InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Uke ❯ Time to Pay Attention ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 8 - Time to Pay Attention
Inuyasha climbed slowly out of the well. He felt dizzy and nauseous and his body hurt so much even his hair was aching. His breath came in short, rather panicked pants. Where was Sesshoumaru?! He wasn't in his head anymore! All the fury in his head had disappeared the moment he'd arrived in his own time and he felt lopsided and empty, as if part of himself that was supposed to be full had suddenly drained out.
He hated Sesshoumaru. HA-TED Sesshoumaru. Not feeling him anymore, though, was physically painful. He clutched at the ground outside the well, dry heaving, and tried to bring his mind back to what he'd been thinking as he'd fallen into the well in the first place: where to escape to? If he wanted to live, regardless of how shitty he felt, he needed to run. He couldn't defend himself like this. He had to find somewhere close where he could hide until his infuriated mate gave up and left him alone, or until Inuyasha healed and could defend himself.
He started to stumble away from Kaede's when Sesshoumaru's words rang in his head.
`You are never, NEVER to leave that little hovel of a village you reside in unless I give you leave'
He stopped. He didn't want to follow the youkai's orders. He wasn't his slave! But what would Sesshoumaru do if Inuyasha weren't here when he came back through the well? He'd probably be back any moment; what would he do? Would he go after Inuyasha's friends? Would he destroy the village? Hell, now that he knew about the well and could get through, he was a threat to Kagome and her family as well.
Inuyasha swore, his face tight with misery. He couldn't risk it. The likelihood of Sesshoumaru harming everyone he cared about was too high. He had to make sure they were safe, and to protect them…
He cursed over and over as he slowly turned and shambled back to the village. He couldn't leave. He was stuck here. The situation was just as bad as it had been when he'd first thought Sesshoumaru found him in the future. The cold bastard could force him to do whatever he damn well wanted, with Inuyasha's friends being used as a constant threat to keep him in line.
Stupid asshole didn't need any fucking magic to make him obey; simply knowing where his friends lived, Sesshoumaru already had him by the balls.
The human looking Sesshoumaru stared down at his younger self, growling even louder than the trapped youkai. He looked at the fragile well next to them, grit his teeth, and kept his grip on Sesshoumaru's hair as he stepped off his back and immediately bounded straight up through the hole he'd made on his way down. He landed on the shrine grounds outside, slamming Sesshoumaru's body to the ground next to him and stepping away.
The silk clad Sesshoumaru was on his feet in moments, and he and the human snarled at each other in fury.
“You cannot hide him from me!” Sesshoumaru hissed coldly. “I'll leave your corpse for the crows! And then I will track him down wherever you have given him refuge, and he will scream for DAYS for this. You will never have him!”
Sesshoumaru lunged forward, his arm sweeping out to eviscerate the disgusting creature in front of him, and slid to a halt as he…missed.
He'd missed? He NEVER missed! He spun, meeting the man's fist with his face, and his body twisted as he was knocked to the ground.
“I already have Inuyasha, you cold bastard.”
Growling, Sesshoumaru jumped to his feet. “He is mine!” He charged again and the man slid to the side, kicking up as he passed and hitting Sesshoumaru's stomach so hard his feet left the ground as he flew through the air to land with a heavy thud.
“He's not yours anymore, Lord Sesshoumaru. He's mine now.” The human smiled nastily as Sesshoumaru gasped for air. “I've already taken him, Sesshoumaru. I've held him naked and writhing and watched him come, yelling for me.”
Sesshoumaru lunged upwards again, his hand dripping poison. “You lie!” he spat, infuriated that some pathetic human cockroach thought that he could actually fool him, Sesshoumaru. Whatever had made the offensive little rat so strong hadn't changed his scent. He smelled human, but he didn't smell of Inuyasha. Inuyasha was still wholly, completely Sesshoumaru's and NO ONE was going to take him away from him.
“I don't lie, Sesshoumaru,” the human sneered, dodging the next two attacks without breaking a sweat before hitting the youkai so hard in the stomach that his armor cracked and he fell to the ground. “In fact, as soon as I give you the beating you deserve, I'm going to go and take him again. I'm going to plunge into that tight body of his and enjoy every, damn moment of it. And he's going to BEG me to do it.”
“You cannot have him!” Sesshoumaru yelled. This slimy, filth ridden human thought he could talk about Inuyasha as though he were already taken? He dared to speak of Sesshoumaru's mate this way? He would regret every sad moment of his pathetic existence for even thinking about what belonged to Sesshoumaru! Glaring hatred, Sesshoumaru reared up only to be hit in the face so hard that he plowed into the ground. Attempting to stand yet again and rid himself of the disgusting encroacher, he was kicked in the stomach. He collapsed, retching.
“How does it feel?” the man asked, kicking him in the stomach again.
“How does it feel to have someone stronger than you beat you into a pulp?“ Sesshoumaru managed to get to his feet only to be knocked down before he could do more than stand.
“How does it feel to know you're weaker?” Sesshoumaru was kicked in the arm and he hissed, feeling the bone crack.
No! This couldn't be! It wasn't possible that this worm was actually hurting him!
“How does it feel to know that the person beating you has absolutely no mercy?” the man asked, his tone biting and icy. Sesshoumaru tried to roll and dodge the foot coming for his head but failed, taking the full force of it in the face. He spat blood out, attempting to make it to his feet and falling to the ground, too dazed for a moment to keep his balance.
He couldn't believe it. What was this...this THING? It couldn't be human. No pathetic human could do this to him. But it smelled human! It was impossible. The bastard was stronger than him. He was actually faster and stronger than him! And…he planned on taking Inuyasha.
He would bleed rivers for it.
“You can't have Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru said, getting to his knees and spitting out a mouthful of blood again. “He's mine.”
“You don't fucking deserve him,” the man hissed, coming close to stomp down on his calf and break the bone. Sesshoumaru collapsed backward over the injured leg. “He's smaller than you. He's younger than you; and as strong as he is, he's STILL weaker than you, and you abuse him! He's your mate, not something that you OWN like a fucking horse! Hell, a horse would get better treatment than you give to Inuyasha!”
Sesshoumaru sneered up at him despite the pain. This creature threatened to take Inuyasha. He tried to deceive him and claim he had actually bedded the hanyou, and he DARED to lecture him? “It is my business what I do with my own mate!”
“Not today it isn't! You have no right to treat him like you do! It is your job to protect, not to be the one he needs protection from!”
Sesshoumaru ignored the brief moment of shame that overwhelmed him. His behavior was not in question here! He grit his teeth as his other leg was kicked so hard that he felt the bone break there as well.
“Do you even bother to pay attention to what you feel from his body?” the man asked. “Do you realize how close he came to dying, how weak he still is now? Or did you just roar in like the completely self-absorbed, blind fool that you are and start hurting him again?!”
“It is my right to punish him…” Sesshoumaru coughed as he was kicked in the face so hard he had to spit out a tooth.
“You PROTECT! That is what is `your right!' And what you do is not protection, or punishment to keep him from injuring himself further, make no mistake. It is abuse. I am telling you here and now, if you do not stop and realize what you doing, you will lose him. Because I WILL come and take him away from you and you will never, ever see him again,” the man said, his voice as cold as Sesshoumaru's had ever aspired to be. “I will not let Inuyasha be abused this way, not even by you.”
Sesshoumaru felt…was it fear? Was this feeling fear?! No, it couldn't be. Disbelief, because he had never suffered such a personal defeat before, especially not on a one on one battle. Even losing his arm had been due more to accident than skill. He was simply feeling disbelief. This Sesshoumaru was not going to feel fear over the prospect of losing his hanyou. It infuriated him that the bastard would even think about taking what was his, but it would never…frighten him. It couldn't happen, in any case. No one was strong enough to defeat Sesshoumaru.
Except, this human…was he stronger? Was this being actually strong enough that he could take Inuyasha away from him? Was his mate actually in jeopardy of being stolen??
“NO!” he growled, fighting to stand on shattered legs. He was viciously knocked down again by the man's fist. “Inuyasha is mine! His is MY mate.”
Reaching down to lift him up by his collar, the man hissed at him. “Then why don't you try treating him like your mate?! He deserves better than you give him, Sesshoumaru. He has had so much pain in his life…he deserves FAR better than you, honestly. But you marked him, and as he's bound to you now, the least you can do is give him a decent life rather than a horror show!”
Sesshoumaru spit blood into his face,
“You stubborn, angry little moron,” the man spat back, and dropped him to reach up with his hand to touch his earring. Sesshoumaru's eye widened in shock as the human removed it and he was suddenly looking up into his own eyes, smelling his own scent…and surrounding it was the scent of Inuyasha, and sex.
“You…you are Sesshoumaru …”
“Yes. Welcome to the future, asshole.” He smiled slowly, baring his fangs. “That's why you'll never beat me. I'm you, with 500 years more experience. Only get better with age, eh, Sesshoumaru? You CAN'T beat me…but I can come and take Inuyasha from you. Don't doubt it.”
“No, this cannot be…” Sesshoumaru whispered, looking up at himself. This youkai who smelled of himself had taken Inuyasha? “It is a trick.”
“Well think about this: who else have you ever met who could fight and beat you so easily? A stronger creature, or an older version of yourself?”
“There is nothing stronger than Sesshoumaru!” Sesshoumaru said arrogantly, trying hard not to moan at the pain he was in.
“Well then…”
Sesshoumaru's bloody, shattered body was still as he took a moment to rerun the last few minutes in his head. Was this truly himself? Had the pitiful human hole in the ground been a portal not to another world, but another time? A time where Sesshoumaru had already mated with Inuyasha. And where he was trying to control this Sesshoumaru's own actions. Sesshoumaru growled quietly, a low rumble. No one ruled him, not even another Sesshoumaru.
“So, you claim that `I' am trying to dictate my treatment of Inuyasha, to myself?”
“Got it in one. Finally.”
“It is not your business to intrude upon how I treat my own Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru said angrily. “You have no cause to object to my actions in any case. I have done nothing so egregious that it requires restitution.” Sesshoumaru stared, ignoring his broken limbs as he moved to at least sit upright and face his older self.
The older youkai looked furious and desperately sad at the same time. “It is my duty to protect Inuyasha, from whatever dangers face him. And right now, Sesshoumaru, you are a greater danger to him than anything else in this world,” he said quietly. “You have hurt him so badly, and not just his body. His spirit is almost broken, Sesshoumaru. If you don't change your behavior, soon, everything that makes him who he is will be gone and all that will be left is some poor, feral creature who shies at every shadow.”
Sesshoumaru swallowed, an unpleasant sensation roiling in his gut. Inuyasha, broken? “You exaggerate,” he refuted. It couldn't possibly be as bad as he stated. “He has far too much pride and arrogance. He needs to be taken down a peg. It can only improve his personality.”
“You stubborn ass,” his older self snarled, and clenched his fist. “FEEL him. Can't you feel how fast his heart races? How his nerves tighten and his body sweats and…”
“I do feel him,” Sesshoumaru said angrily. Was he being accused of being unaware? He knew every nuance of Inuyasha's physical state. “His heart ALWAYS races and his nerves are always tight. What of it?”
He felt the bundle of sensation in his head automatically and frowned. Actually, Inuyasha's heart wasn't racing, and his nerves weren't tight at all. He was completely and totally relaxed. Healthy, his heart beating steadily, and his body felt even stronger than it had just a few minutes before. What was going on?
“What of it?! You ass, his body is not reacting that way because that's normal, it's reacting that way because right now, the poor thing is scared almost to death all the fucking time!! He's scared of you. He's scared he can't protect his companions. He's scared he'll die and leave everyone alone, or that they'll die and HE'LL be left all alone.”
“You are exaggerating again,” Sesshoumaru said, the cold feeling in his gut spreading. Was this Sesshoumaru the reason Inuyasha's body had changed? Had he done something to him? Except that couldn't be true. He had to be lying. Inuyasha wasn't that fragile. He wasn't frightened all the time. He was an annoying little pissant who had to be dealt with harshly or…or…
“I do NOT exaggerate. Pay attention next time. I mean really, truly pay attention. You can tell easily enough if you get close enough to smell him! What does he smell like when his body is reacting that way?” The elder Sesshoumaru snarled again. “And you have GOT to deal with what you feel for him. It is NOT the young one's fault that you lust after him.”
“I do not lust after…” Sesshoumaru stopped as he got another swift kick to the face and fell backwards. He growled and sat back up, eyeing his other self with intense dislike. Who did this bastard think he was?
“You forget who you are speaking to, boy. I know what's in that head of yours. How often you think of Inuyasha's body, no matter how you try to warp it into something else. How much you want that soft, creamy skin of his. How much you think about him with his friends and companions and wish you could find that, to fill that cold, dark, empty fucking hole in your life.” He sneered again. “I know you. And I'm telling you, your life will stay cold and empty as long as you continue to hurt Inuyasha. And don't you even think about trying to rape him. He will view you with fear and hatred as long as he lives if you forget yourself that much.”
Sesshoumaru glared at him, and then covertly bit the inside of his cheek. This Sesshoumaru had said that he had already taken Inuyasha. He smelled like he had taken Inuyasha. More than once, by the strength of the scent. And he said that Inuyasha LIKED him to. He hesitated, debating whether to ask. The creature had hidden his scent somehow before. Was he adding to it in some manner now, or was he telling the truth?
“You have truly taken Inuyasha?” he asked slowly.
“Every single night for the past few hundred years,” Sesshoumaru the elder said, his face softening for one brief moment as he obviously thought of it.
Sesshoumaru stared at him, feeling himself start to salivate the slightest bit, the thought of Inuyasha and himself together making his member respond despite the intense pain coursing through his body. If this truly was himself… he had finally had Inuyasha? Without bloodshed? “He…does not fight this?” he asked carefully.
“He would if I were still as much of a bastard as you are. Would YOU want anything to do with someone who called you worthless, beat you, and threatened your loved ones? There is absolutely nothing about you or your treatment of him that would appeal to any sane being. If you want him like this, you need to change.”
“I did not say that I wanted him like this,” Sesshoumaru countered. Presumptuous ass.
“Again, who do you think I am? I can remember every fantasy you ever had about the hanyou, even before he was made attainable by becoming a uke. You want him. And if you want to keep him, you will treat him better. Because I WILL come and take him away from you, Sesshoumaru.”
Sesshoumaru felt a sliver of fear, no, anger, snare him again. Inuyasha was his!
“Frankly, the only reason I'm not killing you right now is because there's just the smallest chance that you'll actually do the right thing and try to make up to Inuyasha for everything. And try really, really damn hard, because trust me, you have a lot to make up for.”
Sesshoumaru stared at him furiously. He refused to respond any further to this creature that so resembled himself. Even if he actually was himself, he had threatened his mate. Did he think he would simply forgive that? He would make sure that he paid in ….how exactly did one get back at oneself?
“And remember to damn well pay attention to what his body feels like, and trust that it's true, no matter what else he is doing. Inuyasha will keep fighting until his entire body gives out. He would sacrifice his very life for his friends. You are in a position to know, now, just how great a physical struggle that can be. Try and use that to help him next time, instead of taking out your anger on an innocent, jackass.”
Sesshoumaru didn't say a word, growling low again, and the elder snorted, annoyed. “You've got one chance. Don't blow it,” he snarled, and picked Sesshoumaru up by the collar, dragging him, cursing, across the courtyard and into the well house. He let him thud down the stairs behind him, one by one, before finally picking him up and tossing him into the well headfirst.
“I hope that idiot hits his head a few times on the way down. Maybe it'll knock a bit more sense into him,” the older Sesshoumaru muttered to himself as he left the well house, looking at the damage to the portal's structure and the Higurashi's home and wincing. “Well, this will be interesting trying to fix without giving ourselves away.”
He looked up as Inuyasha came bounding up the steps to the shrine. “So, it's done?” he yelled as he ran up the stairs.
“Dammit, Inuyasha, I told you to leave!”
“I couldn't just let you fight yourself all alone…well, as alone as you can be next to yourself,” Inuyasha corrected. “What if you needed help?”
“As you can see, I did not.” Sesshoumaru shook his head. “It is difficult to realize that I was such a blind idiot. And from my memories, I'm still a blind idiot when I returned. I don't think I fully believed it was actually a future me and not some hallucination until I actually saw him standing there today.”
Inuyasha looked at him carefully. “What'd you say to him?”
“Stop being such an ass, listen to what he felt from you, and that if he didn't shape up, I was going through the well to take you from him.”
“Ooh, a threat. I like it. Almost wish it had validity to it,” Inuyasha said casually.
“Yes. Perhaps that is why we cannot go back. We would be too tempted to forcefully correct our own mistakes.”
“I thought that's just what you got a chance to do? I figured it's a special little privilege reserved for the world's biggest jerks. I mean, there's not many people who are such huge assholes that they need to have themselves kick their own asses. That takes a special level of pig-headedness.” Inuyasha smirked and Sesshoumaru retaliated by bending and flipping Inuyasha over his shoulder, his one arm holding Inuyasha still as he stood.
“HEY! What the hell do you think you're doing?! This is a public place, Sesshoumaru! You can't just start toting me around!”
“Consider it part of your punishment for ignoring my orders,” Sesshoumaru said calmly, walking down the shrine's steps and thinking in his head about which contractors he could call to repair the Higurashi's property.
“I always ignore your orders!”
“And usually I am unconcerned, except when it involves your safety. I asked you to leave for a reason, Inuyasha. If you had been hurt…” Sesshoumaru shuddered. “We will be discussing this at home. At length.”
“Fine, but put me down, you idiot! People are gonna stare!”
“Let them. You'll have to live with it,” Sesshoumaru said, and continued walking down the street as Inuyasha growled to himself over his shoulder, leaning his chin on the palms of his hands as his elbows rested on Sesshoumaru's back.
“You can be such a jerk,” he said, pissed.
“And you love me anyway,” Sesshoumaru retorted.
“Yeah, but that's because I'm an idiot.” Inuyasha muttered, flushing a little.
“No,” Sesshoumaru said, relenting and putting him down on his feet in front of him. “It's because you have a big heart. And I'm thankful for that every day of my life.”
Inuyasha flushed more and scowled. “Don't be stupi-“ Sesshoumaru kissed him hard against the lips, pulling back when Inuyasha started responding.
“I love you, too, you realize.”
“Feh, like I need you to tell me that?” Inuyasha said, embarrassed. “I AM the one who can feel emotions, remember?”
“Yes, but it doesn't hurt to say it out loud every once in a while. Especially when I am reminded of how it used to be.”
Inuyasha shrugged, the tips of his ears pink, and kept on walking. “Yeah, okay. So maybe it's nice to hear. Let's just get home. I'm hungry.”
“And we still need to have our discussion.” Inuyasha winced but leaned against his brother's side as they resumed walking.
“Yeah, yeah. I know. Just shut up for a minute and let's enjoy the walk, eh?”
“Of course.”