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Warning: This chapter will contain foul language. It may contain violence, M/M lemons or other sexual activities, and adult concepts.
Chapter 15 - We are not Amused…Well, Maybe just a Little.
Miroku and Inuyasha walked away from Kaede's and back out to Inuyasha's forest, Inuyasha grumbling irritably.
“So how come you didn't know they weren't at Kaede's? We have to walk twice as far now, dumbass!”
“It's not as though I've been back yet.”
“Of course you have. You already left and came back, you…”
“I was waiting for you in the woods,” Miroku muttered in explanation.
“Why the hell would you do that?”
Miroku shrugged. “I didn't want to deal with everyone's reaction when I showed up alone.” Inuyasha thought about that and finally smirked a bit.
“Thought they'd stomp you if you came back without me, didn't you?”
“Something of that nature.”
“You'd deserve it.”
“Don't be petty. Besides, I've already been… reprimanded… once today, thank you,” Miroku grumbled, rubbing his ass a moment.
Smiling at Miroku's discomfort, Inuyasha couldn't help himself. “Spanked is the word you're looking for. You had your ass spanked like a snot-nosed kid.”
“Don't think I'll forget it, either.” Miroku gave him the evil eye. “I'll get my own back, Inuyasha. Don't delude yourself into thinking I won't.”
“Yeah, go ahead and try.” Inuyasha smiled. He'd like to see the houshi come up with something that would be as embarrassing as getting spanked like a little kid.
Wait a second…
“You better not even think about tellin' anybody what Sesshoumaru did, or I swear I'll...”
Miroku sighed, still massaging his butt. “I wouldn't use something like that for revenge, Inuyasha. Other things, perhaps, but not that.”
“Good. Just remember that.”
Because if anyone else found out that he'd been pinned under his brother while Sesshoumaru messed with his body, well, Inuyasha thought the humiliation might just be enough to kill him. As it was, he was already shuddering over the fact that Sesshoumaru had obviously continued on without him. He could not imagine anything more intimate than feeling the daiyoukai's emotional release as he touched himself. Was that how it had felt to Sesshoumaru when Inuyasha had done…stuff? Too disturbing to think about. It really was, especially as the whole thing got Inuyasha a little hot and bothered at the same time. That just wasn't right, dammit. Sesshoumaru climaxing should disgust him, not fucking turn him on.
And now the stupid bastard was feeling all smug and horny within minutes after coming, and it freaked him out. Because if Sesshoumaru was really determined to jump his sorry hanyou ass, then he was screwed, literally. He'd have to survive being taken again. And whatever weird thing Sesshoumaru had done to make Inuyasha feel good, when the actual act came, it would be different. Inuyasha remembered what if felt like, and it wasn't anything he wanted to repeat. Not ever. Being ripped apart from the inside lost its appeal pretty damn fast.
Miroku didn't know what he was talking about, Inuyasha thought, trying not to growl at the stupid houshi now muttering to himself as they walked. Maybe women enjoyed having someone inside them, but the feeling was pretty fucking terrible for a guy, with the added bonus of WHERE it was. Miroku should have just shut up about shit he didn't know anything about.
Inuyasha tried not to sigh. So fucking unfair. It really was. Why did this have to happen to him? Why him?! He got to be the bitch and Sesshoumaru just had one more way to make him scream. Like the bastard needed more. Stupid fucker had all the advantages, just like always. Why one more thing in Sesshoumaru's favor surprised Inuyasha, he didn't know. He should be expecting it by now.
Although Sesshoumaru HAD said he wouldn't retaliate against his friends. If that was true, then Inuyasha could just fucking leave. The jackass usually didn't bother to lie, as much as Inuyasha accused him of it, so it was probably true, wasn't it? Which meant that Inuyasha could wait until Sesshoumaru went somewhere else, and then Inuyasha could disappear.
He could make it work. If he warned everyone, and, bleh, Kouga stayed with the group, they'd be safe for a little while. Sesshoumaru would grow bored and go back to his old life and maybe beat the shit out of Inuyasha later on if they ever crossed paths again. But Sesshoumaru wouldn't search for long, would he? Inuyasha wouldn't have to stay away for too long at all before Sesshoumaru lost interest.
Inuyasha bit his lip, considering, and gave up the idea almost before it formed. Even Miroku wouldn't be able to lie well enough to make Sesshoumaru's quitting seem feasible. Sesshoumaru could nurse a mad for freakin' decades; it would take him forever to give up on kicking Inuyasha's ass for walking away. Hell, it could be centuries if the stupid bastard was well and truly frosted at him. Inuyasha couldn't let his friends battle Naraku alone until they died, just to avoid his own stupid mate.
Damn it. It would have been so nice to just be able to walk away.
Maybe he could keep Sesshoumaru away from him until Naraku was dead, though, and then Inuyasha could say goodbye to everyone and take off. That might be best anyway. Give Inuyasha more of chance to try and see if Sesshoumaru would really leave his friends alone. Trying desperately to ignore the buoyant, relaxed feeling of Sesshoumaru inside his head, Inuyasha concentrated on exactly HOW he could keep Sesshoumaru away. He'd been caught off guard last time, but the asshole was just so damn fast. How could he make the stupid bastard leave him alone? Maybe Miroku would have some ideas. The man could pull full blown plans out of thin air, he came up with them so fast. A skill Inuyasha needed right now. As far as he knew, Sesshoumaru was already following them: Inuyasha wanted some ideas pretty fucking soon, before it was too late.
Looking up, he opened his mouth to talk to Miroku when he realized they'd finally reached the camp.
“There you both are!” Kagome's voice was so loud Inuyasha had to fight the urge to flatten his ears. He sometimes wondered how Kagome was able to make such loud sounds in volumes that weren't found anywhere else in nature. “We were about ready to come find you!”
“Well if you were in the village like you were supposed to be, maybe I woulda gotten back sooner! What the hell are you all doing camped out here in the woods when the village is right next to us?” Inuyasha snapped, feeling defensive and hating it.
“Kaede asked us to leave until we were sure the youkai were done with their pissing contest.” Sango stood warming her hands next to the campfire, looking pointedly at Kouga. “Apparently, the villagers didn't appreciate Kouga destroying one of their homes.”
“That damn mate of Inuyasha's threw me! It's not like I was tryin' to break their stupid little house. Anyway, they should build those things better if they don't want `em broken.” Kouga snarled, looking embarrassed.
“Kouga…” Kagome raised her eyebrow out him and Kouga flinched slightly.
Inuyasha looked at them both, taking a moment to ignore his own problems in favor of finding something to make fun of in Kouga's continuing pursuit of Kagome.
“Whipped,” he murmured quietly, enjoying Kouga's outraged glare as the youkai's sensitive ears heard him.
Kouga stalked over immediately, standing inches away from Inuyasha, using his minuscule height advantage to try and loom.
“What'd you just say, mutt?”
“You heard me.” Inuyasha said, leaning forward. He'd about had it with fucking male youkai trying to intimidate him and getting in his space.
Kouga held his ground, inhaling to snap back an answer, and stopped, holding his breath. He let it out with a woosh and grinned nastily. “I'm whipped? I'm not the one who smells like he just got felt up by his mate.” Kouga pushed forward again until they were millimeters apart. “Enjoy being the submissive?” he whispered, and had to rear back as Inuyasha snarled and lashed out with his claws.
“You fucking rat bastard…shut the fuck up.”
“Calm down, you two!” Miroku yelled out, earning himself such a snarl from both of them that he backed up a few places, grateful for his staff that Sango tossed his way. “There's enough problems in our lives without you two fighting again.”
“And why are you fighting in the first place?” Kagome asked, worried. “I-I thought you were done with that sort of thing.”
“It's nothin'.” Inuyasha growled, glaring at Kouga.
“Yeah. Just commenting on the smell of things to come, that's all,” Kouga said with a smirk in Inuyasha's direction.
“Smell?” Ginta perked up, Hakkaku not far behind. “You mean Inuyasha's new smell?” Kouga closed his eyes and cursed before turning to face his two pack mates standing on either side of Kagome.
“It's pretty nice, huh?” Ginta continued.
“Ginta, shut —“ Kouga's growled order was cut off by an enthusiastic Hakkaku.
“Yeah.” Hakkaku's head nodded vigorously, “I always heard submissives smelled really pretty, but I never got to see before Inuyasha turned into one.”
“Inuyasha smells…nice?” Kagome asked, tilting her head back and forth to look at her `brothers.'
“No, he does not! He stinks like he always does!” Kouga yelled. Ginta and Hakkaku cowed slightly but Ginta managed to answer.
“B-but Kouga, you were the one who told us what that new smell was. Everyone was wondering, and you said it was Inuyasha. You even said he tastes as good as he smells. Don't you remember?”
Kouga's cheeks bloomed with color. “Shut up, you idiot!”
Kagome and Sango stared at him with their mouths open while Miroku's eyebrows climbed to his hair line. He glanced between the two of them speculatively.
“Get your mind outta the gutter, Miroku!” Inuyasha snarled.
“I don't think my mind is anywhere you two haven't already been,” Miroku said, still looking at them with a rather crooked grin, and Kouga turned from his pack mates to glare at him.
“You got something you wanna say, monk?”
“Me? I wouldn't dream of…”
“You trying to imply Inuyasha and I did something dirty? Huh?” Kouga's voice was deeper and achieved enough menacing undertones that Miroku stepped back a few paces, the mockery on his face giving way to unease.
“DID you and Inuyasha do something together?” The new voice made Kouga's seem warm and fluffy. Everyone except Inuyasha froze, seeing Sesshoumaru come in from the darkness to stand near Inuyasha. Inuyasha, on the other hand, yelped and leapt way from the sound, breathing heavily as he turned to face Sesshoumaru.
“Fucking A!” Inuyasha tried to pull his heart back into his chest. Damn bastard, sneaking around like that!
Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed a moment on Inuyasha before he focused back on Kouga. “I am awaiting an answer, cur.”
“We didn't do a damned thing!” Inuyasha snarled.
“I didn't ask you, puppy, I asked the wolf,” Sesshoumaru growled, not taking his eyes from Kouga.
Kouga bristled, his tail low and almost vibrating with outrage. “Like I already told you, Shikimaru or whatever the hell your name is, I wouldn't do something with Inuyasha if he were the last piece of ass on the planet.”
“I am not a piece of ass!” The sound of Inuyasha's outraged voice hadn't even faded before Sesshoumaru was across the clearing and holding Kouga's throat in his hand.
“I had decided to let you live, but I could easily change my mind.” Sesshoumaru hissed icily. “You will never refer to my mate in such terms again, and you will tell me what I want to know. What have you done with Inuyasha that has given this morally corrupt monk the ammunition he needs to make such an accusation?” Kouga snarled, swung out at him wildly, and managed to snag the tie to Sesshoumaru's still damaged armor. The shoulder spikes on Sesshoumaru's left side slowly separated, falling to the ground, and the entire ensemble canted drunkenly to the right.
Sesshoumaru's hand clenched around Kouga's throat viciously before he growled and threw Kouga onto the ground. After one disgusted look at his useless armor, Sesshoumaru sliced through the tie to the other shoulder and tossed the remains to the ground as well, with far more care than he'd just shown the wolf prince. He stared at Kouga, crimson light flickering in his eyes as the coughing wolf rose to his feet. The two growled at each other, claws flexing until Sesshoumaru snarled and sped over to Kouga, knocking him back down.
About to pick him up and continue, Sesshoumaru paused as his eyes glanced behind Kouga to Ginta and Hakkaku. He stared coldly, instantly recognizing easier victims to interrogate. He didn't even have to speak.
Hakkaku froze, a terror stricken rabbit before the dog, before blurting out, “We were just talking about smells! That's all! How Inuyasha smells and tastes pretty good! Really!” His voice squeaked to a stop by the end and he cowered back as both Sesshoumaru and Kouga's chests vibrated with dark growling. “Ginta, help, he's gonna kill me!” Hakkaku whimpered, ducking back behind Kagome.”
“Who? Kouga or Sesshoumaru?” Ginta whimpered back, and joined him in his hiding spot.
“Tastes? How is it that you have knowledge of how Inuyasha tastes, wolf?” Sesshoumaru snarled at Kouga, his hand starting to glow green.
Kouga's hair standing on end, Inuyasha could tell that, finally, the dumb fuck was clueing in to just how fucking dangerous Sesshoumaru really was. You'd think his damn instincts would have kicked in before the jackass' hand started up, he thought.
And even with that, Kouga kept glancing behind himself at Kagome and for once, stood his ground.
Fine time to grow a fucking spine.
“It's none of your damn business how I know, Shipapu.”
A slow wind started to swirl around Sesshoumaru in tight circles and Inuyasha snarled as he felt Sesshoumaru's fury growing. Dammit!
Sesshoumaru's eyes darkened to a deep crimson and Inuyasha yelled quickly. “He fucking licked me!”
Sesshoumaru didn't seem to hear him.
Looking around quickly, Inuyasha finally leaned over to scoop up a handful of dirt and stones. Kouga wasn't worth bleeding over, but Kagome would be pretty upset if Sesshoumaru killed him.
He flung the mess at his brother's face, yelling. “Stop freaking out and listen to me, you fucking prick!” To Inuyasha's surprise, Sesshoumaru was so focused on Kouga that for once, he didn't dodge. Sesshoumaru got a face full of dusty rock. The daiyoukai's wind died and Sesshoumaru turned his head to direct his still furious glare at Inuyasha, his usually pristine hair decorated with debris.
Inuyasha glared back, almost as angry. “He was just fucking taunting me and he licked me, you stupid ass!” Sesshoumaru blinked, and Inuyasha could feel everyone staring at them both.
He couldn't believe he'd just said that. Dammit it all. “Why the fuck do you keep having a freaking fit over every damn thing so I have to keep telling people embarrassing shit like this, you stupid, fucking, toad-licking, boil on the world's ass!?”
Sesshoumaru's fury…changed. Inuyasha could tell he was still pissed, but the freak was actually calming down. Being called a boil on the world's ass calmed him down? What the hell was wrong with him?!
Sesshoumaru took a small pebble out of his hair and stared at it, raising his eyebrow before he flicked it away from himself. “Flinging pebbles? And in front of ningen, too. That is not acceptable behavior, Inuyasha. Apologize.” Sesshoumaru's voice was cold even as his emotions continued to mellow.
What the hell! He was furious at Kouga and now everything was just fine and dandy with the wolf and he's being pissy over a little dirty hair? It didn't make sense.
And the lack of anger was kinda creepy.
“Fuck no I won't apologize. Fucker.”
“No? There will be consequences, you realize.” Sesshoumaru's presence inside his head warmed further.
“Fuck you and the stick up your ass, too,” Inuyasha sneered, trying not to let his confusion show. Why did Sesshoumaru sound so threatening, but inside his head…hell, was he getting amused again?
“Always such a little brat,” Inuyasha heard Sesshoumaru's mutter before his mate's arm jerked slightly and Inuyasha felt something whip around his body, anchoring his arms to his sides as it wrapped around him and yanked forward. Slamming into Sesshoumaru's chest almost painfully, Inuyasha grunted, shaking his head, and tried to jerk back unsuccessfully. When he stayed plastered to Sesshoumaru's body, he looked down at what had grabbed him and gaped at the white fuzzy restraint around his arms and waist.
“You're using the fluffy thing?!” Shit, so that's what he'd used by the well! He'd forgotten the bastard could even do that! Sesshoumaru hadn't used the weird thing this way since he'd had two arms!
“Moko moko-sama, whelp, not `fluffy thing.' And yes, it should do quite nicely.” Inuyasha swore to himself at the smug tone in Sesshoumaru's voice, not to mention the feeling of it in Inuyasha's head.
“Cut it out, asshole!” he growled, and he flexed his arms, trying to pull free. When nothing happened, he started to snarl, freezing as his ears caught the interested, surprised murmurs of everyone behind him. Inuyasha's face burned with humiliation. Sesshoumaru had him tied up, in seconds, and everyone had witnessed just how easy it was. Just more dirt piled on the grave of his pride.
He tried again to break the stupid thing apart, breathing heavily by the time he subsided, still bound. Refusing to move his eyes higher than Sesshoumaru's neck, he stared at it as though he could make the bastard let him go if he focused enough. He was also hoping that if he concentrated, he could ignore the heat of Sesshoumaru's body against his own. Shit, the bastard felt practically naked without the damn armor. Even with the weird furry stuff in between them, Inuyasha would swear he could feel the play of Sesshoumaru's muscles underneath the silk. He pulled harshly at the furry whip again and snarled as it seemed to tighten up rather than loosen.
“What the hell is this damn thing made of?! Take it off!”
“You are not the only one who was given special clothing from father, Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru murmured. “And it stays on until we have finished our…discussion.”
“Take it off!!” Inuyasha snarled as he heard Kouga muffle a snort of laughter somewhere on the other side of the camp. He was going to fucking kill Sesshoumaru! And then Kouga was fucking next! He should have let Sesshoumaru disembowel the sorry bastard!
Sesshoumaru smirked, a small, slow twitch of his lips as his eyes focused on Inuyasha. He still couldn't believe Inuyasha had thrown rocks at him. How ridiculous. Although the humor of the situation suited his mood: Inuyasha was flustered and upset, and once again he was mouthing off. How was it that he'd never figured this out before? Now that he knew, it seemed so obvious that Inuyasha's mouth was all bluster, compensating for his own emotional upset.
And the entire situation gave him the perfect opportunity to teach Inuyasha a lesson about the consequences of improper behavior. It was fortunate that the wolf hadn't done anything other than some form of childish taunting with his mate or there would be hell to pay. However, it was likely that Sesshoumaru's recent fury would make Inuyasha a bit more wary; he wouldn't be able to tell that Sesshoumaru was no longer quite so angry. And his lack of anger was something in both their favors, honestly. Sesshoumaru could punish Inuyasha properly, without fear of his temper taking over.
He continued to stare at Inuyasha's bent head, amused anew over how assiduously Inuyasha avoided looking him in the face. It was wonderful how much his physical proximity affected his brother. The puppy was flustered, maybe a little panicked, and besides… having Inuyasha squirming against him felt…good. He pulled just slightly on Inuyasha's body, feeling him press more closely along his legs and hips, and better yet, feeling the boy respond to the heightened sensation. Frightened Inuyasha might be, but Sesshoumaru could tell that he was getting aroused by the contact, even if only slightly. Sesshoumaru took a moment to glance at the others, reassuring himself that they were watching carefully but staying away for the moment
“You will be released when we return.”
“Return? What the fuck are you talking about?” Sesshoumaru had a moment to enjoy the nervous surprise on his mate's suddenly upturned face before he bent forward and grabbed Inuyasha around the waist. He stood up, flipping Inuyasha over his shoulder, and turned to go.
“What the fuck do you think you're doing, asshole?!” Inuyasha kicked wildly, twisting as he tried to free his arms from the sides of his body. Sesshoumaru concentrated a moment on what he was picking up from Inuyasha. The hanyou's face and neck were hot and prickling, his chest almost painful, and his scent…was he embarrassed?
Good. He'd be easier to deal with if he was off balance. Although he could tell that Inuyasha's thinking Sesshoumaru would leave with him was starting to panic the brat. That was more off balance than he desired.
“Calm yourself, hanyou. We are not going far, and this will not take long.” Sesshoumaru was confused as to why that seemed to make Inuyasha's body even more panicked.
“Let me go, dammit!!”
Starting to walk away with the little whelp, Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes as he heard the monk speak up behind him.
“Lord Sesshoumaru, where are you taking Inuyasha?” Sesshoumaru was tempted to ignore him, but he was sure the irritating little worm would merely set off the others and he'd have the entire group annoying him.
“He's being taught a lesson in obedience, monk, in the manner we discussed before.” Sesshoumaru continued to walk away, holding on tightly to Inuyasha's flailing body as he left the fire light. He could hear the others bombarding the ningen with questions as he walked away.
Enjoying the opportunity darkness and privacy provided, he let his eyes examine Inuyasha's ass over his shoulder. He had another moment to lament the loss of his other arm. If he let go of his hold over Inuyasha's thighs, he was sure his mate would fall completely off his shoulder, he was struggling so fiercely. Unfortunately, that meant that he couldn't reach up to feel the spectacular ass that was flexing so invitingly as Inuyasha did his best to kick his way free.
What a shame.