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Chapter 13 - Bringing the Smack Down
Inuyasha picked at his ramen, his shoulders tense and his eyes drooping as he sat next to Miroku and Shippou. Damn he was tired. All he wanted was a little sleep. And privacy. A little sleep and a little privacy. That wasn't too much to ask, was it? He sighed, trying to ignore his friends and the three wolf idiots who'd joined them. He'd tried all day to get the morons to stay away from him, but everyone kept following him around! Seemed to think he needed company or some such shit, when all he really needed was some space.
And some fucking sleep.
He sighed again, wishing he could get his body to relax, knowing it wasn't going to happen. He really didn't want anyone to see how badly he was going to get his ass kicked, as soon as Sesshoumaru got around to coming down on him. Especially Kouga, dammit. Having Kouga see Sesshoumaru, and what Inuyasha was going to have to take from him, chafed a hole through one side of his pride and out the other. But the mangy wolf WAS going to see if he didn't fucking gather up his puny little pack and just leave, because Sesshoumaru…
Hell, Sesshoumaru had been furious the entire night; made it impossible for Inuyasha to sleep at all. He'd been angry the whole damn morning, too, and the afternoon, and now it was dinnertime and he was STILL enraged. Inuyasha figured that meeting up with his brother, when he was this furious, was likely going to lose him a limb. And the worst part was that whenever Sesshoumaru came, his friends would try to interfere, and get themselves killed, even if he did whatever the bastard said.
He blinked his eyes, trying to avoid just letting them stay closed and drifting off. Maybe it was a product of how sleepy he was, but a part of him was actually starting to hope that Sesshoumaru was actually pissed at someone else. It wasn't as though Inuyasha was the only thing in the world to set off the daiyoukai's temper. And if he was THIS angry, and in Inuyasha's Forest just the day before, he would have hunted down Inuyasha already, wouldn't he? So maybe he was going after someone else. The only argument against that, of course, was that since Inuyasha had been marked, he'd only felt Sesshoumaru this angry when the bastard was after his hanyou ass.
Having someone else in the world who could piss off Sesshoumaru this much was kind of cheering to think about, actually. Inuyasha didn't think the poor bastard would survive long enough to enjoy it much, but he could at least find the corpse's grave someday and toast his memory for the accomplishment. He'd use a big bottle of sake and toast with the whole damn thing; forget all about Sesshoumaru and his rage for a while.
“You gonna eat that?” The strong smell of male wolf accompanied the voice and Inuyasha looked up at Kouga.
He handed him the cup of Kagome's food. “Take it. I'm not hungry.” A huge yawn caught him off guard and he rolled with it, his eyes watering by the time his jaw fell back together. Dammit, this was ridiculous. “Hell with it, I'm gonna see if I can get some sleep.”
“Will you sleep inside with everyone this time?” Kagome asked.
“Hell no. I like it outside.”
“You used to sleep inside with us before,” Kagome said quietly.
Flushing, Inuyasha looked away from her as he started to get up. He STILL felt edgy and tense. This sucked. “Not always. Anyway, it'll be better if I stay outside. Crowded enough in there as it is.”
“Oy, Kagome's trying to tell you that she wants you to sleep inside, Dog breath,” Kouga said quietly, refusing to relinquish his spot so Inuyasha ended up standing inches away once he gained his feet.
“Well she'll have to deal with me sleeping outside,” Inuyasha grumbled, stepping back until Kouga grabbed his arm and clamped down with his fingers.
“Look, mutt, Kagome feels like you hate her or something,” Kouga growled in a low voice. “She said she was sorry about that damn face planting thing, but she's worried you're stayin' out of the hut because you're pissed at her.”
“That's got nothing to do with it.” Inuyasha yanked at his arm and scowled as Kouga dug in his claws. For some reason he was starting to feel nervous as hell. Jittery nerves and Kouga's shit were more than enough to seriously piss him off. “Let go, you stupid wolf!”
“Not until you promise to talk this shit out with Kagome.”
“Fuck you. I don't have to do jack shit! So let go and…” Inuyasha froze, finally realizing why he was feeling so worried. Sesshoumaru was excited. The feeling had been there for the last few minutes, growing, and not in a good way. It felt a lot like Inuyasha usually felt before a battle. And if the bastard was pissed at HIM, then Sesshoumaru was about to come down like the wrath of the Gods. He saw Miroku, Sango, and Kagome stiffen and glance around nervously, and he flinched. Shit, that had to be him.
“Let the fuck go, Kouga! I've gotta—“
Inuyasha yelled out as someone suddenly grabbed his hair and yanked him away from Kouga to slam him into the ground. His arm bled as Kouga's claws raked it. He barely registered Kouga go flying through the air to crash through one of the huts as Sesshoumaru turned to glare furiously at him. Inuyasha stared up at his brother's disheveled form. The daiyoukai's clothing was bloodied, a smudge of dirt across one of his cheeks, and his armor looked like there was a crack running along the side. What the hell?
“Do. Not. Move.” Sesshoumaru's voice was deadly enough to bring Inuyasha's focus back to the youkai rather than his appearance. Turning from Inuyasha's stunned body, Sesshoumaru flowed towards the pile of giant splinters that Kouga was pulling himself out of.
“Oh hell,” Miroku whispered. He and the women stood up and backed away, obviously trying to figure out what to do. Shippou stood behind Kirara and knew exactly what he was going to do: hide.
“I don't know who the hell you think you are, but you're gonna regret…gak!” Kouga's voice was cut off by a set of green tipped claws picking him up by grabbing him around the throat.
“You will die for this,” Sesshoumaru hissed, squeezing slowly as he let his claws sink in.
“Sesshoumaru-sama! I--” Miroku yelled, but Inuyasha's voice overrode his.
“Sesshoumaru, what the fuck are you doing! Leave Kouga the hell alone!” Inuyasha started towards him.
Sesshoumaru looked, and felt, even more furious. “You would have me spare his life, after what you have done with him?! Be grateful I am letting YOU live, half-breed!”
“What? What the hell is wrong with you?! I did what you told me, you fuck wad! I'm in the damn village! You never said not to fucking fight with Kouga, asshole!” Inuyasha reached Sesshoumaru's side and attempted unsuccessfully to grab his arm, trying to dislodge it from Kouga's neck.
“Sesshoumaru-sama, please, I—“ Miroku's voice was completely ignored by the two, along with Kagome running for her bow and Sango readying her Hiraikotsu.
“You dare to LIE to me?!” Sesshoumaru quivered furiously a moment before he threw Kouga away from him. The wolf lay in a heap on the ground as he tried to breath through his ruined throat. Kagome ran over to check on him while Sesshoumaru rounded on Inuyasha. The daiyoukai's chest heaved as his eyes raked across Inuyasha's face. “I know all about you and Kouga, Inuyasha,” he spat. “Do you forget? I can FEEL you. I know exactly what you did last night!”
Inuyasha froze. Sesshoumaru could feel his emotions too? So did that mean that last night, when he…? His face went up like a torch. His first damn time having an orgasm, and Sesshoumaru FELT it? Dammit, that was just…just fucking wrong. “So, you could feel me, why are you beating Kouga up for it?” he snarled defensively, still red and embarrassed. Gods, he was never going to touch himself again, ever!
“Why? WHY?” Sesshoumaru's voice was hoarse as his eyes flickered with crimson. “You are MINE, Inuyasha. Did you think you were allowed to rut with whomever you please? Or did you delude yourself into thinking that you and Kouga could continue this affair undiscovered?”
“Rut with…wait, Kouga? Me and Kouga??!” Inuyasha's eyes grew so big that he was surprised they hadn't fallen out of his face.
“Sesshoumaru-sama, there's something I need to—“ Miroku was interrupted yet again as Inuyasha started laughing hysterically.
“Me? AND KOUGA?” Inuyasha didn't stop laughing until Sesshoumaru snarled and grabbed the back of his head, clenching his fist around the hanyou's hair. Inuyasha looked up at him, a disbelieving smile still lingering. “You are fucking insane, asshole. I wouldn't do Kouga even if someone handed me Naraku on a plate as a reward.”
“Same here,” came Kouga's rasping voice as he slowly pulled himself to his feet, coughing up blood.
“DO NOT LIE TO ME!! Do you think my mind is missing!? I know that you reached climax last night, the same night the ookami arrived! You are a disgrace as a mate.” Sesshoumaru brought his face close to Inuyasha's. The thought flickered through Inuyasha's head that his stupid brother almost looked like he was going to kiss him, before the daiyoukai paused, growled in disgust, and yanked his hand away. Inuyasha stumbled and fell onto the ground. ”You are going to live a long time regretting this, Inuyasha. But he isn't.” Sesshoumaru headed back to Kouga.
“Dammit, Sesshoumaru, don't be a moron!” Inuyasha barked, getting to his feet. Even as fast as Kouga was, Sesshoumaru could still take him. He needed to keep him away from the dumbass. Sesshoumaru ignored him, however, and continued in a slow, measured walk towards Kouga. Inuyasha knew he was moving deliberately to try and frighten the wolf. Not that it would work; Kouga was too stupid to realize he was about to die. Idiot.
“Sesshoumaru, Kouga and I didn't do anything but argue last night!” Inuyasha yelled again, with just as much effect. He stared at Kagome, getting ready to put herself between Kouga and Sesshoumaru, and he snarled as embarrassed heat ran over him in waves over what he was going to have to say.
“Fucking hells, I was doing it by myself, you asshole! Okay?! I was pleasuring myself, you fucking, thick-skulled jerk!” Inuyasha's face grew even warmer as Sesshoumaru's head turned back towards him…along with everyone else's in the group.
Inuyasha wanted to run away and hide. Once, just once, he fucking took a moment to try something fucking nice, and now look what happened. It blew up in his face so badly he felt like he should have gunpowder burns. He didn't think he'd be able to look anyone in the face ever again. Especially not Miroku and Kouga, who were sporting almost identical smirks as they looked at him. The girls at least had the grace to blush and finally look away to give his terminal humiliation a moment to overcome him.
“You are claiming that Kouga has returned and you did nothing with him?” Sesshoumaru's voice was as cold as ever, but Inuyasha could feel that his anger had dropped back to simmer, thank the gods.
“Of course I didn't do anything with him! For fuck's sake, we're not even… He didn't fucking mark me, you asshole, you did!” Inuyasha felt Sesshoumaru's anger cool another notch and for some reason, it made him feel even angrier as a result.
“Watch your language,” Sesshoumaru murmured, watching him as though trying to determine if Inuyasha was telling the truth.
“How can you be such a fucking moron?! Kouga doesn't even fucking LIKE me! He wants Kagome! He's always fucking wanted Kagome, dammit!”
The anger jumped up again. “I'm aware that Kouga is consoling himself with Kagome…”
“Console, nothin',” Kouga said, catching Sesshoumaru's glare as it snapped over to him. “I've never wanted anyone BUT Kagome. Don't know where you're getting your stories from, but you've gotta be damn crazy to think that I'd ever had something to do with the mutt-face THAT way.” Kouga coughed up a little more blood as he tried to ready himself for another fight.
Sesshoumaru slowly turned to look at Miroku and the monk backed up a few steps, smiling weakly.
“Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru said, not even bothering to take his eyes from Miroku, “go to the well near the village and wait for me there.”
“I'm not fucking leaving you alone with everyone!” Inuyasha snapped, watching how his brother eyed Miroku. First Kouga, and now Miroku? What the fuck was wrong with him today?
“You will go to the well and wait for me, or there will be consequences,” Sesshoumaru said again, closing in on Miroku, and Inuyasha panicked. Gods, it was just like he thought: he was going to kill Miroku if Inuyasha didn't do what he said, and Inuyasha was still way the hell too fucked up to stop him!
“Fine. I'm fucking going! Just don't kill Miroku!”
Sesshoumaru stopped. “You are asking me to spare this ningen's life? After something like this?!” Inuyasha could feel just how pissed Sesshoumaru was and he cringed. Shit! He hadn't thought it would go to hell this quickly!
“P-please.” He managed to choke out, dying a little inside that he had to say this in front of the others. In front of Kouga! “I'll go to the well, I'll do whatever you fucking want, just…don`t kill Miroku.” He tried to read Sesshoumaru's face, tried to read his emotions, and couldn't tell if Miroku's life was still in danger or not. “Please.”
Sesshoumaru still felt pissed, but Inuyasha felt something change, some tiny new emotion sprout, and he held his breath, hoping it meant that Miroku would be spared. “That is acceptable. I will not kill the human monk in return for your obedience.” Sesshoumaru suddenly leapt forward, knocking the staff from Miroku's grip and encasing his right hand in claws before anyone could even blink. “But there is still the matter of a suitable punishment,” Sesshoumaru said, smiling coldly down into Miroku's startled face.
“But..!” Inuyasha stuttered.
“The well, Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru ordered, walking away and dragging Miroku behind him.
“I- shit!” Inuyasha started to follow, then stopped to reassure the others. “I'll make sure he's okay, all right, Sango? I won't anything happen to Miroku! But for fuck's sake, stay the hell away! I don't know what the hell is wrong with him today, but I don't want him going after anyone else!”
“I'll keep `em here,” Kouga said, Ginta and Hakkaku nodding their agreement. “But I'm gonna have to kick his ass when he comes back, you know.”
“Yeah, fine, whatever,” Inuyasha said quickly, and he ran after Sesshoumaru. He followed him silently, ignoring the worried looks Miroku was throwing at him, and trying to figure out what to do. It was just like he'd thought: Sesshoumaru had threatened to kill his friends, and now he was going to do something to Miroku because Inuyasha had refused an order. Dammit, why couldn't he have just kept his big mouth shut? He closed his eyes, trying not to curse. Maybe if he…groveled enough, or humiliated himself enough, Sesshoumaru would be satisfied and let Miroku go. If not…he swallowed. He could protect Miroku for a little while, maybe, but he didn't know what he was going to do if this didn't work. Son of a bitch. He just had to think, that was all. He just had to think of what would make Sesshoumaru change his mind..
Sesshoumaru concentrated on keeping his breathing even and keeping his claws from ripping off the ningen's arm. He needed a few minutes to calm down if he was going to accomplish that; hopefully a walk to that bizarre well would do the trick. The entire situation was so grating. He had the wind void trapped, so he could end the human in a heartbeat, but since he'd promised his mate to spare him, he was trapped. He growled low.
He couldn't believe the lying little filth had fooled him. Him, Sesshoumaru! He'd been played like a flute, completely deceived, and now he had been humiliated in front of both youkai AND ningen by acting like some betrayed lover. He wanted to kill the monk slowly so he would suffer, and he wanted to choke the life out of him with his bare hand at the same time. Like that annoying wolf Kouga. The urge to physically feel the life crushed out of him had completely overwhelmed his desire to slowly flay the skin from his body. Even knowing that it had all been deception, he wasn't sure he wouldn't go back and finish the job later.
Irritating wolf. He'd been standing entirely too close to Inuyasha.
Although at least Inuyasha was willing to trade a few minutes of obedience in exchange for Sesshoumaru sparing the monk. Maybe he would do the same for the foul smelling wolf. Considering how stubborn the little brat was, it was almost a good bargain. Sesshoumaru breathed out slowly for a moment, still working on his calm, and thinking. If the monk had lied about Kouga, what else had he lied about? He'd seemed fairly sincere about defending Inuyasha, but then again, he'd seemed sincere discussing Kouga, as well. Had all of those things he'd mentioned about his brother been true?
Had his littler brother really been raped? Was he going to have any problems at all if Sesshoumaru ever felt the desire to explore more of Inuyasha slim, young body, or was that simply another of the human's lies?
Sesshoumaru blinked as the image of touching his brother slid into his thoughts like a hot knife. He swallowed inaudibly and was reminded again of what Inuyasha had said. Inuyasha had been touching himself. Inuyasha had touched his body and brought it to climax. Sesshoumaru closed his eyes a moment, trusting his feet to stay on the right path, and imagined his mate caressing himself. He could visualize it perfectly; cheeks flushed, pupils dilated from arousal as his slim hips pushed himself against his hand. Sesshoumaru swallowed again, sliding his eyes to the side to glance back at Inuyasha walking in frustrated, worried jerks along side him.
As irritating as he was, his boyish face was probably quite beautiful when he came, Sesshoumaru thought. And it annoyed him to no end that he hadn't been able to see it. It was something he should know, wasn't it? What his mate looked like in the throws of passion? What he would look like when he came? What he would look like when Sesshoumaru thrust into him and brought him to the brink and…
Sesshoumaru shook his head minutely. Later. He would find out soon, but…later.
Looking up as they reached the open field with the run down human well, Sesshoumaru sighed under his breath again. He couldn't keep two kinds of lust in his head at the same time, it seemed. The bloodlust for the human was gone now, and he was rather impatient to get this over with so he could indulge in a completely different urge with his mate. But what could he do? A few satisfying hits would likely be powerful enough to kill the monk, invalidating his promise. But what would be painful enough that it would satisfy his ego? He looked down at the human, catching him scratching nervously at his hip, and he had the answer. How very, very fitting.
“I'm assuming you can determine what form your punishment will take if I tell you to pull your robes up to your waist and bend over the well?” Sesshoumaru saw the moment when the monk realized what he was going to do. That's right, human, you get to experience your own suggestion.
The irony of it appealed to him.
The man seemed to physically relax, although he muttered under his breath. “Should have kept my stupid mouth shut. Knew it would bite me in the ass…”
“You are lucky that Inuyasha has asked for your life or this would not even be an option,” Sesshoumaru said sharply. The man stopped muttering. “Do you submit to it?” He didn't know why he even asked. It wasn't as though he couldn't force the issue. Although if the man lied, an action not entirely without precedent, and tried to flee, Sesshoumaru would have an excuse to end his sorry existence.
Hmmmm, maybe the bloodlust wasn't completely gone, after all.
The monk sighed, looking at Inuyasha as his mate stepped closer. “Does Inuyasha have to witness…”
“Yes.” As long as it made this more humiliating, oh so definitely yes.
Miroku sighed again. “I guess you HAVE kept your promise not to hit him.”
As if that made any difference!
Looking back and forth between Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru, Miroku finally nodded. “Fine. But only because I bear some small, just slight, responsibility for, um...”
“Total responsibility.” Sesshoumaru ignored Inuyasha's worried gaze as it flashed back and forth between his companion and himself. He must understand that he had only bought the man's life, not his freedom from a little pain. “Now prepare yourself.” He released the wind void he'd been deliberately covering and walked to the edge of the field to pick out an appropriate switch. He knew it was a calculated risk to free such a deadly weapon, but he was certainly quick enough that he could avoid it. And he made sure that Inuyasha was between him and the monk to prevent that sort of betrayal from happening in the first place. The man was a liar, but he'd always stayed loyal to his friends. He wouldn't risk Inuyasha.
Turning when he finally found a light, flexible branch, thicker than his thumb, he came back to find the monk bent over the well, robes pulled up just as he'd asked, his ass bare but for the thin strip of his loincloth. For some reason, Sesshoumaru couldn't shake the impression that the man was mooning him rather than presenting himself for punishment.
Inuyasha was not reacting well. He looked to be arguing with the monk. Yelling at him, from what Sesshoumaru was hearing. “…get up! You can't let him do this to you!!”
“This is no longer your concern, Inuyasha.” Sesshoumaru's voice was annoyed. He spared Inuyasha's friend, and this was the gratitude he got? “I agreed not to kill him, and he has agreed to take the punishment I offer.”
Inuyasha turned to stare at him, obviously so immersed in arguing with the houshi that he hadn't even heard him return. “You can't do this to him!” he said fiercely, his eyes wild.
“I can do whatever I wish.” Why was he so upset?
“No! You can't—“ Inuyasha looked back at Miroku, who looked almost bored as he stood bent over, his elbows propped on the edge of the well, his chin resting on his upturned hands. The man brought the toe of one foot up to scratch the back of his naked calf as he yawned. “Dammit, Miroku, quit fucking acting like this doesn't matter! Sesshoumaru, I don't care how pissed you are, you can't do this!”
“This is no longer your concern, Inuyasha,” he said, stepping closer to the monk, and Inuyasha moved to stand in his way.
“I won't let you,” Inuyasha growled, challenging him.
“You cannot stop me,” Sesshoumaru sneered back, and he was startled to see his response actually affected the hanyou. Inuyasha froze, his posture changing as he drew in on himself.
“Don't fucking do this.” Inuyasha's eyes were dark as he stared at his brother and Sesshoumaru compressed his lips, annoyed with his mate's ingratitude. Did he not appreciate what a sacrifice this was, to spare the man? And here Inuyasha wasn't even fulfilling his side of the bargain. He wasn't obeying Sesshoumaru at all! By rights, Sesshoumaru should kill the monk right now.
“This or death,” he said coldly, and Inuyasha seemed to shrink into himself a little further. Sesshoumaru could feel his heart beat increase rapidly though and he braced himself, wondering if his little brother was about to attack him.
“What would it take for you to leave him alone,” Inuyasha asked, his voice dulled.
“Sesshoumaru, tell me what it would take for you to leave him alone, and I'll do it.”
“There is nothing…”
“Dammit, what would it take? You want me to fucking beg?” Inuyasha dropped to his knees as Sesshoumaru stared at him in shocked surprise. Miroku dropped his bored pose immediately and stood up, turning around.
“Inuyasha -“ the monk's voice was concerned.
“Shut up, Miroku, just shut up!” Inuyasha swallowed, his ears flat against his head as he addressed his brother again. “Here, I'll take his place, okay? I'll fucking take his place and you can do...whatever you want…just leave him alone. You hate humans anyway; this way you won't have to even touch him.” Inuyasha ended on a whisper as he stared up into Sesshoumaru's pale, expressionless face. “Don't take him like this. Please.”
Sesshoumaru and Miroku both sucked in their breath and looked at each other. The monk was the one to drop next to Inuyasha as Sesshoumaru stood perfectly still, unable to move.
“Inuyasha…Sesshoumaru isn't going to rape me,” Miroku said softly, careful not to touch his friend even as he knelt near.
“He's trying to punish you, Miroku, what the hell else do you think `bare your ass and bend over' is going to lead to?! Just let me deal with this, okay? You've never had to… you're not as strong as you think you are, monk. You don't want to go through this, fucking trust me on that. You're gonna let me deal with it; I'll be fine. Ain't like I'm gonna lose my virginity or anything.” Inuyasha said, his lips twisting in a tragic parody of a smile.
Sesshoumaru just stared at him. Inuyasha thought he was going to rape the monk? Did he think that Sesshoumaru would let his anger overcome him so thoroughly he would forget their marking, or did he simply view him as that dishonorable? How could he think Sesshoumaru would betray their mating? How could he think that poorly of him? Hadn't he given the idiot his friend's life? Hadn't he kept his word? He just couldn't believe Inuyasha thought he was capable of that.
And on top of that, why would he offer himself up in the ningen's place? Sesshoumaru tried not to think of Inuyasha draped over the well, his hakama at his ankles while his firm, white ass was bared to the sun.
And failed miserably.
But why would he do that? He could smell Inuyasha clearly right now. His brother was terrified. Whatever brave words he offered his friend, the hanyou stank with bone-deep terror. And yet, he still gave up his body in an attempt to spare his friend? Why would he DO that? Sesshoumaru stared at him, trying to figure it out. Inuyasha's heart was racing, his nerves tight…just as that damn future self, hallucination, whatever-it-was had said.
He really is terrified when his body feels like this, Sesshoumaru realized.
And he always felt like this. Even last night, in the midst of his arousal, he felt like this. Had Sesshoumaru EVER felt Inuyasha when his body wasn't in this state? His mate was always afraid, all the time? How can he live this way? His chest twisted painfully for some reason and he resisted the urge to rub at it. He's always afraid, Sesshoumaru thought. And even this terrified, he places enough value on his worthless friend that he would give himself to me in his place.
The pain spread from his chest and sank into his stomach.
“I was not going to rape the ningen,” Sesshoumaru said quietly, finally able to speak. Inuyasha froze and turned from the monk to look back at him. “I was merely going to switch him.” He held up the small branch he'd culled and Inuyasha stared at it.
“Switch him?” Inuyasha looked at the small piece of wood blankly. “I don't understand.” He looked at Miroku's calm, concerned face and Sesshoumaru's blank one. “You mean, like a kid or something? Not…you weren't going to do…anything else?”
“Nothing else,” Miroku said, and then his brow furrowed a moment. “At least, I assume not,” the monk seemed to be growing concerned that Inuyasha might have a reason to be worried and Sesshoumaru resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Wonderful, both of them thought he was an adulterous bastard.
“Rape would be far too distasteful for this Sesshoumaru to engage in, now that I have a mate. Even before, it was not something that held appeal.” Sesshoumaru hoped that cleared the air as far as Inuyasha was concerned. He thought his mate's heart rate slowed, at least. Good. He didn't want him too upset once Sesshoumaru was done with the human and had a moment alone with his brother.
“And this punishment is for him alone; it is not a burden you are allowed to assume,” Sesshoumaru said. He would not allow Inuyasha to take the monk's sins onto his own shoulders. His mate had plenty of his own flaws to worry about.
“It isn't right that you'd do shit to him just because you're mad at me,” Inuyasha said, pushing himself up to his feet.
“I haven't the slightest idea to what you are referring, Inuyasha.”
“This! Just because I didn't go to the well the first time you ordered me to, you fucking threaten to kill him! And when I did what you asked, you're still going whip Miroku's ass just because I refused in the first place! It's not right. Can't you just…just do it to me instead? I'm the one you're mad at, dammit.”
Sesshoumaru sighed. His brother was, truly, an idiot. He thought one refusal over something as small as obedience would cause him to resort to this type of threat? Admittedly, the idea of an obedient hanyou was very appealing, but as he obviously disobeyed as soon as a threat was in danger of being carried out, it seemed more trouble than it was worth. “You are incorrect, Inuyasha. I would not threaten your… friends… over your obedience.”
“What? But - but you did! You were going to kill Kagome just a few days ago, you ass!”
“That was a different matter entirely.” It involved his mate's health. And he'd have to be near death before he'd let the brat know that. “In either case, the monk is being punished for his own actions.”
Inuyasha's ears flicked back. Sesshoumaru had the impression that if he'd had a tail, it would have been lashing back and forth. “You're fucking lying. What the hell has the monk ever done to you that you'd be after him for, huh? He took me your damn message, didn't he?”
“He also informed me that you and the wolf prince had a sexual relationship,” Sesshoumaru barked. Inuyasha looked at him blankly before whipping around to stare in shock at the ningen who was holding up his hands and backing away.
“N-now, it was just…a little joke. It was…”
“You said I got it on with the damn wolf?!” Sesshoumaru saw the shadows slide off of Inuyasha's face, and the pain in his stomach eased slightly.
“I might have—implied something of the sort. But I never said it outright!”
“You're the reason Sesshoumaru came in and started kicking Kouga's ass?”
“I don't know that it's entirely fair to blame me for Sesshoumaru's bad temper.” Sesshoumaru growled low and Miroku glanced at him briefly before Inuyasha's yelling changed his focus.
“I had to tell EVERYONE what I was DOING last night and it's all your fucking fault?!” Inuyasha stalked towards him, compassion and brotherly love forgotten as bloodlust settled fully into his eyes.
“Eh...” Miroku was backing away from Inuyasha rather quickly at this point, trying to look behind him to ensure he had room to run. “Well, I hadn't expected…”
“Fuck Sesshoumaru beating your sorry ass! I'm gonna kick your ass right off your damn body so there's not going to be anything to beat in the first place!”
Sesshoumaru found himself growing rather amused at Inuyasha's abrupt change in behavior, his own urge to kill the monk fading. Watching Inuyasha castigate his friend so furiously was quite entertaining. And it helped gloss over the bad taste in his mouth from seeing Inuyasha so willing to give himself up to for this same friend when he'd thought him in danger.
He was going to need some time to think about all of this.
For now, however…
Sesshoumaru held out his hand. “Would you care for the switch, Inuyasha.”
Inuyasha looked back at him, startled, before shaking his head. He bit his lip, and Sesshoumaru could almost see him trying to decide whether to talk to him or not. “Doesn't feel good unless you can feel skin when you're beating the shit outta someone.”
“Now that's not very nice,” Miroku said indignantly, then cursed low as it brought the hanyou's attention back to himself. “Hell.” When Inuyasha started walked towards him again, Miroku broke and ran. Inuyasha took off after him.
“Inuyasha! It was just a joke!” Miroku yelled as he ran, and then he tripped face first into the dirt and Inuyasha was on him like a dog on a bone.
Inuyasha held him face down on the ground by the simple expedient of kneeling over him and sitting on his back, facing his legs. “Do you know how humiliating that was?” Inuyasha growled at him, and he yanked at the man's kesa until it was rumpled around his hips and Inuyasha's legs. He smiled wolfishly and slapped his hand down hard on Miroku's ass.
“Ow! Inuyasha, get off! We can talk about—“
“EVERYONE knows now!” Inuyasha's fists clenched a moment and then he slammed down a palm onto Miroku's ass again.
Sesshoumaru watched them a moment and then settled gracefully onto the ground, planning on enjoying himself. The monk deserved whatever Inuyasha dished out, he was absolutely positive. And witnessing the ningen receive his just rewards from his own friend felt a lot more satisfying that he would have thought. Watching the two bright red handprints on the monk's pale bottom, Sesshoumaru actually chuckled before he could stop himself. Inuyasha might give the taijiya a run for her money on his ability to redden the man's cheeks.
“Even Kagome knows that I… and it's your fault that I touched myself like that in the first place, you fucking pervert!” Inuyasha slapped down at the rounded bottom in front of him twice more, snarling.
“OW! Dammit, Inuyasha, stop it!” Miroku was twisting underneath Inuyasha, pushing unsuccessfully to buck him off.
“I saved Kouga, Miroku. I fucking saved Kouga from the ass kicking of his life, and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!” Slap.
“OW! Inuyasha, let me up, you idiotic hanyou!” Miroku was struggling aggressively now, although not very effectively, Sesshoumaru noticed. It didn't look like he was willing to use deadly force against Inuyasha.
Smart man.
“And I was even going to SAVE your sorry ass!!” Slap Slap Slap.
“OWWWW! I'm sorry, dammit! Just let me up!”
“And you fucking get aroused every damn night and keep me fucking awake all night long, you stupid pervert!” Inuyasha's hand never connected as Sesshoumaru was suddenly standing at Miroku's feet, glaring at him.
“What did you just say?”
“What did you just say? What has this ningen been doing with you?” If this had all been a ruse to create a scapegoat while the monk attempted to woo Inuyasha, he was going to die, promise to Inuyasha or not.
“Doing with me?” Inuyasha realized his hand was in the air and brought it down quickly with one last, satisfying smack.
“Inuyasha, get the hell off of me!!” Miroku yelled furiously, and Inuyasha hopped off to confront his brother. Miroku pushed himself to his feet, his face beet red as his kesa dropped down and he stared at the two males.
“You said this perverted monk keeps you up all hours of the night. What is he doing to you?” Sesshoumaru snarled, and Miroku took a step back from them both.
“I haven't done anything! I swear it!” Miroku protested.
“We are all aware how much credence I can put in your words, human,” Sesshoumaru sneered.
“Oh for the love of… he's just aroused all the time and it's distracting, okay?” Inuyasha rubbed at his face. “He's even aroused in his sleep, stupid bastard.”
“I am?” Miroku asked, suddenly curious, and then he seemed to recall what Inuyasha had just done to him and glared at the hanyou. Sesshoumaru could see a hand reaching back to rub at his ass before the man caught himself and gripped his hands together tightly instead.
“He does not approach you?”
“Miroku wouldn't come near my sorry ass unless I sprouted breasts,” Inuyasha blew out his breath. “And neither would Kouga! What the fuck is it with you getting pissed at everyone I know? What the hell is wrong with you that…woah.” Inuyasha stared at him, his eyes widening as he seemed to concentrate on something. “Are you fucking jealous?” he breathed
Sesshoumaru snarled. He was NOT jealous. Idiotic hanyou. He ignored him to look at the still red-faced human. “Inuyasha's punishment will do for the both of us. You will leave us. Now.” Looking at both of them, the monk turned and hurried off towards the village, the smartest thing the man had done to date.
If only his mate had a tiny percentage of those brains, he thought, watching Inuyasha shake his head and turn to follow his friend.
“You. Stay.”
Inuyasha stopped and turned his head just slightly, refusing to look fully at him. “Why?”
“We are not done yet.” Sesshoumaru looked at Inuyasha's ass as he still stood facing away from him and was struck with the image of Inuyasha's bottom as bare as the monk's had been a few moments before. He started to harden slightly.
Inuyasha sighed and turned around, looking bored and annoyed even though Sesshoumaru could feel his nervousness inside his head.
“What the fuck do you want to talk about now? Haven't you fucking had your fill of acting like a complete asshole and taking it out on everyone? What, Miroku and Kouga weren't enough, now you gotta act like a jealous little bitch around me too?”
Sesshoumaru held back an aggravated growl. Inuyasha could be such an irritating little brat. Jealous, ha! And as amusing as it had been to watch Inuyasha lose his own temper and take it out on that damnable monk, it wasn't engaging enough to keep irritation from springing up over such rude, unjustified comments.
“Or are you gonna ask ME to bend over the well?” Inuyasha asked, glaring as his body started to stink slightly of fear. All right, so admittedly the image had been in Sesshoumaru's head for a moment after Inuyasha's original offer, but that didn't mean that Sesshoumaru was going to… “You are such a sick fuck, you bastard.” Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed. Sick fuck? One momentary, flashing image of Inuyasha's bare ass and suddenly he was sick?!
“Can't get it up without fucking someone from behind?” Inuyasha sneered, and Sesshoumaru felt a growl well up in his chest. “Or is it just that you know if you see my face you'll be able to tell how much the very thought of you disgusts me.”
Disgusts him? The thought of being with me disgusts him? Sesshoumaru's jaw tightened as he repeated his promise to himself not to beat Inuyasha's body to a pulp, and he snarled.
“Or do you get off on that? Huh? Forcing yourself on someone?” Forcing himself? How could Inuyasha even say such a thing, after Sesshoumaru had told him his opinion on rape? Was he calling Sesshoumaru's honor into question now?! Sesshoumaru could feel Inuyasha's pulse continue to climb, the hanyou's fear growing as fury sliced it's way out from Sesshoumaru's belly, and he honestly didn't damn well care. The obnoxious, aggravating, stupid damn brat - “Or do you just like to force yourself on ningen like Miroku now? Is that what your hatred of humans really is, huh? Some sort of sick, perverted…”
“You will be quiet!!” That was it! He curled his hand into a fist, trying desperately to restrain himself from slapping Inuyasha into the ground as he growled threateningly. The whelp needed to shut up, but how the hell was he supposed to make the childish, annoying hanyou stop his filthy mouth without hitting him?!
“I will not!” Inuyasha shouted back, “You threaten my friends, you make me think they're gonna be fucked over unless I act like your damned slave, and you think I'm gonna just forget about it? Huh? You think I'm gonna do a damn thing you say now? When you SAY you aren't gonna hurt anyone if I don't? In your dreams! You can take your orders and your lust and you can just fuck off, you...mmmmph!”
Inuyasha eyes were open in shock, his body frozen, his mouth blissfully quiet, as Sesshoumaru finally lost control.
And kissed him.