his whole body as the youkai's palm pressed against his swollen and bruised mark, and he passed out.
Seeing the wound across Inuyasha's shoulder, Sesshoumaru felt rather sick. The mark looked truly awful; pus oozing out as red lines of infection crept along his veins. Up close to the hanyou, even the sensations he picked up from Inuyasha's body were pain ridden and on the verge of overwhelming him. But he didn't believe it. The stupid little hanyou wouldn't have the energy to be so rude and annoying if he were truly that close to collapsing. There was no way he could maintain a façade of that magnitude. And when Inuyasha had started insulting him, in front of the miko no less, he couldn't resist the urge to shut his damn mouth. Faking such pain, making his mind worry for a moment that there might be an actual problem due to his somewhat violent marking, and then insulting him?
It was utterly infuriating!
The miko taking Sesshoumaru to task over his actions had almost been the last straw. She had the gall to lecture him about hurting the hanyou? After all the times Sesshoumaru had witnessed her slamming the youth into the ground? The damn hypocrite. To have Inuyasha try to actually defend her after such hypocrisy was unbelievable. He cursed at Sesshoumaru for actions that were well within his rights, but defended the person who had given him months of abuse. Incomprehensible. Disturbing. Enraging.
In the frustration of the moment, he'd had some idea of wrapping his arm around Inuyasha's throat to finally stop his tongue for a few glorious seconds when the idiot had started struggling again and he'd had to clamp his hand down. He'd had to. But he hadn't expected Inuyasha to pass out from a mere touch, slumping against him bonelessly. Paying attention for a moment, Sesshoumaru finally noticed the heat radiating off of Inuyasha's skin. He really was this ill? The physical sensations Sesshoumaru had felt weren't an exaggeration? He was truly this incapacitated? That was…unacceptable.
He looked up as Inuyasha's annoying bitch ran over.
“Leave him alone!”
The slayer and the monk moved forward as well, although they looked from Inuyasha's wound to him with more caution. They obviously understood the fact that they were living on sufferance.
“Get away from him!”
“It is you who are required to retreat, miko. Inuyasha is mine and I will do what I wish with him.”
So there, you irritating little worm.
The miko stopped as her friends grabbed her arms. “Sango, Miroku, stop it! We have to…”
“He claimed him, Kagome,” the monk said in an undertone that Sesshoumaru heard quite clearly. “You can see the mark, as infected as it is, and Inuyasha confirmed it. If they are mates now…I don't know that you should interfere.”
Smart ningen.
“Yes I should, if he's treating him this poorly!”
Irritating little…
“Kagome, “ the slayer spoke this time, her voice low in a futile attempt to keep it from Sesshoumaru's ears. “I don't think you understand. If Inuyasha is in the submissive position, I imagine he's expected to submit to the stronger male. Sesshoumaru would be within his rights to punish him.”
“He doesn't have the right to take out his anger on Inuyasha just because he can't hold onto his temper! That's just being a- a bully and a coward, to attack someone who's in a weaker position than you are!”
Sesshoumaru growled low as he watched them.
That miko bitch, who was she to presume she knew anything of his reasons? His control over his anger might be slippery when it came to Inuyasha, but that was not the main reason he assaulted his brother. The little dolt brought it on himself by being such an irritating, insulting little pest. He deserved it!
Inuyasha moaned softly in his arms and Sesshoumaru resisted the urge to frown. This was Inuyasha's fault. Inuyasha was the one who had refused to disclose Tessaiga's location to him. Inuyasha was the one who had taken his arm. He was insulting and interfering, a disgrace to his heritage, and he deserved everything that had been done to him. Sesshoumaru's temper, the one crack in his carefully built armor of control, was not the problem. Sesshoumaru was not at fault for this! It was Inuyasha…
Dammit, the half-breed deserved everything that had happened to him.
He looked down at the mouthy, mannerless little hanyou, blocking out the still arguing ningen, and his lips nearly frowned as he realized Inuyasha was still unconscious. Paying attention now, he could feel the white hot pain that radiated from the wound, the heavy dullness to Inuyasha's limbs, the fever that wracked his body.
Just how seriously injured was Inuyasha?
He ran his eyes over the flushed, childishly stubborn face and his frown grew until it was practically noticeable. Was Inuyasha really that fragile? Was he so weak that something as small as a mating mark could injure him this badly? Sesshoumaru hadn't realized the hanyou's body was that delicate. Yes, he'd always taunted him about his weakness and his blood, but he'd never really believed it. Stupid idiot popped back up just like a weed; how was he supposed to have known something this small could affect Inuyasha so much? And how in all the hells was he supposed to take care of this? He had no knowledge of healing. Eyeing the miko and the other ningen who were standing, watching him carefully now from a few feet away, he shuddered inside.
It seemed that if he didn't want to be the cause of Inuyasha's death, he was going to have to ask for help. From the damn Miko, no less. He couldn't think of anyone he wanted to talk to less. But no matter what had gone between them before, he wasn't about to let his own mate die. No matter how irritating he found him, or how tragically idiotic the circumstances of obtaining him, they WERE mates now. And considering that the bite might be infected because he'd been too angry to keep Inuyasha completely shielded from his poison during the claiming, he had an obligation to fix it.
I cannot believe I'm about to ask a human, especially this human, for help. How humiliating.
“You will heal him, Miko.”
“Wha-?” The miko gazed at him with her typical stupidity before a smile bloomed over her face. Her friends released her arms and she started forward. “I- I have to look at the wound first,” she said hesitantly.
“Then why have you not done so before now? Could you not tell he was ill?” Sesshoumaru asked, feeling a bit like snarling again.
What the hell type of companions were they if they couldn't even pay attention when one of their number was ill near to death?
“He never told us,” she said angrily.
“That is no excuse.”
She really was a sorry excuse for a priestess.
“Well pardon me, Lord Sesshoumaru, but I'm only human. And I'm not the one who made the wound in the first place!!” she glared at him as she stomped over.
I am a daiyoukai. I am in control. I am the glassy stillness across the lake and I will not damn well lose my temper right now. I will not dismember the stupid bitch and bathe in her blood. Inuyasha needs her.
For a short while, anyway, and then beware, Miko.
Inuyasha groaned again and Sesshoumaru had to keep himself from scowling. How in the hells had the idiot managed to fool so many around him when he was this injured? He honestly couldn't see how he accomplished it. He hadn't thought the little ant was smart enough to pull something like that off. As he laid Inuyasha down on the ground, he wondered how many times before this Inuyasha had bluffed in this manner. How many times had he slung insults and slurs at Sesshoumaru when his body was on the verge of collapse? The thought was…unpalatable. He drew his arm back, his fingertips inadvertently brushing against Inuyasha's cheek as he withdrew, and he paused moment, running his finger back and forth. Who knew Inuyasha had such smooth skin? Hn.
The miko came up and he yanked his hand away, noticing in irritation that she was looking at him and his hand. Stupid, nosy wench. He stepped back, restraining the urge to strangle her, and watched as she looked at Inuyasha, speaking of `first aid kits,' `anti-venom,' and other odd words obviously associated with her craft. He almost clenched his fist as he watched her hands moving across Inuyasha's body and he turned, walking away. If he didn't leave now, he was going to gut the stupid idiot, she was so irritating. He wasn't sure what about her set him so on edge, but he had to get out of there or he was going to lose his temper again and simply end her miserable existence.
And he swore to himself that he was NOT going to lose control of his anger. The miko bitch was completely and utterly deluded on that point: he did NOT take out his temper on the hanyou. Not in a way that made a difference one way or another. He was sure that, temper or no, Inuyasha would need to be put in his place, to be taught what was allowed, just as often. Sesshoumaru was positive that was true, and he vowed to keep a tight reign over his anger for the next month. Everyone, including Inuyasha, would see that he could maintain control, despite constantly being annoyed beyond reason. And Inuyasha would earn every punishment that he was sure to get.
He turned to look back and saw the miko's hands brush across Inuyasha's chest. He growled under his breath. “Tell Inuyasha I will return when he is whole,” he said in the coldest voice he could manage.
That damn miko had better appreciate how forgiving he was in letting her live, because if she failed to heal Inuyasha… He turned away and let himself frown fiercely now that no one could witness it. He didn't like the thought for some reason.
Damn irritating little brat. He had better recover or Sesshoumaru was going to return and beat some sense into his weak, uncooperative body until he did. Without losing his grip on his temper, either.