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Chapter 14 - Fun Times with Hanyou
Sesshoumaru stared down at Inuyasha, feeling almost as stunned as his mate appeared to be by the feel of warm lips against his own. Why in all the hells had he decided to do this?! His hand was fisted in Inuyasha's hair, his body close enough to Inuyasha's that all he had to do was inhale and the their chests would touch. He was KISSING Inuyasha!
Still kissing him.
Because he tasted fantastic, Sesshoumaru thought, angling his head to lick in between Inuyasha's lips.
When he felt Inuyasha's pulse suddenly jump, he almost smiled. So, Inuyasha was enjoying this as well,--
The thought was drowned with white light exploding in his brain as Inuyasha punched him in the side of the head and leapt backwards.
“What the fuck are you doing??” Inuyasha yelled, wiping his mouth furiously and glaring at him.
--or maybe he's simply furious. Sesshoumaru stared at his brother, noticing his lips had turned dark pink from their kiss, and he licked his own in response. He had the stray thought that he should be angry about being hit in the face. He'd been infuriated just a minute ago, hadn't he? But all he could think was that he'd found a perfect way to shut Inuyasha up when he grew too irritating. He smiled slowly and Inuyasha backed up, his heart pounding.
“Wh-what are you smiling about, bastard?” Inuyasha's ears lay lower and lower on his head as he continued to back away from Sesshoumaru. “You h-had better think again if you think I'm gonna let you do any of your sick, twisted shit with—“
Sesshoumaru closed the distance between them instantly and kissed him again, hard and fast, before releasing his chin and stepping back out of claw range.
Inuyasha stepped backwards, tripping over his own feet and falling onto his butt with a thump. “Y-you stay the fuck away from me, asshole,” he growled, clumsily scrambling to his feet.
“I might think about it. If you mind your manners, puppy,” Sesshoumaru smirked, watching Inuyasha's eyes. Even in the growing darkness, they looked wide and rather adorably flustered as the little whelp stepped away again. As if that small bit of distance could stop me, Sesshoumaru thought.
“Fuck you.”
Sesshoumaru's entire face glowed with excited interest. This was affecting the brat. Kissing Inuyasha was most definitely affecting him, and it pleased Sesshoumaru to no end. The bone deep terror that Inuyasha's body had been experiencing earlier felt somehow…wrong, but this nervous worry over Sesshoumaru and his intentions was an entirely different story. It was only right and proper for Inuyasha to feel a small measure of fear for his superior in the relationship. Sesshoumaru expected nothing less, besides the fact that it was surprisingly erotic, if he were honest.
And his cock was nothing if not honest.
Still, he was glad that Inuyasha wasn't absolutely terrified. He hated to admit it, but he'd felt an urge to soothe the brat when he'd felt so frightened over the monk's punishment, although he was certain it had been merely a passing thought. Hardly worth mentioning, really. And it was likely he only felt that way because the sensation in his head was so unpleasant.
Right now, however, he was enjoying Inuyasha's nerves fraying. It was well past time that he return all the annoyance and irritation the hanyou had added to his own life. And he would just love making Inuyasha feel off-balance for once. The idea was actually rather amusing.
Sesshoumaru took only a moment to decide what to do next, and he leapt forward before Inuyasha had a chance to move again. Pulling on Inuyasha's shoulder, he spun him around in a half circle. Inuyasha was just starting to turn and retaliate, his arm cocked back to strike, when Sesshoumaru captured the overhanging ends of Inuyasha's sleeves with a quick sweep of his hand, twisting them both up quickly until Inuyasha's arms were trapped awkwardly behind his back. Sesshoumaru was unsurprised to hear Inuyasha start yelling immediately.
“Let me go, you shit-eating jack ass!”
Somehow, Inuyasha's insults were almost appealing when Sesshoumaru knew he was completely at his mercy. Maybe it was that little bit of desperation in the tone, the unspoken acknowledgement of Sesshoumaru's supremacy, or perhaps it was simply the fact that he had Inuyasha trapped and could make him damn well squirm.
The day just continued to improve, he thought, listening to insults spouting from his brother's mouth as Inuyasha tried unsuccessfully to break free. He pulled Inuyasha back, trapping his arms even more thoroughly where they were stuck tight in between their two bodies. As Inuyasha struggled, Sesshoumaru looked at the boy's head below him and leaned forward to catch one of Inuyasha's ears lightly in his teeth.
“Hey! S-stop it!” Inuyasha squirmed wildly, kicking backwards and forcing Sesshoumaru to release his ear or risk bruising. Not that something as small as a bruise was an issue for a Daiyoukai, but he thought letting Inuyasha striking him would set a bad precedent at the moment. Sesshoumaru would have been irritated at the lengths he was being forced to, but other things were taking precedence.
Most noticeably, the whisper of arousal inside Inuyasha's body that had appeared when Sesshoumaru had mouthed his ear.
Ears, hmmm? He leaned down again and took just the tip of Inuyasha's silky ear into his mouth, folding the edge over softly with his tongue as he ran it back and forth across the soft fur. He felt Inuyasha's cock respond, growing slightly hard, and he chuckled evilly. He'd known that he could read the physical symptoms of Inuyasha's body, but he'd never truly considered how much advantage this particular gift would give him when it came to seducing his own mate.
He paused, letting Inuyasha's ear slide slowly out of his mouth as Inuyasha continued to squirm and pull at his clothing. Sesshoumaru tightened up his hold on the sleeves absently when Inuyasha managed to loosen the suikan a bit, and thought about it. Was he really considering this now? Seducing Inuyasha? As much as he might have fantasized when he was incapacitated in the woods, it really would be much easier to simply scare him…not too much, just a bit…and leave him alone as he always had. He should go back to Rin and Jaken and continue his search for Naraku and then when that had finished, he could…consider his next move, if he wanted there to be a next move.
Then again…
What happened if he waited? Celibacy wasn't much of a challenge; he'd been celibate for months at a time before without even a twinge. But somehow, the thought of waiting to take Inuyasha's body seemed much more difficult than he would have predicted. In the few days since being confronted with his fantasies by his other self, he was truly shocked at how often images of Inuyasha, unclothed, had inserted themselves into his head against his will. He didn't want to wait, he realized, surprised. He wanted to experience what his mind fantasized about.
And besides, there was the danger that if he waited too long, another might have Inuyasha's body first, he thought. He growled as he considered what he'd thought had happened with the wolf youkai and Inuyasha. If he left Inuyasha to his own devices, how long before someone seduced him in truth? As a hanyou, it wouldn't have been likely. But as an uke, even claimed there would still be some who would attempt to take him…like that bastard Naraku. Sesshoumaru's chest vibrated with the growl that escaped him at the thought. He would not let that happen.
His eyes focused on Inuyasha's soft hair and little puppy ears below his chin, and he smiled to himself. Considering that he could tell what effect every touch or caress had on Inuyasha, there was no way the little whelp would be able to say no. Sesshoumaru wouldn't rape him; he was positive he'd be able to make Inuyasha surrender himself. In fact, he would make certain Inuyasha asked him to continue before he actually completed the act. Inuyasha wouldn't be able to accuse him of rape if the brat asked to be taken, would he? And once Sesshoumaru had him, it would finally get through to Inuyasha where his place really was.
On the bottom.
The experience would take care of Inuyasha's fear, as well. When he'd discovered the houshi's deceit, Sesshoumaru had wondered for a moment if Inuyasha's rape was as much a lie as everything else that dripped from the monk's mouth, at least until Inuyasha's reaction to the man bending over the well. Now, with the knowledge that Inuyasha had experienced such a thing, he was certain that he'd discovered the source of his brother's constant terror. It had to be fear of physical intimacy. There could be no other answer. Inuyasha was too strong to fear most physical threats, ignoring the recent fluke of his reaction to the mating mark. He'd lived alone for decades and traveled constantly, so there should be no fear of the unknown, or worry over his ability to cope. The only thing that made sense was that Inuyasha had developed some sort of fixation on his rape and the physical realities involved with being the uke. Which meant that Inuyasha wouldn't be fearful once he realized that there would be no pain involved in his taking. Or not much, anyway. If Sesshoumaru took Inuyasha soon, and pleasurably, it followed that he'd overcome that fear. Which meant that the physical manifestation of it would finally stop beating against the inside of Sesshoumaru's skull like some small, dying songbird.
He didn't understand why his future self, whoever he'd been, hadn't figured it out. What a stupid idea, that Inuyasha was actually afraid all the time. Ridiculous. He was obviously just afraid of intimacy since he'd been marked.
With that in mind, he knew that taking Inuyasha now was for his own good. Sesshoumaru nodded to himself, completely decided. Inuyasha's needs and his own desires coincided perfectly, he thought, feeling a bit of pride at how farseeing his own insights were.
His smile, and other body parts, grew. This was going to be very, very enjoyable.
Inuyasha struggled to free his arms, starting to panic as Sesshoumaru managed to keep him completely trapped. Which wouldn't be as upsetting if not for the fact that he could feel his brother's rapidly rising arousal in his head, and something else rapidly rising against the small of his back. Oh gods, he couldn't take this! He couldn't do this! Inuyasha yanked desperately, felt Sesshoumaru's head bend down towards him again, and he let his weight drop down, his arms pulled up painfully. When Sesshoumaru followed him lower, he managed to push forward and up suddenly, flipping Sesshoumaru over his shoulders.
“Ha, take that you--Aaaaaah!” Inuyasha yelled as Sesshoumaru went head over heels, but hung on tight to Inuyasha's arms and Inuyasha found himself somersaulting after him to land face up on top of Sesshoumaru's stomach. Before he could blink, Sesshoumaru rolled quickly and pinned Inuyasha face down on the ground underneath him.
“Hnn. I hadn't thought to get to this point for a while yet tonight.” Sesshoumaru murmured into Inuyasha's ear as his legs slipped in between the hanyou's, pressing his groin against Inuyasha's ass in such an intimate way that Inuyasha thought he was going to hyperventilate.
“Get off! Get off of me, you bastard!” Inuyasha squirmed and bucked frantically while Sesshoumaru merely lay still, letting his weight keep Inuyasha pinned. In silence, his brother let him struggle himself into near exhaustion.
“I'm not going to rape you, Inuyasha.” Sesshoumaru finally spoke almost fifteen minutes later when Inuyasha eventually stopped moving.
“Then get the fuck off me!” Inuyasha said hoarsely, trying not to lose hope as he rested his cheek on the cool ground. Sesshoumaru's body was obviously aroused, even without the feelings in his head. His scent was surrounding Inuyasha to the point that Inuyasha couldn't detect anything but the musky, overwhelming smell of Aroused Male Youkai. And if that weren't enough, Sesshoumaru was…he was hard. Really damn BIG and hard and pressing against him and Inuyasha just couldn't think of any way that Sesshoumaru was feeling and smelling this way AND telling the truth about not attacking him.
“Get off of you?” Sesshoumaru repeated.
“Yeah, get off, you fucking asshole! You're not going to touch me, then you get off and leave me the h-hell alone!”
“Not touch you…what a fascinating idea,” Sesshoumaru said quietly, nuzzling Inuyasha's ear lightly.
“Fucking liar! You said…”
“I said I wasn't going to rape you.” Sesshoumaru's voice flowed into Inuyasha's head, making him shiver in reaction. “I never said I wasn't going to touch you.”
“Same difference, jack ass,” Inuyasha snarled, wriggling once again as he tried to get out from underneath his stupid, fucking lech of a brother.
Sesshoumaru chuckled, his body vibrating against Inuyasha's. “If I ever had doubts about your ignorance, hanyou, that statement alone would reaffirm my original opinion.”
“What the fuck are you talking about now, you damn…nnnnnn, stop it!!” Sesshoumaru started sucking on his ear again, and Inuyasha cringed at the flickers of heat that curled down his spine and up his dick. His own damn brother was making his body respond! It was insane! He whipped his head back and forth, yanking his ear out of the hot slickness that had trapped it, and felt much better as his arousal faded, anger taking over again.
“Leave me the hell alone, asshole!” Inuyasha tried to move his arms as he felt Sesshoumaru's weight lift off of him slightly. Was he letting him go?
“I don't believe I will. Perhaps later.” Something furry slid against Inuyasha's hands and tightened, keeping them in place as Sesshoumaru released his hold.
“Hey, get the fuck off me, you sick bastard!” Inuyasha felt fear take a deeper hold of him at Sesshoumaru's reaction to his insult. So far, he'd always been able to get to his older brother. The daiyoukai would be bristling from the first insult, if not already angry. But right now, he was aroused, and even amused! Inuyasha's insults amused him!
“You're pathetic! You can't get any bitches willing to fuck you so you have to force yourself on your own brother!” There, see how he dealt with that!
“Hmmm.” Sesshoumaru's hand gripped the back of Inuyasha's suikan and started pulling it off his shoulders, the furry restraints tightening over his hands as the cloth loosened around his arms. Sesshoumaru's emotions didn't even waver. “Why would I even bother with bitches when I have my little uke beneath me? One who will be anything but unwilling.”
Inuyasha tried to press his upper body into the grass under him to keep his top from being slid off his body and felt his brother's amusement increase as Sesshoumaru simply continued to pull until the cloth was bundled around Inuyasha's waist in front and his arms in back.
“You're a twisted, perverted pig, Sesshoumaru! A disgrace to the old man!” Inuyasha yelled. His insults weren't doing anything, not even when he mentioned their father! Deep down in his gut, the fear grew until he quivered as he tried to keep it under control.
“Hn.” Sesshoumaru's hand gently brushed Inuyasha's hair to the side until it flowed over one shoulder onto the ground, forcing Inuyasha to turn his face the other way or drown in his own hair.
“You're a coward! Fucking can't beat me in a fair fight, so you gotta pull this crap? You just know you'd get your ass kicked the next time you face Tessaiga!”
Sesshoumaru licked gently at the back of Inuyasha's neck, pausing as though testing something, still amused as hell, and aroused almost as much. “This `crap' is called finesse, Inuyasha. You might wish to try it some time.” He nibbled along the curve of Inuyasha's shoulder and stopped halfway as Inuyasha felt a strange, shivery sensation from the touch. Sesshoumaru's tongue slipped out to lick and caress the little area of skin, and Inuyasha panicked as he felt his own cock swelling again in response to the slick appendage.
No! He was not going to let him do this to him! He couldn't actually LIKE what the bastard was doing to him! He couldn't!
“Y-you ball licking, sheep fucking, ass-ugly mongrel dog!”
“That was almost creative.” Sesshoumaru actually chuckled again, and Inuyasha continued to panic as his brother returned his attentions to his body. Sesshoumaru wasn't supposed to react like this! Why wasn't he angry?! He'd never gone this long without getting angry, not ever! Why wasn't he furious and beating on him or at least taking him already?! At least it would just be pain then.
He didn't want to enjoy this. It wasn't right!
“Shhhh. No need to be so frightened. I will not injure you,” Sesshoumaru murmured as moved his lips from Inuyasha's shoulders and started working his way along his spine, stopping at a spot that had Inuyasha swelling in reaction again. How the fuck did he know how to do that?!
“I don't care if you injure me or not, asshole! STOP IT!”
Sesshoumaru ignored him and sucked against Inuyasha's skin, causing shivers to run through his body. No, this couldn't be happening. This couldn't be happening; he could not be enjoying this! He couldn't be! Sesshoumaru's lips left his skin and Inuyasha closed his eyes in relief as they didn't immediately start kissing him somewhere else. Sesshoumaru was still aroused, and Inuyasha cringed over the fact that he was a bit aroused as well, but maybe Sesshoumaru was just fucking with him. Just using this as a way to show him how `superior' Sesshoumaru was in all things, like usual.
Inuyasha froze as Sesshoumaru's excitement suddenly appeared in his head. What was Sesshoumaru going to do, that he felt that way? What was he doing? Sesshoumaru's hand started fiddling with something around Inuyasha's waist, and he realized with horror that his brother was loosening the ties on his hakama.
“STOP!” Inuyasha started to struggle again, stopping as his movements shifted the fabric off his hips a bit. He could feel Sesshoumaru's hand move underneath the fabric of his hakama, sliding over Inuyasha's bottom to grasp the edge of his under-kimono and pull it out of his pants and up to his waist. “No, leave it alone! Stop it!!”
“Shhhh. You'll like this. I promise.” Sesshoumaru's hand slid back under his gaping pants and moved over Inuyasha's bottom slowly, caressing softly over his skin.
“Stop it,” Inuyasha whispered, desperately trying to ignore the feel of skin touching him in a place that had been sacrosanct for over a hundred years.
“Why?” Sesshoumaru whispered back, leaning forward again to kiss Inuyasha's spine just above where his hands were bound. “I know you like it.” Sesshoumaru's hand continued caressing him gently and Inuyasha really, truly tried to ignore it. The heated press of Sesshoumaru's fingers and palm as they made slow, soft circles over each cheek, one at a time, over and over again…it was maddening, and frightening, and it was making Inuyasha's cock respond in a way that defied belief. How could his body enjoy this? How?!
But it was. He was growing hard. He was embarrassed with the growing urge to thrust slightly against the ground, and he was fighting to keep his breathing normal. And that damn hand wouldn't stop! It just kept touching him and now…was Sesshoumaru squeezing his ass?
“Don't DO that!” he growled, panting just slightly.
Sesshoumaru stopped his mouth with one small lick along his spine and Inuyasha would swear he was smiling against his skin. “When you're enjoying it so much? Even I'm not that cruel.”
“I'm not enjoying it at all, you f-fucker!” Inuyasha stuttered as Sesshoumaru's hand changed from circular caresses to kneading his ass firmly. Oh Gods, that felt…it felt… He moaned slightly and clamped his mouth shut the second he heard the sound. No, he wasn't going to let Sesshoumaru make him feel like this!! It just…it couldn't happen! But how was he going to get him to stop?! Inuyasha was biting back another moan when he heard a faint sound off to the side.
Sesshoumaru froze on top of him and they both listened intently, hearing someone calling Inuyasha's name a little louder now.
Oh thank the Gods! “Miroku! I'm over here!” Inuyasha yelled, desperately happy when Sesshoumaru cursed and got off of his back, releasing his arms at the same time. Getting to his feet as quickly as he could, he fumbled with his clothing. He knew the bastard could have kept him pinned. Fuck, he could have damn well raped him in front of Miroku if he'd wanted, probably. Actually, Inuyasha wasn't sure why he'd thought that Miroku's presence would stop his brother at all…
…but he was SO glad that it had.
Although considering how aroused, and pissed, Sesshoumaru was feeling, he was getting the hell out of here while he still could. Holding his hakama with one hand while he tried to pull up his suikan with the other, Inuyasha froze, terrified he'd already lost his chance to flee as Sesshoumaru grabbed his upper arm.
“Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru's low growl rumbled across Inuyasha's skin and Inuyasha bared his teeth as he looked back up at his older brother's flushed face. “Take your reprieve, but do not think for a moment that this is finished.”
“F-fuck you, asshole!” Inuyasha retorted.
“Later.” Sesshoumaru murmured. Inuyasha froze again for a moment before yanking his arm free and turning away from Sesshoumaru to stumble quickly towards the woods and Miroku's voice. The muscles in his back jumped constantly as he worried that Sesshoumaru would change his mind and come after him. He'd fight him, but he wasn't sure he'd win, and what that might mean scared the shit out of him right now. When he made it to the shelter of the trees without incident, he sagged in relief. Thank Buddha and the gods and Miroku and anyone else who had a hand in stopping his pervert of a brother.
He was still walking and trying to adjust his clothing when Miroku found him.
“Inuyasha, there you are! You were taking so long I was…worried.” Miroku's voice fell as his eyes ran over Inuyasha's body and he frowned. “Inuyasha, are you…well?”
Inuyasha cursed the fact that the moon was bright enough for the human to actually see him, even though the sun was below the horizon now. Dammit.
“I'm fine.” Mumbled under his breath, Inuyasha continued trying to tuck his kimono down into his hakama, and Miroku stepped closer.
“I was so sure he wouldn't try to do anything,” Miroku said softly. “I…I wouldn't have left if I thought…”
“I said I'm fine!” Inuyasha walked past Miroku and continued on to the village, forcing the monk to follow.
“Inuyasha… Did Sesshoumaru… DID he do something?”
Inuyasha stopped and glared at him. “Obviously.”
Miroku's face tightened and he looked back in the direction of the well. “That…bastard. I can't believe I thought he… I'm so sorry, Inuyasha. Gods, this is all my fault.”
“Huh? What the hell are you talking about?” Great, the monk was losing it. Inuyasha finished arranging his clothes and simply stared at the ground as he continued walking.
“I could have killed him. I could have used the kazaana, and this never would have happened.” The moment Inuyasha understood Miroku's soft voiced lament, he turned on him.
“Don't be an idiot. Sesshoumaru would have been at the well slitting your throat before you finished unwrapping the first bead.”
Miroku shook his head miserably. “Before now, when I met him, in the woods. I could have…”
“Oh, yeah, sure. Like that would have worked any better? Like I said, don't be a freaking idiot, Miroku. You're no match for the jack ass.”
His eyes were large and dark as he looked over at Inuyasha and continued to apologize. “Yesterday in the woods, he was so injured he could barely move. I could have sucked him into the wind tunnel in the blink of an eye.” Miroku grimace unhappily. “I cannot tell you how sorry I am that I did not.”
Inuyasha stood perfectly still as he absorbed Miroku's words. Sesshoumaru lying helpless somewhere was almost impossible to imagine. Even with his arm cut off, he'd still been strong enough to run away rather than collapsing. Although it would explain why he'd been so pissed and hadn't done anything about it. But what could have…well shit. The well. Sesshoumaru had been on the other side of the well, and then he'd stayed away once he'd come back. He must have been hurt on the other side of the well, and that meant…
His future self had kicked Sesshoumaru's ass! Inuyasha grinned slowly. He might be stuck with the prick for centuries, but he grew strong enough to beat him up! Holy shit! Fuck, that would almost be worth it, just for that.
“Eh, Inuyasha? Did you hear me? I could have killed him, Inuyasha.” Miroku stared at him, worried. “I…wouldn't have thought the knowledge would make you look quite so happy,” he muttered.
Blinking, Inuyasha focused on him again. His little happy bubble faded away. Sesshoumaru had really been so fucked up he hadn't been able to move? He could have been killed and Inuyasha would never have had to deal with him again. The frustrated longing he felt for just such a thing was expected, but there was something else rolling around in his gut and his chest. It was almost like…relief. Just like that one damn time he'd tried to kill Sesshoumaru when he'd first met Totosai, he wasn't completely comfortable with the thought of Sesshoumaru's death. He'd pulled his strike then, and now…was he really a little relieved that Miroku hadn't killed the bastard?
That was freaking stupid. Of course he wanted the bastard dead; he'd be free if the fucker died. It would have been better. He'd be perfectly justified if he was completely pissed at Miroku. He just…wasn't, for some reason. “Why didn't you?”
Miroku spoke without looking at him. “I… didn't feel justified in taking his life unless he was a threat to you, and from a few things he'd said, I'd thought… I was so sure he wasn't going to hurt you anymore, and now he's raped you and…”
“I- it's my fault he's raped you. I know I can't take away what's happened, but I'll find some way…”
“Crap, the fucker didn't rape me,” Inuyasha muttered. “Not yet, anyway.”
Miroku stopped watching his own body and stared at him. “But…Inuyasha, you said… he did something to you.” His voice was slow and uncertain, like he was talking to a skittish animal, and it pissed Inuyasha off.
“He did! He just didn't do THAT.” Stupid perverted bastard had tried, but…
“But…your clothing. Inuyasha, what did he do?”
“He…” Inuyasha flushed and growled at him. “He fucking kissed me. And…some touching… stuff. It wasn't rape. So don't go on one of your damn guilt trips over it, idiot.”
Miroku stared at him. “He kissed you, but he didn't rape you,” Miroku repeated slowly, and his face relaxed as Inuyasha nodded. “So…leaving him alive wasn't the wrong decision, then,” he murmured under his breath.
Inuyasha heard him and he snarled. “What? O-of course it was! Didn't you hear what I said? The fucker was… he licked me, dammit!”
“Licked you, hmmm? But he didn't hurt you, correct?” Was it his imagination, or were Miroku's damn eyes starting to fucking twinkle? Was he enjoying this? Stupid perverted ass.
“No, but what he's done is bad enough!”
Miroku bit his lip and cocked his head as he looked at Inuyasha, his posture now completely relax. “Is it? How did it feel then?”
“None of your damn business!”
A tiny smile showed up on Miroku's face. “No? Were you able to enjoy it at all? Perhaps just a little?”
“It's none of your fucking damn business!” Inuyasha yelled again, and he growled furiously when Miroku's smile grew.
“I suppose it isn't. But I'm glad you weren't hurt, Inuyasha. And I don't believe I regret leaving Sesshoumaru be in the woods. If he's treating you better, it may even be a good thing that he's still alive,” Miroku speculated.
“What the hell is that supposed to mean? Of course it's not a good thing! The world would be better off if he weren't in it. It doesn't need such a condescending asshole who jumps people and tries to touch their ass and…”
“He touched your backside? Hn. I don't suppose you'd tell me if THAT felt good?” Miroku asked, still smiling a little, and Inuyasha swiped at him.
“I will fucking touch YOUR damn ass again if you don't shut up, and I guarantee you it won't feel good at all!”
Miroku nodded, looking away as he started walking back towards the village. Inuyasha followed, glaring. He just knew the bastard was still smiling. Miroku could be such a fucking annoying jerk, always sticking his nose in where it didn't belong and saying obnoxious comments that just pissed him off. Which reminded him…
“What the fuck was up with telling Sesshoumaru that Kouga and me were together, anyway?” Inuyasha was happy to get pissed again and stop thinking about disturbing things like Sesshoumaru and what he'd just done to him. “Were you insane?”
Miroku's face when he turned took on the familiar innocent demeanor that made Inuyasha want to recheck his money pouch. “I needed to know how he'd react to it. I wanted to see if he felt enough to care that you were with someone else, and I thought a strong youkai competitor would be more likely to get a reaction.”
Miroku sighed as he walked. “And besides…it seemed like a good idea at the time.”
“And you didn't think he might get just a little pissed at me? At Kouga?!” Inuyasha smacked Miroku in the back of the head. The monk stumbled and just kept walked while he rubbed at his new welt.
“Well, that was the test, wasn't it? If he threatened you, then I would know and be able to end it all, right then. As for threatening Kouga, well… really, what were the odds that he would actually get that angry? Or that Kouga would finally decide to come visit the village and they'd actually meet?”
“Pretty damn good, it looks like!”
Miroku chuckled slightly, still rubbing his head. “Hindsight and all that, I suppose. I think the fact that he was so jealous is a good sign, though. Don't you like knowing that, well, that he cares about you at least a little?”
Inuyasha snorted. “Bull shit. He cares that something he `owns' might be touched by someone else. That's it. He's just a possessive fucking jerk.”
“I thought I heard you say he was jealous. Didn't you say…”
“Yeah, jealous of a possession, maybe. Trust me, he doesn't care jack for me, Miroku. He wants a good fuc-- someone to order around. Otherwise, he wouldn't spit on me if I was on fire. And I wouldn't want him to. I hate that stupid asshole.” Inuyasha said, spitting onto the ground and ignoring the sharp feeling inside his chest as he talked. He DID hate him. And he didn't need anything or anybody. He'd been alone before, hadn't he? Just because he'd had a brief dream about Kagome didn't change anything. She wouldn't want to be around him anymore, now that everyone knew he how weak he was. Now that she had fucking Kouga and knew that Inuyasha couldn't be with her the way they'd once hoped. She'd drift away from him, and Sango and Miroku would get together and forget about him and he'd be alone again and that was…that was just fucking fine. So what if Sesshoumaru had marked him. He'd grow tired of fucking with him too. Eventually. He hoped. Really, Sesshoumaru being a bizarre, lecherous jerk sure as hell didn't mean he cared about him; it just meant his dick was hard.
“You still hate him?” Miroku asked quietly.
“Of course I still hate him!”
Miroku's hands went up in a placating gesture. “All right, all right. So you hate him. I believe you.” They were both silent for a minute. “I suppose we'll just have to find a way to keep him away from you then.”
“Damn right we do.” Inuyasha said fiercely, staring at Miroku suspiciously. “What are you smiling about?”
“Just happy that you're all right. That's all.” Miroku's eyes were big and bright, and Inuyasha snarled under his breath. That look was never good. The monk was going to be trouble. He just knew it.
He'd known that damn monk was going to be trouble. Interfering little bastard…and things had been going so well! Inuyasha had been a bit more resistant than Sesshoumaru had expected, but he'd been aroused! He'd started to like how he was being touched, and then that annoying ningen had come back and Inuyasha's arousal had dropped like a stone. There was no way he'd be able to make his brother aroused again with that irritating insect buzzing around, and now Sesshoumaru was stuck in the damn clearing, aching and unfulfilled, and it was all the monk's fault!
He reached down to adjust himself and groaned slightly at the contact of his hand. When was the last time he'd had to stop in the middle of a sexual encounter? Had he EVER had to stop? It was positively painful how much his cock was aching! He touched himself again and cursed. This was far too irritating. He needed some relief, and he needed it NOW! And if Inuyasha wasn't able to oblige willingly… He looked around a moment and walked over to sit by the well, loosening his hakama to pull the ties open and have access to his own member. He paused before he touched himself, closing his eyes.
He could see Inuyasha in his head, the hanyou's face pressed into the ground, his torso smooth and bare, his neck vulnerable as his long hair lay pooled to the side of his head, and the round slope of his bottom just barely covered by the red fabric of his hakama. His arms were free, clutching the ground as he waited for whatever Sesshoumaru wanted to do to him.
The perfect Uke.
“Lift up your hips,” Sesshoumaru whispered, and Inuyasha complied with a whimper. Sesshoumaru pulled gently on the cloth of his pants, watching as it bared Inuyasha's ass by inches. He slowly dragged it down past his ankles, discarding it with an irritated toss as he looked down at the lithe, naked body lying on the ground. Inuyasha squirmed, wordlessly begging for Sesshoumaru to touch him.
“You are so beautiful,” Sesshoumaru murmured, running his hands up his mate's muscular legs, squeezing the calves gently. Inuyasha's soft hair teased against the pads of his fingers as he drew his hands along the firm skin. Moving his hand in slow, stroking lines, Sesshoumaru rubbed his thumbs over the sensitive backs of Inuyasha's knees, leaning over to lap at them gently with his tongue as he moved his hands higher to clasp his mate's thighs. He kissed at the exquisitely soft skin, enjoying Inuyasha's helpless movements within his hands.
Kissing higher, he reached the skin of Inuyasha's inner thigh and he slid his hands in between his mate's knees and pressed. Smiling, he growled in approval as Inuyasha read his signal correctly and spread his legs, exposing himself completely. Sesshoumaru kissed slowly, taking time to run his tongue over the small goose bumps developing on his Inuyasha's skin. He stopped when he reached the crease where Inuyasha's thigh met the tight globes of his ass, and he nipped at the round flesh. Inuyasha started to pant, his voice climbing to an incoherent whine as Sesshoumaru grasped his bottom and spread it apart, his mouth moving up to kiss at the pink flesh he exposed there. He flicked at Inuyasha with his tongue, rubbing it over and around while he inhaled Inuyasha's sweet scent, feeling his own arousal climb with each desperate cry Inuyasha made.
Inuyasha's arousal grew until he was a bright, hot light in Sesshoumaru's head. Eager and aroused and willing to do whatever Sesshoumaru wanted, however he wanted it. And right now Sesshoumaru wanted to feel himself pounding into Inuyasha so hard that he bruised his damn knees.
“Up on your knees, Inuyasha.” He wondered why his voice sounded almost pleading. Sesshoumaru didn't plead. He ordered. He ordered and others did as he bid them. Period.
Inuyasha pushed up to his hands and knees, arching his back slightly, and Sesshoumaru swallowed. He couldn't tear his eyes from Inuyasha's body in front of him. His mate was so open to him, vulnerable and aroused. Inuyasha's skin glowed in the moon light and Sesshoumaru reached out with shaking hands to run them down his mate's taut back, gripping his slim hips tightly and holding him there. The urge to bury himself to the hilt inside Inuyasha was practically overwhelming.
He knelt behind him, pressing in against his body, and sighed as his brother pushed back. Sesshoumaru leaned over, letting himself relax onto the pale skin below him, feeling it flush against his body. The heat from Inuyasha's skin seeped into his own, almost burning his chest and stomach, making his cock ache to experience the same heat from within.
“Do you want this?” He did, didn't he? Inuyasha wanted this. He wanted Sesshoumaru to take him. He wanted to give him his body. He did.
“Yes, please, Sesshoumaru.” Inuyasha's voice begged, arching back against him, pressing his ass against Sesshoumaru's member
“Do you want me inside you?” he whispered, licking the back of Inuyasha's neck, and he felt his last reservation leave as Inuyasha whimpered.
“Please,” Inuyasha pleaded, bucking against him eagerly.
He released the side of Inuyasha's hip and reached forward to run his fingers over Inuyasha's face, sliding them in between his lips. As Inuyasha sucked desperately at his fingers, he felt the sensual pull of it all the way down his arm to his belly and groin. He bit his lip, withdrawing his fingers and rubbing the moisture left on them over his cock before finally pressing against the entrance to Inuyasha's body. Sesshoumaru groaned as he felt himself slowly sink into Inuyasha's impossibly tight heat.
“Gods…” It felt so damn good inside him. He reveled in the feeling of Inuyasha's body gripping him tightly for a moment before he pulled out and slammed back into Inuyasha, grasping his hips tightly with both hands.
“More,” Inuyasha gasped, and Sesshoumaru slammed into him again. The feeling was so tight and hot that he almost wished he could draw it out, but he just wanted… to… fucking… take… him! Sesshoumaru grabbed Inuyasha hard, pounding into his body relentlessly, reveling in Inuyasha's panting gasps with each thrust.
“Harder,” Inuyasha practically sobbed. Sesshoumaru kept up his frantic rhythm, his breath rasping harshly in his throat, and he cried out as he felt Inuyasha's body shudder with his release, his muscles clenching around Sesshoumaru so tightly that it made the daiyoukai come with a harsh cry.
“Inuyasha…” He moaned under his breath, the last pulse of his orgasm spurting out, and he opened his eyes with a start as he felt his own seed flowing down his hand. “Dammit…” It always happened. He never got to do more than enjoy his own release before his imagination failed him and he came back to reality.
Although at least now reality and fantasy were a little closer…if not for that interfering monk they'd already be one and the same. Except for the fact that he no longer had two arms, of course. He sighed, looking at his soiled hand. He'd never feel the pleasure of holding onto Inuyasha with anything more than the one arm he had left. He'd resigned himself to his lost limb months before; strange how he could still come across something that made him regret its loss again.
Holding onto those slim hips with both hands while he took him would have been quite an experience.
He snorted, shaking his head. He'd best go clean up. But first, he had something to do. He took his hand and ran it along the ground next to the well, smiling. The scent of his release would mark the area for months now. Anytime Inuyasha wished to return here with that Miko bitch, he'd be reminded who he belonged to, Sesshoumaru thought in satisfaction. At least that houshi's interference would result in this one thing of benefit to himself.
He got up and walked slowly towards the scent of running water, thinking as he basked in the afterglow of his sexual release. It was curious. All these decades he had known Inuyasha, and he was only now figuring out that the more rude and offensive Inuyasha got, the more upset or scared or flustered he was feeling on the inside. It was fascinating. It was also highly amusing, to discover that all this time, Inuyasha's mouth was merely a side affect of his lack of emotional control. But it wasn't irritating anymore. Once he truly paid attention to what Inuyasha was experiencing, anger or irritation was the LAST thing he was feeling.
Sesshoumaru smiled slightly again. It would likely drive Inuyasha mad, if he knew that his insults had just lost a large measure of their sting. Sheep fucking, ass-ugly mongrel dog, hmmm? He chuckled to himself. He'd have to remember that one; it was so childishly crude. Thinking of Inuyasha's frantic attempts to rouse his temper, Sesshoumaru found himself wanting to push at Inuyasha just to see what he could get him to say. How could he upset his mate to the point that the puppy lost it?
And what other sensations would do the job? Fear was an obvious one, and being aroused and nervous seemed to work as well. Would chagrin cause the same time of reaction? Anger? Jealousy?
It might be rather difficult to determine what Inuyasha was feeling emotionally, but as it looked to be very diverting trying to find out, he was quite willing to experiment. Really, as long as he was close enough to use his nose, Sesshoumaru was fairly sure he could figure out the state of both Inuyasha's body AND his mind.
After all, he was already able to differentiate Inuyasha's normal state from the tight nerves and sharply pounding heart that went with the smell of utter terror. That kind of fear was fast leaving a bad taste in his mouth, especially with the realization of how often it sprung up from inside Inuyasha.
Lust was an easy one, as well. There was nothing like a hard cock to tip off what the rest of the body was feeling, although a sort of shivery heat along the skin and a tightness in the belly went along with it. And Sesshoumaru was fairly certain that the jumpy feel to Inuyasha's muscles with the prickling on the back of the neck and an itchy feeling in the claws was…well, maybe something like nervous worry. The fear smell went with it, but less. He wasn't entirely certain what it was, actually.
But again, he'd enjoy finding out. Not only was toying with Inuyasha going to be fun, but it would also be very enlightening to see just how much information Sesshoumaru could determine through his bond, with his nose and eyes to assist him. After all, the various physical responses he felt were amazingly distinct. Much more so than he would have expected from his father's original lecture, years before. He could still remember it. The day he'd come of age, his father had taken him aside and given him an intensely tedious talk about marking and mates. He'd been very clear that Sesshoumaru would be able to identify the physical condition of whomever he claimed. It was a useful tool to determine how to protect the female…uke... if he was so inclined. Of course, then the old man had proceeded to go on, ad nauseum, about the traits of the uke as well. Thankfully, Sesshoumaru had mostly been able to tune him out. Really, it had been ridiculous. Sesshoumaru knew all he needed to know about his mate. The uke's duty was extremely simple, in the end.
He had to obey Sesshoumaru.
Sesshoumaru paused, thinking about Inuyasha and how well he was going to fit into his position as Sesshoumaru's mate. Somehow, the future didn't look too promising in that regard.
…maybe the bond could speed Inuyasha's adjustment. Truly, how much advantage over the uke did his ability to sense Inuyasha's body give him? Obviously it made rutting significantly easier. And most likely it would provide a great advantage when he needed to intimidate the whelp. Not that he wanted to inspire the near-terror that he'd discovered within Inuyasha's body. A little flustered nervousness, that was different. It was even a little arousing, as he'd already discovered, but the fear was starting to wear at him. He wondered if it would fade if he offered some small amount of protection on top of finishing what the monk had interrupted.
He had an image of Inuyasha naked underneath him, looking up with startled eyes as Sesshoumaru took him, and he allowed himself a small smile.
He'd obviously been celibate for too long before he claimed Inuyasha, he mused. Even after finding his own release, he couldn't get Inuyasha and sex off his mind. He smiled more broadly, wickedly enjoying the still unfamiliar sensation of his lips stretching slightly. The feel of a smile on his face remained so unusual that it felt positively indecent, and it suited his mood perfectly. He wasn't going to be able to finish his encounter with Inuyasha tonight, but with how far the physical part had progressed, he didn't think the younger male stood a chance in hell of hanging onto his `pure' status for more than a week.
And he was pure, as far as Sesshoumaru was concerned. He'd been raped, but he was still a virgin where `making love' was concerned. For now, anyway. And the only reason he gave Inuyasha an entire week to hold out was because Sesshoumaru needed half that time to fetch Rin and Jaken. After all, if he was going to seduce his mate, he had to stay close by.
Sesshoumaru reached the small trickle that could barely be called a stream and washed himself off, still thinking about the next few days as the cold water rinsed his hand and privates. He'd need to ensure Inuyasha stayed in the village, where it was relatively safe. Three humans with spiritual powers, a demon slayer, a demon neko, and 3 adult ookami--that would almost be as much protection as he could offer himself. Honestly, the hanyou would be safer if Sesshoumaru took him with him. But if Inuyasha stayed in a familiar setting, then he'd be much more amenable to his own seduction. There'd be less anger and resentment to push through that way. Hmmm…
He finished cleaning himself and rearranged his clothing, letting his hand dry in the cool night air as he turned back towards the little hovel of a village that Inuyasha seemed so fond of. He wanted to be inside Inuyasha's body, soon. He'd let him stay. It might take a bit of work to ensure that the brat stay IN the village, especially considering that his obedient behavior before stemmed from fear over his comrade's safety, but it could be done. He could fetch Rin while Inuyasha was watched over by his odd little pack, and then he could take his time, although not too much, and ensure that Inuyasha enjoyed being breached so much that he practically passed out from it.
Then his little brother would stop damn well being afraid all the time.
Really, the whole thing was starting to come together perfectly. It would have been completely perfect if he'd only had Inuyasha's rapist to torture for a few weeks. He wondered if Inuyasha had let him live. He'd have to find out…because nobody was allowed to touch Inuyasha but him. Ever.
He bared his fangs, trying not to let himself get too enraged. Inuyasha was irritating and mouthy and an infuriating thorn in his side. As well as being, he could finally admit to himself, a very attractive piece of ass. But no matter what he was, or how annoying he was, he was Sesshoumaru's. No one touched what was his. Sesshoumaru might have to make a few examples of any encroaching youkai in the beginning until word spread to leave the little hanyou alone, but word would spread. Inuyasha was his mate, his uke, his to do what he wanted with and everyone else had best stay away if they had any desire to live.
And that included that damn Miko bitch and the others. Especially the monk. He looked to be a bad influence, and Inuyasha already had enough filthy habits. He'd have to think about whether he should allow that association or not, once he returned from his errand and the ningen's usefulness was over. For right now, he could simply concentrate on the upcoming confrontation with Inuyasha to convince him to stay in the village.
Hopefully, this would be as amusing as his last encounter with his mate, even if the enjoyment would be of a slightly different flavor.